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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “carmen8386,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0Myxyrosey-winged KalikaAdult (f)4,8581,2101
qgB39bluewinged SueanneAdult (f)4,2421,1183
Yvww0roseywinged SueanneAdult (f)4,8351,2061
cOsfkgoldenwinged sueanneAdult (f)4,5441,1190
sETxcevie's christmas solsticeAdult (f)3,4471,3532
en6cxsueanne's christmas solsticeAdult (f)3,5091,3340
IGShhevie's solstice blizzardAdult (f)3,6841,2606
44lOdsueanne's solstice blizzardAdult (f)3,6041,2594
0hWp7Patrick mistletoeAdult (m)4,8411,2211
ljlBRaugie mistletoeAdult (m)5,0981,1510
F1Kkhmirthful mistletoeAdult (f)3,6571,2553
acYLyglorious mistletoeAdult (f)3,7301,2384
npjbgPatrick's christmasAdult (m)4,3191,1571
WbWeeaugie's christmasAdult (m)4,2051,1441
92Dblove you forever KalikaAdult (f)7,0131,90540
ovovOlove you forever sueanneAdult (f)4,8471,1072
kSD1lsueanne3-08-16Adult (f)5,4001,0912
WBs4love you forever CarmenAdult (f)5,6501,78035
g7ImFsueanne buckeyeAdult (f)4,2651,4322
1cnB8kalika buckeyeAdult (f)4,2121,2965
WyYEemy lil carmen valentineAdult (f)4,3021,2967
nYhjEvalentine moonlight loveAdult (f)4,1961,3993
IxxG4my true belovedAdult (f)4,0861,3765
XXtlZpink glitter in the airAdult (f)4,1251,3413
enqcvalentine's marshmallow peepsAdult (m)2,28991834
viQDi luv marshmallow peepsAdult (m)3,0551,14040
5ZRejdewkey marshmallowAdult (m)4,1501,4814
XxxoGaugie marshmallowAdult (m)4,1711,4562
1VkwFsweetling marshmallowAdult (m)4,2181,2907
JsYzxghostly marshmallowAdult (m)4,2821,2987
fjeYbsueanne my angelAdult (f)4,7271,1952
0eeQCarmen my AngelAdult (f)4,5311,88716
0hmiKalika my AngelAdult (f)4,4541,84224
Ab7gxmy daddy is a heartseekerAdult (f)4,3121,4996
z19n5pinks the truth about loveAdult (f)3,8591,3673
79k0Xdewkey valentineAdult (m)3,1921,1940
DmIaUaugie valentineAdult (m)3,2451,2101
sdblsvalentine of dewkeyAdult (m)4,1841,4384
pe2M8iatethechocolateAdult (m)4,3411,4683
D7Z1Cpink valentine of loveAdult (f)3,4681,0811
eFIdVpinks glitter in the airAdult (f)3,4201,0802
uc1IVmy daddy is a marshmallowAdult (f)4,1871,4808
uZxYsradiant augie angelAdult (m)4,0761,2951
ICzNbradiant dewkey angelAdult (m)4,0141,3112
yaPYmincandescent valentineAdult (m)5,4811,3884
5Gez2lucent valentineAdult (m)4,0781,3455
kpNTxheartstealing sueanneAdult (f)4,7781,1810
7P07Sheartstealing evieAdult (f)4,6801,1812
N7gqxheartstealing valentineAdult (f)3,8731,3292
fYgMUheartstealing trueloveAdult (f)4,0011,3064
roK1Nmutamore dewkeyAdult (m)4,5021,1792
s7d5Qmutamore augieAdult (m)4,5671,1712
0eDpandrewthebraveAdult (m)2,2458463
1kZ4leetle candi cornAdult (f)2,8331,18031
Kijqnoite samhainAdult (f)3,2721,34144
HeWHyleetle pumpkin sueanneAdult (f)3,7631,3955
peyngleetle pumpkin evieAdult (f)3,6821,3602
mGwUFleetle pumpkin dewkeyAdult (m)3,6171,3700
aByMIleetle pumpkin augieAdult (m)3,7361,4040
cM2mlinus - the great pumpkinAdult (m)3,1581,25637
UWj2Sleetle pumpkin frecklesAdult (m)4,5211,3277
5ivBVictoria PazaninAdult (f)4,1871,28814
C33NKaren MooreAdult (f)4,8711,44614
