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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “charlottekay62,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YkP6Qo Hi And Welcome To My Scroll oHatchling (F)2,5294402
YhWeu(YhWeu)Hatchling (m)4,4438675
wmoWNo I am Justie on Forums oHatchling (F)3,3834931
sn6Cjo And Justie6105 on Discord oHatchling (F)3,9992771
p98t0o All PMs And DMs Welcome oHatchling (F)2,6084352
gZb5to For More Info Please See oHatchling (F)3,9625541
px9IHo Introduction Group oHatchling (F)2,8602371
nxdVb(nxdVb)Hatchling (m)5,0811,2877
4PaV5(4PaV5)Hatchling (f)5,2811,0770
PnpUn(PnpUn)Hatchling (f)4,8531,2296
GYvb0Dominique Le ChookAdult (f)1,2242565
u4GhwJust LeetleEgg (F)
2FqBjWithin Heart's ReachAdult (f)4,3299432
7mAEq(7mAEq)Adult (f)3,8457151
tWc6h(tWc6h)Adult (m)6,6001,1492
Ou8PP(Ou8PP)Adult (f)7,0601,1453
vKHAR(vKHAR)Adult (m)3,7957454
3Edao(3Edao)Adult (m)5,5711,0761
0HxQw(0HxQw)Adult (m)5,4091,0713
eZtGJ(eZtGJ)Adult (m)6,0091,0752
zHNSt(zHNSt)Adult (f)3,5037216
sdRcz2020 - 3FAdult (f)7,3121,3001
KUTcL2020 - 5MAdult (m)5,3071,1623
dJtSP2020 - 4MAdult (m)3,9517860
7ToF3DON'T FREEZE ME PLZAdult (m)7,0241,1483
ALEOs(ALEOs)Adult (m)3,4388643
8COX1(8COX1)Adult (m)5,7871,0912
yiWip(yiWip)Adult (m)7,5221,0222
2djpr2020 - 6MAdult (m)5,2051,0512
3LeOA(3LeOA)Adult (m)2,2136383
XWQk1(XWQk1)Adult (f)7,0471,1851
mTv2I(mTv2I)Adult (m)7,0911,16910
ODLaS(ODLaS)Adult (m)9,1181,0347
eXOyd(eXOyd)Adult (f)4,7091,1372
2QJD7(2QJD7)Adult (m)4,2521,0866
yb3sU(yb3sU)Adult (m)5,9631,1904
Mg5FV(Mg5FV)Adult (m)5,9191,1843
xjpUb(xjpUb)Adult (m)6,0791,2254
DqJob(DqJob)Adult (f)5,5841,1083
xq9W7(xq9W7)Adult (f)7,5661,0144
1suIR(1suIR)Adult (f)5,6698664
rilUH(rilUH)Adult (f)7,2381,0562
zA2ns(zA2ns)Adult (m)7,3161,0073
fAM9B2020 - 5FAdult (f)5,5711,1783
7W70V2020 - 7FAdult (f)5,4901,1762
XYGXD2020 - 6FAdult (f)5,6561,1712
AkzcZ(AkzcZ)Adult (f)5,6121,1942
9lrN8(9lrN8)Adult (m)5,4901,1781
3ApYK(3ApYK)Adult (f)5,5721,1981
YeHpi(YeHpi)Adult (m)2,5287546
O3yFTPrincess CiaranAdult (f)6,2731,2242
PeOJNDON'T TRADE ME EITHERAdult (f)6,0571,1676
2yUZT(2yUZT)Adult (f)2,7077489
SqoPx(SqoPx)Adult (f)5,6301,0384
JjHWb(JjHWb)Adult (m)6,2581,1574
3K1RN(3K1RN)Adult (f)6,4711,1206
HW1xt(HW1xt)Adult (f)5,2331,0453
UnO84(UnO84)Adult (f)5,6961,0894
fWAmE(fWAmE)Adult (f)5,2331,1622
2IrJf(2IrJf)Adult (f)5,9401,0734
Yt0jb(Yt0jb)Adult (f)6,5591,2761
LdNZu(LdNZu)Adult (f)6,6131,1761
9k98xSo Dame Angry The OddAdult (f)6,1141,2466
