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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “charlottekay62,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j2wHJLi Zyu QiuAdult (f)8,0601,2385
cTbzhQi Zyu RuAdult (f)9,8111,3867
MVVj3Li Odd Zyu Tai IIIAdult (m)10,0411,3583
JA2rXLi Fabiola ZyuAdult (f)8,3701,16122
BHwWGLi Zyu HongAdult (m)10,0351,2524
nyZF4Feline Kay HengAdult (f)8,4761,2726
4qaYSKay Zyu Rong IIIAdult (f)9,2411,2374
MMz40Kay Zyu XiulanAdult (f)9,6111,1893
qfgZHLi Zyu FuAdult (m)8,8651,3736
Y8lMrLi Zyu JianAdult (m)8,5731,3645
RteYLLi Zyu Xun IIIAdult (m)9,7711,2716
mkhUzLi Zyu QingAdult (f)6,7829706
9o7gzLi Zyu Yawen IVAdult (f)9,2001,3204
Y8FoAKay Ganyu Zyu IIIAdult (f)10,0411,2292
A0CPc(A0CPc)Adult (m)6,5421,2355
irPRo(irPRo)Adult (f)7,6119992
i2sc4Li Mahzarin Shiver VAdult (m)6,0801,18813
1OPOXLi Shiver Pox VIIAdult (f)7,5631,1883
dhAD2Kay's Gold Shiver VIIIAdult (f)8,6081,1243
gZaHn(gZaHn)Adult (m)8,2731,1913
iSfytNico MaylandAdult (m)7,5061,1108
MfUsPLi Shiver Kaimelar VIIAdult (m)6,4651,5207
iFQxELi Solstice Shiver IVAdult (m)8,92586411
f7hzPLi Gold Shiver VAdult (f)8,4621,1007
42qPjLi Soulful Shiver IIIAdult (m)7,7681,2949
xFHNdLi Riches Shiver IIIAdult (m)9,9001,3247
WejOWKarina MaylandAdult (f)6,9851,1522
KD7P6Li Golden Shiver VAdult (m)9,6001,2066
R4DoX(R4DoX)Adult (f)8,9601,27326
t4KK6Li Iris Shiver IVAdult (m)6,04080811
SDXCaLi Odd Shiver Moon VIIAdult (f)6,3541,4534
1BIBxTi Shiver D'Argent VIIAdult (m)6,7921,3473
JLBNZTi Shivery Jelly Beanz VIIAdult (m)9,0451,3363
hLvYhLi Shiver Toes IIIAdult (f)7,6831,23210
xR0TS(xR0TS)Adult (f)5,0371,1189
qcD3c(qcD3c)Adult (m)7,0331,0896
SSrKl(SSrKl)Adult (m)7,1341,2616
RDlrpLady Thelma XenwoodAdult (f)7,6061,0932
85biCLi Shiver Moonlight VAdult (m)7,14185611
LM8fZ(LM8fZ)Adult (m)7,1231,28210
AjZCrLi Shiver Wave VIAdult (f)8,9341,24311
lXoDfLi Shiver Rainbow VIIAdult (m)10,3151,2009
N97khLi Shiver Green Ice VIAdult (m)8,1621,1654
gUhsrGuhsar BowlandAdult (f)8,4401,4968
EhLgRFaris MaylandAdult (m)6,7351,1874
UMF0tKay Gets Arsani Balloons IVAdult (f)7,7141,1685
GVnCKLi Shiver Mistle IIIAdult (m)8,5141,1576
87Kae(87Kae)Adult (m)9,8271,1334
ljhWRLi Shiver Zelda IIIAdult (f)7,3751,2837
2l3frLi Odd Guardian Shiver IVAdult (m)7,8081,2707
MD1W2Li Shiver Spear IVAdult (f)8,6711,21411
VQHjfLi BluSang Shiver IIIAdult (f)7,4221,22012
9DeXkLi Jean Shiver IVAdult (m)7,0471,2035
hcQlSLi Hellish Shiver VIAdult (f)8,9501,1201
uHeJRLi Heir Of Shiver Squawk IIIAdult (f)7,8071,29212
hZzqfLi Silver Shiver Tomb IVAdult (m)8,1461,0594
6L2ZoLi Silas Shiver Wave VIAdult (m)10,4121,1217
jZ2U8Li Summer Shiver IVAdult (m)9,1337648
wWaVhWave River IVAdult (f)8,4981,2565
bZUm0(bZUm0)Adult (m)8,1981,2677
XGeH7They're A Mad Mob BobAdult (f)9,5641,0576
9YYppLi Chronos Shiver IIIAdult (f)7,6701,1985
OVWzLHighest Wave EverAdult (f)7,6271,3483
OyKgFVictor MaylandAdult (m)10,1521,1415
jCSriLi Inferno Shiver IIIAdult (m)8,1861,0674
WyRhRLi Hector Shiver IVAdult (m)9,0681,4337
xPVnu(xPVnu)Adult (m)6,9535173
