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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cheesecake__,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5vWVp(5vWVp)Hatchling (m)8,3071,1942
h8oCUIt's Messy O'ClockAdult (m)4,80770511
dkTv0Time Stole My SocksAdult (m)6,2521,08013
FcsW9Witch of Time DistortionAdult (f)6,3691,32320
gVKYbWizard of Time DistortionAdult (m)6,1921,50512
ghN8ETime Lord GrahamAdult (m)5,3191,2323
R3GefTime Lady RubyAdult (f)5,8381,3354
7dyVuThe Aeon ApprenticeAdult (m)4,6081,0797
V7bp6Vernon The VortexAdult (m)5,4371,1775
7YckdVictorian EpochAdult (m)7,8581,5186
gdAWdSorcery in TimeAdult (m)3,0455162
5xAxmAxel TimeAdult (f)2,9745472
h23tKTime is ConstantAdult (f)5,8991,0614
UTCEZCezuuAdult (f)4,0069002
pmrvPReliamaAdult (f)5,1949525
7HwUCHoward TimeAdult (m)7,4601,2854
FADm4FadiamAdult (f)7,2461,16819
TsT1NTintin TimeAdult (m)5,9311,1404
JbuXMtime is upside downAdult (m)5,4941,0096
uUqTkUqikitaAdult (f)6,3151,0362
HDQF3(HDQF3)Adult (m)5,7179363
Aggv9Spider DescendantAdult (f)5,3211,1931
mhPdhPhD in EyesAdult (m)5,3841,1891
aUbFyAubrey FyreAdult (f)4,5839751
WnXMPRubber Duck QuackAdult (m)4,6909094
100EAEager BeaverAdult (m)5,6539074
7nbHANabhaiAdult (m)5,1008971
oGMgf(oGMgf)Adult (m)6,4739974
Wax5aWaxy GustAdult (f)2,8175533
YhSjcYeahaeilAdult (m)2,4865415
qK2QFKathrin GustAdult (f)4,5867387
GG4coGood Game GustAdult (m)3,7377163
W77TEWHAT ARE TWO SEVENSAdult (m)4,6139521
4yiWGWooshy WindyAdult (m)4,6179250
FX3RPA Shadow from MoonlightAdult (f)6,6081,0345
6sWLPMagical Gusty ShadowsAdult (m)7,9131,0354
bZIoaBizloaAdult (f)7,2099943
ZK4z4ZakaipAdult (f)5,2429133
XrHaI(XrHaI)Adult (f)5,6891,0051
ap488(ap488)Adult (m)5,5111,0022
j0NuMAlberlilyAdult (f)4,32855616
mPfngThey say the end is comingAdult (m)6,6071,2547
Ty7BbTybinoAdult (m)6,8361,5905
XeSoNXesonnieAdult (m)3,8395123
t8RguMessy AlchemistAdult (f)4,6359863
QASoYSoya MilkAdult (m)4,5961,0061
eRkUuERK COOAdult (f)4,2798690
TjGqkAs Pale as StarlightAdult (f)3,7859564
imO13Turbulent Thanos ThuwedAdult (m)7,7051,0373
Rl3AnBlack and White VeinsHatchling (f, F)3,3816945
eUub8Too Many VowelsHatchling (F)2,1744453
1K3evSmol AlbertHatchling (m, F)4,0066023
SgIb2LubajAdult (m)5,9791,1623
9SIYhSiyahaAdult (f)5,4491,1424
O6x9kKoiqabAdult (m)5,4359781
LvutHLuvthAdult (m)5,5801,0032
2cBIQ(2cBIQ)Adult (f)4,5471,0902
Ai1di(Ai1di)Adult (f)5,8531,1841
k3tBl(k3tBl)Adult (m)6,8981,0783
TA53KLazy AlmeraldAdult (m)5,83678323
hVfJaFishy SnekAdult (f)5,1109272
IZVtu(IZVtu)Adult (m)5,8138771