aVCgx(aVCgx)Adult (m)2,3626720
OQ0AD(OQ0AD)Adult (f)2,3716652
2eZn1(2eZn1)Adult (f)9,4871,1786
p7P0bMr DilwynAdult (m)6,6919387
LFUyfLord N'iketasAdult (m)8,5731,2746
CHfuK(CHfuK)Adult (m)8,3501,1984
f7wWo(f7wWo)Adult (m)8,3911,1912
sZxQfPriestess VerdigrisAdult (f)8,3891,2484
XCM7t(XCM7t)Adult (f)8,6611,2014
A34yC(A34yC)Adult (f)7,1061,2512
o6nA3Mrs BinhAdult (f)8,3121,1754
WO1j9Heir DorianoAdult (m)8,9621,2702
Egytr(Egytr)Adult (f)8,4301,1255
mwaaW(mwaaW)Adult (f)10,2101,2195
RVp9q(RVp9q)Adult (f)8,7941,1435
0f1ee2G Prizes Are NextAdult (m)6,5791,3822
9zCnjAll Higher Prizes Start p54Adult (m)6,0111,3785
tGFGNProfessor PowerAdult (m)7,2831,2348
POU2gSimonaxiaAdult (m)11,3551,1077
zqPNYTura DormiAdult (f)9,6961,4032
spEhOAlysiahAdult (f)10,6311,21313
ruskKLittle RuskKieAdult (f)3,6818577
IDatIMischietesAdult (m)6,65888810
A2dVaOrphaned DivaAdult (m)11,4581,0722
JJ5KNShimmeresque VerdigrisAdult (m)7,7981,1055
j4u02Soul ProwlerAdult (m)7,4581,39211
ebZYFAcaqin's SoulAdult (f)9,6651,1763
Qm2epAmenhotep RaAdult (m)6,5241,1383
lzBi8Bakugan HerupaAdult (m)7,4131,1633
0oJoWBlessed HarmoniesAdult (m)7,4211,1992
iIzhvCaptain PrecogAdult (m)7,3821,2652
6iAWrCaspar's WishesAdult (m)8,3791,0494
oEduEDesipis DeceptisAdult (m)8,5051,4425
4aQJZFelicastolaAdult (f)6,5611,2904
lCWP5Graveyard ShiverAdult (f)6,6441,06516
67kbaIronic Ping PongAdult (m)8,3551,16810
KBA7eKaru AmuletAdult (m)6,2869733
3McKOMcKo-hrakiAdult (m)7,1701,1987
eEc5eShiverMothAdult (f)8,8651,27013
J06ZKSnow SwimmerAdult (f)10,0091,1065
OP0i7Soulful GhostAdult (m)8,0691,2274
USQHPSweet WolfieAdult (f)7,5771,1992
VrwJpVydrojaAdult (m)9,8501,10711
S44zsZenkyuAdult (m)8,2641,2687
0LuC4(0LuC4)Adult (f)7,7161,2313
KNdH9Floral DynastyAdult (m)8,9711,3277
vhxyHGoldShine OrphanAdult (m)7,2461,2103
aQZGEGoldShine TombstoneAdult (f)7,7121,2384
Rn3kpArgentSpinAdult (m)7,7961,2474
ZnY6bFairy Of The VoidAdult (f)8,6001,1384
pSMFMFoolish MintiMumAdult (m)7,1281,1323
Ikb3aHeroic DreamsAdult (f)6,4221,30011
utPrsLunarDaleAdult (f)6,7111,4149
wB20xMarth's PrideAdult (m)8,0681,09210
NKJ3KShe's Aule LegsAdult (f)7,9941,2904
fb3vnPrinz SilberRaxAdult (m)8,2151,2855
tatOCResolution MountAdult (f)8,2491,00112
JlS39Time's Healing  HeartAdult (m)7,0521,1964
uHLY1Unholy MalestroAdult (f)7,8811,1433
GX0n5Wiccan WhispersAdult (f)7,7631,1477
Ih4MKZanderZeitAdult (m)7,9731,4289
AgsWEBy Magik's LiteAdult (f)5,8921,19313
Ku9RvChanson D'EtoileAdult (m)8,7401,05217
zgYN2Disturbed GraveAdult (m)7,1481,1503
