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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “chimommy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dDt4Chi  Lux lucis VelierisAdult (m)85259120
2CYQChi  Vesper VenatorAdult (f)1,94594124
WPEUH(WPEUH)Hatchling (f, F)3,2486683
OnDjChi Mon AmourAdult (f)2,7401,44654
i8P6Chi Belle MelodieAdult (f)2,1611,25238
2LXuChi Serenade BeauAdult (m)1,77289634
3j2DChi Chanson AffectueuseAdult (m)1,73988343
2qMuChi  Frons PennaeHatchling (m, F)1,58882119
qhPhf(qhPhf)Adult (f)4,4473690
QIYmN(QIYmN)Adult (m)3,5245502
ZZ9nChi OrigamikissAdult1,5361,0719
KXI1(KXI1)Adult (m)1,5666593
oLhA(oLhA)Adult (f)1,6206653
zGdiChi AzolalAdult (m)1,4059418
u3yOChi RosatreAdult (f)1,4701,0062
YQaYChi Speciosus ProcerAdult (m)1,92687821
2u20Chi Decorus ProcerAdult (f)1,97188927
agahChi Agah ProcerAdult (m)2,13577713
3Rav(3Rav)Adult (m)1,71778621
CLVv(CLVv)Adult (f)1,17456320
PCSG9(PCSG9)Adult (f)4,4005451
Psszn(Psszn)Adult (f)4,7183791
YbNvV(YbNvV)Adult (m)4,7349470
dDXBChi AukookaHatchling (F)6293028
9dKZChi Jeune RoseHatchling (f, F)72151214
HFUvo(HFUvo)Adult (f)6,6839016
WH22Chi ElaboratoriaAdult (f)3,0561,65916
3PYfChi Puniceus ProeliatorAdult (m)2,4971,13430
Q0Rb(Q0Rb)Adult (f)1,6126852
cBZl(cBZl)Adult (m)5,1571,2972
38W2(38W2)Adult (m)2,3307794
J5j5(J5j5)Adult (f)2,4338172
GJV6T(GJV6T)Adult (m)4,4045462
OMjYQ(OMjYQ)Adult (m)4,4145511
ncC5o(ncC5o)Adult (m)4,8393231
RV01P(RV01P)Adult (m)4,2403711
RafUE(RafUE)Adult (m)4,8803762
0MlAChi MehaimiuHatchling (F)2821835
c9SBChi Piccolo BambinoAdult (m)2,5571,45247
J6mdChi Poco AngeloAdult (m)2,4471,36340
0jSeChi Piccole AliAdult (m)2,0371,01028
3uWoChi Neonata CaraAdult (f)2,1171,05729
UiheChi Poko AnoAdult (m)1,32270522
8oNfChi Teenie BeenieAdult (f)2,0791,00935
Zges(Zges)Adult (f)6,8967561
j5GO(j5GO)Adult (m)4,4746331
d78A(d78A)Adult (f)6,2747571
SqSZ(SqSZ)Adult (m)6,0897212
lGUS(lGUS)Hatchling (f, F)3,5705651
645Bi(645Bi)Adult (m)3,6388000
EIyB0(EIyB0)Adult (f)3,8908000
xX9Dh(xX9Dh)Adult (f)3,6667820
Kr7QV(Kr7QV)Adult (f)3,6937790
injU5(injU5)Adult (m)3,6587780
Eq8o(Eq8o)Adult (f)6,8437732
Qgv3(Qgv3)Adult (m)4,4976291
ALTG(ALTG)Adult (m)6,9277551
mA3S(mA3S)Adult (f)6,0577321
eC37(eC37)Adult (m)8,0448592
5vXZ(5vXZ)Adult (f)15,3281,0651
8xFUf(8xFUf)Adult (f)3,6911,1840
csseW(csseW)Adult (m)3,5631,1900
VRlxY(VRlxY)Adult (m)3,7031,1860
8Ni6V(8Ni6V)Adult (f)3,6501,1880
E08AS(E08AS)Adult (f)3,2741,2690
