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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bob_jones,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YcBO1Charlie and ScarlieAdult (m)7,1602,0653
ElZG4Walter and WalternateAdult (m)3,1239962
N613GHelena and SarahAdult (f)2,1736757
Kkr5vOlivia and FauxliviaAdult (m)4,7454103
CBDLvHeaven and HeckAdult (m)3,1754381
TRbWURoarer GreentreeHatchling (m, F)2,5656592
Jd02KDual GreentreeAdult (f)2,3097291
pnnAUMultiple GreentreeAdult (m)2,3245131
doFWYShe died and we did nothingAdult (m)3,4924604
YnBD9Jean GreentreeAdult (f)3,9683803
ZSHffPsychic GreentreeAdult (f)4,0894162
9oD6JVanessa GreentreeAdult (f)3,3984694
wO4PrHated in the NationAdult (f)5,0738593
KDDf3Kidd GreentreeAdult (m)4,7663982
fIIFzFillifz GreentreeAdult (m)2,7245551
aNzufthe ordinary is surrealAdult (f)4,3823931
g4vBl(g4vBl)Adult (f)4,3358292
9JlB6Tekete GreentreeAdult (f)2,5074780
93JNdJend GreentreeAdult (m)2,6944760
2vPVaTepava GreentreeAdult (f)3,1075140
BCoQSBecoqus GreentreeAdult (m)2,8514610
jNKUvi got the touch placeboAdult (f)3,1654581
xY5wlXeysel GreentreeAdult (f)3,9067921
uZf4sIcecrystal GreentreeAdult (m)2,8194970
BqHe9Adhesion GreentreeAdult (m)3,5501,2072
8VHkcI   love youAdult (m)2,6716992
qTtM2I love you like the last shotAdult (m)2,6936881
ZEf0Fat the bottom of a bottleAdult (f)2,6596852
OpLeKrazor valentineAdult (f)2,6466953
mglisI love you like a murder babeAdult (m)3,1475992
CmeKMI'm burying the bonesAdult (f)2,9145692
Cbb3Yat the sound of closing timeAdult (f)3,0566761
J4BsoI love you like a drunkAdult (m)2,8826474
UYh0lI love you like a crimeAdult (f)2,3426603
6OGEfwraps its arms around the skyAdult (f)2,4964573
kESJgKesig GreentreeAdult (f)2,2407415
7pqNJL'puqunuj GreentreeAdult (f)2,1607381
lQIKJLiqu'ik GreentreeAdult (f)2,7124984
JBaCXJ'bacx GreentreeAdult (m)3,2285241
jACl7Jacell GreentreeAdult (f)2,5525193
IuQV7Iuquov GreentreeAdult (f)2,3607122
GEhbLGeh'bl GreentreeAdult (m)3,0977494
icq1aIcquella GreentreeAdult (f)2,9025481
xm4BGLack GreentreeAdult (m)4,4403543
XSYchPsych GreentreeAdult (f)4,0534042
CW30BCew GreentreeAdult (f)3,3084420
vMVCxMiara GreentreeAdult (m)3,6414531
qsXEDEba GreentreeAdult (f)4,2523981
wuPusKazhen GreentreeAdult (m)4,0614770
ZkwbUNeyada GreentreeAdult (f)4,5894091
SE1XCSeic GreentreeAdult (m)3,3784473
s7792Seven GreentreeAdult (m)2,9224940
FAhH0Fahho GreentreeAdult (m)2,9465131
vrE4lVreal GreentreeAdult (f)2,9755411
Cmv06(Cmv06)Adult (f)4,7094292
QRJw4Glossi GreentreeAdult (m)4,3064612
VwJgFSin GreentreeAdult (m)4,1424392
xEP1HXep GreentreeAdult (f)3,6033824
5vY0fTranquillus GreentreeAdult (f)3,7763715
