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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cara_chapel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ESyFAccept No Substitutions WAdult (f)1,606556154
8kvzMarginalia de Monochrome WAdult (f)1,615562130
wNA7Tech Monkey WAdult (f)1,600560137
2mqESweet Acidophilus WAdult (f)1,590557157
o193Sea Cucumber Sandwich WAdult (m)1,922541216
xIMXAmbrose of Milan WAdult (m)2,010552214
YbsGSaint Augustine of Hippo WAdult (m)2,009558221
P8THHey Mister Blue Sky WAdult (m)2,051562216
oGnSShoe Fly Don't Bother Me WAdult (m)2,004491179
QCSDHey Mistress Blue Sky WAdult (f)1,943495187
9ozgHugo the Dragon Cannonball CAdult (m)1,888495187
8yZgPinktastically Prissy WAdult (f)1,857489190
a7XHRegrets - I've Had A Few WAdult (m)1,466443171
U28lIndecisive but Aggressive CAdult (f)1,722496209
7KAcRuben Valtierra CAdult (f)1,721497194
k73yJim West WAdult (m)1,778517214
2LJQButter My Biscuit WAdult (f)1,815509212
UCPUThorondir WAdult (f)1,447464200
s3QxSteve Jay WAdult (m)1,440458199
OCMDFerris Bueller's Day On WAdult (f)1,753479185
c2u6Heeeeere's Johnny WAdult (f)1,571587139
jwR9Bermuda Schwartz MAdult (m)2,114517219
daEFBender's Big Score MAdult (f)2,295550249
7EoUO Sister Where Art Thou CAdult (f)1,612515244
ZFAdAccordion Boy Wasn't Taken WAdult (m)1,511470229
vsCuBenevolent Bonobo WAdult (f)1,409462218
12GAPost it Noteworthy WHatchling (m, F)1,157402204
6CuLBilly Boyd's Nonchalance CAdult (f)1,373448177
7ArtElijah Wood's Tooth Gap MAdult (f)1,424489186
HEIDDominic Monaghan's Cruelty MAdult (f)1,394485178
vyWbCan I Get A Wut Wut MAdult (f)1,407488179
5cbHSean Astin's Weight Problem CAdult (f)1,158499163
gT99Reclaiming It From the Bad Man CAdult (f)1,294397136
5rnrThe Great Vowel Shift CAdult (m)2,012456109
XeZ6BoopBoopBeDoop CAdult (m)1,132403157
j766Bunsen Honeydon't CAdult (m)1,133399157
oq1YSir Bisected the Blue CAdult (m)3,006968173
tvLkI'm Not A Hairpiece WAdult (f)3,932496177
FNbvWodwose MAdult (m)1,137374177
livwI Wanna Shoop MAdult (m)1,187403185
xVe2Unfavorable Exchange Rate WAdult (f)1,223445211
KlKTFold Spindle or Mutilate WAdult (m)1,287442207
QTCaHey You Get Offa My Cloud CAdult (m)1,282442204
7gIpAnticipation Is Making Me Wait WAdult (f)1,029401199
Del4Rooby Rooby Roooooo CAdult (m)1,019401197
jMFaTop Ten Reasons MAdult (m)1,048396186
LMnwMarceline Why Are You So Mean WAdult (f)1,475478193
avOCThe E Is for Evil WAdult (f)1,329428190
xVmKDon't Touch It or Else CAdult (m)1,172370138
qCKTPut That Thing CAdult (f)1,559459210
ISVWBack Where It IBAdult (m)1,439440155
uYueCame From MAdult (m)1,668463219
qJyROr Sew Help Me MAdult (f)1,311379164
2guGHe's All Dat MAdult (m)1,321382162
AkI6And A Bag of Chips CAdult (m)1,374436217
gmv3Papas and Beer CAdult (m)1,229431195
2xFFHe Rode a Blazing Saddle MAdult (m)1,002370165
3byrTina Belcher Likes Butts WAdult (f)1,072390184
5pUpLouise's Pink Bunny Ears WAdult (m)1,073391183
9EoRGene's Farty Keyboard CAdult (m)1,193434191
dL5SWhy Ask Why Try Bud Dry WAdult (m)847420151
VZLTDeathtongue WAdult (f)1,311350150
c298Milo's Meadow IBAdult (m)3,0911,240250
nXEOMichael the Karate Master CAdult (f)764327160
kogIKuchi Kopi on Steroids CAdult (f)935379174
