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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bubika,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZmatO(ZmatO)Hatchling (m)3,41273611
XUMvZ(XUMvZ)Hatchling (f)3,52076810
f86XeG3 Lepotec 24Adult (m)4,6431,08210
hBhvJCB Lepotec 27Adult (m)3,86394911
FOdhTCB Lepotec 28Adult (m)4,00498413
lg0cmG2 Lepotka 2628 bAdult (f)3,67992711
nMSrmG2 Lepotec 2227Adult (m)3,88093910
dRSJA(dRSJA)Adult (f)3,62992911
AG0HSCB Lepotka 29Adult (f)4,29598111
egFBO(egFBO)Adult (f)3,05898811
jwFRJ(jwFRJ)Adult (f)3,05397311
V4ifAG2 Lepotec2425 bAdult (m)3,5501,0449
68zk4G3 Lepotec 1820Adult (m)3,5391,0748
v3y3nG3 Lepotec 1922Adult (m)3,6581,0499
vNCEk(vNCEk)Adult (f)3,6211,05310
9gtOkCB Lepotec 26 bAdult (m)3,8969779
B40AaCB Lepotka 28 bAdult (f)4,1151,0666
2SErW(2SErW)Adult (m)5,3601,22511
oCVWmCB Lepotka 27 bAdult (f)4,3931,0027
3btb6(3btb6)Adult (m)4,4021,0406
geFx3G2 Lepotka 2426 bAdult (f)4,3491,0516
KeSaG(KeSaG)Adult (m)4,3681,0355
wg09z(wg09z)Adult (f)4,2701,0416
BXwpC(BXwpC)Adult (m)5,0991,0568
baqqAG2Lepotka 2325 bAdult (f)4,1619369
EeyqECB Lepotec 25 bAdult (m)5,3091,0628
byvNr(byvNr)Adult (f)5,3571,0669
gm4LM(gm4LM)Adult (f)4,3909559
zuOClCB Lepotec 24 bAdult (m)5,03093911
hMVrM(hMVrM)Adult (m)4,6381,06710
W921I(W921I)Adult (f)5,3321,15214
TfHpl(TfHpl)Adult (m)4,15095610
TRrnJ(TRrnJ)Adult (f)4,50598211
71o9m(71o9m)Hatchling (m, F)4,22798812
BjQ70(BjQ70)Adult (m)5,0181,13213
J8umuCB Lepotka 26 bAdult (f)4,12598614
Xrxg4CB Lepotec 23 bAdult (m)4,2101,00212
2zil0CB Lepotka 25 bAdult (f)4,30499813
7WkleCB Lepotec 22 bAdult (m)4,02798713
GsL9MCB Lepotka 24 bAdult (f)4,3221,01112
ikBl8(ikBl8)Adult (m)4,6091,04615
oCKNb(oCKNb)Adult (f)4,4641,08214
8cekd(8cekd)Adult (f)4,41994112
IIjyY(IIjyY)Adult (f)4,79497912
49xvU(49xvU)Adult (f)3,84298316
qBHBd(qBHBd)Adult (m)3,79493214
euqD1(euqD1)Adult (f)3,8511,00311
VPr84(VPr84)Adult (f)3,78396612
gGP6p(gGP6p)Adult (m)3,66692313
xWkYV(xWkYV)Adult (m)3,98295312
WHD71(WHD71)Adult (m)4,68691914
EAms1G2 Lepotka 2123 bAdult (f)2,99187614
YFSUA(YFSUA)Adult (f)4,1469549
18nDKCB Lepotec 21 bAdult (m)3,4838967
seWHrG6 Lepotka15Adult (f)3,95387712
PO8Ac(PO8Ac)Adult (m)3,4848229
gqzMGG2 Lepotec 2021 bAdult (m)3,2677397
0qaYLG2 Lepotec 1922 bAdult (m)3,5367569
Y8oiECB Lepotka 23 bAdult (f)2,9757767
fdDMB(fdDMB)Adult (m)3,09777710
