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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bounce-little-ferret,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
79O8A(79O8A)Dead Egg111
TGHh2BOOOM TOWNAdult (f)3,2527880
UdfN3BAD WOLF BAD WOLF BAD WOLFAdult (m)2,9586862
Y93yPRISE OF THE CYBER MENAdult (m)5,5011,0802
glaTyThe First FaceAdult (f)2,2044453
JYNZKI'm coming RoseAdult (m)2,2304562
BrZnuDimension CannonAdult (m)3,7017436
tIQnD(tIQnD)Adult (f)2,1786971
wWT1P(wWT1P)Adult (f)4,0349131
zwKga(zwKga)Adult (f)4,1489031
mo6tBStolen Dance Milky ChanceAdult (f)2,7586902
fabbETwirl around BallerinaAdult (f)3,3325721
Gz7jpI can make your hands clapAdult (f)2,2955471
rjezFTuxedos and Tap dancingAdult (m)3,6108131
hmxa9Dance of the Sugarplum DragonsAdult (f)3,9938441
epngcThe Body Language of the SoulAdult (f)3,9437821
6FQ21Billy Elliot wants what I HaveAdult (m)4,4389281
xCkpz(xCkpz)Adult (f)3,8258190
Tsq4J(Tsq4J)Adult (m)3,2867701
wxoFS(wxoFS)Adult (m)3,2217661
aJ5hN(aJ5hN)Adult (f)4,5571,0460
TSlYETsaiyiAdult (f)4,9578252
EFwXYEfwishyAdult (m)4,3337081
9erS6PersixxAdult (f)4,4458411
xxyKd(xxyKd)Hatchling (F)2,0944701
Ru0ob(Ru0ob)Adult (f)2,8854535
mUolE(mUolE)Adult (f)2,5794242
39oE9(39oE9)Adult (f)3,8265854
HkOCb(HkOCb)Adult (m)3,0486072
3F3KD(3F3KD)Adult (f)3,27049811
DFhiu(DFhiu)Adult (f)3,6755305
gaehT(gaehT)Adult (m)2,8866291
FOiX0BreellianceAdult (m)3,5159152
14VKsBluesflameAdult (f)2,7937152
Tdk7i(Tdk7i)Adult (m)3,2007622
eYlBh(eYlBh)Adult (m)3,0216661
FjFMZ(FjFMZ)Adult (f)3,7639771
r0iIS(r0iIS)Adult (f)5,7881,0714
6q208Oleanders and BelladonnasAdult (m)3,7639101
EKDdGAloe Vera and SunburnAdult (m)3,3908181
xBIvoSweet peas and AgrimonyAdult (f)3,6375323
wVQUfTomatoes and NightshadeAdult (f)3,5325212
2QOe5Plantain and CultivarsAdult (f)3,5975183
Lnc4iRose growing in my HeartAdult (m)4,1768543
MFoyv(MFoyv)Adult (f)4,2568190
E1hpI(E1hpI)Adult (m)4,3718460
uLhQE(uLhQE)Adult (f)4,3917372
yE0sQ(yE0sQ)Adult (m)4,2258903
GCoSN(GCoSN)Adult (f)2,9828102
wjp7l(wjp7l)Adult (m)3,4786973
e9iae(e9iae)Adult (f)3,4196633
ctVSQ(ctVSQ)Adult (m)2,9777080
FCVaI(FCVaI)Adult (f)5,6451,1213
8xN8t(8xN8t)Adult (m)5,0141,0652
OExps(OExps)Adult (f)3,4349911
wDehXKangaroo BounceAdult (m)3,2019401
hm2nv(hm2nv)Adult (f)4,0067421
Sr3fI(Sr3fI)Adult (m)3,6645631
bvJiE(bvJiE)Adult (m)3,9135570
tBwRGShallow waters and Empty mindsAdult (m)4,5808861
SoXM8Salty Shallow WaterAdult (m)4,0186102
jSUMj(jSUMj)Adult (f)3,3978102
y0lryYellow LollyAdult (m)5,1619694
22fiTLicorice All-SortsAdult (m)4,9981,0011
onxco(onxco)Adult (f)3,5758703
Ps2YMSaltwater Scented CandleAdult (f)5,5041,1802
Xq1TgSodium Chloride H2OAdult (f)5,6681,1600
FdXQL(FdXQL)Adult (f)4,7591,0823
EoW0l(EoW0l)Adult (f)5,5721,2143
2TIGY(2TIGY)Adult (m)5,4181,1751
