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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cannibalcow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4qT0u(4qT0u)Adult (f)2,3738011
kfWFY(kfWFY)Adult (f)2,0358551
CefMn(CefMn)Adult (m)2,0858010
cYkl1(cYkl1)Adult (m)2,4608620
uo6EI(uo6EI)Adult (m)2,3287980
j2tE0(j2tE0)Adult (m)2,0998373
xFSgi(xFSgi)Adult (m)2,1018311
2cA2J(2cA2J)Adult (m)2,2677750
JVHgM(JVHgM)Adult (f)2,4448280
9PVoV(9PVoV)Adult (f)2,1938320
UV8N2(UV8N2)Adult (f)2,3627942
1CYQi(1CYQi)Adult (m)2,1088290
DceYO(DceYO)Adult (m)2,3528300
4IU61(4IU61)Adult (f)5,0119550
DWcin(DWcin)Adult (m)2,3548380
bNdPe(bNdPe)Adult (m)2,3478081
0cVt6(0cVt6)Adult (m)2,2107510
kQ6l7(kQ6l7)Adult (m)2,4248700
qNK2f(qNK2f)Adult (f)2,0958311
FtQWw(FtQWw)Adult (f)2,3438721
Uu7eI(Uu7eI)Adult (f)2,3938581
9IJqk(9IJqk)Adult (f)2,1548330
t5SJd(t5SJd)Adult (f)2,4508290
A3nKP(A3nKP)Adult (f)2,3498201
XQuV2(XQuV2)Adult (f)2,3998001
OoPByCC's Flying HighAdult (m)6,0991,3545
ar6ZQCC's SkylordAdult (m)3,6251,0351
9u3edCC's Beautiful MovementsAdult (m)3,6531,0952
XC0FLCC's Air DancerAdult (m)3,8441,2431
QXAjICC's Ballerina In The CloudsAdult (f)5,0731,2763
XTc57CC's Lady Of The SkyAdult (f)3,8981,3673
e0Fwv(e0Fwv)Adult (f)2,4768650
h4OCtCC's Gracious WingsAdult (f)2,7019660
Ztke6CC's Dancing QueenAdult (f)2,7459870
eEG3jCC's Dull KnightHatchling (m, F)4,6921,1103
j4aES(j4aES)Adult (f)2,9168921
TMzEp(TMzEp)Adult (f)3,4549173
Lu332(Lu332)Adult (f)1,7587251
XdlbOCC's Bright CrownAdult (f)3,1471,0011
SH2HvCC's Golden WingsAdult (f)2,8318832
LPwgaCC's Gold BrimAdult (f)2,1518020
1znAsCC's Hot WindsAdult (f)3,0221,0733
GiUBOCC's Bright WastelandHatchling (F)1,7266601
J13WjCC's BloodbathAdult (m)3,3411,1744
ItBBNCC's Underwater WaltzAdult (m)1,9767613
JOZMmCC's Water DancerAdult (f)1,9937763
31WVICC's Tidal WaveAdult (f)2,6227432
XzBNyCC's Blood FinsAdult (f)2,5547872
inD8GCC's Tides Begin To RiseAdult (f)3,1101,1401
yntj2CC's Good NewsAdult (m)4,2841,2382
CWbSQ(CWbSQ)Adult (m)3,2548603
KiCHnCC's Hidden DangerAdult (f)3,3671,3131
ULVCrfreeze when gendered 2Hatchling (f, F)3,4727883
53VEgCC's Little FreakHatchling (F)2,3437242
WGcY7CC's Two For OneAdult (m)2,5949183
a3sAkCC's Voices In My HeadAdult (m)5,3021,0052
JJTfDCC's The First NightAdult (m)3,2771,0260
p9dbeCC's Double TroubleAdult (m)4,5401,1995
0FsFSCC's MenaceAdult (f)4,7891,2042
IY515CC's Shoot Me TwiceAdult (f)4,7291,2231
ySgKT(ySgKT)Adult (f)4,5897980
mEcnCCC's MecnecAdult (f)4,6381,2122
Xg4D6CC's Awake And SleepingAdult (f)3,0781,0372
4EFg7CC's LurkingHatchling (F)8964341
jP9plCC's Two FaceAdult (m)3,3758250
FIL78CC's File 78Adult (m)2,8371,0112
Hwun6CC's Double The PunchAdult (m)3,4441,1753
vJY5lCC's ConfusionAdult (f)3,3087521