QTAeOSerritaz GreentreeAdult (f)4,0534125
92x3XLennas GreentreeAdult (f)4,2434004
KOcS0Koso GreentreeAdult (m)3,5743925
v1KPxPharynx GreentreeAdult (f)4,6113862
xeWGoNewer Elements of Our DefenseAdult (f)3,1004512
UGjsiAve GreentreeAdult (f)3,5214911
Mn2KvLarynx GreentreeAdult (m)4,0573521
NogJYAnag GreentreeAdult (m)4,7954291
hysLPAllis GreentreeAdult (f)4,5344192
PQA4GThe glamour fadesAdult (f)3,7594132
O0CqmScarred by ManyPast FrustrationsAdult (f)3,0053824
YvUAMMad Max Fury RoadAdult (f)3,6824342
rSLMhGreta GreentreeAdult (m)3,5744252
Fv82uDelilah GreentreeAdult (f)3,5884102
9CENGI'm gonna be freeAdult (f)4,0834242
iq2s6And I'm gonna be fineAdult (m)4,0614372
62DkqMaybe not tonightAdult (m)3,5084573
mm6ggo hai markAdult (m)3,4824492
3V0YKVoyk GreentreeAdult (m)3,0534582
hS3jhCasey GreentreeAdult (m)3,1284101
rx1l7Hey I'm milking the Milky WayAdult (m)4,2823921
32SmYEnterprising Young MenAdult (m)3,2654261
s7iL4(s7iL4)Adult (m)3,9734041
7bd9FHaren GreentreeAdult (m)3,4564472
eqeBLKlia GreentreeAdult (f)3,6884091
C7vYfAshi GreentreeAdult (f)4,4114561
KwVSqVega GreentreeAdult (m)3,6264193
fhwRYFehry GreentreeAdult (f)4,6454041
cbJxrPEE ON CARLAdult (m)6,1671,2365
7aUWSAuws GreentreeAdult (f)3,4163791
7LHfXThe Unaligned SuccubusAdult (f)3,6024050
zkYGmRegret is for SuckersAdult (m)3,5404364
85aeeBessie GreentreeAdult (f)3,8253772
1QwKfMortal EnginesAdult (m)3,4943942
GU7YgI had a heart thenAdult (m)4,2583900
evbetEvbet GreentreeAdult (f)2,9004322
h1elUlook what you're doing to meAdult (f)2,9334741
mevCGhawaiian mazesAdult (f)2,6954161
l1H2dIleh GreentreeAdult (f)3,8303301
R2U4pRennet GreentreeAdult (m)3,1285123
8r11VLeveret GreentreeAdult (f)2,5554912
61d0SJustine GreentreeAdult (f)2,6034921
9AsDTKayher GreentreeAdult (f)2,4994961
bagRYBagry GreentreeAdult (f)3,1324701
plUpWPell GreentreeAdult (f)2,5234711
0a0exis it the shore or the seaAdult (m)3,8524431
aa9pfAan GreentreeAdult (f)2,8634401
z3JJVgive me a reason to love youAdult (m)3,4744411
lGnyWplaying with this bow and arrowAdult (m)3,9334542
3CN87Thrennata GreentreeAdult (f)3,1024720
DtK6gRend GreentreeAdult (f)3,7284653
VfVlJdread fear light laughterAdult (f)2,8124821
PCnT2Primeval GreentreeAdult (f)2,8115101
NtsJWNest GreentreeAdult (f)4,1245012
lCeCj(lCeCj)Adult (m)3,8234261
53Xvj(53Xvj)Adult (m)3,7624202
lU3m3(lU3m3)Adult (f)4,0894333
3eadeEade GreentreeAdult (m)5,0298813
iKE6EAtnegam GreentreeAdult (f)4,5618903
XX6UzYou're gonna make it after allAdult (m)4,6083601
w6HewNeon GreentreeAdult (f)3,9493583
zFM1JDano GreentreeAdult (m)3,8583871
ikWo3Ouia GreentreeAdult (m)2,8774592
bUr1GBurl GreentreeAdult (m)3,8893991
eFmO8cursed with dishonestyAdult (f)2,8334561
