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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “charly2004,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H3adz(H3adz)Hatchling (m)3,7401,0109
fXCEZ(fXCEZ)Hatchling (m)4,00991816
vQgbk(vQgbk)Hatchling (m)3,8121,0053
ZQI86(ZQI86)Hatchling (f)3,7439921
tAfyH(tAfyH)Hatchling (f)5,7741,2945
cIHHd(cIHHd)Hatchling (m)5,6851,3154
35mCH(35mCH)Hatchling (m)3,6799924
LN60a(LN60a)Hatchling (f)3,7479914
5B0Zi(5B0Zi)Hatchling (m)3,7211,0194
y1ko9Once apon a time I was blueAdult3,3265553
KPxicOnce apon a time beyond blueAdult4,6749772
sYtd6Once apon a time just blueAdult4,2779277
gbZa6Once apon a time stylish blueAdult4,7991,15710
DPSfgOnce apon a time blue just blueAdult7,2881,32634
Sx2AjOnce apon a time Deep Sea blueAdult8,9771,45116
5SdCoOnce apon a time funky blueAdult7,0441,39513
gDj80Once apon a time little blueAdult3,4791,0583
frdSOnce apon a time baby redHatchling (F)1,3106775
yTL9ZOnce apon a time why so redAdult3,65253413
oJCNaOnce apon a time autocorRedAdult4,0151,35714
pC28EOnce apon a time Dino in redAdult3,4986397
OEXpYOnce apon a time red redAdult5,3491,0347
PuFd7Once apon a time clumsy redAdult10,0391,76930
7tHZtOnce apon a time big redAdult3,7742835
sHaDOnce apon a time little redAdult1,78485011
onWc4Once apon a time purple babyHatchling (F)1,9613655
zNkmMOnce apon a time purple thoughAdult6,2211,2125
r00YiOnce apon a time sorry I'm lateAdult3,1201,03915
eZQwyOnce apon a time I dream purpleAdult4,4435128
kyJTqOnce apon a time purpleAdult4,1148154
jnBTUOnce apon a time p p purpleAdult6,4961,3264
d1KOpOnce apon a time stylish purpleAdult6,0091,0366
cKSgLOnce apon a time purple the 3rdAdult6,6431,3249
3lYHyOnce apon a time pretty purpleAdult7,0441,16210
kcPcOnce apon a time little purpleAdult1,5347376
z0iarOnce apon a time you said greenAdult2,9389998
frHIvOnce apon a time groggy greenAdult4,4321,09611
7mCWoOnce apon a time funky greenAdult3,00840011
6Dt50Harry Styles is a RockstarAdult4,0881,1946
Q8RMOOnce apon a time little greenAdult2,7247475
PMBWBPwebblesHatchling (f, F)5,7851,1879
y5CQH(y5CQH)Adult (f)1,37736115
3vVWb(3vVWb)Adult (f)5,25895210
z8TLt(z8TLt)Adult (f)4,1638054
HYPvu(HYPvu)Adult (f)5,9881,05615
zqwXv(zqwXv)Adult (f)2,7186085
eSMoyEsmeralda BumblechickAdult (f)1,8943932
t6IICBumble the beechickAdult (f)1,8645984
u7fMeGet off me bumblebeeAdult (f)6,3621,31016
fvpTqBuffy the Chicken slayerAdult (f)5,8381,1503