ay0ZgMy Angel is the CentrefoldAdult (f)4,6181,0790
k1Z27My Kissy GirlAdult (f)5,0241,1732
KwHVy(KwHVy)Adult (m)3,4238112
5w540(5w540)Adult (m)4,6411,0252
1nHzxToo Gentle to Live among WolvesAdult (f)2,9726821
HFYWmLife's a test n' I get bad marksAdult (m)3,0337111
fuNQDI Heard it on the GrapevineAdult (m)3,9898121
Q44mCJumping the  GunAdult (m)3,7107111
gnd4CElvis has  left the BuildingAdult (m)3,9098221
Xl3Z9And the Plot ThickensAdult (f)4,0658001
5RHE8Dream your Life AwayAdult (m)4,5016023
nj28YGeorgia  on my MindAdult (f)3,2006011
RQhLrSmile because it happenedAdult (f)3,5475761
ayyWmWayward ConscienceAdult (f)3,6385212
DhSrSBarely scratched the SurfaceAdult (f)3,5936110
msSnIThe Howl of a losing dogAdult (m)3,4805581
Q0tTmMore to this StoryAdult (f)4,2026162
nSbKGKey of the Starry HeavensAdult (m)3,4606490
0w6NpFirst impressions countAdult (m)3,4316470
4QbY4When  you wish upon a starAdult (m)3,4966591
RpuunA Parody to LifeAdult (f)3,3044361
I7oJNHawthorn and VineAdult (m)3,5276511
vYwwJNeed your all LoveAdult (m)3,7666813
KFPFdBeware what may enterAdult (m)3,7327112
qY61MA Certain Feather-brainAdult (f)3,8997472
S4qpOMaybe I was wrongAdult (f)4,5976521
GfAt2Remedy for SolitudeAdult (f)4,6036511
7xG3hThe Best Friend TheoryAdult (m)4,6166491
hI8FjMy brown-eyed girlAdult (f)4,7868272
J3AgXBlack Cat TrainAdult (m)3,4725152
tnEQiDeath 'n all of his friendsAdult (f)4,0555802
gYWfZLemon to a knife fightAdult (m)2,9455141
okTcAPress restartAdult (m)2,6844642
ouAX0Gold and Green KeroseneAdult (f)3,0886982
9sDvLWe make a good pairAdult (f)3,2286940
lSXRBHotel Room SmellAdult (m)3,9585861
20rk0Your hands protect the flamesAdult (f)4,0735871
2GzPLThe Little LadybugAdult (f)7,5571,1332
9mjn4A stitch in time saves 9Adult (f)7,5181,1182
gIwPkWhat If NothingAdult (f)4,3131,0212
NQB5BHurricane RisingAdult (m)4,3211,0562
28X0DI love the way you TalkAdult (m)4,6487621
6wUSGNeon Green TreesAdult (m)4,2516231
N3FS6Meteorites and StarsAdult (f)5,0239021
ip09hAnywhere you're gonna beAdult (f)3,3478272
Zzk21Summer means SeashellsAdult (f)5,5131,05212
H777zRed and Blue isn't clicheAdult (f)4,3018472
NYYNuUnyielding  StoneAdult (m)4,3938261
kIhu0Tasers and LasersAdult (f)4,3948872
EGZTuPsycho Tropical SymphonyAdult (m)4,4198954
cmNeKWorthy AdversariesAdult (f)4,3748742
MUR3EBlue-eyed Boy ShirazAdult (m)4,0758112
NFwXgFlowers and InterrogationAdult (f)3,2268082
giy36Violent Shade of VioletAdult (m)3,3388043
qPfEZA Sword to the KneeAdult (m)3,3767561
ysR8dWinter Raining DayAdult (f)5,1749551
uyYEIDog in Wolf's ClothingAdult (m)3,7577353
CUcaTKings of SummerAdult (m)3,9018541
cGzSqSharp Work SamuraiAdult (m)2,6838882
WI2BaSilverleiningAdult (m)3,0499162
3CnOaA Helping PawAdult (f)3,4859902
tBoYFWhich to Bury the Hatchet or UsAdult (f)3,1379332
