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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “brightflashes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
z0r09MacDara - Lord of the ForestAdult (m)7,75681511
HGNyn(HGNyn)Adult (f)3,2152283
m1c02(m1c02)Adult (m)3,1572391
0W27R(0W27R)Adult (f)3,0402090
W5rdBThe Mrz SecondAdult (m)5,7971,0106
svlMI(svlMI)Adult (m)2,0024155
LaVTmLacy UaimhAdult (f)8,9391,2328
TGV6F(TGV6F)Adult (m)4,3076372
jNp35(jNp35)Adult (f)6,3511,1053
58i6vFinbar UaimhAdult (m)5,9741,0897
nqqhY(nqqhY)Adult (m)7,8911,2472
xmu6tSchmie UaimhAdult (m)3,7795982
VXdoH(VXdoH)Adult (f)3,7455964
UsqwvSchmessie UaimhAdult (f)3,9166123
V050J(V050J)Adult (m)3,6503941
ySXQUStera TastyAdult (f)3,3685936
1wOefDeirdre - Lady of the ForestAdult (f)8,9131,44111
4kMHO(4kMHO)Egg (F)
D64vWelcome to Brightflashes' ScrollAdult (f)3,08596019
T3BbDC Forum Name brightflashesAdult (f)4,9601,81640
8EvGBandearg UaimhAdult (f)5,5151,171153
EC7SFrilly JoelAdult (m)4,00284221
9DHRRufa CBAdult (f)4,10092634
8V3CD(8V3CD)Adult (m)5,3218501
wexqZ(wexqZ)Adult (f)5,4718472
AbDoR(AbDoR)Adult (f)3,1673842
rI0hC(rI0hC)Adult (f)7,6231,4811
4Y17g(4Y17g)Adult (m)3,4114212
bXTaQ(bXTaQ)Adult (m)7,5761,5363
Qala5Marty GrawAdult (m)5,0041,0449
sAC6q(sAC6q)Adult (m)3,5026097
AcBZPBrienne of EvenfallAdult (f)7,5001,4846
w7SeaMarta GrawAdult (f)4,9311,0696
421wOAir EnergyAdult (m)4,2749313
tuWlzTulsa UaimhAdult (f)3,9798452
obiakWater EnergyAdult (m)4,8299713
sj6bzIvory UaimhAdult (f)4,2818675
IT5N0Pastel SeaAdult (m)5,1378412
lEtfbSpirit  EnergyAdult (m)4,5179774
8lgZAGilda M UaimhAdult (f)4,6149082
4nWWEForest  EnergyAdult (m)4,9749774
cLqOfShinrin-yokuAdult (f)4,5179012
nK2l9Grover WoodsAdult (m)4,8167591
KlCgHEarthwear GreenAdult (m)5,4198243
Jwg5QEarth  EnergyAdult (f)4,5129824
eQWBYFire EnergyAdult (m)4,8049603
o3cWmOaklie WyrmAdult (f)4,2859393
6ArgjAngie JarAdult (f)3,4215095
2oUfiFelix PrismAdult (m)5,7811,2093
V5J2yFelicity PrismAdult (f)5,5831,1713
QWfRXAcrylic AfternoonAdult (m)6,5071,2243
A09mIBronze BlinkAdult (f)6,9531,2172
4heL6Blue FarradayAdult (f)3,4575051
5Al9cOceanic 815Adult (m)2,9924802
EdulwEden ButterflyAdult (f)6,8031,2172
BT9KbShimmering SatelliteAdult (m)5,5221,0275
mOAWKGraeme McDowellAdult (m)5,7021,3638
4ZBGgNona BlueAdult (f)5,4561,2855
DYnpBGem MorrisonAdult (m)6,0931,3064
73enIAzulio TwineAdult (m)4,3329053
7r3pxGem and the HologramsAdult (f)5,4068967
L6gUATiger Wood's Favorite ShirtAdult (m)11,2721,0727
j3IJfTiger Wood's 2nd Favorite ShirtAdult (f)4,4251,0715
eVCmuSergio GarciaAdult (m)5,0061,0695
