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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2022 Valentine’s Day
  • 2021 Holiday Event
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • 2019 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “bubika,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4C45MG4 Lepotec 6462Hatchling (m)3,0587886
4YJcuG2 Lepotka 67Hatchling (f)2,9917555
fGfWt(fGfWt)Dead Egg186847
RMEFs(RMEFs)Dead Egg189846
vqH8OG2 Lepotka 69 bAdult (f)3,0457863
ZS3RAG2 Lepotec 68Adult (m)3,7927944
U6tmACB Lepotec 70 bAdult (m)4,1959908
Vm8geCB Lepotka 71Adult (f)3,9179566
ZU6Ql(ZU6Ql)Adult (m)4,7971,0826
VtCfpCB Lepotec 69 bAdult (m)3,9599457
0Ja7V(0Ja7V)Adult (m)3,5278526
6iyKsCB Lepotec 68 bAdult (m)4,1298837
hpoO1G3 Lepotec 6562 bAdult (m)4,8628695
y3BqpCB Lepotec 67 bAdult (m)4,4258436
pE8UQG2 Lepotec 66 bAdult (m)4,2708456
v6pya(v6pya)Adult (m)4,4889457
nJMro(nJMro)Adult (m)4,0868965
sNqnW(sNqnW)Adult (f)4,0909235
GisMa(GisMa)Adult (m)4,3079165
Pe1E8(Pe1E8)Adult (m)4,1509077
B0hJA(B0hJA)Adult (m)4,1558755
zbsa4(zbsa4)Adult (f)4,3209177
5HSp0(5HSp0)Adult (f)4,2419368
sx2FLG2 Lepotec 65 bAdult (m)4,8531,0676
DcfsU(DcfsU)Adult (m)5,3921,2496
oaZsLCB Lepotka 70 bAdult (f)4,1521,0613
C0il9CB Lepotka 69 bAdult (f)4,1221,0533
F9g3j(F9g3j)Adult (f)7,7061,0614
rWryNCB Lepotec 66 bAdult (m)5,1121,0224
d70wm(d70wm)Adult (m)4,6019943
7rk0v(7rk0v)Adult (f)4,5739664
2AE6mCB Lepotka 68 bAdult (f)4,3469434
l9hDA(l9hDA)Adult (f)4,6151,1226
ZIA7C(ZIA7C)Adult (m)4,6971,1454
IKvoxCB Lepotec 65 bAdult (m)4,2191,0663
yYo6LCB Lepotka 65 bAdult (f)4,4091,0644
1OY6I(1OY6I)Adult (m)4,1718997
Xh1aU(Xh1aU)Adult (f)3,4828784
FoZqt(FoZqt)Adult (f)3,4738824
iu4PB(iu4PB)Adult (m)4,1701,0356
fOIXt(fOIXt)Adult (f)4,1161,0375
dUS3y(dUS3y)Adult (m)4,0831,0273
PPjv2(PPjv2)Adult (f)4,1201,0325
1aPJa(1aPJa)Adult (m)4,0871,0204
wZaIF(wZaIF)Adult (m)4,0611,0434
IAVej(IAVej)Adult (f)4,0441,0063
HFkLi(HFkLi)Adult (m)4,1531,0165
1wN4AG4 Lepotka 57Adult (f)3,4458178
6juYBCB Lepotka 66 bAdult (f)3,9779135
kJtHvG3 Lepotec 6063 bAdult (m)5,0488786
XaekLG2 Lepotka 62 bAdult (f)5,0398693
4IYv2CB Lepotka 67 bAdult (f)3,5348544
foJ0DG3 Lepotka 6461 bAdult (f)4,2828206
lLNKxG2 Lepotec 64 bAdult (m)5,3201,0675
wr43A(wr43A)Adult (m)4,6769803
N9xwW(N9xwW)Adult (f)4,5669523
7LfNu(7LfNu)Adult (m)4,4779263
huZqmG2 Lepotec 63 bAdult (m)5,5431,0654
RelhbG2 Lepotka 61 bAdult (f)5,5781,0694
0XJIh(0XJIh)Adult (f)4,4918515
4pzZ9(4pzZ9)Adult (m)3,5441,0157
