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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “chrome_of_zone,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3UCSLZatherzur of ChromeAdult (f)5,1339194
oNgsIOngsi the Wise of ChromeAdult (m)7,9451,4193
36rnx(36rnx)Adult (f)7,9681,4322
37UsT(37UsT)Adult (m)8,1111,4004
km1asMias Xen of ChromeAdult (m)4,6899865
zZxlMZZ of ChromeAdult (m)8,0591,3775
rVPU6(rVPU6)Adult (m)5,0351,0492
UVZdS(UVZdS)Adult (m)6,2958992
N2fjX(N2fjX)Adult (f)7,4141,1744
hwnEZHwenez Everglow of ChromeAdult (f)8,0141,2504
5lQmQ(5lQmQ)Adult (m)6,8671,0004
o382x(o382x)Adult (f)6,9351,0344
fgyuaQueen Amethyst of ChromeAdult (f)5,2239434
eu7f1Electrostatic Flash of ChromeAdult (m)5,2579941
Zqd3eZeus's Lightning Rod of ChromeAdult (f)5,3049373
10pqU(10pqU)Adult (f)6,2931,0693
6MzQ3Mizque SunSinger of ChromeAdult (m)6,6211,1082
dumsLDumsel in Distress of ChromeAdult (m)6,7141,1113
XQJJE(XQJJE)Adult (m)7,6211,1297
f0lXLTixn Foixl of ChromeAdult (f)6,9131,1182
RmOSeRemose Erebus of ChromeAdult (m)9,4991,4293
0x8Du(0x8Du)Adult (m)4,2187866
b60Ta(b60Ta)Adult (f)4,1159973
Cft7Y(Cft7Y)Adult (m)4,6021,0670
22klSGolden Kisses of ChromeAdult (f)2,6096183
X3UbAXeuba Aureus of ChromeAdult (m)2,7556190
sDLoKLava Lock of ChromeAdult (m)2,3066172
YrCJ3(YrCJ3)Adult (f)4,7778524
lGEZX(lGEZX)Adult (f)4,9111,0170
3ssvaOak Pass of ChromeAdult (f)5,4371,0242
STwpT(STwpT)Adult (m)7,2501,2630
JX7coJexyco Pyrali of ChromeAdult (f)4,3679041
SfvpS(SfvpS)Adult (m)4,5479021
3hI6CHydrochloric Acid of ChromeAdult (f)4,7849244
bWwF9James Webb of Dusty VII ChromeAdult (m)5,1329745
Sw8TySweaty Freaky of ChromeAdult (m)7,1469714
H6k2j(H6k2j)Adult (m)6,6559143
oUe4rdance with the grim reaperAdult (f)6,5368892
2dftjJust Words of ChromeAdult (f)6,6659264
GkIa4Sporothrix of ChromeAdult (m)6,5551,0242
sYEVxSyevex Mountainborn of ChromeAdult (f)10,0051,4834
IzSZt(IzSZt)Adult (m)10,0281,3825
CG3Z5(CG3Z5)Adult (m)10,2741,4765
21mO4White Daydream of ChromeAdult (m)6,1269213
qLUMD(qLUMD)Adult (f)6,0189253
67egESynu Caera of ChromeAdult (f)8,3281,0994
5ylIT(5ylIT)Adult (m)4,1517494
ci2eW(ci2eW)Adult (f)4,2957684
BqK1W(BqK1W)Adult (m)3,6154161
Luz7NLuz de ChromeAdult (m)3,1794581
oqzbASon of Sneeze of ChromeAdult (m)8,5901,4362
OkRXiOkrixi of ChromeAdult (m)10,5231,4905
MkGyH(MkGyH)Adult (f)10,5891,4635
WWo8bPure Bone Marrow of ChromeAdult (m)8,5831,6457
f9dE4Merry Christmace of ChromeAdult (f)8,6471,6463
x7a1Y(x7a1Y)Adult (m)12,4802,1923
fqIdY(fqIdY)Adult (m)12,4512,1643
FwAoA(FwAoA)Adult (m)12,3742,1642
v9Xce(v9Xce)Adult (m)8,0411,7271
nyBANNyaban of ChromeAdult (f)9,4911,9381