rEaqxHeartbeat of the TimpaniAdult (f)3,6939933
ZFMEFDetails of an asteroidAdult (f)2,9968322
GmdRjJust a litttle splashAdult (m)3,0477982
cO9wxFinding HappinessAdult (m)4,1131,0033
NEgdtPress 1 to delete messageAdult (m)4,2708741
UoHmpSide-kickAdult (f)3,4757522
JKQ3xFormidable OpponentsAdult (m)3,5017951
zRcOmLittle Black PistolAdult (f)6,9391,1495
ncwh1Dit moi des Films NoirAdult (f)6,7971,1804
k2IWsSunbeams and LightningAdult (m)3,8576742
D6mg6Springtime and InsanityAdult (m)3,6368402
OY8wFTale of the DragonAdult (f)2,4967070
vZKxtChatty ParrotAdult (m)3,6937622
5rBue5 BlueAdult (m)3,6297301
Xhsc0Disreputable AncestorsAdult (m)2,6566631
DLHr1You Burn Through My MindAdult (f)2,5036991
M2CWGBlack Shimmers PinkAdult (f)3,0805817
DCBOABoa ConstrictaAdult (f)3,1406541
TNIJ8I Love the Passing of TimeAdult (m)3,5498231
4VLerFour LoverAdult (m)3,9817011
5bMfMFirewhisky and WineAdult (f)4,0687431
YLCg4Never-ending QueriesAdult (f)4,0247491
wHtCWUniversal Wild ChildAdult (m)4,2758693
vux6ATalking  is  HardAdult (m)4,3368632
3UrxzImpressive NameAdult (m)3,4077512
xPnRwWalk a TightropeAdult (m)4,2959374
57rleLifted Up 1985Adult (m)4,3289673
fp7jSMy Springtime of YouthAdult (f)4,2869443
r7VjHRetrouveillesAdult (m)3,3888061
6hrfvCome Find Me and We'll FightAdult (f)5,1459923
hKg4GThis Heart is Burning UpAdult (f)5,2359972
VjtkUFirstborn of my HouseholdAdult (m)3,4227971
bBUPv(bBUPv)Adult (m)4,4377513
2kZOP(2kZOP)Adult (m)4,3687654
U4anrSens8tionalHatchling (F)1,8603362
PjV5zFirst Moult FeatherHatchling (m, F)3,3896541
g0VuhDaizaiAdult (f)3,2066351
uaukVFreaky taserAdult (m)3,2326912
IwaPLKilllerqueenAdult (f)2,5637221
HgYwsThe Return of Joy BoyAdult (m)3,0287452
ykm1XShadow of the  ColossusAdult (m)2,8056291
HC24DThose who RemainAdult (m)2,3737732
2gPlSRed  RedemptionAdult (f)2,7397231
2nStnKill the MessengerAdult (m)2,9315911
8OWHUThrown to the roadsideAdult (m)2,5757981
x5Aoz(x5Aoz)Adult (m)3,3797017
aG07c(aG07c)Adult (f)6,3951,0956
01830(01830)Adult (m)7,2151,2944
RSp8d(RSp8d)Adult (m)2,5906602
BeC32(BeC32)Adult (m)4,3719034
lrVyW(lrVyW)Adult (m)5,0899611
H3MSN(H3MSN)Adult (m)6,2361,1825
j31t1We Learned the SeaAdult (f)2,6427375
CKxw7Between the Two of UsAdult (m)2,9487381
0FizKWould  you believe itAdult (m)4,6629282
caXP5Wave wind satelliteAdult (m)3,5046931
tL2wnBellisaereAdult (m)5,1619455
IMkhQ(IMkhQ)Adult (f)3,0596662
QOkas(QOkas)Adult (f)2,2297061
iXBAl(iXBAl)Adult (m)4,2477232
pmNSSTreesweeperAdult (m)5,0591,0222
DSfaSTreesclimberAdult (f)1,7137261
3pCdxTreefallingHatchling (F)1,5033471
RaX3uThe MoonrakerAdult (m)2,4005822
rqZWs(rqZWs)Adult (m)2,7167100
A4d9Y(A4d9Y)Adult (f)2,6847030
ddKmH(ddKmH)Adult (f)3,7449160
ItsVw(ItsVw)Adult (f)4,8347894
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