VPjQE(VPjQE)Adult (m)3,8281,1271
X8iOChi AlethasiaAdult (f)3,6561,67610
RCWdChi Fuoco Che RespiraAdult (f)2,1531,41030
GRoGChi GrogAdult (m)6,1798333
KSLkPChi KaselkapeeAdult (m)4,8363852
op2uChi Lave FondueHatchling (f, F)1,53696211
ULSS(ULSS)Adult (f)4,5231,0474
H1B3(H1B3)Adult (m)4,4831,0475
2Bd0(2Bd0)Adult (f)4,4511,2242
VFuj(VFuj)Adult (m)4,4051,1951
6sTT(6sTT)Adult (f)5,3831,4137
bUck(bUck)Adult (m)5,2811,4105
ahgPJ(ahgPJ)Adult (m)2,5405911
2FheU(2FheU)Adult (f)2,5495910
8RovO(8RovO)Adult (m)3,1384230
NAyId(NAyId)Adult (f)4,5603940
GVEkb(GVEkb)Adult (m)4,1113752
HyiJChi NythieAdult (f)1,2958388
n5nSChi NyathAdult (m)1,8441,2026
vEqiChi PrimaveraHatchling (f, F)1,40392629
ZB88Chi Calore Di EstateAdult (m)2,2841,50427
7TbNChi Luminoso CaldoAdult (m)1,35986529
vRlp(vRlp)Adult (f)1,57468515
P0AgChi Autumn FoliumAdult (m)1,35781323
gPWZChi Terra TonesAdult (f)1,23072336
kT6BChi JayemveeAdult (f)6,1602,04036
VABkChi MorgantiaAdult (f)1,62076213
VSt0(VSt0)Adult (m)2,6911,0956
FaFx4(FaFx4)Adult (m)2,6648000
m6bMr(m6bMr)Adult (f)2,7017980
KoSfChi ArgentumyssaAdult (f)2,0311,21115
KYxkChi IncandescenzoAdult (m)2,1651,3049
5gokChi Guardiano d'ArgentoAdult (m)1,7541,17440
Qrks(Qrks)Adult (f)1,81666624
Mo3CF(Mo3CF)Adult (m)4,2709800
ZdusChi TorethosAdult (m)4,7501,37937
FCiSChi DrossellaAdult (f)1,7671,0708
pe8XChi Azure AngelusAdult (f)2,0421,03632
YUUFChi Puteulanus FugaAdult (m)1,91799231
ino9Chi Vola RegolaraHatchling (f, F)1,43293329
OVQXn(OVQXn)Adult (f)2,8494091
UGJmj(UGJmj)Adult (m)3,4483900
hNalH(hNalH)Adult (m)4,2973451
eMJ9F(eMJ9F)Adult (f)3,8354611
9UL8t(9UL8t)Adult (f)4,9083640
tU4WH(tU4WH)Adult (m)5,0413901
DtXtW(DtXtW)Adult (m)3,4647740
i9xKw(i9xKw)Adult (f)3,4757641
uw6pi(uw6pi)Adult (m)3,4527690
dwVS7(dwVS7)Adult (m)3,4717630
OVhkF(OVhkF)Adult (f)3,4757620
qMy2X(qMy2X)Adult (f)3,4807580
qH8D(qH8D)Adult (f)1,64180216
9pOo(9pOo)Adult (f)1,59880123
DBmF(DBmF)Adult (m)1,49470318
OtIt3(OtIt3)Adult (f)1,7755851
XqdnChi AialeethAdult (f)2,5231,34511
R5NcChi PietrascillaAdult (f)1,5729617
GIiIChi RocciousAdult (m)1,2207709
9vnXChi EivethAdult (f)1,3148708
lwhYChi KimythanaAdult (f)1,5971,0764
UqmiChi Koo-koo-KachooAdult (f)2,5201,6708
wfgEk(wfgEk)Adult (f)3,4207922
YxQLy(YxQLy)Adult (m)4,2366850
0m9fChi Raies d'OrAdult (m)1,6661,0524
0NhgChi Reuni d'OrAdult (m)1,37996118
uYYsChi Bianco Ed OroAdult (m)2,4771,56529
uS4qChi Niveus VirgaAdult (m)2,1881,02730