Q9dbGDiscarded ShoeAdult (f)4,1531,1725
LOQ8l(LOQ8l)Adult (f)4,1788722
vKykDIchabod UaimhAdult (m)6,7851,1106
43u1Z(43u1Z)Adult (m)5,2687974
oXW9tBianca UaimhAdult (f)4,3009236
yqROhArnold Palmer Galaxy GolferAdult (m)6,9881,4266
JCW4NJack Nicklaus' Nebular NotorietyAdult (m)4,5241,1066
700ZMcIlroy's Cosmic UnderstandingAdult (f)4,8676082
Op2DZTiger Wood's Aerial AnimaAdult (f)6,2281,06910
W9tJAction  PotentialAdult (m)1,9325113
CFhlResting  PotentialAdult (f)2,2875763
TXPOuHydro ThunderAdult (m)4,6359654
yDwugHydro ThoraAdult (f)6,7691,4725
vi2L3Great ApplauseAdult (m)2,8626582
StMjHe's C-cold as IceAdult (m)2,90674419
sG5lPaula AAdult (f)4,6361,24128
mBapiAsh TrayAdult (m)5,9091,0878
kCkyh(kCkyh)Adult (m)7,0781,0449
EonWAislyn TrayAdult (f)4,1761,23418
gcMYTotal StonerAdult (m)3,6191,10119
L9fSDude Like WoahAdult (f)2,83090224
WhF7Fossil HuelAdult (m)7,4211,26183
TUYkFossil JewelAdult (f)5,8141,55134
lR5d7End JLWOPAdult (m)4,1691,1514
QQM2SI need a Name SoonAdult (f)4,6091,1544
Sg20DHarrison UaimhAdult (m)4,8051,1257
8HIglHannah UaimhAdult (f)4,4691,0487
q6QpMartin LairdAdult (m)3,0591,14412
3T3fDarla UaimhAdult (f)3,5811,05211
p3p6Henrik StensonAdult (m)5,4221,63222
IBSzU(IBSzU)Adult (f)6,0068449
YzFDDiane UaimhAdult (f)3,7377556
8HlhNBryce UaimhAdult (m)7,9761,3247
kONjFBrook UaimhAdult (f)4,4469496
93VUk(93VUk)Adult (m)5,3841,0972
ENVFO(ENVFO)Adult (f)5,4391,0712
SUufF(SUufF)Adult (m)5,8811,1053
JNCsH(JNCsH)Adult (m)7,2701,4711
uXeAKindle  FireAdult (m)1,9274721
BrofKindle  Fire  HDXAdult (f)1,9174734
AjcVB e o w u l fAdult (m)5,2201,29820
C26nG r  e  n  d  e  lAdult (f)4,0621,18928
BK5mYChronological RedAdult (m)4,0643634
QRTlnPyrometric RedAdult (f)3,8124271
CD8SYCobsey UaimhAdult (m)4,9979706
DSSrTRoyal DessertAdult (f)3,9098307
M1ewTHypercoloredAdult (m)8,2871,2769
9FxuwSlap BraceletAdult (m)5,55343610
A7OkGEighties StatementAdult (f)5,5159196
DLm2EParker UaimhAdult (m)5,3431,0178
azjlCPolly UaimhAdult (f)4,8061,0676
2p1ROGreg UaimhAdult (m)5,9971,2018
FjsGLGarnet UaimhAdult (f)5,1181,0176
Ms63pTiger  WoodsAdult (m)3,3809705
94wkwTiger Woods ImpersonatorAdult (f)4,5079492
aSJyJohn DalyAdult (m)3,6787476
1GViThanksgiving Day FloatAdult (m)3,4181,13110
AT21Brenda UaimhAdult (f)3,8741,16012
WjedBarbi UaimhAdult (f)3,2447975
ZmC2I(ZmC2I)Adult (m)3,4569144
Xl3sd(Xl3sd)Adult (f)4,5461,0973
8s1OxBuckley BunkerAdult (m)8,3361,5125
kulcmS a n d  T r a pAdult (f)3,8479444
LdIGkMartin KaymerAdult (m)3,4261,0518
aEpg5(aEpg5)Adult (f)2,7996645
HEQSMatt KucharAdult (m)2,7115756
RU7fLasairean CBAdult (f)3,6734916
5kt7Q(5kt7Q)Adult (m)4,6879074
