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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cheese456,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wX6Ik(wX6Ik)Dead Egg111
9sbjtLost Time CBAdult (f)1,9155392
cwzqJAegean Echo CBAdult (f)2,4407041
k4IqThat Was EasyAdult (f)2,3006241
qGSsEAeriis White CrownAdult (f)4,5651,1065
ITFDOLove's Crown JewelAdult (f)3,7864441
30oytSoy Merita CBAdult (f)1,6357081
aqyKaAeriis Soymilk SupremeAdult (f)1,6086212
XRb5More Like Cream Than WhiteHatchling (m, F)7,2546293
VgmtS(VgmtS)Adult (m)2,3176361
W2NKjMercurial Case CBAdult (m)2,3096230
r8zyU(r8zyU)Adult (f)4,2137411
scgSWAeriis Floral AftertasteAdult (m)3,9291,2548
pjxJkAeriis Floral SunscaleAdult (m)3,9051,2824
f5AYEAeriis Floral UmbrellaAdult (f)3,8291,2806
71TZpAeriis Floral LaceAdult (m)3,9651,2695
Z7oBeAeriis Floral SunterraceAdult (f)3,9421,2666
e3rPxAeriis Floral AestheticAdult (f)3,9151,2714
j2duaAeriis Floral LeaflungsAdult (m)3,9541,2666
O2mwp(O2mwp)Adult (m)3,6249222
kPmz2(kPmz2)Adult (m)8,7218792
XWOCI(XWOCI)Adult (m)3,4969350
Jbt72(Jbt72)Adult (f)5,5687542
wBk59(wBk59)Adult (f)5,6377561
HjBZA(HjBZA)Adult (f)6,7239130
hVbBL(hVbBL)Adult (m)5,3771,1330
csvKm(csvKm)Adult (m)4,7988123
6fIR7(6fIR7)Adult (m)5,3997441
fF4GjIce PopsAdult (f)1,9096251
evtmzWashi TapeAdult (m)2,0946401
SPjO8StudyblrAdult (f)1,9676230
DS5wPAbductionsAdult (m)2,0616122
inR1WYutaoAdult (f)2,1366320
0bBpm(0bBpm)Adult (m)1,9926180
2Gndz(2Gndz)Adult (m)1,7285800
Np5cA(Np5cA)Adult (m)1,7955671
WOQlg(WOQlg)Adult (m)2,1756430
72vlZCrimson KaijuAdult (f)2,9325801
F6hfi(F6hfi)Adult (f)2,3086703
LBR1MCB Vagrant DiamondAdult (f)1,5897701
JJFYICB Triad ArcanaAdult (m)1,5637890
ujeYdCB Star EmissaryAdult (m)1,6367701
gzFrACB Mirror BreakerAdult (f)1,5968030
l1Vh7Morbid Nature CBAdult (m)1,5967871
aogzqBismuth Dross CBAdult (f)1,6687691
61BxzEcholocation CBAdult (f)1,5807920
32jZIPrimal Redeemer CBAdult (f)1,5857871
Ex50SHewn Emeritus CBAdult (m)1,7837031
bZqmb(bZqmb)Adult (f)2,7015830
8JKsA(8JKsA)Adult (f)2,2507030
cUbdN(cUbdN)Adult (m)2,0586152
5GJkO(5GJkO)Adult (f)5,0097141
pkSIL(pkSIL)Adult (f)3,2036581
vajW6PinkledinkAdult (f)2,5376851
Kb8SiLarry StylinsonAdult (f)2,3496571
DdcsbAeriis Starstruck MelodyAdult (f)4,7259454
MbCiVAeriis WinterloveAdult (f)4,8981,1112
pKXcDAeriis Fuschia Flattery IIAdult (f)4,1401,0966
YNiN9Aeriis Tea SweetAdult (f)4,6699854
ieZUGAeriis Cinnamon SweetAdult (f)4,8179883
FbH0XAeriis Magic LoveAdult (f)5,0521,0004
ASGGrAeriis Viridian ValentineAdult (f)5,0589945
IZw5MAeriis Stormpink LoveAdult (f)4,4301,1153
w78B0Aeriis Coin For Your LoveAdult (f)3,4441,1621
6D9ZAAeriis Teatime ValentineAdult (f)3,2821,1611
