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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “brisingr90,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nksBX(nksBX)Adult (f)4,3308998
Xki3(Xki3)Adult (m)71951226
HlNF(HlNF)Adult (f)66646841
GeqG(GeqG)Adult (f)79852348
FY92(FY92)Adult (f)3,84391928
bv8h(bv8h)Adult (m)1,6724918
bNPJ(bNPJ)Adult (m)1,08564536
Z4QX(Z4QX)Adult (m)89656740
cQBY(cQBY)Adult (m)62240729
htSJ(htSJ)Adult (m)1,75375939
igfc(igfc)Adult (f)1,14059625
dh5c(dh5c)Adult (f)78752838
i76L(i76L)Adult (f)1,05067534
uuCL(uuCL)Adult (f)71247845
dnQp(dnQp)Adult (m)1,10169837
ODYL(ODYL)Adult (f)77850015
k0Qt(k0Qt)Adult (m)1,61766627
34fk(34fk)Adult (m)80754429
AmOE(AmOE)Adult (f)3,66938321
b6mf(b6mf)Adult (m)74355926
TjH9(TjH9)Adult (f)1,94787531
86Cg(86Cg)Adult (f)2,43092630
Hpqk(Hpqk)Adult (f)1,57874817
nQFe(nQFe)Adult (m)65243540
tZCk(tZCk)Adult (m)76150633
0Cgk(0Cgk)Adult (f)1,10370429
co0l(co0l)Adult (m)63943728
l6Us(l6Us)Adult (f)67343735
tYE0(tYE0)Adult (f)2,66763827
SngN(SngN)Adult (f)76149436
W0bm(W0bm)Adult (m)3,70286927
d6oh(d6oh)Adult (m)3,21482220
uCa3(uCa3)Adult (m)2,08055610
OCQe(OCQe)Adult (m)3,90994128
Yf4n(Yf4n)Adult (f)1,83077323
jfc0(jfc0)Adult (m)1,91483631
blcf(blcf)Adult (m)1,6364159
TM9K(TM9K)Adult (f)1,75873938
KTuV(KTuV)Adult (m)3,13584823
fCDr(fCDr)Adult (m)1,96787035
EdsV(EdsV)Adult (f)1,83780730
p1HY(p1HY)Adult (f)87953131
CMUg(CMUg)Adult (m)89259537
Dq38(Dq38)Adult (f)67046531
rT19(rT19)Adult (f)67642544
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