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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “chickenfoot,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TPdb4(TPdb4)Egg (F)
B4ynEDie of the FeltAdult (f)2,6497114
xCQDLLook it's NessieAdult (m)3,8474093
fW9HKReady to wreckAdult (f)2,9534933
erzT8A slippery treasureAdult (f)3,8334142
lodm7Mtn Dew Baja BlastAdult (m)3,5346431
mPAzyMama we all go to heckAdult (m)3,3324383
IgUHISeaweed chipAdult (m)4,1326012
nfPyPFeeling peachyAdult (m)3,3494302
L5lF3Marvelous NightAdult (m)3,8364802
AhuZBX Gonna Give It to YeeAdult (m)3,8845842
DURglXxXxEdgelordxXxXAdult (f)3,9094451
yiT0ZTreecko's long lost childAdult (m)3,2315361
K6sgYA Really Spicy BoyAdult (m)3,6274431
IxKX6SwooooceAdult (f)4,1594891
XWRVOCradle itAdult (f)4,7964092
kMqQYLump of cotton candyAdult (m)4,2353542
fFBD1DolozAdult (f)3,6475123
rSudUThe smallest beanAdult (f)2,7226091
9WHqDAhm gonna wrassle itAdult (f)3,0456121
R7PVtBlue is back win a MacAdult (m)3,4363792
PqsrrAbyss-of-the-DeepAdult (f)3,4204081
aidH9Acid-Tongue SerpentaAdult (m)3,5295334
vPFuPSlippery mustardAdult (f)3,5898043
OXNI7Baldwin JuniorAdult (m)3,2804172
Zy6qtDemonic Zak and WheezieAdult (f)3,7524351
D5BOwCorkscrew SundownAdult (m)4,0144322
FLfCiIce 'n Easy Does ItAdult (m)3,8634491
dbGVcDreaming on ProspitAdult (f)4,0144551
52ursA Spicier BoyAdult (m)3,6454221
L8vRwPetite PeriwinkleAdult (f)4,2423944
3wPumFrosty FreezieAdult (m)3,2494091
EWGKGA tiny little lemonAdult (f)3,9074621
3l9d2Ebony Dark'ness Dragon RavenAdult (f)5,5505711
clXacMarina and the DragonsAdult (f)3,9161,0722
gCoLkListen up here's a storyAdult (f)4,0454102
emX7sCold mashed potatoAdult (f)3,3903872
ZWuCpDry Dry OutpostAdult (m)3,4904083
7rRsiDesert KyogreAdult (m)3,6524631
HRq3bAll that glitters is g0ldAdult (f)3,4774671
agtbCOh I thought it was deadAdult (m)3,2874903
RMqkiDiscount SpyroAdult (f)3,8804472
JOedCWelch's Grape JellyAdult (f)3,0906944
5AWLkHe's hacking and whacking and smAdult (m)3,9554191
zF2HhBaron Ulfe GersenAdult (f)3,7383964
YsLNpScaly BluebirdAdult (f)4,0384524
qHyJQCooler than being cool- ice coldAdult (f)3,6694383
KR5XQIs that a gremlinAdult (m)3,4394332
3RsfcVanilla peachAdult (m)3,7064413
gSHrsMini MemocaAdult (f)3,9654154
vC5lHCherry-DippedAdult (f)2,9348123
05afMTubby-CustardAdult (m)4,3624091
Xp4Z9Hooktail PMTTYDAdult (f)4,2044232
yKVejNataly DravarolAdult (f)3,4203942
l8jENCryrodiilAdult (m)5,5485491
xSkXAFunky chic and smoothAdult (f)4,6554222
XIbTrTeeth around the pavementAdult (f)3,3883763
hcbkBCrooked but uprightAdult (f)3,7557394
d7sP1Brave WildernessAdult (m)3,5084211
ES5ksDream of a life past this fenceAdult (f)3,7954802