7FNpW(7FNpW)Adult (m)8,0201,1294
I9Lmu(I9Lmu)Adult (f)9,3831,7654
CCNaQ(CCNaQ)Adult (f)9,4041,7331
sHErwLife is like a circus wheelAdult (m)7,7431,65327
JNqIcAnd I never know how to feelAdult (f)8,0931,80017
O4ytLDid you think I'd stayAdult (m)7,4101,48610
zTdirYou're still livingAdult (m)7,7661,40410
TfYz9But I never meant to hurt youAdult (m)6,7231,2316
jTnn0in a way back thenAdult (f)8,6471,5708
iqznPor to lose a friendAdult (f)5,7461,50510
sDvedWell you should turnAdult (f)7,3831,7038
y6jq0Cause time's gone byAdult (m)6,6151,7587
OJd8qAnd there's nothing we can doAdult (m)7,3541,7888
cPdpion a runaway trainAdult (f)5,7791,86515
C2zntBut you - you're looking at meAdult (m)4,3748885
yiOfBJust say what you needAdult (m)3,5826912
aYIBqAnd come as I goAdult (m)5,8981,1467
ZZlhCthe other wayAdult (m)5,8541,1794
P5KKlCause we're neverAdult (f)5,8411,1645
IiCmpto bring it back againAdult (f)5,0561,1315
gc6qSJust say what you wantAdult (f)5,0681,1106
42GHcCause I was meant to be freeAdult (f)5,2281,1494
nzgzKAnd go as I pleaseAdult (f)5,3661,1607
KAOGPgoing back againAdult (m)5,3828495
nPNfgAll you did was stayAdult (f)5,3158195
1hviYHolding on to yesterdayAdult (m)5,2188455
BnuPjIt's never coming back againAdult (f)5,2498365
Lpt9jLife a couple hundred miles awayAdult (m)4,2718933
DxmR9And I remember you likeAdult (f)4,2908683
zMhpVit was yesterdayAdult (m)4,2298592
ihYbVSo why are you looking at meAdult (f)4,1468503
kNs2UIt's not what you wantAdult (m)4,18780911
QG58nIt's not what you needAdult (f)4,36984912
5LMaMStay - Gabrielle AplinAdult (f)3,9447898
8BOJoBojojuAdult (f)5,2898421
CLydjClydiAdult (m)5,1058962
CXYStCaxystAdult (f)6,7499601
JN48CJanialAdult (f)7,5101,1553
aOxWvAowebAdult (m)7,6281,1712
fF6OiFosixaAdult (f)7,2821,0331
lQL6HPro Mario Kart PlayerAdult (f)5,8568152
YUhTOYuhtoAdult (m)5,3369242
76kC2CakokoAdult (f)4,9518834
bLr4TBlartolAdult (m)5,3059113
xqZf0ZefoaAdult (m)5,1509702
dV6UpDupvoAdult (m)2,7166532
RRS9qRusiwoAdult (m)5,1869391
jT8P6JapitoAdult (m)5,4669476
99eNqThe Lovely BenjiAdult (m)8,8021,1783
U75WSWystanuAdult (f)5,2971,0262
zznzb(zznzb)Adult (f)6,1361,0833
LFVhc(LFVhc)Adult (f)6,2681,1203
flJYz(flJYz)Adult (f)5,5099962
pImh5(pImh5)Adult (m)5,9979922
6XRwIAna DwarfHatchling (F)1,6822172
EvEejEvejoHatchling (f, F)5,3329122
bTS5eAntoine AntareanAdult (m)4,9801,1855
zoB8VFrom Purple OriginAdult (f)5,7628475
sKOhOSkowiaAdult (m)3,8239143
GcjnHGuicanoAdult (m)3,3818461
iq1ygIqueniaAdult (f)3,3888171
1nGJZZelphielleAdult (f)3,3208261
9V6JGJeninelAdult (f)5,9141,1781