z3RILinda Hamilton's Guns CAdult (f)1,377860151
ouOrIt's Never Over Al'Thor CAdult (m)985410164
MKdJBilly Blue Blazes WAdult (m)913377210
UyxGBratwurst the Bratty MAdult (m)909359148
VSxdBiergarten the Intoxicated MAdult (m)908359148
WnGqJan Hates Phil Collins CAdult (m)900365165
fCbTI Love Phil Collins CAdult (m)1,024446111
zZq4Morgan Freeman's Niece WAdult (f)747351151
l4pYDon't Make Me Search with Bing WAdult (f)752350148
kf3PBisected Blue's Big Buddy WAdult (f)757343150
iopBAsafoetida Acres WAdult (m)870471141
9q5PTelevision Aerial CAdult (f)3,9211,482151
8H2VDon't Need No Steenkin Badges WAdult (m)4,0401,537150
O4W5Woot Dah It Is CAdult (f)3,6441,395151
2YUPOne of Your Hatchlings Is Sick CAdult (f)3,5181,365119
VYpfWhan that Aprille IBAdult (m)3,6081,396150
T3ruShoures Soote Dorkface CAdult (f)4,3011,829145
ioiwWendigo Warrior WAdult (m)4,1151,97099
ZnzeMongo Only Pawn N Game of Life WAdult (m)3,5312,01760
egW1Blue Bilious Boy WAdult (f)2,9511,79923
bVZgNyota Uhura's Feather Boa CAdult (f)3,1011,48763
OfvpThe One and Only Lestat WAdult (f)2,0871,29188
Wv5qLouis de Whiney du Lac WAdult (m)2,8601,63968
wTouDon't Watch Reality TV CAdult (m)2,4541,437103
Gi6wYou Stole My Cool Name Idea WAdult (f)1,6771,02935
ssSLLearn about Dragon Sickness CAdult (f)99146233
9wwsAudrey Two Thousand CAdult (f)1,8491,13261
QQ2dHey Now You're a Rockstar WAdult (f)1,9321,23549
yPLpBite My Shiny Metal Asterisk CAdult (f)1,8041,15458
n32IBuy Utz Cheese Balls CAdult (f)1,8871,21552
wBtFOrange You Able to Say Origin CAdult (m)1,01871728
9B32Billy Barty CAdult (f)1,11973531
gnSTDNS Error 504 File Not Found CAdult (f)2,3591,29458
HzXCHaughty the Hottie CAdult (m)3,795927142
9eb8I Hid the Doorstop WAdult (m)2,5551,166114
NhIeHottie the Haughty CAdult (m)3,2691,293113
XNZHNeomammilaria Microcarpa MAdult (f)1,999951110
fXlnBoojum Tree MAdult (m)1,999950106
3yluWhat Are Those Things Anyway WAdult (f)4,1741,717138
W2rH24K Gold Filled Jump Rings WAdult (m)4,1521,699138
pItHPointed-Eared Hobgoblin CAdult (f)94270643
SvD3Pinky Says Narf IBAdult (f)2,9981,64666
U73wIt's on the Syllabus CAdult (f)4,9031,03352
ARtXAcer Canadensis WAdult (f)1,9021,07730
um4cAh Ah Ah Ah Stayin In Bed WAdult (f)2,6431,48051
KZNvMy Dog Has Fleeeeas WAdult (m)2,2381,35512
HyP5They're Big As Bees WAdult (f)1,9791,2307
PHkqThey Bite His Knees WAdult (m)2,0901,16699
o8sAMix Your Cheezits IBAdult (m)2,2641,27717
KWKQHe Wishes They'd Please CAdult (f)1,5336364
NMnaGo Awaaaaaaaay WAdult (f)1,9521,04928
Cbj6Think Yew Verra Mudge WAdult (m)1,8301,1105
dmakSix Egg Limit DF MAdult (m)1,9801,18310
IzA1Striped Festive Abomination WAdult (m)1,54186014
BRYePagan Cultural Appropriation WAdult (m)1,5358586
jV6gBlooey McBlooface CAdult (f)1,5638749
N226Scott Bakula Is So Bland MAdult (f)1,5378567
kUgzNot ANOTHER One of These CAdult (m)3,1091,39722
F9mGAngels in the Architecture WAdult (f)1,9548927
GtLrI Will Call You Betty WAdult (f)2,3101,0963
PESGYou Can Call Me Alfred WAdult (f)2,6731,1505
FMrnBlame Eurovision for ABBA WAdult (f)2,6421,11610
pq7OYou Keep Stealing My Names IBAdult (f)2,0031,0519
3FGYHugo Weaving in Drag WAdult (f)1,9261,0014
AGODThey Were Great Names WAdult (m)1,7079644
poakIts Name Was Poak DF MAdult (m)1,8519627
