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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “chicbecause,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aTiUVTrouble on the SeasAdult (f)1,8488541
vnWe1SpunAroundAdult (f)1,8248202
jyHyTWell Aren't I FancyAdult (f)4,7849843
HLGcjOctober StruckAdult (m)5,0751,0210
8D6yc(8D6yc)Adult (m)6,3377173
k5lwn(k5lwn)Adult (m)4,7059671
cLNJ1(cLNJ1)Adult (m)4,7529652
amHU5Mareep The SheepAdult (f)4,7449421
KqL8y(KqL8y)Adult (f)4,8129714
eonk4(eonk4)Adult (m)4,4429915
vtQSq(vtQSq)Adult (m)4,3849854
ScClc(ScClc)Adult (m)4,2729787
Z23Wd(Z23Wd)Adult (f)4,4199906
SnHsi(SnHsi)Adult (m)4,6429110
o6J84But Not ForsakenAdult (f)6,0681,40416
VFAL2Ever so SlowlyAdult (m)3,0008121
UNPHJBlack as DeathAdult (m)2,9098943
oY3y6However was it DoneAdult (f)3,2301,0831
9CmDGNot to BrightAdult (m)6,9731,6667
4PSATStrikingly StupidAdult (m)2,76545515
sQiT5CandyCaneSelahAdult (m)4,3521,1722
5M106AngelintheSkyAdult (f)5,0951,2543
pEREWTerribly MessyAdult (f)4,5101,2463
SJSOHRed Christmas RibbonsAdult (f)4,7271,2443
TofrQSkyhighflyerAdult (m)2,6209573
U837IImaginingsAdult (m)5,8581,5425
C4gHDPonderingsAdult (f)6,2861,6702
YnvmBThoughts I might be DreamingAdult (f)3,6401,2272
CiStsIThink I might be DreamingAdult (m)6,0881,3531
j0CrPWondering-I might be DreamingAdult (m)2,0857431
6Q9sSDangerous UndercurrentAdult (m)6,0881,43511
RogRtDark SurfAdult (m)1,6745913
K0jXsIt All Went SwiminglyAdult (f)4,9813330
SuirmChanging ShadowsAdult (f)6,1431,38511
tpBMiThe Bolt of Tash of TashbaanAdult (m)9,1961,7963
VspATRabadash of TashbaanAdult (m)2,9437222
YXJ1TShasta of TashbaanAdult (m)5,3193553
UmgtbTarkeenan of TashbaanAdult (m)6,1351,3543
Eq23NAravis of TashbaanAdult (f)6,2271,3581
WNsmEThe Grand Visor of TashbaanAdult (m)4,3611,1907
vhVbNThe Pride of LuciferAdult (f)3,0107492
MWjmPTo --- Without LoveAdult (f)2,86190410
BSDm7Enthralled by Her BeautyAdult (f)2,9667591
m2Nl0Stupid and ShallowAdult (m)1,8426382
amhebThe Wrath of GodAdult (f)9,1791,85113
NiOHOThe Devil's JoyAdult (m)2,7926557
FyY0EThe Demon's FireAdult (f)4,0201,0871
a8pbEPretty asa PictureAdult (f)2,3867301
N6sIIHanging Form a FixtureAdult (m)6,4141,6056
45iVbStrong as a FamilyAdult (m)3,3001,1902
XhmBeStarhunter of the Theif ClanAdult (m)2,6215244
EAD5DWhen the Stars CameAdult (m)5,0951,2026
rqLvCCame Crashing DownAdult (f)5,1811,1584
HM4McIn Tiny Pieces to the GroundAdult (m)2,1523412
8NDhiI Was all Alone Down HereAdult (f)2,4237353
1iNbPTrapped Beneath the AtmosphereAdult (f)3,81391411
nnMcBWhen I Heard SomebodyAdult (f)2,0967344
47oaNCall MyNameAdult (m)4,3251,2461
AdnrHSleeping Unaware of the DangerAdult (m)6,6121,5976
sEE7HDangerously Close of the DangerAdult (f)1,7326441
oHXb1Creeping Closer of the DangerAdult (f)3,8241,2701
CDsjAWilling IgnoranceAdult (m)4,7791,3737
1EZ7sForced KnowledgeAdult (f)1,8346281
iJD7aLoving the ViewAdult (f)4,4851,3081
lYgafI am UnbornAdult (m)3,0106954
a8pC4I am RebornAdult (f)5,3791,1503
p4ZJyI am Not BornAdult (m)6,1191,5581
f3edBScorching Red CrimsonAdult (m)6,2711,45412
PMMVeA Single WordAdult (f)9,0741,7568
KQeA6Mystic EncantationsAdult (f)2,61055110
X9NTNFiery OceanAdult (f)6,6631,8166
s3nPbOf JuneAdult (f)6,4581,3603
MJB83Midsummer StationAdult (f)4,0591,2700
i7oSXIn a Sea of FacesAdult (f)7,0631,7747
K0vEDDancing  SongAdult (m)2,0166544
BbPYvSon of the MusicAdult (m)5,1453431
XW1obDaughter of The MelodyAdult (f)2,9859302
f8z9HHeir of the ChantingsAdult (f)5,1121,5252
q4qQJWar of NationsAdult (m)9,1571,7654
Fsce7Swallow those WordsAdult (f)1,9456312
thhOrOne by One They FellAdult (f)2,9337723
zhUC2Smiley foolAdult (m)5,1531,5091
5qbuPIndicisionAdult (f)6,1441,5929
l4Hd5IndecisivenessAdult (m)4,5363310
RIW0nFriendly GenerosityAdult (f)4,5301,0342
JnBR5Jars of OilAdult (m)3,8951,1056
UNuNDShort and SweetAdult (m)4,1701,2441
sQtUGSweet and SlowAdult (m)4,1641,1854
KHmnVLate Summer RoseAdult (f)3,9841,1843
6iMBQI'mSexy and I KnowItAdult (m)3,9981,2282
spW2cVanilla TwillightAdult (f)7,0911,7246
8XGvqTheStarsLeanDownAdult (m)5,4321,1464
Ci5GvToKiss YouAdult (f)3,0451,0921
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