hdvn9(hdvn9)Adult (f)1,8636873
qYtrA(qYtrA)Adult (f)1,8197051
tTEzM(tTEzM)Adult (f)2,0095111
BsMWZ(BsMWZ)Adult (f)3,2486553
CVbyK(CVbyK)Adult (m)2,3986831
SGohT(SGohT)Adult (f)2,3176970
RJLgn(RJLgn)Adult (f)2,2316583
GS2VOWay Too Much SodaAdult (m)5,1003402
krt3AI Am Incredibly MatureAdult (m)1,7556131
BSltBreezy MistfireHatchling (m, F)3,8261,2365
GBwll(GBwll)Adult (f)3,8128750
ojPHA(ojPHA)Adult (m)3,8568641
BJMYG(BJMYG)Adult (f)3,8678641
Gxatk(Gxatk)Adult (m)3,7558742
TNWw2(TNWw2)Adult (m)2,5966091
Fw36G(Fw36G)Adult (f)2,8606602
XqTQ7Aeriis Star Speckled TideAdult (f)6,1221,7403
3WEftAeriis Moonlight SeaAdult (m)6,5081,7392
LAjamAeriis Star Speckled SeaAdult (f)2,2391,1411
unargAeriis Salt BreezeAdult (m)3,1438192
jDwytAeriis Glittering ShoresAdult (f)3,3531,1092
DXnMzAeriis Golden Sun BreezeAdult (m)2,6911,0242
r16TWAeriis 289357Adult (m)1,8167441
Q9Xqr(Q9Xqr)Adult (m)2,4466861
cZSTN(cZSTN)Adult (m)2,0927341
q3bLkOH GAWD WHY DIDN'T I FROZEAdult (f)1,9856701
ElsGuI kind of gave up a while agoAdult (m)2,0505021
mXOpd(mXOpd)Adult (f)2,0286252
0L0IwAeriis Awoken SunAdult (f)2,1215701
Tfco0(Tfco0)Adult (m)1,4316090
zjGvAAeriis Star RacerAdult (m)1,5626600
UZ36H(UZ36H)Adult (f)4,8091,0551
sYr0eAeriis In FlightAdult (m)6,1158211
wX29oAeriis TidedancerAdult (f)3,6289310
mJe73(mJe73)Adult (f)2,9595801
PxVkP(PxVkP)Adult (m)2,1216070
HFqfH(HFqfH)Adult (f)4,2319680
FkLUt(FkLUt)Adult (m)3,7049091
Im5mK(Im5mK)Adult (m)1,7836471
XKC0p(XKC0p)Adult (f)2,2085950
txQav(txQav)Adult (f)2,0526528
ghaNg(ghaNg)Adult (m)5,0979331
lhK7k(lhK7k)Adult (f)5,3179060
bvdBw(bvdBw)Adult (f)5,5987961
PiLOReturn to RavnicaAdult (m)1,30669644
Y9OSGatecrashAdult (f)4,25995137
aaTIDragon's MazeAdult (m)3,5851,17515
lkt4Dark AscensionAdult (f)1,6067137
cEsaPhramaledonAdult (m)1,9735438
B30SBlackwing QueenAdult (f)2,5151,05910
rpDtAeriis NightlockAdult (f)2,5736384
OvX1Avacyn RestoredAdult (m)2,0647004
Y1rQScars of MirrodinAdult (m)2,88955910
NPZVCMirrodin BesiegedAdult (f)1,4715334
mOOeSFinale Nox UmbraAdult (f)2,2305445
oVE6KNew PhyrexiaAdult (f)5,7167603
7elMMRise of the EldraziAdult (f)6,4741,0214
OjQsgZendikarAdult (f)5,8457791
WthVeThe Maze RunnerAdult (m)5,9655002
5hhINAitohAdult (f)6,5191,2677
XXpDgChasing ShadowsAdult (m)3,7446842
8rKrPRyoshiAdult (m)4,9915792
hGhAtFinale's Key to DarknessAdult (f)4,5285912
RX4WCGold After AllAdult (f)3,7646672
tPIDJBlackout KeyAdult (m)4,8796901
i3d0hInspiriaAdult (f)5,0911,0701
ZePiiTainted Gold KeyAdult (f)3,8896972
3v52FFallen WarriorAdult (m)3,8887232
NkYOpBlack Ice FinaleAdult (f)3,5418071
I16YQShadow's Key FinaleAdult (m)3,2347132
rIIYbAeriis FinaleAdult (m)4,0464743
Kz4hKFinale Kurai YumeAdult (f)3,0077331