V12zO(V12zO)Adult (m)3,5009786
lG2hpCB Lepotka 64bAdult (f)3,0419186
0HNXfCB Lepotka 63bAdult (f)4,1941,0563
dxE6FCB Lepotec 64bAdult (m)4,9059517
euZZ4CB Lepotec 63bAdult (m)4,4998346
kMtIg(kMtIg)Adult (m)5,5469899
Nh8CiG5 Lepotec 52Adult (m)3,6748156
EagP7(EagP7)Adult (m)3,7438134
PfboYCB Lepotec 62 bAdult (m)3,5667847
0lVZjG2 Lepotka 60 bAdult (f)3,5207939
KYkSaG4 Lepotec 52 bAdult (m)5,3558526
cLNls(cLNls)Adult (m)5,9161,1027
PQGCk(PQGCk)Adult (m)4,8319667
DVeGqCB Lepotka 62 bAdult (f)4,9259645
dOTaEG7 Healing Lepi 888Adult (m)5,1511,0275
4x8fbCB Lepotec 61bAdult (m)4,9119834
spFME(spFME)Adult (f)4,2788474
VOl1wG3 Lepotka 57 bAdult (f)3,4848174
EpxoYG3 Lepotec 52 bAdult (m)3,4018214
0sI9nG6 Healing Mission bAdult (f)3,4098164
oUuKtCB Lepotka 60 bAdult (f)4,6391,0545
CXDbX(CXDbX)Adult (m)3,8709044
8LIb1CB Lepotka 61bAdult (f)4,7439173
Im9DuG5 Lepotka 4244 bAdult (f)3,5519246
aH0ms(aH0ms)Adult (m)3,5438352
zw8I0(zw8I0)Adult (f)3,8439097
28NR7(28NR7)Adult (f)3,7309256
necpE(necpE)Adult (m)4,4238462
O3gFkG2 Lepotec 59 bAdult (m)3,8661,0985
nXKOj(nXKOj)Adult (m)4,9911,1645
wGzYLG4 Lepotec 5456 bAdult (m)3,6751,0374
Ym86l(Ym86l)Adult (f)4,4761,2183
gS1IU(gS1IU)Adult (m)4,7519783
bWfEI(bWfEI)Adult (m)6,0601,0573
E6tTr(E6tTr)Adult (m)5,5871,0301
7KMHV(7KMHV)Adult (f)4,2971,1193
51pLg(51pLg)Adult (f)4,4201,1222
i8jY9(i8jY9)Adult (m)4,3721,1174
P1wYSCB Lepotka 59 bAdult (f)4,4181,0864
6uQ4O(6uQ4O)Adult (m)5,1951,0844
e9l0yG2 Lepotec 58 bAdult (m)4,5731,0076
ZCFRXG3 Lepotec 5456 bAdult (m)3,2497827
igV6oG2 Lepotka 57 bbAdult (f)3,6248135
AjLxeCB Lepotec 60 bAdult (m)4,3238843
PZP8h(PZP8h)Adult (m)4,2668795
FqpltCB Lepotec 59 bAdult (m)4,6439994
yqwv3CB Lepotec 58 bAdult (m)4,1579456
Ariw6CB Lepotec 57 bAdult (m)5,1988545
MjyuOG2 Lepotec 56 bbAdult (m)4,0368496
nmaSCCB Lepotka 58 bAdult (f)4,6659287
1QVpTCB Lepotka 57 bAdult (f)4,3968888
KjPOm(KjPOm)Adult (m)3,8248607
v7yAbCB Lepotec 56 bAdult (m)3,79487910
wTgIMG2 Lepotka 54 bAdult (f)3,6748337
fWVg3G3 Lepotka 5355 bAdult (f)3,2797707
RqDLPCB Lepotka 56 bAdult (f)3,4948629
zDICXG2 Lepotka 55 bAdult (f)3,5078977
WXz4iG2 Lepotec 53 bAdult (m)3,5169086
WLxdh(WLxdh)Adult (f)3,7908176
LpUGtCB Lepotka 53 bAdult (f)3,7829415
FYobQCB Lepotka 54 bAdult (f)3,6299124
uLCeFCB Lepotka 55 bAdult (f)3,7109175
sIzChG4 Lepotka 4549 bAdult (f)3,3179237
4VzwNCB Lepotec 55 bAdult (m)3,6789553
BhMFh(BhMFh)Adult (m)4,4309242
wcpJiCB Lepotec 54 bAdult (m)4,3748882
P4J6qG2 Lepotka 52 bAdult (f)3,7871,1063