xYPaGPathoniaAdult (m)5,0921,0852
9kfh9The Blue Glow of NightAdult (m)4,0128824
po4PpPop Goes the BubbleAdult (f)2,27735016
AK6mqAkia AquisAdult (f)3,3217432
cjWmLWimcilAdult (f)3,6804282
0ClOO(0ClOO)Adult (m)8,9881,1845
aILmcAilmucAdult (m)2,8846774
RewH3(RewH3)Adult (f)5,6951,0242
7zKnL(7zKnL)Adult (m)5,9401,0362
EPNPFEpenefAdult (f)6,9611,1064
zJn5zZikjiAdult (f)4,7579641
p4gGbPagibaAdult (m)5,1409553
1xm55ImiapaAdult (f)5,9441,1142
y8JdbYajzAdult (m)6,1521,1153
jhNHW(jhNHW)Adult (m)5,6681,0234
c8CmsCamisateHatchling (F)1,5272042
UAks5A red bush is following meAdult (f)3,4581,0244
EwXiKWith the Sound of FireAdult (m)3,5681,0704
pxcTNMy Hands are AliveAdult (f)3,4371,0792
9q240Yum Yum GoldAdult (f)6,4991,2157
AEFBW(AEFBW)Adult (m)5,3021,1552
QKLLK(QKLLK)Adult (f)4,0288642
ZyxMv(ZyxMv)Hatchling (m, F)4,9861,0813
6l7lL(6l7lL)Hatchling (f, F)3,3148757
aqAabAva PinkAriaAdult (f)4,71671522
dfgpsArielissaAdult (f)3,0936592
1zzYNIzzy NAdult (m)5,8119363
W0dCm(W0dCm)Adult (f)5,6641,1561
QgUTqUtiquaHatchling (f, F)4,0117093
1dMJPPetunia ValentineAdult (f)4,42294014
cLqddDululaAdult (f)3,1009872
pmuaAThe Silver GlitcherAdult (f)3,1151,0871
QRsPXDarkness in LoveAdult (f)5,7631,1452
sK53GIt's Valentines AlreadyAdult (f)3,8809232
ZvlmpZ' AlmerlidaAdult (f)4,8511,1011
nb9NbP r a g m aAdult (f)4,1299941
Jv16ESmiling Valentines ForestAdult (f)4,1901,0492
fjcRGGuiding Dreams of JoyAdult (f)4,0199162
GyYD1Evil in the DescendantsAdult (f)4,3449351
Q3kEMLove in the LavenderAdult (f)4,0627941
fe5oiLil DamaraHatchling (F)1,8574802
6gmhtI want mutaMORE loveHatchling (f, F)5,2999221
URjg4UrainosAdult (m)4,0968203
a1lfpAlienoreAdult (f)4,0498264
7a9WIWietskeAdult (f)3,9187832
ttH5rAspeailAdult (f)3,9214093
9YSrHAshen NightmareAdult (f)6,1939232
QtIe9(QtIe9)Adult (f)5,9271,0231
Qj9Cn(Qj9Cn)Adult (m)6,0431,0551
N91wJ(N91wJ)Adult (f)6,2121,0751
QQuH6(QQuH6)Adult (f)6,3511,0891
WYKD5(WYKD5)Adult (m)5,9451,0263
nQJe9(nQJe9)Adult (m)7,0341,0574
lfFwB(lfFwB)Adult (m)5,3849923
g9Vy8(g9Vy8)Adult (f)5,3621,0141
kvUCr(kvUCr)Adult (m)5,5489981
cDKpk(cDKpk)Adult (f)5,4601,0021
9hqkVHaqukaAdult (f)10,5371,2707
AXjrNAzurnuAdult (f)6,5209342
QcFi1FipiliaAdult (f)4,2148981
ir9feIristalAdult (m)2,8966971
mB6juActive JumperAdult (f)3,5118551
lvOP7IvothurAdult (m)3,4338101
aihgyAhgianAdult (f)4,4831,1493
9e6KJGladys GlaceAdult (f)3,86667520
GJfKDIncorrect Code GlaceAdult (m)3,4165495
FwD4X(FwD4X)Adult (f)5,9231,1761
gc4p8Bobbi BaikalaAdult (f)4,21372517
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