WRFmJ(WRFmJ)Adult (m)3,1597619
VVIMm(VVIMm)Adult (f)3,6358778
ihX5XCB Lepotka 21 bAdult (f)4,7897977
g81OZCB Lepotka 22 bAdult (f)3,5437588
ok2ZsG5 Lepotec 1315 bAdult (m)4,06484210
EOx2L(EOx2L)Adult (m)3,4298818
tIMU9(tIMU9)Adult (m)3,2858707
ZmQrfCB Lepotec 20 bAdult (m)3,1478389
hvq6b(hvq6b)Adult (f)3,0808598
6vjMR(6vjMR)Adult (f)3,1038488
yM9KP(yM9KP)Adult (m)5,09085112
ICOX9(ICOX9)Adult (m)3,3211,0236
H2F3n(H2F3n)Adult (m)3,3701,0088
gFBRUG2 Lepotec 1820 bAdult (m)3,3279919
PU0Pj(PU0Pj)Adult (m)3,1159718
W4rLg(W4rLg)Adult (m)3,2631,0015
60iHaCB Lepotec 19 bAdult (m)3,1059487
z6ji0(z6ji0)Adult (f)3,0668647
UnEiJ(UnEiJ)Adult (f)2,9228686
RcP6l(RcP6l)Adult (f)2,9678756
3mDdT(3mDdT)Adult (m)3,0998785
57r4V(57r4V)Adult (f)3,2609064
UuB7o(UuB7o)Adult (m)3,3078864
5Li4t(5Li4t)Adult (f)3,2998764
XEDVd(XEDVd)Adult (f)3,8899667
KupEH(KupEH)Adult (f)3,6859546
6IwHp(6IwHp)Adult (m)3,6569836
tblDoCB Lepotec 18 bAdult (m)3,9069606
WvG96(WvG96)Adult (f)3,8049897
hBZED(hBZED)Adult (f)3,7369685
lknat(lknat)Adult (m)3,7729456
zr0eG(zr0eG)Adult (f)3,7509347
RIahy(RIahy)Adult (m)4,8849539
sZuI0(sZuI0)Adult (m)4,6419296
u7kBM(u7kBM)Adult (m)4,1379538
Svz7NCB Lepotka 20 bAdult (f)4,8599878
aYE3F(aYE3F)Adult (m)3,9297939
ix5qdG3 Lepotka 1619Adult (f)3,7007736
tCv7W(tCv7W)Adult (f)3,8868187
XMFOD(XMFOD)Adult (m)3,7157815
SHGSLG2 Lepotec 1718 bAdult (m)3,6028257
0QRCMG4 Lepotec 1315 bAdult (m)3,4717867
5mATWG3 Lepotka 1117 bAdult (f)4,47783610
BEq5z(BEq5z)Adult (m)3,9898449
KNq1JG2 Lepotka 1619 bAdult (f)4,1708759
nRZCa(nRZCa)Adult (f)5,3321,02612
gz5AoCB Lepotec 17 bAdult (m)3,6997976
0tPIR(0tPIR)Adult (f)4,7068437
g4KAT(g4KAT)Adult (f)5,07884810
iNvZ8G2 Lepotec 1117 bAdult (m)4,1658406
vBUj6G5 Lepotka 1516bAdult (f)4,3598459
p1LdrCB Lepotka 19 bAdult (f)3,8318379
pr7qfCB Lepotka 18 bAdult (f)3,4247729
U8s2B(U8s2B)Adult (f)4,3938489
lz6Ba(lz6Ba)Adult (m)4,2308597
CAQ91CB Lepotka 17 bAdult (f)4,0428419
ZuxwO(ZuxwO)Adult (f)3,8908548
ybkzbG3 Lepotec 1315 bAdult (m)3,55477811
PdRusG4 Lepotec 1012 bAdult (m)3,5157847
oo8Zc(oo8Zc)Adult (m)3,59580411
WS92z(WS92z)Adult (f)4,1679659
0NMVrCB Lepotec 16 bAdult (m)4,08793911
gTYP1G2 Lepotec 15 bAdult (m)3,5138848
jMh93G3 Lepotka 149 bAdult (f)3,57987610
xv0gh(xv0gh)Adult (f)3,47092311
WGZAn(WGZAn)Adult (f)3,69897914
PkheB(PkheB)Adult (m)3,84787710
bZ1Pe(bZ1Pe)Adult (f)3,91687111