UyxXZBold precise experimentalAdult (f)3,5824312
wxtshI should flyAdult (f)3,5534161
dD52vAnd it was all yellowAdult (f)5,1306173
VqQjEThrough the molten veinsAdult (m)3,7115131
C29q8Strutting your stuffAdult (m)4,7737081
I28XJSpoopy creppy boyAdult (m)3,0768482
o4GXFRoast of the centuryAdult (m)3,3004482
VqafoTongues of liarsAdult (f)3,5444932
VU4qqTrace and FinAdult (m)3,5024961
eqzctDoc Scratch of the FeltAdult (m)3,0575101
BvUP8P u r pAdult (f)2,6014682
wYhaaPlump PlumpkinAdult (f)2,7614621
UuIfRCreppy Candy CornAdult (f)2,1636912
4wXYFI got nothing but a heart acheAdult (f)2,8395090
qbqUKI keep getting this by accidentAdult (f)2,7235001
2Fcc0Removed backboneAdult (m)2,6797814
l9qQ2Not enough poresAdult (f)2,3245192
dmLdwMoving near my windowAdult (m)2,2795311
WlP01Deep in my sleepAdult (f)1,6725131
0sPv4Collect your debtAdult (f)1,7725181
nP88OGuess she took controlAdult (f)1,4766191
QDtPNHe's so floofyAdult (m)1,8815631
tlh7wIn the summer silenceAdult (f)2,1285951
gFLm2Hope your E key breaksAdult (m)2,1345941
FopwHSnowman of the FeltAdult (f)2,0975622
MstPLBefore tomorrow finds meAdult (m)2,3776331
rKGu8Hammer on guitarAdult (m)2,0785571
0LWSdGlow over the mountainAdult (m)1,9256873
R0LHaCrumchyAdult (m)3,5756725
ZehTcRancid milk and moldy pearsAdult (f)2,5495112
CQi9yI wont stop screamingAdult (m)2,3315091
Qpr1IIcicle VeinsAdult (m)2,4675773
btpzbCant swim fast enoughAdult (f)2,3465911
Mf7rrSorry im dyingAdult (m)1,8897072
nUbftMaggot on your sleeveAdult (m)2,1225441
Np3JYDulled and quarteredAdult (f)2,0485431
rDNaPFlaking awayAdult (f)4,6641,0106
EN8LJDidn't even shed a tearAdult (m)1,9565012
RtWwMTiny Wasabi PeaAdult (f)3,0904781
vn9gaTeleports behind you tchAdult (m)3,5034861
frVLGOrdinary DaysAdult (f)3,2294882
v61vmMinka LaveryAdult (m)2,3655411
l47HOThe-Final-PamAdult (f)3,8874242
F9iweOceans of vertigoAdult (f)4,1634203
zYHQZCup of coffee before bedAdult (m)3,5893913
nUoq2Youll never pry it awayAdult (f)3,7684212
7xSBaFerment on the wish boneAdult (m)3,3844451
wR2UNElectrocute me with your eyesAdult (f)3,3644253
zoiyrSomeone left the lights onAdult (m)3,0385601
v5YApYoull never peer insideAdult (m)3,6024991
UzQFKWe follow them like foolsAdult (f)3,2054331
obaL6Planet where you dwellAdult (f)3,1234332
8LFVTWhy is he screamingAdult (m)2,5066452
vwAedWe broke our mirrorsAdult (m)4,6474133
oWfgkYour lungs are not readyAdult (f)4,3834203
aQrcPWe play pretendAdult (m)4,0504151
PtFCKI hide way down insideAdult (f)3,6473741
CjuKdI won't sympathizeAdult (f)3,6224341
qkAs3You are my libertyAdult (f)4,0294852
SxjTVSawbuck of the FeltAdult (m)3,1407592
I4wFNGetting on a mountainAdult (m)3,4533951
U9JvX(U9JvX)Adult (m)3,6184493
Tbkjs(Tbkjs)Adult (m)5,9165582