MgmEArthur Stuart IBMAdult (f)9205845
XhahBasselope MAdult (f)1,8669964
48ZPSteve's Cigarette IBMAdult (m)2,6991,1218
QUILBinkley's Hair MAdult (f)3,0371,1817
bhsMEmotional Support Penguin MAdult (m)1,7179555
U2ksUgluk Loves Snaga OTP MAdult (m)2,1121,1697
lHinStop Making Me Nervous MAdult (m)2,2981,2087
S2GdThe Me in Sioux Falls MAdult (m)2,2891,2107
SEbOJuice Cleanse MAdult (m)2,2591,1997
vLzGI Can't Find My Snails DF MAdult (m)2,1681,1768
79zfYour Reward Expires Tomorrow MAdult (f)2,2761,1966
c0ihSnapshots from Deranged Brain MAdult (m)1,9181,0304
1Iq7Make Up Your Mind Wouldja MAdult (f)1,8931,0193
ZGDyLess Eyeliner Please Jim MAdult (f)1,9601,0463
bC6OCongratulations Iron Pyrite IBMAdult (m)1,9901,0587
aTk4Brosi the Butt Monkey MAdult (m)1,48573515
z6wgHis Sister's Pet Rat IBMAdult (f)1,4487095
yXcSDurin the Not So Deathless IBMAdult (m)1,3246487
1w3zI Still Don't Know DF MAdult (f)1,5758049
t0NmSpork Me in the Eye WAdult (f)2,7361,27313
AnvYPorterhouse Steak WAdult (m)2,9131,33811
VsN3Porter Osborne  WAdult (m)2,1061,0124
h4epJake's Main Squeeze WAdult (m)2,8241,2706
kIKhSay No to Bronies DF MAdult (f)2,0141,1795
baqNMy Disturbing Color Scheme WAdult (f)2,2071,2165
tmjMIf I Only Cared DF MAdult (f)1,7518883
nyfqEgad Brain DF MAdult (m)1,8219095
5kdPNot As Cool As Toothless CAdult (f)1,1797314
gXFZWarning Dessicant Do Not Eat WAdult (f)2,5971,0494
YCVCPantone Powerhouse WAdult (f)1,8068131
9xn2You're A Chicken BooAdult (f)1,1556714
Xrs7PB and Spaghetti Sandwich DF IBMAdult (m)2,1679843
V4UfDo Not Remove the Padding DF IBMAdult (m)2,1689622
q4I6Intellectual Property Rights IBMAdult (f)1,5077982
fm19Help I'm a Boy IBAdult (m)2,0391,1102
DHRlFresh Balloon Juice WAdult (m)1,3268281
DPHZMarilyn Monroe Got Nothin WAdult (f)1,5799371
EpFPSeason Three Sucks WAdult (m)1,5669292
DBGTBenny's Sam Browne Belt WAdult (m)7404692
wSJ2Stop Me Before I Egg Again CAdult (f)96957012
qWXsPuny McTiny WAdult (m)1,6779599
xcG8The Wee Free Dragon WAdult (f)1,10968221
Du7uPasty McRedeye WAdult (f)1,2387378
GPPbPhilip J Fry Cook WAdult (f)1,15665914
5eQjKif Kroker's Fonfon Ru WAdult (m)1,06162715
5tdKPut On Some Pants Zapp WAdult (f)99459917
7NaFDon't Pick on Zoidberg WAdult (m)1,08763816
on66There's Always a Biggair Feesh WAdult (m)1,1716145
OQtMLiam Says Ennathin WAdult (m)1,49179316
9v6FMerit Badge in Basketweaving WAdult (f)1,30170912
UGolA Horse Named Moose WAdult (m)1,09260412
ndc3Gawain's Gringolet WAdult (m)1,07141611
nCSnBobcephala WAdult (m)1,07142122
ZXZOWhale Shark Leviathan WAdult (f)1,01541711
kiYaKinged Vipera Berus WAdult (f)1,07143212
Zi1DPunkin Butt WAdult (m)1,2375711
hrVOPunkin Spice Frappe WAdult (m)1,1705701
CN3DPunkin Chunkin WAdult (m)1,2575791
fYYKDo Squeeze the Charmin DF IBMAdult (f)1,7716344
b9bUPaging Doctor Gorgeous WAdult (f)1,5796023
IUagWhat Are Those - Sparkles WAdult (m)1,5865995
l6k7Vote Democrat in 2020 MAdult (m)1,1604013
2VK3Please for the Love of God MAdult (f)1,1614052
LD1eGabrielle Had It Goin' On DF IBAdult (f)1,2724453
hULWMoorish Rose Is Hard IBMAdult (f)1,2844482
3CNoGramma Got Run Over WAdult (f)1,7296694
O81IBy a Reindeer WAdult (f)1,7756925
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