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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “charlottekay62,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BLpnXo I am JUSTIE on the Forums oAdult (f)8,8961,1285
bfIbbo PMs DMs Always Welcome oAdult (m)3,2003302
DxMLjo I Can Breed All Dragons oAdult (f)6,8951,2213
J5XaAo Named With Kay Or Mac oAdult (m)6,8801,1484
0DmeQo From Within My Scroll oAdult (f)8,4001,1483
ZPinlo Li Dragons Are 2nd Gen oAdult (m)10,6581,2722
IyhXko Qi Dragons Are Caveborn oAdult (f)8,5881,2897
yeHHK(yeHHK)Adult (f)5,2171,1672
Cglzl(Cglzl)Adult (f)7,2341,2706
4eCe8(4eCe8)Adult (f)5,4651,0763
pihRW(pihRW)Adult (f)6,4979864
SqoPx(SqoPx)Adult (f)5,6301,0384
sB7VB(sB7VB)Hatchling (f)5,6571,1372
8ir0n(8ir0n)Hatchling (m)5,7261,1583
MYHGe(MYHGe)Hatchling (f)6,1709222
DVOum(DVOum)Hatchling (m)4,8491,0431
GYvb0Dominique Le ChookAdult (f)1,2242565
u4GhwJust LeetleEgg (F)
DUrAHo Currently Renaming oHatchling (F)4,5347235
b5UEZTo Read This ScrollAdult (f)2,8313253
WdLiEFollow The Spirit WardsAdult (f)7,7681,2584
UvtPWHere At The Front AreAdult (f)6,2741,4082
BCHp4Unnamed And UnsortedAdult (m)5,7951,3662
40JEB(40JEB)Adult (f)5,4971,1422
JDMsr(JDMsr)Adult (f)3,4804222
ZqohE(ZqohE)Adult (f)5,0681,1683
4sEww(4sEww)Adult (m)5,3191,0991
DbjCr(DbjCr)Adult (m)5,0651,1483
bZH4i(bZH4i)Adult (m)4,9821,1814
5Kvbt(5Kvbt)Adult (f)4,9831,1323
tAmIN(tAmIN)Adult (m)5,0091,1464
j1lOS(j1lOS)Adult (f)3,9811,0723
5eerz(5eerz)Adult (f)4,9651,1602
L0GAp(L0GAp)Adult (m)5,0261,1762
GwHH5(GwHH5)Adult (f)3,7184364
aNoR0(aNoR0)Adult (f)5,9601,1485
aWaHO(aWaHO)Adult (f)5,4531,1673
0an0u(0an0u)Adult (m)5,2481,1093
ANohA(ANohA)Adult (m)5,4221,1325
79mOc(79mOc)Adult (f)5,0661,1286
79ta5(79ta5)Adult (f)8,3991,2904
79jTP(79jTP)Adult (m)7,9651,2071
39JB1(39JB1)Hatchling (F)2,6053293
8t9bC(8t9bC)Hatchling (F)2,7103422
JcaPo(JcaPo)Adult (m)7,1741,0437
Oww2T(Oww2T)Adult (m)5,5991,2253
PLQ58(PLQ58)Adult (f)5,4759164
wWmMP(wWmMP)Adult (m)5,6961,0361
KaOqm(KaOqm)Adult (m)9,2111,4855
FIeAm(FIeAm)Adult (m)4,9921,1391
K0OKn(K0OKn)Adult (m)5,3679801
WUHc2Tinsel TroubleAdult (m)7,1621,2336
OGum3(OGum3)Adult (m)5,7771,0413
la1juLord Mac ShadowshireAdult (m)5,5871,2302
VaJ34(VaJ34)Adult (f)5,2451,1713
Ov19i(Ov19i)Adult (f)5,4411,1572
7cU5k(7cU5k)Adult (f)5,3521,06012
SkM8b(SkM8b)Adult (f)2,0104985
C0tXd(C0tXd)Adult (m)5,8581,1174
EsY0o(EsY0o)Adult (m)7,1651,2873
kmSgY(kmSgY)Adult (m)9,0651,1675
q3l53(q3l53)Adult (f)5,8321,0624
3AJ56Lady Rima Aquamoore The OddAdult (f)5,3001,1202
lpsqv(lpsqv)Adult (f)5,7771,1227
8QjlF(8QjlF)Adult (f)6,7351,1711
F1QBa(F1QBa)Adult (m)4,8871,1498