driBcGoosebumpyAdult (f)1,7975355
V1kovMietzekatzeAdult (f)3,4398345
WaoqTHey Mister ChickAdult (f)3,8179185
pmS4gRunning chicken legsAdult (f)3,2738477
RyHabPiep PieeepAdult (f)2,1416202
2r3MfHow rude calling me chickenAdult (f)6,3121,3777
PUHnqIch werde FeuerwehrmannAdult (f)2,70072912
pdLSWWauwau MiauAdult (f)5,6829554
atkjGDino in a chicken costumeAdult (f)8,0851,6558
TNK4Once apon a time baby yellowHatchling (F)5063151
JlMl7Once apon a time Jimi 7Adult5,15197423
GcAJkOnce apon a star light yellowAdult1,8756460
ZhbHQOnce apon a time sunny yellowAdult3,9963584
YPDlOnce apon a time big yellowAdult1,0245644
eK9EOnce apon a time little yellowAdult1,6017504
KFS1AZolcana CBAdult (f)5,5771,1782
84BLo(84BLo)Adult (f)6,2921,0397
KiK9IRed Ward CBAdult (m)7,9301,4416
sCzeWRed ward 2GAdult (m)11,8581,2247
HPW5XMy parents have no name 4GAdult (m)8,2318632
Rec2PBlack ward CBAdult (m)7,6121,2472
NyUhGBlack ward the alpine twin CBAdult (f)7,2281,4575
zPFej(zPFej)Adult (f)7,1411,0255
FwZUp(FwZUp)Adult (f)6,7191,3124
tHNWjYellow ward CBAdult (f)8,6971,2263
Hck62My ancestors were western QueensAdult (m)7,4651,1094
3EZ44Can you feel the silver flowAdult (m)8,2601,2896
bNJGH(bNJGH)Adult (m)6,0388683
9IOrP(9IOrP)Adult (f)6,4311,2603
fJ6bdWhite ward of the forest CBAdult (m)14,3131,1957
bvHpfI have a big crazy familyAdult (f)10,2371,4274
2vywR(2vywR)Adult (m)5,8011,0461
cfP8z(cfP8z)Adult (m)5,5951,0484
GEZdxBlue ward of the desert CBAdult (f)8,6591,3493
xR4SWBlue lovely ward 3GAdult (m)7,1881,4184
kSYct(kSYct)Adult (f)6,4961,1312
etN9L(etN9L)Adult (f)6,1401,0513
QlqeO(QlqeO)Adult (m)5,5186557
rNyEKPink all the way 2GAdult (m)7,3341,0396
Zl6AXPink ward of the coast CBAdult (m)7,0998266
Lp3blPink ward of the coast double CBAdult (m)8,3018315
EC3P8(EC3P8)Adult (f)9,8281,6895
jf6a7(jf6a7)Adult (f)2,3556953
TrYEo(TrYEo)Adult (f)2,3078241
0z2FZ(0z2FZ)Adult (f)2,1537810
OhXgL(OhXgL)Adult (m)2,2058201
Gikp5(Gikp5)Adult (f)3,8584400
nFPgf(nFPgf)Adult (f)4,9408961
pYUeC(pYUeC)Adult (f)4,4889141
u8J3A(u8J3A)Adult (m)4,7069172
d6AlH(d6AlH)Adult (m)5,0781,1114
VlKYo(VlKYo)Adult (f)5,1701,1265
xXtpq(xXtpq)Adult (f)3,3004431
JZfA7(JZfA7)Adult (m)3,8289001
X4KLu(X4KLu)Adult (f)5,8641,2114
QNJPW(QNJPW)Adult (m)5,8801,2164
nX4XD(nX4XD)Adult (f)4,5661,0884
rKIlp(rKIlp)Adult (m)4,5881,1183
ieMMa(ieMMa)Adult (m)4,4311,0536
Jqnuv(Jqnuv)Adult (f)4,6418653
N6aQN(N6aQN)Adult (f)3,7923751
0S0LD(0S0LD)Adult (m)9,6041,4874
UuunZ(UuunZ)Adult (f)6,8531,1951
