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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “calenmir,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
I7Plz(I7Plz)Adult (f)3,2377899
24anD(24anD)Adult (m)3,1858145
F8RZJCB Aran Silivren GulAdult (m)3,3242226
cPb7DCB Lasse-lantaAdult (f)3,3432247
itpU4Lugia the HairlessAdult (m)2,83219011
ZmShEZ'She'raAdult (f)1,58170411
zhsRiZ'Hesri IBAdult (f)2,0275971
z5gABZ'Gabby CBAdult (f)2,3194992
dNERO(dNERO)Adult (f)1,9665340
hwkNMOf Bob DNeroAdult (f)1,5285491
zTHsEZ'Albin O White CBAdult (f)1,8506573
ZwS6QZ'Scaleless CBAdult (m)2,1435502
z91yoZ'Shriek 2GMAdult (m)1,8816960
ZMTd6Z'111 IB AlbinoAdult (m)2,9775712
zenVcZ'en White CBAdult (f)1,9485312
zwAGIZ'WagiAdult (f)2,1956896
ZEq5AZ'Wild and White 2MAdult (m)2,1376166
zvYyzZ'Blu Visor 2MAdult (m)2,6816867
z5RSM(z5RSM)Adult (m)4,2137344
ZqZON(ZqZON)Adult (m)3,1727743
cCmSi(cCmSi)Adult (f)2,6046252
WOQxx(WOQxx)Adult (m)2,6766182
m0LbN(m0LbN)Adult (f)4,0098024
S2F6o(S2F6o)Adult (m)2,9046846
SxA1O(SxA1O)Adult (f)3,3637566
2FkIv(2FkIv)Adult (m)3,4196807
5qvuI(5qvuI)Adult (f)4,0198025
JAVv0Javvo CBAdult (f)3,0639106
6kmq7Ana Gallis CBAdult (f)3,0609124
o4MvzFormavez CBAdult (m)3,0949566
CUqpKCuquenan CBAdult (f)3,0959137
Zi6fvZ'Flourish CBAdult (f)3,2378224
zea5TZ'East 2MAdult (m)3,3548626
IGFlzSafeguard CBAdult (m)2,7898153
5vw7KRocks CBAdult (m)2,8108043
MstzXLounger CBAdult (m)3,4657704
EZynhEnzyme CBAdult (f)3,2266094
ZW7W8(ZW7W8)Adult (f)3,3075854
zYy80(zYy80)Adult (f)3,0985756
q4Uqd(q4Uqd)Adult (f)3,7127695
slvCD(slvCD)Adult (m)3,5497353
QTZP5(QTZP5)Adult (f)3,3327594
OnTZ8(OnTZ8)Adult (f)4,1047854
qaqql(qaqql)Adult (m)4,0458383
a5ILs(a5ILs)Adult (f)3,9278233
0UBH9(0UBH9)Adult (m)3,9008283
ZMnKL(ZMnKL)Adult (f)4,2551,0113
zeTKR(zeTKR)Adult (f)4,7639935
zq9OP(zq9OP)Adult (f)2,7934742
zRlw0(zRlw0)Adult (m)5,2981,0927
ZzD1U(ZzD1U)Adult (f)3,4017482
WNkRMalucaranAdult (f)5,98393136
ykdMMadgalas CBAdult (f)4,32030437
galCNetyaluceAdult (f)2,32418032
qe5tMilui AmlugAdult (f)1,89344426
lFw7MeldisamlugAdult (f)1,90622421
bFrvD(bFrvD)Adult (f)3,1127065
NMl4q(NMl4q)Adult (f)3,6777696
iaZFq(iaZFq)Adult (f)4,2976664
zbG0s(zbG0s)Adult (f)4,0226053
zmQ5H(zmQ5H)Adult (f)4,8277215
AKP9A(AKP9A)Adult (m)4,9779925
tpLWPCB Arsani ValentineAdult (f)4,02428527
DdjZNCB Valentine HappinessAdult (f)3,40430324
nvyJWTea with Sweets 2FAdult (f)3,4571,1356
Trr0IValentine Tea Cakes 2FAdult (f)3,2161,0754
ZsmFVZ'Valentine GiftsAdult (f)3,4261,1847
Zzep9Z'White Peace 3ssAdult (f)2,8598783
wJAQwJacquie Undine 2FAdult (f)2,9089816