OJq5m(OJq5m)Adult (f)6,0901,1412
FV5tK(FV5tK)Adult (f)2,5304244
GvqFM(GvqFM)Adult (m)2,5594255
qkvqm(qkvqm)Adult (m)5,2101,0454
SPui9Lady Kay ShadeshireAdult (f)5,1031,1042
RxtsB(RxtsB)Adult (f)5,3531,0812
eDmZh(eDmZh)Adult (m)4,8318232
17VAh(17VAh)Adult (m)5,9961,1544
JSUZ7(JSUZ7)Adult (f)4,0784132
kEUBt(kEUBt)Adult (m)6,0341,1641
g8F2Z(g8F2Z)Adult (f)5,3581,1882
ioR5u(ioR5u)Adult (f)3,9868743
2Nz2j(2Nz2j)Adult (f)5,8541,0433
Cn9AO(Cn9AO)Adult (m)3,2516344
6bZJV(6bZJV)Adult (f)5,7409391
sDPMf(sDPMf)Adult (f)5,7399423
7xxOx(7xxOx)Adult (f)5,7401,20310
0Ws8j(0Ws8j)Adult (m)6,5899381
CGngC(CGngC)Adult (m)5,9221,2893
1ccGT(1ccGT)Adult (m)5,4451,1503
aLf6t(aLf6t)Adult (m)5,9091,0503
hBuNS(hBuNS)Adult (f)3,40758515
euzDd(euzDd)Adult (f)5,8311,1001
z2g6h(z2g6h)Adult (f)5,9611,1992
J3U2S(J3U2S)Adult (f)5,1691,0203
GENcI(GENcI)Adult (m)6,2921,0482
1WOre(1WOre)Adult (f)7,7411,2002
6durB(6durB)Adult (m)6,3321,1035
Xbx31(Xbx31)Adult (m)7,7051,3484
LA7FM(LA7FM)Adult (f)6,1411,0475
V4uIA(V4uIA)Adult (f)5,8421,1491
Hn9Md(Hn9Md)Adult (f)8,4211,0924
SkWFW(SkWFW)Adult (m)6,4301,3053
vEFiu(vEFiu)Adult (f)5,9401,1222
phnPV(phnPV)Adult (m)5,7861,2183
qSgQC(qSgQC)Adult (f)6,6351,1639
dLccp(dLccp)Adult (m)7,4001,1872
29VVt(29VVt)Adult (f)7,9991,2903
J5938(J5938)Adult (m)8,5941,50214
Gwhqc(Gwhqc)Adult (f)7,9351,0563
4zz3E(4zz3E)Adult (f)7,4091,1616
ZU46U(ZU46U)Adult (f)7,0801,0583
AmhvALady Aled WitchwoodAdult (f)7,1711,2111
EuvXm(EuvXm)Adult (m)8,3921,1982
xPVnu(xPVnu)Adult (m)6,9535173
U8VYo(U8VYo)Adult (m)5,4531,1694
eTlDK(eTlDK)Adult (m)5,3731,1131
Gi0mi(Gi0mi)Adult (m)5,6111,0874
AwFU1(AwFU1)Adult (f)3,4574655
0f1ee2G Prizes Are NextAdult (m)6,5791,3822
9zCnjAll Higher Prizes Start p51Adult (m)6,0111,3785
POU2gSimonaxiaAdult (m)11,3551,1077
spEhOAlysiahAdult (f)10,6311,21313
A2dVaOrphaned DivaAdult (m)11,4581,0722
JJ5KNShimmeresque VerdigrisAdult (m)7,7981,1055
j4u02Soul ProwlerAdult (m)7,4581,39211
ebZYFAcquin's SongAdult (f)9,6651,1763
Qm2epAmenhotep RaAdult (m)6,5241,1383
lzBi8Bakugan HerupaAdult (m)7,4131,1633
iIzhvCaptain PrecogAdult (m)7,3821,2652
6iAWrCaspar's WishesAdult (m)8,3791,0494
oEduEDesipis DeceptisAdult (m)8,5051,4425
4aQJZFelicastolaAdult (f)6,5611,2904
lCWP5Graveyard ShiverAdult (f)6,6441,06516
67kbaIronic Ping PongAdult (m)8,3551,16810
KBA7eKaru AmuletAdult (m)6,2869733
eEc5eShiverMothAdult (f)8,8651,27013
USQHPSweet WolfieAdult (f)7,5771,1992
KNdH9Floral DynastyAdult (m)8,9711,3277
vhxyHGoldShine OrphanAdult (m)7,2461,2103
aQZGEGoldShine TombstoneAdult (f)7,7121,2384
pSMFMFoolish MintiMumAdult (m)7,1281,1323