ktVIt(ktVIt)Adult (f)2,8228024
3jgJrG2 Lepotec1416 bAdult (m)2,6868185
f3qbb(f3qbb)Adult (m)4,0739917
dmaGNCB Lepotec 15 bAdult (m)2,9548284
Qq2Gy(Qq2Gy)Adult (m)3,6121,1206
lJOEb(lJOEb)Adult (f)3,8771,1856
Qxr2R(Qxr2R)Adult (f)3,9621,1445
NnMEM(NnMEM)Adult (m)4,0261,1505
o3LCZ(o3LCZ)Adult (f)3,9521,1354
MCIoT(MCIoT)Adult (f)3,9141,1557
l524D(l524D)Adult (m)4,0271,2035
r0Til(r0Til)Adult (f)3,9271,1495
YtLxh(YtLxh)Adult (m)5,4599858
M7NVQCB Lepotec 14 bAdult (m)3,7841,0888
aiJ3b(aiJ3b)Adult (f)3,4441,0439
B9noI(B9noI)Adult (f)3,7281,0716
VCJrq(VCJrq)Adult (f)3,7311,0276
TIA82(TIA82)Adult (f)3,6051,0167
ZGDRe(ZGDRe)Adult (f)3,5741,0468
fnoKu(fnoKu)Adult (m)3,6019956
LACn7(LACn7)Adult (m)3,6119995
qNSeV(qNSeV)Adult (m)3,7201,0127
6Yik9(6Yik9)Adult (f)3,7071,0268
Yw2d3G2 Lepotka 149 bAdult (f)4,18497010
0QvzmCB Lepotka 16 bAdult (f)3,8108618
6xkecCB Lepotka 15 bAdult (f)3,8807777
MYseg(MYseg)Adult (f)3,3798179
l32WUG2 Lepotka 13 bAdult (f)3,00574210
OZiAe(OZiAe)Adult (m)3,5407609
yVkCw(yVkCw)Adult (m)3,7017719
qTCwlG3 Lepotec 1012 bAdult (m)2,8737629
13oAZCB Lepotka 14 bAdult (f)2,70674612
YwEKP(YwEKP)Adult (f)2,6247129
GRNalCB Lepotka 13 bAdult (f)4,1438897
GLbLE(GLbLE)Adult (m)4,0788666
0dW7b(0dW7b)Adult (m)4,2558925
Uv48e(Uv48e)Adult (f)4,2398805
8bTy6(8bTy6)Adult (f)4,1428546
5lLtT(5lLtT)Adult (f)4,1628687
DTZPF(DTZPF)Adult (f)3,1857597
TT0Kc(TT0Kc)Adult (f)3,8087866
YtqMT(YtqMT)Adult (m)5,0169667
57nK2(57nK2)Adult (f)3,8757894
4rsdw(4rsdw)Hatchling (f, F)3,1126605
3o9KvCB Lepotec 13 bAdult (m)3,7107376
TCphy(TCphy)Hatchling (F)2,1775839
GKsJU(GKsJU)Adult (f)3,2077248
TUQbc(TUQbc)Adult (f)3,83287613
8zMl9(8zMl9)Adult (f)3,6988449
R3vIlG2 Lepotka 8 bAdult (f)3,10174311
3k3am(3k3am)Adult (f)3,1947629
pIbXO(pIbXO)Adult (f)3,24079010
pgBn0(pgBn0)Adult (f)3,2478359
qmdMP(qmdMP)Adult (f)3,2528079
yhl0O(yhl0O)Adult (m)3,2148068
w0D4C(w0D4C)Adult (m)3,1308107
y7JK2(y7JK2)Adult (f)3,0787959
jKwvc(jKwvc)Adult (m)3,05578111
26iEhG2 Lepotec 12 bAdult (m)3,9259388
Ckoqe(Ckoqe)Adult (m)3,79480410
VMoEJ(VMoEJ)Adult (f)3,4017127
cUtOv(cUtOv)Adult (f)5,7909407
1ZtETCB Lepotec 12 bAdult (m)5,7409594
vJJ6YCB Lepotka 12 bAdult (f)4,2707528
eZNa5G4 Renee 1720 bAdult (f)4,0267718
KPD37G6 Lepi 888Adult (m)4,7489008
Kr4bpCB Lepotec 11 bAdult (m)3,8297858
1luOoG2 Lepotka 10 bAdult (f)3,6527378
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