GCPETEmpty GestureAdult (m)8,9311,1369
za8HoFreaky FrodoAdult (f)6,2461,4309
hWs61Garryson GuardAdult (m)6,0851,5428
bdcR8Had ToBleed For Love OfYouAdult (m)7,7541,1562
PQLhtI've Been Mimic'dAdult (m)8,1061,3534
fgLee(fgLee)Adult (f)8,2151,3343
h4aTcMisplaced HatchAdult (f)9,0571,1351
PePEB(PePEB)Adult (m)8,1551,1734
TWxp7Prized EmeraldAdult (f)7,7491,2435
DVtDgR'lyeh's RedemptionAdult (m)8,6571,4238
bBj92Red LikeRosesAdult (m)8,5321,24310
0ul9ZSolitary PilgrimAdult (f)8,7081,2905
RrUtKUmha A'aAdult (f)6,9411,1238
0D5u2Zuko-hrakiAdult (m)7,3851,1643
viTOo(viTOo)Adult (f)10,13969610
Z6OzQThese Are 2G Spriters AltsAdult (f)3,2114963
YDoC4(YDoC4)Adult (f)5,1631,1146
DPzbGGideon TenebraeAdult (m)6,6531,3952
hsIIlGruffydd SoulAdult (m)4,57033910
H0Rfb(H0Rfb)Adult (f)5,5511,1184
LmmKDOdd VertebraeAdult (m)5,6061,5052
IRbH8Odd SkellionAdult (m)6,0521,15517
VwUkNCamilla TenebraeAdult (f)4,50169412
iJCk9It'S Pun GoldAdult (m)4,4271,0713
rY3KHFionnuala TenebraeAdult (f)3,03220317
DMhvOWinged TenebraeAdult (f)8,2211,2149
XUKFBSelf-Righteous SuicideAdult (m)7,2261,1723
uxlSnMima's DreamersAdult (f)7,4101,3879
uDJZxShadowed RadianceAdult (m)3,6247376
cGnJfSilk HutAdult (f)6,0931,2543
JR9gXRommentas SoulAdult (m)5,8521,0051
qzI9oMarian TenebraeAdult (m)7,0181,3283
qj28WNizhoni TenebraeAdult (f)9,3671,2833
5QsMvHigher SAs Are With Their BreedAdult (f)6,3111,3855
mEXNDEvent Dragons Are Around p57Adult (m)6,7801,0443
oMxjsThe Rest Are Roughly SortedAdult (m)3,3223112
bRE2ZAlphabetical  By bRE2DZAdult (f)6,8851,3273
GF878Drakes Pygmies Two-HeadedAdult (f)6,8791,3934
FFz0gAre All At The EndAdult (f)8,1491,3082
DqpVKAlong With UnbreedablesAdult (m)8,5581,5057
0wJalAnd The DeadAdult (f)7,5001,1793
fLdQqPrince CydrierregAdult (m)6,1191,1661
SQzFyPrincess Emily-EveAdult (f)6,2181,2084
YjbMjPrincess HagitAdult (f)7,8551,3103
xmOBS(xmOBS)Adult (f)5,2721,1053
mPMA0Queen CelynAdult (f)6,3521,1192
iatvTDuchess Of MemphisAdult (f)6,3071,2881
WLHjNPrincess HaylyAdult (f)6,9641,2423
Dje4WA Silver TimepieceAdult (f)8,4301,0362
e5u0FPrince NsiaAdult (m)7,1961,1962
PiP0O(PiP0O)Adult (f)3,2484072
oCkT99 O'TockAdult (f)9,4451,2814
CatL2(CatL2)Adult (f)6,8761,2686
1zO7RKing ChiranjiAdult (m)6,7597603
ZuDRkQueen ZuDRkaAdult (f)7,3611,3417
R7fLOQueen FloAdult (f)7,4161,2624
y5gSYQueen GypsyAdult (f)7,1171,2475
JJUsY(JJUsY)Adult (m)7,0901,2415
DYNqSQueen RosalieAdult (f)8,4801,1073
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