6ZFN9(6ZFN9)Adult (f)5,9141,1516
0Dr0ROdror of ChromeAdult (f)5,1631,0810
o552B(o552B)Adult (f)4,5781,0895
D9suZSuziv Desipis of ChromeAdult (f)2,4607943
WgoUzGouz Desipis of ChromeAdult (m)5,8089212
54ccgShadowed Cog of ChromeAdult (f)5,2069454
la7zaLazael of ChromeAdult (m)6,2051,0405
2F44bCopper Tazzy of ChromeAdult (f)3,2939465
OTc7r(OTc7r)Adult (m)4,3297780
OEPGlOepgi Ikarok of ChromeAdult (f)6,4481,0465
sCF09(sCF09)Adult (m)4,3858533
WJzwz(WJzwz)Adult (f)6,1421,0481
kNpZF(kNpZF)Adult (f)6,0661,0171
ksNmzKisnimz of ChromeAdult (m)6,7791,0590
kQfUR(kQfUR)Adult (m)6,0978096
zFAPH(zFAPH)Adult (f)6,2689533
uXbGr(uXbGr)Adult (f)6,9841,0300
xKImo(xKImo)Adult (f)7,3951,0230
WJuUcJuucy Wyrm of ChromeAdult (f)8,4181,0753
UzycsUzycs Tan Wink of ChromeAdult (f)6,2688753
wzMPNGolden Sweetheart of ChromeAdult (m)5,6638964
UMvFj(UMvFj)Adult (m)5,7928890
B5udo(B5udo)Adult (m)5,8489021
ARd9OSpell of the Driven of ChromeAdult (m)5,7408752
B7yLFBylf of ChromeAdult (f)6,0668742
mFKTkCurse Words of ChromeAdult (f)6,0908761
gba9C(gba9C)Adult (f)10,7161,3651
iJyqZ(iJyqZ)Adult (m)9,1931,1786
SvgZGLonohiri of ChromeAdult (m)8,2341,1403
P4L73(P4L73)Adult (f)8,2111,2102
PDeFs(PDeFs)Adult (m)11,4381,6571
jqKkq(jqKkq)Adult (m)11,6031,6391
U2f0f(U2f0f)Adult (f)5,2349992
iZzj5(iZzj5)Adult (f)6,2701,0452
mOV9rMovar Hemolysis of ChromeAdult (m)5,3241,0762
JNkEB(JNkEB)Adult (m)5,4241,1020
R0Z23(R0Z23)Adult (f)7,9301,0069
qVVJ4(qVVJ4)Adult (m)7,3791,0132
j5i95(j5i95)Adult (m)7,5051,0341
lqLOMthere's no more room in hellAdult (m)7,0619900
MC6DzElemental Volt of ChromeAdult (f)4,8417433
mdj8F(mdj8F)Adult (m)4,3097662
GJqtI(GJqtI)Adult (f)7,3519156
QWzaUQwizau Dawnbringer of ChromeAdult (f)5,8209762
qzY1j(qzY1j)Adult (m)5,8569861
hp5VP(hp5VP)Adult (m)6,8538004
F6g6w(F6g6w)Adult (m)6,4738187
9Dg7o(9Dg7o)Adult (m)6,6998344
DY7mD(DY7mD)Adult (m)6,8909622
3oC8K(3oC8K)Adult (m)11,3961,1932
UVFVt(UVFVt)Adult (f)6,6971,0432
fWHzD4 Sneers of ChromeAdult (f)4,8671,1541
psA0X(psA0X)Adult (m)7,3151,0950
vqjTF(vqjTF)Adult (m)5,8871,2461
DwWwq(DwWwq)Adult (m)6,5461,3733
jizVgZuwei Nyx of ChromeAdult (m)4,3497614
BFyK0(BFyK0)Adult (f)10,2362,0693
4LYcx(4LYcx)Adult (f)8,4611,7382
xYbxn(xYbxn)Adult (f)8,5341,7851
Spjsm(Spjsm)Adult (f)7,2311,7321
L6kgz(L6kgz)Adult (f)7,1521,7201
T9NJH(T9NJH)Adult (m)5,5148521
Jvvzt(Jvvzt)Adult (f)4,1691,0304
5am4aSamsa Vanished of ChromeAdult (m)4,9888882
fbupD(fbupD)Adult (m)8,1881,1273
29WX1(29WX1)Adult (f)8,3401,1421
YDf99(YDf99)Adult (f)6,7321,2972
7SseN7 Sins of ChromeAdult (m)10,9181,6872
c1SPLCispel Aureus of ChromeAdult (f)10,7111,6095
uQv2g(uQv2g)Adult (m)11,0421,6383
2bU5J(2bU5J)Adult (f)8,0921,4754