DL8sQnitemare heartAdult (f)3,6341,3391
HP6hJesse SweetTea PottsAdult (m)4,7861,44711
qrW5John GerolimosAdult (m)4,1751,30613
TuuEDgutsy nitemareAdult (m)3,7851,3512
6TXJYdarkness shadowsAdult (f)6,6651,6463
V2lS1night of many shadowsAdult (f)6,5841,6223
tYljMdark night shadowsAdult (f)5,9841,4832
ohiEEshadows vanishingAdult (f)6,6091,6302
aWdW7vanishing night shadowsAdult (f)6,6681,6442
1rQ8Ishadow of patrickAdult (m)3,2507366
CR2MRvanishes in the dark shadowsAdult (m)6,6181,6461
ciBZKthe night of many shadowsAdult (m)6,6291,6432
dMmS7sueanne lurker of darknessAdult (f)2,3485120
99pLhCavern Lurker evieAdult (f)2,1344803
Ap4Cvkalika lurking in darknessAdult (f)2,1494930
ZeKr7Cavern Lurker panda bearAdult (f)2,5565291
4llv2Cavern Lurker yorkieAdult (m)1,8004842
k6r8adewkey of darknessAdult (m)2,5095101
rkJ2fCavern Lurker augieAdult (m)1,9685072
K3huscarmen's graveAdult (f)2,1371,0020
tvPz7kalika's graveAdult (f)2,1571,0020
i4gREcj's graveAdult (f)2,1369810
Qdx4pginger's graveAdult (f)2,9441,1926
ggT6udewkey's graveAdult (m)2,1499741
wbxAraugie's graveAdult (m)2,0799981
Hcp9Wfreckles' graveAdult (m)2,1589962
vXDVpyorky's graveAdult (m)2,1239791
DDdOlsueanne DesipisAdult (f)3,5571,3094
jNqeicarmen DesipisAdult (f)3,5761,3163
gtPF3evie DesipisAdult (f)3,6361,2951
oAchCpanda bear DesipisAdult (f)3,5491,3101
mODQkdewkey DesipisAdult (m)3,5721,3081
v8Lfdaugie DesipisAdult (m)3,6051,3093
cMVWefreckles DesipisAdult (m)2,6311,0593
q5uvgmichelle 11-2-15Adult (f)3,8981,2761
OMEgYlover faceAdult (f)3,8161,2741
Ncg6lmiss you michelleAdult (f)3,9371,2521
2Iw8vlover face michelleAdult (f)3,9581,2772
n7G1rpatrick's first halloweenAdult (m)3,9221,3003
ZXEqVlover face 11-2-15Adult (m)3,8531,2711
KLvHamiss you forever lover faceAdult (m)3,8981,2611
VDQS8peggysueanneAdult (f)3,3291,1091
890GlpeggycarmenAdult (f)3,3841,1170
yBtE2peggyleeAdult (f)3,3261,1340
7BBaoPenngwinnsAdult (m)3,7771,2787
7s23Ywizard's golden childAdult (f)4,5851,4991
RTaUGmitten's golden childAdult (f)5,4131,3924
SCDlDwish i was a cb prizeAdult (m)5,7721,31510
ZZNyqsilver kalika of PenkAdult (f)5,0591,2517
5C4Rpsilver kalikaAdult (f)5,4961,3925
r1eTwcarmen silver queenAdult (f)5,2351,36417
vDxmHsilver carmen PenkAdult (f)4,3901,4685
fmthyPenk's silver princessAdult (f)5,0801,3214
6lNCSsilver plated PenkAdult (f)5,6261,4185
onbNFsilver rumbling thunderboltAdult (m)5,6191,4317
DxUb8dewkey silver kingAdult (m)6,1201,2674
kcrJdkalika bronze queenAdult (f)4,9101,23318
QeEZbscorched bronze kingAdult (m)4,9771,32415
Myqgksueanne the golden shimmerAdult (f)3,8491,2629
FXxBhdewkey the golden shimmerAdult (m)4,0401,22338
ciutgdewkey goldenpearlAdult (m)4,1081,13818
JyTxamiss you sueanneAdult (f)6,9491,2232
PfekaShimmering silver JewelAdult (f)5,6311,3385
j8gT9sueanne the silver warriorAdult (f)4,2791,2712
s5IaZa scintillating JewelAdult (f)4,5581,4896
e96BMpearly frecklesAdult (m)6,1601,2587
VTQRhsilver warrior of darknessAdult (m)3,5191,21223
A1UWnthe deadliest shimmering moonAdult (m)3,9661,20235