e7NUmAeriis Dal Segno Al FineAdult (f)2,1786731
bHfEwAeriis Umbral FinaleAdult (f)2,4327033
05Ym6Aeriis Sprit's FinaleAdult (f)2,2136702
pxxHuPixelated DragonAdult (m)2,8356022
KxL6cDeath's NocturneAdult (m)2,3705352
FSkesFinale NightwalkerAdult (f)2,0006673
QPIumOpium FieldsAdult (m)2,8945012
roqHfDark's Solitary RequiemAdult (m)2,9155072
XB8bTBoros Nycha FinaleAdult (m)2,1485442
gT2VnRequiem FinaleAdult (f)3,6071,0082
bifqTHarmonic Destruction FinaleAdult (m)2,9546891
HENeNFinale Dark LoveAdult (f)3,9158462
drsLgFinale Dark RoseAdult (f)3,8428371
QhABAFinale Dark SweetAdult (m)2,7847121
2aDLtAeriis Chronos TezrunAdult (m)3,5839202
W6zonFinale Dark DreamAdult (m)2,5709302
6O6oTHouse DimirAdult (m)2,4719073
reUBxHouse Dimir- SzadekAdult (f)2,8671,0352
Hmp9YPantophobicAdult (m)2,4176746
Ve5hABreaker ObsidianAdult (m)3,1751,0281
faqFoUMBRA WOOOOOOLLLFAdult (f)1,7786324
6rAQXDasher ObsidianAdult (f)2,2936151
cCFZbAeriis Hella RadAdult (m)5,4649330
4z26bNot suprisedAdult (m)5,8397593
VbJkSAeriis NightscraperAdult (f)7,1868423
tV3TgAeriis Blind Dark CBAdult (m)5,0856911
MpvsgAeriis Darkrai CBAdult (m)4,0608922
73SSnAeriis Darkscream CBAdult (m)2,0605580
TmvjgAeriis Darksong CBAdult (m)5,7128921
eLl5KAeriis Dark Snow CBAdult (f)4,4848740
qk664Aeriis Winter SnowAdult (f)3,6759170
QwwOuWeeaboosAdult (f)4,8009803
c2BXrAeriis Darkwave CBAdult (m)5,5259622
AxqTpAeriis Penumbra CBAdult (m)5,3609563
Cz3U8Aeriis Rosewave IIAdult (m)4,2701,0504
cBwETFilmsAdult (m)5,0259892
s87VZAdjucateAdult (f)5,7187771
3jn0UTsukishima AkiteruAdult (m)5,4017684
bjd7L(bjd7L)Adult (f)6,2888102
CBqV7Bangtan SonyeondanAdult (m)6,3068033
Ysshn(Ysshn)Adult (f)5,3358980
SkBzz(SkBzz)Adult (f)6,3187592
ahg2U(ahg2U)Adult (m)2,1047050
qM8Yp(qM8Yp)Adult (f)3,2496160
yTghB(yTghB)Adult (f)7,2557560
ChkCn(ChkCn)Adult (m)5,7887242
FnPiY(FnPiY)Adult (f)2,7567040
t1gWx(t1gWx)Adult (f)2,6067041
f0QCI used to rule the worldHatchling (F)1,6395855
GQfOnSeas would rise whenHatchling (F)1,9802403
TeUstI gave the wordHatchling (F)1,9782383
OIsERNow in the morning I sleep aloneHatchling (m, F)4,1056681
hb259Sweep the streets I used to ownHatchling (m, F)4,1596861
soDkhI used to roll the diceHatchling (f, F)4,1336841
j8fYRFeel the fear in my enemy's eyesHatchling (F)1,7544642
R1CfTListen as the crowd would singHatchling (F)1,6384261
HcBfgNow the old king is deadHatchling (F)1,0993841
3Y7j3Long  live the kingHatchling (F)2,0336942
rPwGLOne minute I held the keyHatchling (F)7792632
e6osrNext the walls were closed on meHatchling (F)8142722
1LHuDI discovered that myHatchling (F)1,7897434
Of8JUCastle standsHatchling (F)6273611
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