Zan0hZanoh Cantitus of ChromeAdult (f)8,0191,4554
nG9uKButter Leaffall of ChromeAdult (f)10,4751,5783
lozCn(lozCn)Adult (m)7,6111,4038
nczo5(nczo5)Adult (f)8,4441,4823
XvszF(XvszF)Adult (m)9,8751,4969
vLsKUVelesku Ailurus of ChromeAdult (f)8,9771,3402
xmtYG(xmtYG)Adult (f)3,9859503
UIGEJPhantom Vegetables of ChromeAdult (m)8,7881,3866
XZQdB(XZQdB)Adult (m)9,4501,4322
Q8Pke(Q8Pke)Adult (f)10,7471,7799
NxKuT(NxKuT)Adult (m)2,5027864
NQ7pN(NQ7pN)Adult (f)2,4137846
pvRwl(pvRwl)Adult (m)10,4781,4755
jOg8zJog in the Woods of ChromeAdult (m)6,9151,1003
btV5c(btV5c)Adult (m)8,7811,2171
fPKzv(fPKzv)Adult (m)7,4651,21912
BbUh2(BbUh2)Adult (m)8,6471,1804
3ApyU(3ApyU)Adult (f)6,0111,1266
KRb48(KRb48)Adult (m)6,0771,0411
IRYl2Iryis of ChromeAdult (m)5,7151,1933
3RtlL(3RtlL)Adult (m)8,0631,3782
O2feZOzfez Newmoon of ChromeAdult (f)8,7131,4553
w45cA(w45cA)Adult (f)8,0301,3175
lFMvK(lFMvK)Adult (m)8,1031,1903
xVkKQ(xVkKQ)Adult (m)8,0131,3044
yLBvaYelbeva Kiesel of ChromeAdult (m)9,4641,4324
9MaBjMorning Raffle of ChromeAdult (m)8,4451,3174
wnpcp(wnpcp)Adult (f)10,6041,7014
PKAzK(PKAzK)Adult (f)8,2451,2673
NPQ2j(NPQ2j)Adult (f)8,0701,3303
OMQBg(OMQBg)Adult (m)2,4266052
5XGRV(5XGRV)Adult (m)3,9748985
3nxnf(3nxnf)Adult (f)5,2691,1153
aPqbL(aPqbL)Adult (f)4,3519554
Tx7nT(Tx7nT)Adult (m)5,3701,0722
XigfAXigfa of ChromeAdult (f)3,7811,0336
41o6PNoc Turne of ChromeAdult (f)7,9291,2522
IVeDHIvedah Fade of ChromeAdult (f)7,8151,2596
mGDRj(mGDRj)Adult (m)9,3411,2873
OVSv8(OVSv8)Adult (f)12,7051,6474
YGZge(YGZge)Adult (m)9,7051,3163
yEt5hYetsh Fullmoon of ChromeAdult (m)7,2741,0393
jBG9V(jBG9V)Adult (f)6,1761,0223
IilxKLil XK of ChromeAdult (f)3,3474502
TndYSTindys Ozone of ChromeAdult (m)7,5641,1672
L8dOa(L8dOa)Adult (f)9,2351,3577
pcXqB(pcXqB)Adult (m)4,6299584
UPg9Q(UPg9Q)Adult (f)4,7149821
CEB6uCebu Blue of ChromeAdult (m)5,6641,1000
4e5Lc(4e5Lc)Adult (f)5,7241,1351
qvr6E(qvr6E)Adult (f)2,6195935
SIaw1ChromeslawAdult (m)3,5508532
LcTPV(LcTPV)Adult (m)3,7556556
KiP1d(KiP1d)Adult (f)6,5791,0944
y98e4(y98e4)Adult (m)5,6591,0074
0Vg8qGoldillion Surge of ChromeAdult (f)5,0368194
49Lpm(49Lpm)Adult (f)5,1917882
4f2Nd(4f2Nd)Adult (m)5,0139591
4zAL7(4zAL7)Adult (f)
7PxSx(7PxSx)Adult (f)4,9708943
wPV14(wPV14)Adult (m)5,1069192
RkRxZRikrax of ChromeAdult (f)5,1048881
iMu0xImuox Aso of ChromeAdult (f)5,0037635
kOmwtKomwit Andinum of ChromeAdult (m)3,7167861
GZiFTGizift Scimitar of ChromeAdult (m)5,0259411
p8stNRemorseful Gold of ChromeAdult (f)5,3049955
II0luIlolu Binkmen of ChromeAdult (f)4,9558554
SBO39A Little More Than CuddlesAdult (f)3,9358771
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