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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bubika,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BcxwzRosebud's KidHatchling (m)2,4396695
u2LdO(u2LdO)Adult (f)2,9007997
s8nHNCB Kjuti 25bAdult (f)2,6077497
rK3PlDraconis SaturnAdult (m)6,3628917
snk5RCB Kjuti 27bAdult (f)3,0548854
2DtnMCB Kjuti 26bAdult (f)3,0218385
cgmLeG5 Kjuti 1111Adult (m)2,8847996
eDlfZCB Kjuti 89Adult (f)3,1937726
iPp8A(iPp8A)Adult (f)3,0677767
Cdepy(Cdepy)Adult (m)3,1167876
aEK0S(aEK0S)Adult (m)3,1767965
3cBFyCB Kjuti 90 bAdult (f)2,9677957
nsYCc(nsYCc)Adult (m)4,3607487
xXtzcCB Kjut 28Adult (m)2,7608179
10hfCG4 Bela 1334 bAdult (f)2,6387879
32t9hDraconis Mars's kid 4Adult (m)2,69879410
96BffCB Kjut 27bAdult (m)2,6177749
v9Y7C(v9Y7C)Adult (m)3,1538548
GnmKK(GnmKK)Adult (m)6,4071,10811
XHXahCB Kjut 26bAdult (m)2,79979711
EPKPOCB Kjut 25bAdult (m)4,5247617
rgayw(rgayw)Adult (f)3,5258689
iXuWZ(iXuWZ)Adult (m)3,3378677
P7TE5CB Kjut 24Adult (m)3,3718658
haBVI(haBVI)Adult (m)3,3438226
VWe5i(VWe5i)Adult (f)3,0568507
oqWkkCB Kjut 23Adult (m)3,0508197
BgXKECB Kjut 22 bAdult (m)3,2008175
Rt5Qc(Rt5Qc)Adult (f)2,7237966
tx8iXG2 Bela 17Adult (f)2,6207787
QbniAG3 Bela 1334 bAdult (f)2,6697986
riKEbG5 Bela 244115Adult (f)2,6258036
C79KjG2 Bela 16Adult (f)3,6969207
Y1FMZ(Y1FMZ)Adult (f)3,6549274
2Cyt0(2Cyt0)Adult (f)3,5349215
FOxrqG2 Bela 15Adult (f)2,46867012
AtBWUCB Bela 17bAdult (f)4,0519349
rVhtPG2 Beli 13bAdult (m)3,9609299
8BTCWG3 Kjutika 4Adult (f)4,00597510
agoWmG3 Beli 14 bAdult (m)3,9839249
MYGYmG4 Bela 4412bAdult (f)3,99297611
fpdRh(fpdRh)Adult (m)4,04396610
BNI0YDraconis Mars's kid 3Adult (f)3,24285012
rQHAf(rQHAf)Adult (f)3,5368829
cUQIY(cUQIY)Adult (m)2,7517829
cxmS2(cxmS2)Adult (f)3,2177349
vSXmdCB Beli 15 bAdult (m)2,3527446
VUGO7G2 Beli 14 bAdult (m)2,4067285
LgTSBG3 FEMALE 12 bAdult (f)2,3527505
QR5xi(QR5xi)Adult (m)3,4508957
l3KyX(l3KyX)Adult (m)3,4589126
TPtd4(TPtd4)Adult (m)3,4109004
2dOXgDraconis Mars's kid 2Adult (f)3,3799296
s3pk7(s3pk7)Adult (f)3,3289258
MCjYZ(MCjYZ)Adult (m)3,2528885
uVdb8(uVdb8)Adult (f)3,2459176
iZq6g(iZq6g)Adult (f)3,2318644
H5xCoCB Beli 16bAdult (m)3,1818836