ZDQjwDaniella UaimhAdult (f)3,9417145
YG9YParty at the West CoastAdult (m)4,9491,14319
drPGLui GreineAdult (f)4,8921,21018
de2YParty at the East CoastAdult (m)6,2311,34728
1qYwEiri Greine CBAdult (f)3,8371,14915
nRjDLight UrpleAdult (m)2,2355232
1uLmPeter UaimhAdult (m)5,2387176
9XRdF(9XRdF)Adult (m)4,7879894
iY9CCorcair CBAdult (f)8,7201,378171
mNpHPatty UaimhAdult (f)5,2991,27324
dfCM4Evan EbayAdult (f)5,3809002
uldbF(uldbF)Adult (f)3,5468793
RJq4Dragon of a  Different ColorAdult (m)3,3468245
YU2uGallop PollAdult (f)5,5011,33520
sa7MLuke DonaldAdult (m)3,80180312
tKDcHillary UaimhAdult (f)2,68780829
GrkcRya IshikawaAdult (f)1,2765850
s9RPRyo IshikawaAdult (m)1,6275551
onqp4Sasha UaimhAdult (f)4,2619877
gaHzv(gaHzv)Adult (m)4,5639788
jjNfD(jjNfD)Adult (m)6,2561,2617
lMmkw(lMmkw)Adult (f)5,6731,1296
grzrOEveryone DeservesAdult (m)4,7191,1775
fBOs1A  Second ChanceAdult (f)4,4129986
5ZeSEternal Springs of HopeAdult (m)4,70764316
ATvpyHope-Springs-EternalAdult (m)5,7241,1559
kuTP7(kuTP7)Adult (f)2,5185286
9zJIO s t a r aAdult (f)4,73664013
BXhZSummer-Of-CorruptionAdult (m)4,4911,09576
z6jAL i t h aAdult (f)7,2191,401130
8VCn3(8VCn3)Adult (m)3,2344642
LhNO3(LhNO3)Adult (f)5,7431,26911
QfvJs(QfvJs)Adult (m)4,6598417
5JBPs(5JBPs)Adult (m)7,3101,4634
Nse87Summer DeuceAdult (f)6,4781,2604
8sIHoAC BlocksunAdult (m)4,1938455
lX7wFall-From-InnocenceAdult (m)6,7991,50971
LmAiM a b o nAdult (f)6,7711,53876
f3hlqFallon T FallAdult (m)4,2426825
TxPzMVerna DracoAdult (f)7,5511,44812
HswkA-Winter's-TaleAdult (m)5,6011,01432
L1SZI m b o l cAdult (f)4,9931,00811
vZKGc(vZKGc)Adult (m)3,9797033
yPAnT(yPAnT)Adult (m)4,9821,0714
oNhhkYara UaimhAdult (f)6,3101,1433
5l4PO(5l4PO)Adult (f)4,8508966
Apyoq(Apyoq)Adult (m)2,2915712
gbcCJ(gbcCJ)Adult (m)2,2965654
FbDgu(FbDgu)Adult (f)5,3117635
hpiVN(hpiVN)Adult (m)3,3927563
ZDzjf(ZDzjf)Adult (m)4,8344414
mMjfINFP FemaleAdult (f)3,2241,2408
SJwpWhat's Up - MEAdult (m)3,65692110
squADarius UaimhAdult (m)4,1911,12928
8UF9Duck DivingAdult (m)2,66196810
Cd9fDaphne UaimhAdult (f)4,0091,23016
7BieDanette UaimhAdult (f)2,64595815
Yzr7ICanFlyHigherThanAnEagleAdult (m)7,3551,70384
64q3TheWindBeneathMyWingsAdult (f)3,6341,06425
gq14Clown BaloonAdult (m)4,15578815
EddkUisce CapallAdult (f)2,73878926
Wee5HClifford WeeshyAdult (m)6,8061,2518
XSnHfEddy FordAdult (m)5,2908444
E4IeOBolly UaimhAdult (m)4,6208474
9VpaOBriana UaimhAdult (f)5,2261,08710
d4DECRoger MatthewsAdult (m)4,8701,0867
liLnFRegina MatthewsAdult (f)5,1679175
bnwxwCillian SilasAdult (m)7,7411,4818
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