exLATG4 Lepotka 4244 bAdult (f)3,6651,0312
YQGdjG3 Lepotec 49 bAdult (m)3,7081,0333
dcqbnG3 Lepotka 5150 bAdult (f)3,4899932
XuaOt(XuaOt)Adult (f)3,8621,2832
UfJ9g(UfJ9g)Adult (m)3,7521,2472
MTBHJ(MTBHJ)Adult (m)3,8911,2682
wL289(wL289)Adult (m)3,8611,2642
DLZra(DLZra)Adult (f)4,2199402
UqVhC(UqVhC)Adult (m)3,7441,2293
q8PpQ(q8PpQ)Adult (m)3,7731,2762
86VLo(86VLo)Adult (f)4,0261,3013
xlyhS(xlyhS)Adult (f)3,7181,2633
4yS7o(4yS7o)Adult (f)4,6341,3385
2YuGR(2YuGR)Adult (m)5,3001,1618
TSyWm(TSyWm)Adult (m)3,8721,2405
X5BQv(X5BQv)Adult (f)3,6361,1684
0iLhx(0iLhx)Adult (m)3,6361,1694
MH0Kf(MH0Kf)Adult (m)3,7501,2015
HY8E6(HY8E6)Adult (f)3,6591,1884
8jB3E(8jB3E)Adult (f)3,5641,1275
2oYQX(2oYQX)Adult (f)3,6131,1265
pYgLcG2 Lepotka 51 bAdult (f)5,1531,1506
I1RHaG2 Lepotec 50 bAdult (m)5,0491,1405
TMRc5G3 Lepotec 4648 bAdult (m)3,7489695
BLmSeG3 Lepotka 4345 bAdult (f)3,6479696
PZD57CB Lepotec 53 bAdult (m)3,8239997
RjhmsCB Lepotec 52 bAdult (m)3,8919846
xAGsX(xAGsX)Adult (f)5,2978735
WMggwG2 Lepotec 47 bAdult (m)2,8918218
XMw7sCB Lepotka 52 bAdult (f)4,1421,0229
UaY56CB Lepotka 50 bAdult (f)3,1508918
ERA6dCB Lepotka 51 bAdult (f)3,1238869
RqSmoG2 Lepotec 49 bAdult (m)4,4801,0934
nHyyhG2 Lepotec 48 bAdult (m)4,5371,0847
5H2htCB Lepotec 51 bAdult (m)3,5639285
HkMON(HkMON)Adult (f)3,9649337
MOZPZCB Lepotec 50 bAdult (m)4,4608786
P17pN(P17pN)Adult (f)4,4568725
DPWz8(DPWz8)Adult (f)4,2511,1097
EuNr3(EuNr3)Adult (m)3,3439666
Rg44D(Rg44D)Adult (m)2,9278866
sHAX9(sHAX9)Adult (m)2,8948546
fzEuw(fzEuw)Adult (m)2,9398997
ZukCf(ZukCf)Adult (f)2,9508777
xIjM9(xIjM9)Adult (f)2,9208747
hALeRCB Lepotec 49 bAdult (m)4,5831,1446
SFaPVCB Lepotka 49 bAdult (f)3,7981,0097
zXwhlCB Lepotka 48 bAdult (f)5,19891612
xywS0(xywS0)Adult (f)4,38383910
Gicnb(Gicnb)Adult (f)4,5211,0259
uaqyp(uaqyp)Adult (f)4,5531,04810
MZwiiG3 Lepotka 4244 bAdult (f)4,0849528
nBeslCB Lepotec 48 bAdult (m)5,1281,1118
113p1CB Lepotec 47 bAdult (m)4,9761,1028
tjIPd(tjIPd)Adult (m)4,7031,0568
kQ0Eo(kQ0Eo)Adult (f)6,2681,0915
ypuNI(ypuNI)Hatchling (F)1,4584683
BiL8wG2 Lepotka 46 bAdult (f)3,3058498
vb6aeCB Lepotka 47 bAdult (f)5,5701,1508
CyRPaG2 Lepotka 4345 bAdult (f)4,9521,0718
PLyoBG2 Lepotec 44 bAdult (m)5,0001,0778
40nTSCB Lepotec 46 bAdult (m)3,8648748
SR3vUCB Lepotka 46 bAdult (f)3,7478898
xnd8g(xnd8g)Hatchling (f, F)3,6147646
sIo2x(sIo2x)Adult (f)4,1221,0186
e18Qc(e18Qc)Adult (m)4,1089917
QjjmZ(QjjmZ)Adult (m)4,1441,0077
7lGzS(7lGzS)Adult (m)4,0369768
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