Cw4APCC's SplitAdult (f)3,3731,0541
ZrPbf(ZrPbf)Adult (m)4,8291,0091
s15CWCC's Blue MoonAdult (m)2,5628040
wePuKCC's Blood For The EnemyAdult (m)3,1369922
bL1GbCC's Blood MoonAdult (m)4,5001,1721
Rf5c5CC's Blood In The DarkAdult (m)2,6949971
8ENxCCC's Cracked MoonAdult (f)2,9571,1312
MqutG(MqutG)Adult (f)1,7077692
SS1naCC's Cold MistakeAdult (f)2,5288113
vLfoHCC's Bark At The MoonAdult (f)2,1958211
tguXwCC's Spilt BloodAdult (f)3,0639731
D9MLp(D9MLp)Adult (f)2,5968461
sljCv(sljCv)Hatchling (f, F)1,5306800
dvKkDCC's Light In The NightHatchling (F)9281781
HcffJCC's Emerald ShineAdult (m)2,2757661
oBGmQ(oBGmQ)Adult (m)2,6709840
jOPBgCC's Po PoAdult (f)6,0919232
MkdHXCC's Tell Me Your FutureAdult (f)4,9071,2193
Mo1iHCC's MolimoAdult (f)2,3467071
LbctMCC's Pale PrismAdult (f)2,4427163
Csto1CC's CastolAdult (f)2,5836861
bJblVCC's Wind In The LeavesHatchling (f, F)3,1707623
JXBgtCC's JaxHatchling (F)1,5293211
vdUcKCC's ChaosAdult (m)3,4011,1742
ugjPNCC's SpyrixAdult (m)4,2481,2214
cVoCD(cVoCD)Adult (m)3,3778671
c9PFnCC's Lust For The KillAdult (f)2,1978231
U0KNXCC's Vicious HunterAdult (f)3,2031,0170
8QY8rCC's Copper ScalesHatchling (m, F)4,5978701
oMSh3CC's Shining ChaosHatchling (F)8642253
14r8f(14r8f)Adult (m)5,2109714
2cgHaCC's HonkytonkAdult (m)2,3941,2140
9Z5NjCC's Black TipsAdult (m)2,3911,2131
HIY7HCC's SmellypantsAdult (m)2,4041,2131
t565lCC's Black ShoreAdult (m)2,3851,2151
095jSCC's Glow TipsAdult (f)2,8592620
spuWZCC's FiredancerAdult (m)3,2571,1583
RYc8ICC's FirefeetHatchling (m, F)2,9151,0752
LpPGbCC's HellraiserAdult (f)2,8609652
X68DeCC's HelldancerAdult (f)2,8178971
1oAGjCC's Flaming LuckHatchling (f, F)3,0161,0642
7aTh3CC's Tiny DancerHatchling (F)1,3476012
28RrkCC's Love At First FeelAdult (m)3,1819802
TBzRc(TBzRc)Adult (m)2,5148592
TYLwuCC's Fluttering HeartAdult (m)2,9951,0914
StkJeCC's LovebugAdult (f)3,0781,1041
FEndPCC's CutiepatootieAdult (f)3,4451,1631
N3KhfCC's Love Is In The AirAdult (f)4,4611,1412
QtQUUCC's CutiequeueAdult (f)4,2301,1252
LN1WzCC's Song For LoveHatchling (f, F)2,4576511
M2FfhCC's Love Comes In All ShapesHatchling (F)8443252
4ZqvNCC's Bleeding GoldAdult (m)2,8436831
n2UAuCC's Cardinal ScalesAdult (m)2,7688320
OTzUFCC's Gilded ScalesAdult (m)2,2626250
62aqLCC's Dripping GoldAdult (m)2,2706350
QfjBlCC's Blood SplatterAdult (m)2,2966460
9JbUECC's Cardinal GoldAdult (f)2,2686320
664G1CC's Scales Of BloodAdult (f)3,0891,0401
j0VnI(j0VnI)Adult (f)5,0879100
PsExi(PsExi)Adult (f)5,9338780
on5dm(on5dm)Adult (f)4,7197370
X7IjJCC's PearAdult (m)2,9849952
owxabCC's Tidal FlirtAdult (m)3,3001,0272
d4jwA(d4jwA)Adult (m)3,0568993
cMXV5CC's PistachioAdult (f)1,9927563
NVSOZCC's Mellow MintAdult (f)2,8229741
aA8cFCC's Summer PearAdult (f)2,6327952
