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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “chibi_fire,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ma8Z(ma8Z)Adult (f)2,1221,272114
Vizx(Vizx)Adult (m)2,0911,251104
4q6K(4q6K)Adult (f)2,1681,30294
rFJ4(rFJ4)Adult (f)2,3701,19298
ZEtw(ZEtw)Adult (f)2,4611,24094
bRQ5(bRQ5)Adult (m)2,6021,31691
DEer(DEer)Adult (m)2,10462963
S7Ut(S7Ut)Adult (f)2,09272675
5hso(5hso)Adult (f)2,14673868
nu6K(nu6K)Adult (f)2,00258465
qjS7(qjS7)Adult (m)2,86589935
YyPO(YyPO)Adult (f)2,61689948
27Fb(27Fb)Adult (m)3,5131,12399
srFe(srFe)Adult (f)3,5981,12252
xG3b(xG3b)Adult (m)3,6651,13863
HoWp(HoWp)Adult (m)2,26068413
IxYw(IxYw)Adult (m)2,23768513
XyzW(XyzW)Adult (m)3,04886015
AwS2(AwS2)Adult (m)2,96483715
8au3(8au3)Adult (m)2,64978515
CuDG(CuDG)Adult (f)2,63684220
CbFa(CbFa)Adult (f)2,73485014
AumB(AumB)Adult (m)2,08774714
GKiN(GKiN)Adult (f)1,07363045
U4BV(U4BV)Adult (m)1,75564711
lnY9(lnY9)Adult (f)1,95377419
SsRl(SsRl)Adult (m)2,11066310
eujG(eujG)Adult (m)1,66868918
bTST(bTST)Adult (f)1,76471418
A5xX(A5xX)Adult (f)1,79970030
w6VJ(w6VJ)Adult (f)91448072
nqr8(nqr8)Adult (f)1,20953731
uKXU(uKXU)Adult (m)83447234
e8PH(e8PH)Adult (m)85637717
EuTg(EuTg)Adult (m)89237523
RPXX(RPXX)Adult (m)93139014
CcXh(CcXh)Adult (f)1,40746315
cxH1(cxH1)Adult (m)1,34233424
BC8x(BC8x)Adult (m)1,14137722
3THF(3THF)Adult (m)1,70832917
AXs9(AXs9)Adult (f)1,67632824
4DVn(4DVn)Adult (m)77834731
C3zI(C3zI)Adult (f)92238626
wvN6(wvN6)Adult (f)80836622
FDrv(FDrv)Adult (f)72432321
uI2m(uI2m)Adult (f)1,58633322
J1Sz(J1Sz)Adult (m)1,29236826
0Glm(0Glm)Adult (f)1,24235715
ZqXw(ZqXw)Adult (f)1,19034215
HgLG(HgLG)Adult (f)1,27834918
H4b8(H4b8)Adult (f)1,18935116
v1hC(v1hC)Adult (f)2,43740515
vQkn(vQkn)Adult (f)2,24538414
vdVS(vdVS)Adult (f)2,40039313
K9tk(K9tk)Adult (m)7,61166216
MTeB(MTeB)Hatchling (F)80725716
0Zhc(0Zhc)Adult (m)90644012
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