hHGqpValentine Undine 2FAdult (f)3,0119795
hmUlQ(hmUlQ)Adult (f)3,5567425
zhiJa(zhiJa)Adult (f)3,2797876
Zbz4V(Zbz4V)Adult (f)3,4027426
ZBpCj(ZBpCj)Adult (f)3,6838727
rx0aq(rx0aq)Adult (m)2,6197104
J0sL3(J0sL3)Adult (m)2,4966773
od2Uo(od2Uo)Adult (m)3,5367136
a8HuF(a8HuF)Adult (f)3,2476435
WWfcf(WWfcf)Adult (f)6,1181,0037
FIJPCB AiredhielAdult (f)3,4483816
Z4UwLZ'Balloon GirlAdult (f)2,0485944
PC7cDCB Puffy PuffingtonAdult (m)3,8814775
gUy4F(gUy4F)Adult (f)3,1495755
Zy9XYZ'White RidgesAdult (m)2,1626211
zqn4kZ'4 IBAdult (f)2,7876006
Z9QfWZ'Up Up and Away CBAdult (f)1,8745092
zWPo3Z'Birthday BalloonAdult (m)2,3605484
zixhjZ'Bloated CBAdult (m)2,0675634
ZEXQ2Z'Bouncing Thuwed 3ssAdult (f)2,6458917
ZuCWHZ'99 Luftballons 3GF PBAdult (f)2,5957203
JFvVd2GF Silver FlyerAdult (f)2,0496467
qcJVWCrowded Skies 3GF PBAdult (f)2,3725942
ZpgUq(ZpgUq)Adult (m)4,2297216
A9KAhOlde SaltyAdult (m)2,4306014
muBmaCB TeimarrAdult (m)2,0716505
ZsS11Z'Black Sands CBAdult (f)2,26651610
4Mv94CB Gold Tipped TeimarrAdult (m)1,6686263
Ew8l8CB Black SeaAdult (f)1,6276131
zHKBMZ'Time and Tide 2GFAdult (f)4,7071,52910
ZLLVgZ'Joust King CBAdult (m)2,5758956
z2AS3Z'Tase CBAdult (f)2,6899142
z0joNZ'ojoAdult (m)4,4431,1355
ZDUvjZ'Lagie's Coastal Breeze 2GM PBAdult (m)2,2307768
Z9REsZ'Sand Dune CBAdult (m)4,2939442
ZyYzIZ'Eisel CBAdult (m)2,7396413
jrCJMornarama of TikindiAdult (m)5,80792838
jzXLGul Maethor CBAdult (m)3,61435151
g2SPCount Sam 'Grandpa' DraculaAdult (m)3,14331738
YGM7Black Valentine 2GMAdult (m)4,01029919
mCPBMorneg CBAdult (f)1,69229129
rJ55Lily Dracula MoonsterAdult (f)3,51727114
QL9BO6GF Of Blacks and GoldsAdult (f)3,08226211
LU1X55GM cfmtfm's GenerosityAdult (m)1,84982511
s0NVV3GM Black as NightAdult (m)1,75449610
Z3dPPZ'Warrior Princess 4GFAdult (f)1,7376314
uzD4I4GM Black SpinesAdult (m)2,3674775
aYPR14GF Victorious BlackAdult (f)1,7845832
z1UytZ'Black Sands 5GFAdult (f)2,3047122
z1gVaZ'Dustpuppy Gift of Black 4GMAdult (m)5,0271,2112
L7r764GF Yellow Horn D'HennegelAdult (f)2,1735301
FtrGF5GF Leap of FaithAdult (f)1,6986323
z3tVKZ'Timpanogos CBAdult (f)2,8398982
IDNfPDemon of Alcohol 4ssAdult (m)2,69260311
UvmuwBattlelion Leader CBAdult (f)2,4308852
Uup72The Warrior CBAdult (m)2,7699044
zy2QnZ'Dark Dawn CBAdult (f)2,4617388
DuTQjMistress of Magic CBAdult (f)2,0148118
zgMksZ'Black StripesAdult (m)2,4418377
BXhCiBlack Box CBAdult (m)2,6879627
tUQpLAlcoholic Raffle 5ssAdult (m)2,5828255
g33HSPatent Leather CBAdult (m)2,0877287
3Ts1sEbony Stones Dracula 2GMAdult (m)2,6427887
X1G4ZLicorice 3GMAdult (m)2,8059275
hF0NQSon of MornaramaAdult (m)3,0798986
