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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “brendonurie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wNcUA(wNcUA)Adult (m)5,0431,1197
cDdcU(cDdcU)Adult (m)4,9679471
5dNfy(5dNfy)Adult (m)4,7349483
Pb2Wc(Pb2Wc)Adult (f)8,7369416
VBELn(VBELn)Adult (f)3,7181,0373
2Fmzc(2Fmzc)Adult (m)3,8641,0390
Hefs3(Hefs3)Adult (m)6,6259141
57T6X(57T6X)Adult (m)3,4744112
0cMKa(0cMKa)Adult (m)3,6764150
a43fB(a43fB)Adult (m)4,7849142
SpBXE(SpBXE)Adult (m)3,8103301
VC6sB(VC6sB)Adult (m)4,2223233
Pdd4a(Pdd4a)Adult (f)4,2723314
Xb9uA(Xb9uA)Adult (f)4,1953261
ZCJ6l(ZCJ6l)Adult (m)4,5533540
xvkYt(xvkYt)Adult (f)4,3303620
JSU0P(JSU0P)Adult (f)4,0963380
x4gl2(x4gl2)Adult (f)4,1573650
Bp4cc(Bp4cc)Adult (f)4,8776772
ChTYm(ChTYm)Adult (f)6,3105331
hx5t1(hx5t1)Adult (m)6,3625392
jPkia(jPkia)Adult (m)6,3895431
7ylra(7ylra)Adult (f)3,8964492
Nck5T(Nck5T)Adult (m)3,5584271
ODqAm(ODqAm)Adult (f)2,9844152
q6IAM(q6IAM)Adult (m)4,0224591
LLsKs(LLsKs)Adult (m)5,4227422
bDtE7(bDtE7)Adult (f)5,8746412
sI2OE(sI2OE)Adult (f)6,5366111
nMnIC(nMnIC)Adult (f)5,8816221
QxUJ6(QxUJ6)Adult (f)5,4306261
1zpW8(1zpW8)Adult (m)5,6486041
urvu7(urvu7)Adult (f)5,3406200
4X2fe(4X2fe)Adult (m)5,6936070
2aoMJ(2aoMJ)Adult (f)4,8295760
qDHQw(qDHQw)Adult (f)8,4549091
C7Y2r(C7Y2r)Adult (f)7,0178920
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