EuvXm(EuvXm)Adult (m)8,3921,1982
RUc4yLi Spook Shiver IVAdult (m)7,6641,1394
dSqjpLi Shiver Squib IVAdult (f)9,8761,17617
en1tALi Shiver Fearz IVAdult (f)7,1421,25911
7AvBMLi Event Shiver IIIAdult (f)7,1381,2789
6ts3aLi Shiver Grave IIIAdult (f)7,2771,2244
IRdum(IRdum)Adult (f)8,5651,1496
Hk3h9Li Coobacca Shiver VIAdult (m)8,5341,2515
jGuTdJust GuttedAdult (f)9,0201,2481
gA2cWVirginia BowstoneAdult (f)10,1361,1964
o8DPpLi Eliana Shiver IIIAdult (f)8,7201,3374
WlCyTLi Gwydkin Shiver IIIAdult (m)8,7801,2742
FnwgfLi Shiver Z'kin IIIAdult (m)7,3961,2687
SPU4mLi Shiver Spume IIIAdult (m)9,4291,1673
Md1XTLi Cupric Shiver IIIAdult (m)9,6131,1947
HqPS2Li Pale Shiver IIIAdult (f)8,0351,2074
GDxgjLi Silver Shiver VIAdult (f)4,7919457
N9LG2Li Shiver Of Syryn IIIAdult (f)9,8701,1303
fsh9EKay's Shiver Moth IIIAdult (f)7,4081,21910
13cd8Holly MaywoodAdult (f)10,5461,1265
OfbhALi Aegis Shiver IIIAdult (f)7,8251,3188
C9ozaLi Soren Shiver IVAdult (m)8,0231,3037
QWNAoMac Bronze Orphan Deceit IIIAdult (m)10,3591,0765
wDZU5Li Verdigris Shiver IIIAdult (f)9,0891,3198
un5xfLi Shiver Moth Of Syryn IIIAdult (f)9,3871,3473
bbnbVLi Silver Shiver IIIAdult (f)10,3001,1113
GDNBuLi Ida Shiver IIIAdult (f)11,2761,28010
ai27ELi Elizabethan Shiver IIIAdult (f)6,8421,1223
H4vic(H4vic)Adult (m)7,1681,18610
MSH1z(MSH1z)Adult (m)7,5921,2424
F2fbh(F2fbh)Adult (m)7,4611,2433
MrXj0(MrXj0)Adult (f)5,9941,0148
suGxfLi Andreea Shiver IIIAdult (f)7,1761,2323
JhBu1Li Burning Shiver IVAdult (f)10,1371,3316
6bH2PLi Eva Shiver IIIAdult (f)8,0981,4034
egaYPLi Snowy Shiver IVAdult (f)8,3661,3691
4D4rK(4D4rK)Adult (f)8,5531,2704
T4lIqMiss MayheadAdult (f)7,8151,2174
cAHoJDorothy MayheadAdult (f)7,9121,1822
uqoAUFay MaywoodAdult (f)8,5211,1412
uPCrsLi Werdheri Shiver IIIAdult (m)8,1321,3774
WQDupLi Mango Syryn Shiver IIIAdult (f)8,3961,3803
snagT(snagT)Adult (m)7,9791,2047
zPTFdCrunchy Pet FoodAdult (f)5,7021,5004
p09VkLi Golden Provocation IVAdult (f)9,2381,4597
nKXl2Li Fort Knox GoldShine VAdult (f)8,4951,2104
81PZeLi Golden Mummy VIIAdult (f)7,2681,2858
DVp2mAlleged Thuwed Orphan XXIAdult (m)5,3779498
L25HBLi Elizabeth GoldShine VIIAdult (f)9,0351,41318
53H8nLi Epica Goldshine IVAdult (f)7,5671,47622
R5jOy(R5jOy)Adult (m)10,9881,1124
WUHc2Tinsel TroubleAdult (m)7,1621,2336
sB7VB(sB7VB)Adult (f)6,0981,1972
7cU5k(7cU5k)Adult (f)5,3521,06012
2PyxdLi Golden Pyramid IVAdult (f)8,4021,1788
QDwKsNorduss MaylandAdult (m)8,1151,29412
ky4IBLi Apollo GoldShine VAdult (m)6,7101,31710
BN1pbLi DEaRKly IIIAdult (m)6,7671,2607
tCbiCLi Golden Shock IVAdult (f)6,6301,3778
15skdLi Golden Grave VAdult (m)6,6661,3523
Dm13QLi GoldShine Decline VAdult (m)8,2461,1166
N3T6ELi Rock Of Golden Ages IVAdult (f)8,2681,4557
8EVLrLi Frills Of GoldShine IVAdult (m)7,8901,2146
fk3K0Molly Kay DEaRKly IVAdult (m)7,2451,4144
jasJxKay's Orphan GoldShine VAdult (f)7,8771,2355
QTHBnLi Apollo GoldShine Epic VIIAdult (f)9,2591,27010
Usr7mLi Angry Golden Age IIIAdult (f)11,2201,0756
nxisMLi Pale Golden Age IIIAdult (m)11,2771,1408