Q25WChi Bianca Ed OroAdult (f)1,67381516
7JnNChi Azzurra Ed OroAdult (f)2,1981,37739
jCJnChi Lapis Ed OroAdult (f)1,08366839
7Oz3i(7Oz3i)Adult (m)3,5313711
hBqoChi Rossa Ed OroAdult (f)2,1801,41631
kPeNChi Cremisi Ed OroAdult (m)1,16870042
ZzDPChi Verde Ed OroAdult (m)80756216
unWNChi Emerelda Ed OroAdult (f)1,51981834
W2k6(W2k6)Adult (m)1,4075935
LSTF(LSTF)Adult (f)2,7775322
8lxQj(8lxQj)Adult (m)4,1929601
4nCD0(4nCD0)Adult (f)4,1209751
ytbRo(ytbRo)Adult (f)1,7276151
aCh1Chi MisticoAdult (m)2,1351,1148
AGWeChi Prima MattinaAdult (f)1,8581,18538
JKUGChi Mane Orior Oriri OrtusAdult (m)1,84490725
3oQtChi OrizzonteAdult (f)1,2978754
A6ooChi Bella TramontoAdult (f)2,2141,45439
YLbhChi Sole DolceAdult (f)1,8501,21128
0EQm(0EQm)Adult (m)1,51270411
YWsUChi AcketiaHatchling (f, F)1,80194619
AbuLChi Sol Solis CarmenAdult (f)1,95292824
ccrjChi Dulcis NotaAdult (f)1,83684524
p7pNChi Effrego of DiesAdult (m)1,66479624
CpcRE(CpcRE)Adult (m)2,8235501
IpDra(IpDra)Adult (f)3,2035511
uRitt(uRitt)Hatchling (m, F)2,6255661
eiiP(eiiP)Adult (m)1,5506481
sLVv(sLVv)Adult (f)1,5506524
cB4O(cB4O)Hatchling (m, F)6,4937111
1G8r(1G8r)Hatchling (f, F)1,8016031
26aNo(26aNo)Adult (f)2,4805781
hW5sC(hW5sC)Adult (m)2,5625871
sSQqw(sSQqw)Adult (m)3,9938981
KSZ1Chi Kayeszee NaturaAdult (m)1,40880518
VCYjChi Veeceewyjay NaturaAdult (f)1,44177719
oh09Chi OhaichAdult (m)1,47075421
uP2aChi Ewpetooeh NaturaAdult (f)1,46176726
E3TXChi Eeteecks NaturaAdult (f)2,0071,12720
AkUSv(AkUSv)Adult (m)3,3478201
brFdChi Thunder TelumAdult (f)2,4201,16947
VlqJChi Lightning TelumAdult (m)1,85064722
hSJDJ(hSJDJ)Adult (f)1,7325860
1ODs4(1ODs4)Adult (f)2,0526731
ptI3v(ptI3v)Adult (m)3,5641,1010
vYdmf(vYdmf)Adult (f)3,5345471
cVaLC(cVaLC)Adult (m)3,5355382
tTUIk(tTUIk)Hatchling (m, F)3,1144791
4QCNb(4QCNb)Adult (m)4,2804952
ltubu(ltubu)Adult (f)2,9684961
T0S0e(T0S0e)Adult (m)7,1278111
DilVU(DilVU)Adult (f)7,0778181
6CHDU(6CHDU)Adult (f)4,1701,0630
x9Zgc(x9Zgc)Adult (f)3,6181,2451
kiCaR(kiCaR)Adult (m)3,6414941
UtINq(UtINq)Adult (f)3,0784841
VWfT2(VWfT2)Adult (f)1,7745991
MJDDt(MJDDt)Adult (m)3,6228920
o3RNf(o3RNf)Adult (m)3,4169030
r4uAj(r4uAj)Adult (f)3,3188860
SBcdS(SBcdS)Adult (f)3,3999010
ExQuo(ExQuo)Adult (f)3,3888930
I1whS(I1whS)Adult (m)3,3668970
OI10H(OI10H)Adult (f)4,4489351
4Qa26(4Qa26)Adult (m)3,5568980
5rM5Q(5rM5Q)Adult (f)3,6538900
f7Vgv(f7Vgv)Adult (m)4,4829331
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