qASE3CC's Spring TimeAdult (f)2,5429510
cSJ4xCC's Melon SeedHatchling (F)2,2881891
mF1xY(mF1xY)Adult (f)2,2417752
jwfSG(jwfSG)Adult (f)2,2267472
MWgMCCC's Pastel GraveAdult (m)3,2911,1414
U06DxCC's Powdered PastelHatchling (F)2,4318642
CWWhCCC's RidgedogAdult (m)3,4324752
6JG5ACC's Royal RustAdult (m)4,1603431
MXPHCCC's RegalAdult (f)4,9843400
2k5SiCC's Red QueenAdult (f)4,3643610
NdrxyCC's RubyAdult (f)4,9303451
jbgDWCC's Royal MessHatchling (f, F)1,8516970
jo5ZfCC's RollHatchling (F)2,0201431
IXMJa(IXMJa)Adult (m)5,5391,2101
mvJw0CC's Thawed SocksAdult (m)2,3627964
oumLgCC's Speckled SocksAdult (f)4,2733411
AWZBHCC's Singing SocksAdult (f)3,6443521
9YQ5kCC's Low Hanging SocksAdult (f)4,5353200
YJQl9CC's Ivy SocksHatchling (m, F)2,2876591
gpr3wCC's Glowing SocksHatchling (F)1,7422282
458sPCC's Crystal IceAdult (m)4,2103091
KBYeLCC's Silver StormAdult (m)1,9977341
YwCQWCC's Strong CuriosityAdult (m)5,2543512
SVtQgCC's Tri-GoldAdult (m)3,0488730
kvE0p(kvE0p)Adult (f)3,3451,0610
2F0HBCC's Battle For The TopAdult (f)3,0749813
mkJCmCC's TrustAdult (f)3,3361,0681
EK4bVCC's Teal WarriorAdult (f)2,4629342
UPG49(UPG49)Adult (f)2,0157470
DHMRRCC's Favourite StormHatchling (m, F)2,2117011
kJakbCC's Bitten SerenadeHatchling (F)1,5532391
ekjp3CC's Untouchable PeeksHatchling (F)1,7591241
B8CsHCC's King Of The StormsAdult (m)4,7611,3395
Bdk3O(Bdk3O)Adult (m)3,3308981
Ey51PCC's Luck From The SeaAdult (m)5,3501,0861
6uhkaCC's Unexpected RainAdult (f)6,0541,0022
ZHXec(ZHXec)Adult (f)2,8218880
4mpFlCC's Sulfur WastelandAdult (m)6,7064482
8feHUCC's Nirek WastelandAdult (f)7,3894936
IDIuECC's Ideal WastelandAdult (f)6,8714594
vDw0hCC's Mysterious WastelandAdult (f)5,9555521
sO2VsCC's Frozen WastelandAdult (f)2,5788841
hSwGwCC's Primary WastelandHatchling (F)1,9462561
5OwapCC's RottenAdult (m)3,8717453
kIq6nCC's MoldAdult (m)4,1338481
3Lu21CC's Smelly AtticAdult (m)3,1751,0170
GmyjX(GmyjX)Adult (m)1,9148302
cnb8BCC's Dripping DropsAdult (m)3,9043630
6hSF5CC's MoistAdult (f)3,6844222
qnUFZCC's Wet CornerHatchling (F)5612602
99r23CC's Ultra BeamAdult (m)4,5224172
wxXv4CC's Dry DropAdult (m)2,9194901
SJoI9CC's Sonic BeamHatchling (f, F)2,1996413
MfboOCC's Tell Me Your StoryAdult (m)5,3061,2743
Iu9vKCC's The Story Of ThunderstormsAdult (m)5,4791,2251
ShkApCC's The Story Is Upon UsAdult (m)4,7231,1697
JaJVfCC's Clueless StoryAdult (f)4,0056771
IrKvDCC's Slow StoryAdult (f)3,8172751
yNge5CC's World of blueHatchling (m, F)2,6448121
B2snaCC's Salty WorldHatchling (f, F)2,3718111
8egAECC's Tiny TsunamiHatchling (F)2,0481481
bDwVJCC's Shiny JewelAdult (m)2,9519102
wpIRJ(wpIRJ)Adult (m)2,7198630
zCCyaCC's See YouAdult (m)3,0489033
D7qAI(D7qAI)Adult (m)2,4698870
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