uPXHVUpexhev GreentreeAdult (m)3,5884940
xqjZDAlthough I was burningAdult (f)3,3924710
Xn3iZthe dragon teeth ain't worriedAdult (f)3,3173811
GfsTpGefstep GreentreeAdult (m)2,9244441
JRdhiJerdhi GreentreeAdult (m)3,4425092
KIM7R(KIM7R)Adult (f)3,4624022
n6TzP(n6TzP)Adult (f)3,6528123
eeTAJEetaj GreentreeAdult (f)2,8354532
5iWo2Geraldine GreentreeAdult (m)3,0784540
I2SQ3Sharptooth GreentreeAdult (f)3,7404621
R81uQFearsome GreentreeAdult (m)3,4174512
dCWlMSwim GreentreeAdult (f)2,8514571
cnaiLConsume GreentreeAdult (m)3,8533802
pJymRDevour GreentreeAdult (f)3,8933642
HjxRtSever GreentreeAdult (m)4,5624412
p6NLaRip GreentreeAdult (f)3,5174110
73UXr779H41Adult (m)3,3114442
Kt5LoCas'tleAdult (m)3,7331,1495
KNg6sBouncy GreentreeAdult (f)2,5916892
yokkJBalloon GreentreeAdult (f)3,8573965
scaSAScasa GreentreeAdult (f)3,1717325
T7G4UKendro GreentreeAdult (m)3,4054260
1ozYuLeave my body lose my mindAdult (m)4,4884500
eQvRtRegal Guard GreentreeAdult (m)4,2613961
Nj8WLfrom the girl who made you soupAdult (m)3,8414574
iR4wRand tied your shoesAdult (f)3,2544920
pW4rOwhen you were hurtingAdult (m)3,2675531
93DrTNedret GreentreeAdult (f)3,4144302
BJ80N(BJ80N)Adult (f)3,7715021
NbpHuFrankie Greentree of DorkfaceAdult (f)3,0466486
55vjFSvuhjuf GreentreeAdult (m)2,1816871
MRO5WMeros GreentreeAdult (m)3,6604741
zFpwLZuf'powl GreentreeAdult (f)1,4295762
oItoFFerocious KittenAdult (f)2,8579446
HWsuTFerocious Kitten IIAdult (f)2,8354342
ckbKkCabke GreentreeAdult (f)3,5315795
RAZItRazit GreentreeAdult (f)1,7575823
Z8RwUQ'rohni Whoodkhoo ThuwedAdult (f)2,3445823
F2FhXBlack GreentreeAdult (m)2,5594726
rYG4TRygat GreentreeAdult (m)5,4155355
KYh0GKy GreentreeAdult (m)3,7855612
yfMiTImmerix GreentreeAdult (m)2,9836066
yj5LEFerryn GreentreeAdult (f)2,4805242
Y98bUEmma GreentreeAdult (m)3,0204963
kBsaeI lie in wait hush little heartAdult (m)3,0095453
6WY9BKelai GreentreeAdult (m)3,1423812
HS38hLuvya GreentreeAdult (f)3,5313772
6wBeyBey GreentreeAdult (m)2,7123753
DBOk6Dbo GreentreeAdult (f)3,3273803
ayHUfAy GreentreeAdult (f)5,5798244
FFWYgOde GreentreeAdult (f)3,7943953
CvCmOMatteo GreentreeAdult (m)3,3584211
RaJHoRajho GreentreeAdult (m)2,9724762
OAqi0Oaqio GreentreeAdult (f)4,3984514
RFeHAThe believer or the cynicAdult (f)3,3863801
zAQLmZaqlem GreentreeAdult (m)2,8974660
so75qSosseq GreentreeAdult (m)2,7364382
w1w02Wiwot GreentreeAdult (f)4,9423581
LpUfoi've been a temptress too longAdult (f)3,3374391
NpARgGreeneyes Greentree of DorkfaceAdult (f)2,8029634
VQIPLVoquipel GreentreeAdult (m)2,9954922
cpEUuCepeu GreentreeHatchling (F)2,3479462
UZJbXCarrie GreentreeAdult (f)2,2626921
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