7CAkF(7CAkF)Adult (m)3,6674071
zxbNX(zxbNX)Adult (m)4,5914501
vTJBi(vTJBi)Adult (f)4,6824281
ZSbAP(ZSbAP)Adult (f)3,5873671
AhFRI(AhFRI)Adult (f)4,5164132
T9ohW(T9ohW)Adult (f)4,0704132
xVVdB(xVVdB)Adult (f)3,7207541
PaQPu(PaQPu)Adult (f)3,9883991
JUGLr(JUGLr)Adult (m)4,0083831
EiVFt(EiVFt)Adult (f)3,7553651
X6CJA(X6CJA)Adult (m)3,3985762
8SJswLearning how to crawlAdult (f)4,5624001
TWLYo(TWLYo)Adult (m)4,0873661
lxs2a(lxs2a)Adult (m)4,0113442
hjCSW(hjCSW)Adult (m)3,9344691
ZtWn6(ZtWn6)Adult (f)4,1864752
6ojs7(6ojs7)Adult (m)3,2886141
SKUCs(SKUCs)Adult (m)3,3084221
9c6XK(9c6XK)Adult (f)4,0333371
bRXhr(bRXhr)Adult (f)3,7224252
Zn3WQ(Zn3WQ)Adult (m)4,3974592
9fNSp(9fNSp)Adult (m)2,5056651
FntASRocking CrocsAdult (f)4,4484462
lfjI8(lfjI8)Adult (m)3,8994762
33Ylj(33Ylj)Adult (f)3,2695855
EzdRyYou're my sweetest crimeAdult (m)3,8814322
2I8yW(2I8yW)Adult (f)4,0763441
4wpjU(4wpjU)Adult (f)4,1244202
U6Oua(U6Oua)Adult (f)3,6634011
vDEuE(vDEuE)Adult (m)3,0155106
N5rSgMaybe if I casted out a spellAdult (f)5,0863441
qJgGz(qJgGz)Adult (m)2,0526492
iCbg8(iCbg8)Adult (f)4,9403411
LZE6C(LZE6C)Adult (m)5,1943472
ZlZRnLightning in your nightgownAdult (m)4,2514141
spWN5(spWN5)Adult (f)4,5554361
XhqgNLittle bit of poison in meAdult (m)5,0296283
wKiyn(wKiyn)Adult (f)4,3964013
zvsv6(zvsv6)Adult (f)4,3624161
pJdMm(pJdMm)Adult (m)3,8764094
ty1MTInject your advice to meAdult (f)5,1835084
CR4NZThere's a fly in my roomAdult (m)3,2704533
oMGGeoMGGe was the original nameAdult (f)3,7443733
dcAxF(dcAxF)Adult (m)4,4634322
mB2cJ(mB2cJ)Adult (f)3,5403821
9LVC4(9LVC4)Adult (m)3,3044021
rpETu(rpETu)Adult (f)3,1424071
gy3D2Noone's around to helpAdult (f)3,4814072
iYSKOAwaiting your mistakeAdult (f)3,6954291
FFUEy(FFUEy)Adult (m)3,6184152
euN1q(euN1q)Adult (f)2,6535831
DLNlT(DLNlT)Adult (f)2,5016421
amvTX(amvTX)Adult (f)4,0824051
wOcKNIll be the sacrifice for youAdult (m)3,3844392
qScYc(qScYc)Adult (m)3,1614883
5IrfF(5IrfF)Adult (m)3,6874412
4OnVR(4OnVR)Adult (m)3,1485772
0YVp5(0YVp5)Adult (f)3,3294000
xqmNd(xqmNd)Adult (m)4,0554361
JhHKS(JhHKS)Adult (f)3,2354811
kofpK(kofpK)Adult (m)3,7215662
E0C6D(E0C6D)Adult (f)3,5574130
XPvYr(XPvYr)Adult (m)4,3575621
IctPGFourteen QuartersAdult (m)4,1294753
MLuo9Kissing the good goodbyeAdult (f)3,6224802
tBJlI(tBJlI)Adult (f)3,5374791
XIjeXYour heart is goneAdult (f)3,0914992
S0ILp(S0ILp)Adult (m)3,0504961
TghdyvRoseQuartzvAdult (f)2,9244791
TnwqI(TnwqI)Adult (f)2,8194903
Ek2PM(Ek2PM)Adult (m)2,8964791
mH0uC(mH0uC)Adult (m)3,8793612
fV5s1(fV5s1)Adult (m)2,3046484
zCHof(zCHof)Adult (f)4,6834101
OT398(OT398)Adult (m)2,2654953
iqqeo(iqqeo)Adult (m)3,6343773
JoxV0(JoxV0)Adult (m)2,5085745
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