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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “chmbrsplyr,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3VBQS4 Albino dragonsAdult (f)6,61687734
88GuS3 Albino dragonsAdult (f)5,2171,16024
RhKsM2 Albino dragonsAdult (m)1,6834926
gDaGK1 Albino dragonsAdult (m)3,5791,1023
clyPJ(clyPJ)Adult (f)1,6086441
o96bd(o96bd)Adult (f)2,0978021
GZGYW(GZGYW)Adult (f)1,5746580
a3FsT(a3FsT)Adult (f)2,7702591
wPTre(wPTre)Adult (m)3,3602441
WaxiU(WaxiU)Adult (f)2,7255731
G7brI(G7brI)Adult (f)2,3915670
biWKt(biWKt)Adult (m)5,2496923
m2pcc(m2pcc)Adult (f)2,8402471
KIehS(KIehS)Adult (f)3,2042531
P8vVS(P8vVS)Adult (m)3,5062350
vip2A(vip2A)Adult (m)2,8872622
JVDQt(JVDQt)Adult (f)3,0722781
NO7NM(NO7NM)Adult (f)3,1422811
havLA(havLA)Adult (f)3,1882751
4BAab1 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)2,34446030
802oN2 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)5,7851,5074
C0Y8r3 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,4455326
jhNA14 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,9846691
Lmqjj17 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)3,9294270
6JL7i5 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)3,4341,1473
bBMsm19 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)2,7868101
cAjCG20 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)2,4207361
LXY1i21 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)2,8468330
dFCdS22 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)1,5416630
G6Rd16 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)2,4868100
boGR323 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)2,6778380
Dp83I24 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)1,5447220
yKAhI7 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,6877900
0N5tV8 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,7278161
CsqJR9 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,4116700
6rahY10 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,3226200
wuRUT11 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,4215961
lNzNi12 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,5136450
n6UjW13 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,9688540
lzv8V14 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,9748501
ABmK925 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)1,5825850
Pi0IG26 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)1,6536010
h4r7527 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)1,5815610
gAfQ428 Balloon dragonsAdult (m)2,0556092
IXJQL15 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,9686410
MYM9L16 Balloon dragonsAdult (f)1,8516251
EKaZf(EKaZf)Adult (m)2,7977712
gtj7n1 Black Capped TeimarrAdult (f)8015520
4Py5b2 Black Capped TeimarrAdult (m)2,2468521
3BUfsBlack Capped Teimarr  1Adult (f)3,5231,0212
NniF1Black Capped Teimarr  2Adult (m)2,4556432
ZfNkg(ZfNkg)Adult (f)2,0836161
HQ3nT(HQ3nT)Adult (f)3,0722611
jkpCV7 Black DragonAdult (f)2,5598643
hMUMg6 Black DragonAdult (f)1,5636730
rrFW74 Black DragonAdult (m)1,4506011
qXCHs3 Black DragonAdult (m)1,3405930
IBsdL2 Black DragonAdult (m)1,7036755
76ywK1 Black DragonAdult (m)1,4647902
QqDrz5 Black DragonAdult (f)1,4274954
IR8pv(IR8pv)Adult (m)2,1607501
ukNlhBlack Marrows 01Adult (f)1,3646600
B1CQYBlack Marrows 02Adult (m)1,5607693
yhzvc(yhzvc)Adult (f)1,5707580
V8uXP(V8uXP)Adult (m)1,5607750
byzW9(byzW9)Adult (m)1,6157812
vgY5f(vgY5f)Adult (f)2,4188933
lAa3d(lAa3d)Adult (m)2,3608581
7pajwBlack Tea dragons 1Adult (m)2,4986311
IRLdp(IRLdp)Adult (f)1,9247040
nSob0(nSob0)Adult (f)2,6327373
ckjz4Blacktip dragon 1Adult (m)1,9296650
W70wyBlacktip dragons 2Adult (f)2,0047061
1sNIo(1sNIo)Adult (f)2,2658132
rqNvJ(rqNvJ)Adult (f)3,6481,3005
3R2tS(3R2tS)Adult (f)1,8686653
zHCj2(zHCj2)Adult (f)2,2646150
OdZq3(OdZq3)Adult (f)2,1625830
XEyFm(XEyFm)Adult (f)2,5246660
6FjBF(6FjBF)Adult (m)3,1957251
beKsV(beKsV)Adult (m)3,4406311
MmWMO(MmWMO)Adult (m)5,2577163
ivSb4(ivSb4)Adult (f)2,9482461
o2FG9Bleeding Moon Dragons 2Adult (f)2,2766301
wVL12Bleeding Moon Dragons 1Adult (m)2,2546201
fLt6g(fLt6g)Adult (m)2,7849532
sKpCkBleeding Moon Dragons 3Adult (m)2,5246732
SS5FjBleeding Moon Dragons  2Adult (m)2,9399141
aOfAu(aOfAu)Adult (f)1,9757542
HvPG1(HvPG1)Adult (f)1,9116920
q2wEwBlue-Banded 1Adult (m)1,6966563
0MAJg(0MAJg)Adult (f)2,7388595
tHTpyBlue-Banded 2Adult (f)2,7858887
6xicW(6xicW)Adult (m)2,7017973
iS5n4(iS5n4)Adult (m)2,7557691
4g6D9(4g6D9)Adult (f)2,3666871
nIHdC(nIHdC)Adult (f)3,13779311
Nh9xY(Nh9xY)Adult (m)2,6527151
zeMJK(zeMJK)Adult (m)3,1948151
vBug611 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)3,32437813
GrLbm2 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (m)4,69032041
U4qIK10 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)2,3247521
756SS1 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (m)2,7357832