GbMAmRaffle n Alcoholic 5ssAdult (m)2,7548226
nbFuvIB WhoopsAdult (m)2,5558605
SuwUy5GF Black ThornAdult (f)2,3986767
zc17gZ'Moota Thuwed 4ssAdult (m)2,1948155
zbsDjZ'Shining of Zombie 3GFAdult (f)3,7971,1375
9FpqgSon of Maethor 2MPAdult (m)4,3831,1718
SOD4bBlack Suit 2MPAdult (m)2,7438705
xEtyOMaethorette 2FPAdult (f)2,9719207
mtIlNDark Night 2FPAdult (f)2,9208927
W0PJNDead of Night 2MAdult (m)2,8288654
zz7b1Z'Shadow of a Doubt 3ssAdult (f)2,52259910
iKahTMaethor Balch 2GMAdult (m)2,5588296
w8ygQNight Fury 2MPAdult (m)2,6247848
UWQcLUnderworld 2FPAdult (f)2,0676254
9bjPhBlack Eel 2FPAdult (f)2,1086544
ZfWoRZ'Black Gold 4GM ChAdult (m)2,3147324
JWsbkDark Thunder 2GMAdult (m)2,7147013
nBnUTDark Destruction 3ssAdult (f)3,6829714
J7gUAJaguar 2MPAdult (m)3,1378256
U5jBTWarrior Maethor 2MPAdult (m)3,0578427
qqgp5Son of Dracula 2MPAdult (m)2,8666878
SrtXkGrandson of Dracula 3MAdult (m)3,2637477
hVwkuCaptain Black 2MPAdult (m)3,1817218
o9NKYOnky CBAdult (f)3,2057844
tHZW2Black Pumps 3FPAdult (f)3,4999126
64U9mMaethor's Magic 3MPAdult (m)3,4188556
SkSaJCountess Maethor 3FPAdult (f)3,2338196
z30o6Z'Golden Ebony 3M ChAdult (m)5,8221,0403
Xx5iEBlack Armor CBAdult (m)3,5468614
yjyC5Three Toes CBAdult (f)3,3788406
XCChuXacchu Maethor 2FAdult (f)3,0487845
kjlIlKilia 3FPAdult (f)3,1087644
My9ySMayonine 3FPAdult (f)3,0978108
Ws1FHCount Sam Magic 2MAdult (m)3,2949024
mtnWGMountain Marrow 3ssAdult (m)3,0708692
N6NDHNenda Marrow 2MAdult (m)4,5621,0153
4qPxWEbony Pixie CBAdult (f)3,9448568
WPD1eBlack ze LunarAdult (m)2,8017075
PxB0FChristmas Warrior 2FAdult (f)3,1667856
Kc33wGreen Eyes CBAdult (m)3,1748662
iRVtOBattle Force Thuwed 6FAdult (f)3,8806286
gPRLjBlack Spell 2MPAdult (m)4,2846612
VYRPqDark Spell 2MPAdult (m)4,3406862
1G2svInvincible 2FPAdult (f)5,7177484
g4DzfDark Black 2MPAdult (m)5,2717404
grBcdDark Ninja 2FPAdult (f)5,6467713
oGtHmBlack Checker 4MAdult (m)3,7727256
KcHONBlack Garlic CBAdult (f)4,1486774
R9PHQMagic Dracula 2MPAdult (m)3,1586174
rygzn(rygzn)Adult (f)3,1346054
fQgNa(fQgNa)Adult (f)3,4526427
vYXZO(vYXZO)Adult (m)4,3808138
5TDJYCount Magic 2MPAdult (m)4,3738327
zZIA3Z'Bought a Coffee 3MPAdult (m)3,1667165
sstTa(sstTa)Adult (f)5,1627862
aMnAN(aMnAN)Adult (f)5,1767602
ovIkm(ovIkm)Adult (m)5,2597763
rrQ5E(rrQ5E)Adult (f)4,1577484
QKvGU(QKvGU)Adult (m)4,1487683
ExwqG(ExwqG)Adult (m)3,8237195
QBS3v(QBS3v)Adult (m)3,4276603
x7NZg(x7NZg)Adult (m)3,2146623
erquL(erquL)Adult (f)4,2547626
5ew30(5ew30)Adult (f)4,3597414
0dgGw(0dgGw)Adult (m)4,2677424
z22lK(z22lK)Adult (f)5,5099546
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