K4Nyy(K4Nyy)Adult (f)3,3339293
RpCSS(RpCSS)Adult (f)2,9788458
5jItlG2 Beli 12bAdult (m)2,7158635
Zt924G2 Beli 11 bAdult (m)2,6848394
Lmq1b(Lmq1b)Adult (m)2,7408744
8Jv1H(8Jv1H)Adult (m)2,8088488
aX8oL(aX8oL)Adult (m)2,6748307
zzwAa(zzwAa)Adult (f)2,5288027
mtLUn(mtLUn)Adult (m)2,5417936
qgxg1(qgxg1)Adult (m)2,5528557
2V1zH(2V1zH)Adult (f)2,4718118
O9FR9(O9FR9)Adult (m)2,4997967
U82JW(U82JW)Adult (m)2,4928288
ycIC9(ycIC9)Adult (f)3,2618796
xp0sl(xp0sl)Adult (m)3,1118637
ZD1Q5(ZD1Q5)Adult (f)2,9858386
vJ6yFDraconis Mars's kidAdult (m)3,00376210
wDSSu(wDSSu)Adult (m)2,7047625
Y1A9HCB Black GreeneyedAdult (m)3,1748225
x3x1QCB beli 11bAdult (m)2,9407175
YSxzwCB bela 11bAdult (f)2,8657116
hPXmqCB beli 12bAdult (m)3,2798485
XJKLb(XJKLb)Adult (m)3,5438326
gMDAt(gMDAt)Adult (m)3,6438556
evZAs(evZAs)Adult (m)3,5408495
ixKojWhite Candy KidAdult (m)3,4037876
wXm8f(wXm8f)Adult (m)3,3497838
VKMKb(VKMKb)Adult (m)3,1607325
ezdRFDraconis MarsAdult (m)4,15490611
t3Too(t3Too)Adult (f)4,0041,0427
SjEzD(SjEzD)Adult (f)2,8308095
LyHGt(LyHGt)Adult (f)2,7838035
AAb0c(AAb0c)Adult (f)2,7918186
VtMYH(VtMYH)Adult (m)2,3726796
OzQLhCB bela 12bAdult (f)2,8487796
LTNT9(LTNT9)Adult (m)3,1168416
F3VEA(F3VEA)Adult (f)5,3748046
xDmd1CB beli 13 bAdult (m)2,6277348
6Y9ns(6Y9ns)Adult (m)2,5297446
cOQdPRibbon Line KidAdult (f)3,3757215
fivT9(fivT9)Adult (m)3,0418503
x1xTI(x1xTI)Adult (m)5,0158302
Z21WI(Z21WI)Adult (f)5,2701,1104
HKuc1(HKuc1)Adult (f)3,1908744
j5jla(j5jla)Adult (m)3,0178884
S2jWU(S2jWU)Adult (f)3,0408995
UfZKv(UfZKv)Adult (m)2,9628756
qTCcL(qTCcL)Adult (f)2,9548665
UL1jZ(UL1jZ)Adult (f)3,2748393
w6R8m(w6R8m)Adult (f)3,4358443
qyviTVelentine KidAdult (m)2,5567443
ytLtUDorkface KiddoAdult (f)2,4977244
0y7ofCB beli 14 bAdult (m)2,4727699
vP74oCB lepa 1 bAdult (f)2,3107516
Kt9iZ(Kt9iZ)Adult (f)2,3787465
ChGqVCB lepa 2 bAdult (f)2,4647726
uMq9c(uMq9c)Adult (f)2,4037576
RC9cL(RC9cL)Adult (m)2,5087686
cGSDx(cGSDx)Adult (f)2,8627624
Hqxog(Hqxog)Adult (f)2,7397195
GLOOp(GLOOp)Hatchling (F)1,32120812
KIWz8G6 Karolina KjutiAdult (f)2,9458506
EnqG2G2 Kjuti 89 bAdult (f)2,67779910
bcktXG3 Kjut 44 Bela bAdult (m)2,5667997
jHg9R(jHg9R)Adult (f)2,4747678
SU3Nq(SU3Nq)Adult (m)2,4847999