IkGVNHot In HadesAdult (m)7,6761,2921
9xIPOLi Gayy Golden Epic IIIAdult (f)7,6851,2502
4AVkKLi Golden Messenger IIIAdult (m)8,5951,3907
sV8kXLi Mixed Up GoldShine VAdult (m)7,6981,3556
NpIrILi Orphan Egatia GoldShine IIIAdult (f)8,4561,3316
O7E1vLi Orphan Binson GoldShine IIIAdult (m)8,2511,2306
OIskGMac Orphan Kewand Gold VAdult (m)7,2641,3322
A7zNrLi Golden Orphaned Lucia IVAdult (f)9,5551,3787
zMxLCLi Primitiva Golden Age IIIAdult (f)6,9891,5225
2SuWfLi Golden Age Orphan IVAdult (f)7,8941,47510
dlAk9Li Laurence Gold IVAdult (m)9,8001,1145
DYxsr(DYxsr)Adult (m)7,0741,1345
Qgm1JLi Benjamin Gold IIIAdult (m)11,4221,24211
PRRuR(PRRuR)Adult (f)8,2621,29311
5K7W0Ekat Mayridge The OrphanAdult (m)7,4471,1704
mFZP5Li Pater GoldShiniaAdult (m)10,5401,2625
gpd02Li Pixbooth GoldShineAdult (m)10,7081,4957
KMk4zKkamikazeAdult (f)10,2671,2823
WKeSbLord Gregor SundownAdult (m)9,2321,1424
gwWagLi Amba Silvertin IVAdult (m)8,6591,2295
pe6lRLi Joker's Silvertin IVAdult (m)9,1321,1915
yfwLBLi Greenfire Silvertin IIIAdult (m)10,9561,1303
kYmrDLi Floral Silvertin IVAdult (m)10,7279583
y3PCHLi Silvertin Orphan IVAdult (f)10,0501,1645
NL49xLi Rosen Silvertin VAdult (m)7,1471,3577
e0faD(e0faD)Adult (m)8,4561,1785
z8jWC(z8jWC)Adult (f)8,9961,1195
GPNQ0(GPNQ0)Adult (m)7,1821,2063
oZ0gl(oZ0gl)Adult (m)8,3461,1074
qReNO(qReNO)Adult (m)10,0541,10110
TnrHgLi Silvertin Twilight VAdult (m)9,6361,1586
TdpofLi Silvertin Flora IVAdult (m)8,3991,17018
DXGWeLi Silvertin Lush IXAdult (f)8,2761,3729
MSkaDLi Orphan Cameo IIIAdult (f)7,7561,2968
vyAvEKali MaylandAdult (f)9,9691,1772
geekx(geekx)Adult (f)8,1811,3384
YNmfwPeter MaylandAdult (m)7,8841,2574
LJF3VLi Mogan Silvertin VIAdult (f)7,3521,3324
ArLK5Li Silvertin Daring VAdult (f)10,1311,21810
0saak(0saak)Adult (m)8,5171,30810
F49VuLi SuCheek Silvertin XAdult (f)12,1751,6874
mSn4vLi Witches Silvertin IIIAdult (m)8,1961,2964
u5mKDLi Silvertin Joker VAdult (f)7,4591,35112
r2DBhLi Silvertin Lives IVAdult (f)8,7791,09116
2Hz2qLi Silvertin Blue VAdult (f)8,5591,19410
rPKhcLi Silvertin Rivendel IVAdult (f)7,0321,3225
WotutLi Silvertin Watusi IVAdult (f)10,1861,26013
O3CrcLi Silvertin Korea VAdult (f)9,0311,1673
7NX5lLi Odd Penk IIIAdult (f)7,10094111
KkKNcLi Klueless Killers Klan IIIAdult (f)7,7721,2066
26Gk8Li Tinsel Val IIIAdult (m)8,5671,1889
H9YTQLi Silvertin Tamra IVAdult (f)6,6121,3336
amSKILi Silvertin Timepiece IIIAdult (m)10,7291,1108
l58MQMac's Silvertin Valentine IVAdult (m)7,6791,1846
fAjth(fAjth)Adult (m)7,7901,2065
CpuQAKay's Zander Dreams IIIAdult (f)7,7985205
TrnWAKay TransWA Twist IIIAdult (f)7,8801,1516
l756wThat Would Be TJAdult (f)10,1771,1286
UTjFHLi Comic Chronotin IIIAdult (m)8,7361,1163
D4M88Mac Silvertin Damask VAdult (m)10,1491,0671
dDUU7Li Pratima Silvertin IIIAdult (f)11,0601,1565
wSq7pLi Duff Silvertin IVAdult (m)10,2271,1876
L3BKSLi Jannicke Silvertin IVAdult (f)9,2341,2562
IYzllLi Arista Silvertin IIIAdult (f)8,8591,3582
F3LdEAlyse ParkheadAdult (f)7,8281,1652
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