ianmQ(ianmQ)Adult (m)10,4051,2454
NwTL8(NwTL8)Adult (f)4,9875823
rALhf(rALhf)Adult (m)3,6635771
QZfyr(QZfyr)Adult (m)3,9025881
dqW7Z(dqW7Z)Adult (f)3,4374702
z2LoP(z2LoP)Adult (m)3,7593941
6ztS1(6ztS1)Adult (m)6,4211,2542
iIECQ(iIECQ)Adult (f)3,6008262
Z3JWD(Z3JWD)Adult (f)3,7778361
nn8Ht(nn8Ht)Adult (f)4,6168975
f3AAaThe Fairest of AllAdult (m)4,5341,12711
vdQvr(vdQvr)Adult (f)5,7161,19011
Oz94Y(Oz94Y)Adult (m)7,1371,0703
TDAXE(TDAXE)Adult (m)3,0965681
Ypw3U(Ypw3U)Adult (m)3,0166812
TgqAl(TgqAl)Adult (f)2,9805222
ti29n(ti29n)Adult (m)4,1819611
LtB6x(LtB6x)Adult (f)8,7441,3404
JCDrK(JCDrK)Adult (m)3,8479051
HQNXD(HQNXD)Adult (m)5,1431,0785
o749F(o749F)Adult (f)4,2987900
5Cev6(5Cev6)Hatchling (m, F)3,1058015
pzRmg(pzRmg)Adult (f)4,4661,0952
uD17R(uD17R)Adult (f)4,4371,1121
h863TBright like SunshineAdult (m)4,1861,0704
tFdBH(tFdBH)Adult (f)4,2981,0794
nlOlS(nlOlS)Adult (m)4,4241,1193
W7ZE6(W7ZE6)Adult (m)4,4191,0852
CksRT(CksRT)Adult (f)4,4891,0743
etH5d(etH5d)Adult (m)4,2201,0202
djAJ9(djAJ9)Adult (f)4,6581,0593
GxQgaOrancio SAs 4Adult (m)2,9874953
xk2gk(xk2gk)Adult (m)7,3961,3232
yCClH(yCClH)Adult (m)3,6734991
h7WkX(h7WkX)Adult (m)4,1114813
P0wkl(P0wkl)Adult (m)3,5338580
ai474(ai474)Adult (m)4,2748050
VBA7t(VBA7t)Adult (f)4,4431,0902
tRIBe(tRIBe)Adult (m)4,3931,0793
iL4fA(iL4fA)Adult (f)4,3041,0556
ZDQti(ZDQti)Adult (m)4,3391,0593
1O43s(1O43s)Adult (m)3,7167710
V73VP(V73VP)Adult (f)5,5699646
oORNu(oORNu)Adult (f)5,5071,1016
Qtqoi(Qtqoi)Adult (f)4,1418220
dcPTp(dcPTp)Adult (m)5,2259692
6AuRKLovely green SA times manyAdult (f)7,5761,4683
uksth(uksth)Adult (m)8,3621,2842
wUzNR(wUzNR)Adult (m)5,5511,0143
v9VO7(v9VO7)Adult (m)5,4669654
ESLepAsleep in the Forest CBAdult (f)5,3486125
tNjCn(tNjCn)Adult (m)3,7545921
bcmyr(bcmyr)Adult (f)7,0711,1694
wGljy(wGljy)Hatchling (F)2,2083212
bDvR3(bDvR3)Adult (f)7,5341,1912
UnA7N(UnA7N)Adult (f)3,9214793
9cwS2(9cwS2)Adult (f)3,7493821
JmqVAJamiroquai CBAdult (m)3,6238300
3XIjQ(3XIjQ)Adult (f)5,3801,2966
ol6fO(ol6fO)Adult (m)4,5381,1192
M2opV(M2opV)Adult (f)4,5161,1273
w5idX(w5idX)Adult (f)4,1871,0743
KCSvm(KCSvm)Hatchling (f, F)3,2808723
pd15E(pd15E)Adult (m)4,4931,0831
mTzmD(mTzmD)Adult (m)4,4461,0784
NR3c3(NR3c3)Hatchling (f, F)2,6108400
mWQs5(mWQs5)Hatchling (F)2,5016682
4K35y(4K35y)Hatchling (m, F)4,4751,1604
7PmYC(7PmYC)Adult (f)2,8764973
5urbi(5urbi)Adult (f)4,2771,3063
2GeRu(2GeRu)Adult (f)4,7379972
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