j7OK69 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)2,7088020
kPb1t8 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)2,7188191
mr2Y07 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)2,5557871
oYcKi6 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)2,6397820
IoVMp5 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)1,4856750
i3YGF4 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)1,5676211
uj37h3 Bright-Breasted WyvernsAdult (f)2,2616062
R7qCABrimstone 7Adult (f)3,0961,0823
bOBbDBrimstone 11Adult (m)2,7039381
FNpb8Brimstone 10Adult (m)4,33885010
sbnKmBrimstone 6Adult (f)2,0988702
L2eOUBrimstone 3Adult (m)2,5228965
uKGEJBrimstone   2Adult (m)3,5279611
2Rn9fBrimstone 5Adult (f)2,0378172
1jUi0Brimstone 4Adult (f)2,7098212
ixATZBrimstone  9Adult (m)2,3278762
yZw1lBrimstone  1Adult (m)3,0261,0415
2Nu5CBrimstone 8Adult (m)2,0797340
M8Idm(M8Idm)Adult (m)2,4008960
mpX54Brute Dragons 1Adult (f)2,6997885
Vlk5U(Vlk5U)Adult (f)2,7988883
aLcPC(aLcPC)Adult (f)2,3937162
42jtj(42jtj)Adult (f)3,5388692
d4dxq(d4dxq)Adult (m)3,3278732
XaE28(XaE28)Adult (m)3,5138594
axzRQ(axzRQ)Adult (m)2,6776791
TcPBg(TcPBg)Adult (f)5,3857312
7bsBj3 CanopyAdult (m)2,7668262
Yz57Q2 CanopyAdult (m)1,5506670
Nh68a4 CanopyAdult (f)1,5576661
XAzVa1 CanopyAdult (m)1,4628281
4pu69Carmine Wyverns 1Adult (m)2,7949014
cBc8P(cBc8P)Adult (f)2,5826661
Qnclt(Qnclt)Adult (f)3,1467561
vF2xV(vF2xV)Adult (f)3,3636262
nBWuN(nBWuN)Adult (m)5,3597194
0f5nICassare Dragons 1Adult (m)2,3695963
BBcMC1 Cavern LurkerAdult (m)1,9648221
2InJhCavern Lurker 2Adult (f)1,3826891
1voXOCavern Lurker 3Adult (f)3,0871,0684
22i9H(22i9H)Adult (f)2,22427319
eoBjN(eoBjN)Adult (m)2,34229513
r6G1P(r6G1P)Adult (f)2,9962611
QmuGn(QmuGn)Adult (f)3,0202540
HdEpN(HdEpN)Adult (m)2,8862442
zdN9i(zdN9i)Adult (f)3,2102550
cRKCF(cRKCF)Adult (m)2,7862671
tfcUiTwo-headed Lindwurms 1Adult (m)2,7088901
YN9dGTwo-headed Lindwurms 2Adult (m)3,3006880
1LiY3(1LiY3)Adult (m)3,1659022
Mlnvv(Mlnvv)Adult (m)2,5078242
M23EK(M23EK)Adult (m)2,7559380
SJ069(SJ069)Adult (m)3,2458194
z14Tb(z14Tb)Adult (m)4,1511,1314
FGvL4Two-headed Lindwurms green 1Adult (m)2,4369324
rWXQRTwo-headed Lindwurms green 2Adult (f)3,2438384
3UoiL10 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (m)11,4321,8822
6WIj56 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (f)1,3294774
9rnUA9 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (m)2,4855663
UfiGj8 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (m)2,4115363
ciV3P5 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (f)3,0779121
WsLCH4 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (f)3,2789241
3R8im3 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (f)2,8609251
iE5CI2 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (f)2,5729220
VU5RW1 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (f)2,8589082
gAkVp7 Coastal WaverunnersAdult (m)2,6771,0351
DrcmZ1 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)3,40333015
Rv1eY2 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)2,2356581
kq1P03 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)2,4988040
gFvXhPygmy dragons  1Adult (f)2,4518000
VnnXsPygmy dragons  2Adult (f)2,8318482
roe8ePygmy dragons  3Adult (f)3,2199371
N9Jvg4 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)2,3038390
Wd6lBPygmy dragons  4Adult (f)2,2558022
ovjEoPygmy dragons  5Adult (f)4,0581,3198
RMnbuPygmy dragons  6Adult (f)2,8018482
Iy8GLPygmy dragons  7Adult (f)1,8278191
CMmRW5 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)1,5656561
5ijPH6 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)1,5436731
qa53X7 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)1,3796360
m8GCS8 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)1,4726372
k0MxePygmy dragons  8Adult (f)1,5536531
KaZa19 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)1,4366340
M2EFOPygmy dragons  9Adult (f)2,0746122
Y2woU10 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)2,0175986
DmiCY11 Pygmy dragonsAdult (m)2,7197902
cyXhH1 Copper DragonsAdult (f)1,4745662
vJqYF(vJqYF)Adult (f)2,0696900
bCnCI9 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (m)2,8838791
mdmLA1 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (f)3,2469440
CstUG2 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (f)7,3001,3792
qWuBC10 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (m)3,2129791
HaoaX11 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (m)2,4147371
Y786l3 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (f)2,4827710
J7mfr4 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (f)1,9926691
pWrQ05 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (f)2,5418350
n0pZP12 Crimson Flare PygmiesAdult (m)2,7857824
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