CI5CxCB Kjut 99bAdult (m)2,4477287
PLmCl(PLmCl)Adult (m)2,6157598
VDIhSG5 Kjut New1055 bAdult (m)3,8197279
eijho(eijho)Adult (m)2,9308685
oyFYI(oyFYI)Adult (f)2,9258983
e3Vxm(e3Vxm)Adult (f)2,9718724
He615(He615)Adult (f)2,9338555
3kwms(3kwms)Adult (m)2,8878893
SXjFX(SXjFX)Adult (f)3,0009075
fwa6Z(fwa6Z)Adult (f)2,9518764
WttQe(WttQe)Adult (f)2,9038734
Gkklp(Gkklp)Adult (f)5,3118979
Fge95(Fge95)Adult (m)4,9918885
FEI8Y(FEI8Y)Adult (f)3,0857145
C2U7dG4 Kjuti Pair bAdult (f)2,7837018
6DO5CCB Kjuti 88 bAdult (f)3,6339067
KRnio(KRnio)Adult (m)2,8727848
RwjAZ(RwjAZ)Adult (f)2,9307765
PUPoY(PUPoY)Adult (f)2,8897855
GzlPM(GzlPM)Adult (m)2,9018106
aR8vJG2 FEMALE bAdult (f)2,8407806
fO0p9(fO0p9)Adult (m)3,1638218
jpQzQ(jpQzQ)Adult (f)3,1288086
PpD7q(PpD7q)Adult (m)3,1118196
zNdWp(zNdWp)Adult (m)3,2038107
5FFey(5FFey)Adult (m)3,2428267
Gum98(Gum98)Adult (f)3,1658019
2yEsn(2yEsn)Adult (m)3,4028498
9x5ofG3 Kjut 5587 bAdult (m)3,2218237
EJc8R(EJc8R)Adult (m)2,8077549
t6f0DCB t6f0D bAdult (f)2,5697278
5PDGLCB 5PDGL bAdult (m)2,6377228
72u5m(72u5m)Adult (f)4,3917067
71jLT(71jLT)Adult (m)3,25968710
4t17J(4t17J)Adult (f)3,5647098
ER0tV(ER0tV)Adult (m)3,5407119
j18pc(j18pc)Adult (f)3,5408716
oLzzwCB Kjut 88Adult (m)3,7569005
8RG1dG2 Kjut 55bAdult (m)3,5398695
csuXqG2 Kjuti 87bAdult (f)3,5328676
poYns(poYns)Adult (f)4,0088755
WkCpa(WkCpa)Adult (m)3,7858784
oM8fW(oM8fW)Adult (f)2,4187381
3GeKZ(3GeKZ)Adult (m)2,4487861
7Nt3sCB Kjutika 55bAdult (f)2,4747750
rfyBU(rfyBU)Adult (m)2,4887580
5t53P(5t53P)Adult (f)2,4807912
5BKZ5(5BKZ5)Adult (f)2,8318172
Z2LrK(Z2LrK)Adult (m)2,7948211
ivKJT(ivKJT)Adult (m)2,8448081
gemaT(gemaT)Adult (m)3,2238322
8mDzf(8mDzf)Adult (m)3,0537991
a7egs(a7egs)Adult (m)3,2428062
GvfsT(GvfsT)Adult (m)3,2578173
zd7aM(zd7aM)Adult (f)3,1887941
2KYfm(2KYfm)Adult (f)3,0967960
ws0fa(ws0fa)Adult (f)3,0767900
BebD5(BebD5)Adult (m)3,2729008
8VspD(8VspD)Adult (m)3,3669015
w0WQL(w0WQL)Adult (f)3,2539095
sBnAS(sBnAS)Adult (f)3,2438826
8C4gg(8C4gg)Adult (m)3,2638995
GiWDk(GiWDk)Adult (m)3,2118835
6JcRN(6JcRN)Adult (m)3,2788914
pg0ej(pg0ej)Adult (f)3,2469046
rcs8k(rcs8k)Adult (m)2,28475413
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