Ikb3aHeroic DreamsAdult (f)6,4221,30011
utPrsLunarDaleAdult (f)6,7111,4149
wB20xMarth's PrideAdult (m)8,0681,09210
NKJ3KShe's Aule LegsAdult (f)7,9941,2904
fb3vnPrinz SilberRaxAdult (m)8,2151,2855
tatOCResolution MountAdult (f)8,2491,00112
JlS39Time's Healing  HeartAdult (m)7,0521,1964
GX0n5Wiccan WhispersAdult (f)7,7631,1477
Ih4MKZanderZeitAdult (m)7,9731,4289
AgsWEBy Magik's LiteAdult (f)5,8921,19313
GCPETEmpty GestureAdult (m)8,9311,1369
za8HoFreaky FrodoAdult (f)6,2461,4309
hWs61Garryson GuardAdult (m)6,0851,5428
bdcR8Had ToBleed For Love OfYouAdult (m)7,7541,1562
PQLhtI've Been Mimic'dAdult (m)8,1061,3534
0ul9ZSolitary PilgrimAdult (f)8,7081,2905
h4aTcMisplaced HatchAdult (f)9,0571,1351
TWxp7Prized EmeraldAdult (f)7,7491,2435
DVtDgR'lyeh's ResurrectionAdult (m)8,6571,4238
bBj92Red LikeRosesAdult (m)8,5321,24310
viTOo(viTOo)Adult (f)10,13969610
Z6OzQThese Are 2G Spriters AltsAdult (f)3,2114963
DPzbGGideon TenebraeAdult (m)6,6531,3952
hsIIlGruffydd SoulAdult (m)4,57033910
VwUkNCamilla TenebraeAdult (f)4,50169412
rY3KHFionnuala TenebraeAdult (f)3,03220317
DMhvOWinged TenebraeAdult (f)8,2211,2149
XUKFBSelf-Righteous SuicideAdult (m)7,2261,1723
uxlSnMima's DreamersAdult (f)7,4101,3879
cGnJfSilk TenebraeAdult (f)6,0931,2543
JR9gXRommentas SoulAdult (m)5,8521,0051
qzI9oMariana TenebraeAdult (m)7,0181,3283
qj28WNizhoni TenebraeAdult (f)9,3671,2833
5QsMvHigher SAs Are With Their BreedAdult (f)6,3111,3855
ocfQTOr See Highlighted GroupsAdult (m)7,5121,2972
mEXNDEvent Dragons Are Around p48Adult (m)6,7801,0443
oMxjsThe Rest Are Roughly SortedAdult (m)3,3223112
bRE2ZAlphabetical  By bRE2DZAdult (f)6,8851,3273
GF878Drakes Pygmies Two-HeadedAdult (f)6,8791,3934
FFz0gAre All At The EndAdult (f)8,1491,3082
DqpVKAlong With UnbreedablesAdult (m)8,5581,5057
0wJalAnd The DeadAdult (f)7,5001,1793
fLdQqCydrierreg LiAdult (m)6,1191,1661
SQzFyKay Emily SeerAdult (f)6,2181,2084
YjbMjKay Hagit SeerAdult (f)7,8551,3103
iatvTLi Memphis Seer IVAdult (f)6,3071,2881
WLHjNKay Haydn SeerAdult (f)6,9641,2423
Dje4WKay's Silver TimepieceAdult (f)8,4301,0362
e5u0FMac Nsia SeerAdult (m)7,1961,1962
PiP0O(PiP0O)Adult (f)3,2484072
oCkT9Qi 9 O'TockAdult (f)9,4451,2814
CatL2(CatL2)Adult (f)6,8761,2686
1zO7RQi Chiranji SeerAdult (m)6,7597603
ZuDRkQi Dark SeerAdult (f)7,3611,3417
R7fLOQi Flo SeerAdult (f)7,4161,2624
y5gSYQi Gypsy SeerAdult (f)7,1171,2475
JJUsYQi JJUsY SeerAdult (m)7,0901,2415
DYNqSQi Joan SeerAdult (f)8,4801,1073
4M6bzLi Morgan Seer IIIAdult (m)7,6701,4015
RGzwjQi Katy SeerAdult (f)8,1651,1055
FTTlXQi Klaus SeerAdult (m)6,5951,2031
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