bNZNKshimmering bronze border collieAdult (f)5,6341,39124
rXmaEfilly's bronzeAdult (f)5,5791,2555
U5dzRa bronze delightAdult (f)5,3091,39919
WKV2Lmyth born border collieAdult (m)4,0521,65714
2f41Dbronze dragon's deliteAdult (m)4,7791,4532
c3STguardian of carmenAdult (f)3,1511,580123
SWq73sueanne the guardianAdult (f)5,0861,3772
aGZhJesse PottsAdult (m)4,5291,28730
ASXC5carmen's creationAdult (f)4,9131,4030
2Ut7xsueanne's creationAdult (f)4,4771,4581
IFRoeevie's creationAdult (f)5,1371,3731
SXOpzdewkey's creationAdult (m)4,5401,4601
oDjQdaugie's creationAdult (m)4,4391,4921
zmx9Kfreckles' creationAdult (m)4,8601,4182
ekUaDaugie patrickAdult (m)6,5281,1924
bv7Dnpanda bear raeb adnapAdult (f)5,0571,3867
6LgRLkalika akilakAdult (f)4,2921,4864
xu3JSsueanne ennaeusAdult (f)4,8271,4090
rxwcddewkey yekwedAdult (m)4,3491,5031
Cc338augie eiguaAdult (m)5,2651,3663
K5J7Ifreckles selkcerfAdult (m)5,0851,3884
TaUQbsueanne's destructionAdult (f)4,4311,4731
8xDDCevie's destructionAdult (f)4,9231,3712
xVEq4panda bear's destructionAdult (f)5,0411,3641
55I5qaugie's destructionAdult (m)4,7111,4613
0RUyBdewkey's destructionAdult (m)4,9891,3933
pUkMjfreckles' destructionAdult (m)5,1161,4151
iImXNgold LicoriceAdult (f)3,4491,12621
qHv7hgolden sueanneAdult (f)5,0521,2472
9r9lskalika's goldAdult (f)3,9731,3832
wIaCWshouldhavebeenamaleAdult (f)5,6721,0854
IUhgQDewkey ShadowAdult (m)3,8321,1983
pBSKrgolden dewkeyAdult (m)5,0921,32415
75sZCaugie's goldAdult (m)4,5371,3101
8ujo8dewkey's goldAdult (m)5,7991,0054
ayaZJsolomon's goldAdult (m)4,8211,2594
pTNPPglittering silver mirrorAdult (f)4,5761,3214
ACSFLpearly kalikaAdult (f)5,9091,3277
RHltMmoonlite rosesAdult (f)5,5981,2499
6Bibkmagisterial lavaliereAdult (f)4,6631,2787
AA8pqsueanne bladewielderAdult (f)3,7791,1387
SQsH6silver lady of shalottAdult (f)4,9041,1162
CzfS9carmen bladewielderAdult (f)3,2821,2168
xuKLisueanne's silver witch liteAdult (f)4,4951,3122
BLzXUsilver memory of augieAdult (m)5,0691,1802
YfsGgargentate mirrorAdult (m)4,8681,2707
tMJhOschistosoma mekongiAdult (m)4,8341,2637
A60YFdewkey silver blossomAdult (m)5,0991,34110
I1mXgdewkey silver commanderAdult (m)3,8471,16429
l66RCsiberian silverHatchling (f, F)3,5841,1015
s0bs4my lil frozen valentineHatchling (f, F)4,2521,1945
NOiOUlilmunchkinHatchling (f, F)3,2971,2642
oJrHEfrozen wild vine of CJHatchling (m, F)4,1591,1485
1TesIjesse ThuwedHatchling (F)2,0987443
dgOSPanda-BearAdult (f)3,9001,18333
WVniDewkey-ZeusAdult (m)3,9501,41832
ZW34Forever-DarknessAdult (m)2,83894028
EIIESjesse essejAdult (m)4,1291,3183
tXvI5blood orange berriesAdult (f)5,2411,2066
7S72mtracie moonshineAdult (f)5,8161,1580
Oien1pinky moonshineAdult (f)5,7301,1271
XKaiUmichelle moonshineAdult (f)5,7551,1640
eA1ypricky moonshineAdult (m)5,8191,1580
EmB7fgoober moonshineAdult (m)5,6371,1683
F4gTKmonkey moonshineAdult (m)5,7271,1511
F2Ooxchico moonshineAdult (m)5,7571,1062
cNQ6Tevie moonshineAdult (f)5,3151,1582
slhMeterena moonshineAdult (f)5,7791,1554
tyehIsueanne moonshineAdult (f)5,2711,1700
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