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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “blueninja41,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5V4ZYI love the colour BlueAdult (f)3,3574893
IW2WD(IW2WD)Adult (f)5,3113554
r4Pv2White as the SunAdult (f)5,1303424
0oh1jThe Black HuntsmanAdult (m)3,6041,1884
btlfm(btlfm)Adult (m)4,9913892
ydwA0(ydwA0)Adult (m)4,3943110
X82lbNo I'm not a goldAdult (f)7,1854791
2Srq1Jack's BeanstalkAdult (f)2,8109482
xvUrlTriffiddicusAdult (f)3,6651,1627
kf1k3The DreamgiverAdult (f)6,9387119
VrM52Scaly DoombringerAdult (f)1,4686165
VYEOlPurple Star in the nightAdult (m)4,5399156
nbTumSparky the electric DragonAdult (f)2,8974958
KEun2Blazing Sun on a cold dayAdult (m)5,7205404
HZBBYBurning Sun on a cold dayAdult (f)5,1013571
ch3smIt's a Pink      owaitAdult (f)4,5621,0983
khQaEBronze and MalachiteAdult (f)2,9842523
vRHhD(vRHhD)Adult (f)5,5423845
GWhEAGreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenAdult (f)3,5434613
rmYW6Big Shield DudeAdult (m)8835242
IU9rvThe Second Big Shield DudeAdult (m)2,3427891
vSKaq(vSKaq)Adult (m)4,2603642
BSPWBBlue Fire Breathing NinjaAdult (f)1,6667571
MqF2T(MqF2T)Adult (m)3,4648347
77d3eNice day for a SwimAdult (f)3,1304694
SCWoiArch-Mage DUMBLEDOREAdult (f)3,4284344
BDbE3YOU'RE A WIZARD HARRYAdult (m)2,3554113
oi1a2(oi1a2)Adult (f)3,5183332
2qsrZMint Basil and OreganoAdult (f)3,2404302
OJh2fCan You see the moooooooonAdult (f)2,80458611
JVkNLYou can see the moooooooonAdult (f)5,3313561
k9PLhShining Star in a Black SkyAdult (m)3,0734415
N6CCVBlack Sky with a Shining StarAdult (f)5,9347157
9l0tFBlack Star in a Shining skyAdult (m)4,3523033
BjNREOchre like a tin of ochre paintAdult (f)3,5405406
I2fciSkewered OliveAdult (m)4,8013210
OFpYjFluffy Fluffy Pillow DragonAdult (m)4,4247114
AG6oFHaha pink is so girlyAdult (f)4,2873482
98OGITinsel and BaublesAdult (m)9,6391,5739
n0UF3(n0UF3)Adult (f)8,7465842
vzOwV(vzOwV)Adult (m)8,2065491
HFYPq(HFYPq)Adult (f)9,7326505
JQjgXas Purple as a Purple thingAdult (f)3,9275503
JeuEtYellllllllllllllllllow PygmiesAdult (f)1,6157381
691t4Crimson like BLOODAdult (m)5,2837045
EKTDNHuffle and PuffleAdult (f)1,5837272
iEl5e(iEl5e)Adult (m)1,5777171
2Y5hVMistii the Myst PygmyAdult (f)4,7699203
jpfVdMfp-001-FeAdult (f)5,0106655
ObQEZNip-001-MaAdult (m)5,1326854
QPfu9(QPfu9)Adult (f)2,8899492
YlLioRyb-001-MaAdult (m)5,7221,1632
bfbPISky-001-FeAdult (f)3,3584882
jAeA2Sky-002-MaAdult (m)4,2183283
dyvEc(dyvEc)Adult (m)3,7354213
YbDYX(YbDYX)Adult (f)4,2981,2866
gDAq8Looks like a bronzeAdult (f)4,1971,1897
juim1(juim1)Adult (f)3,7403235
nMXMJSpf-001-FeAdult (f)1,4081,0706
fJ6AW(fJ6AW)Adult (f)4,5323360
bWVVqSto-001-FeAdult (f)2,8955037
SoipSWStr-001-MaAdult (m)5,0976756
WerZ6WStr-002-FeAdult (f)5,8116556
0lXNXWStr-003-FeAdult (f)4,3245974
5UNUF(5UNUF)Adult (m)2,7139163
JslHFRStr-001-FeAdult (f)8,3751,13311
iODPDGStr-001-FeAdult (f)5,4583640
Ld3EuBlaStr-001-MaAdult (m)3,7163490
4ruc3Ssa-001-FeAdult (f)5,8136697
lmFtJSsa-002-Fe-FrzHatchling (f, F)5,2037553
dsnCmSst-001-FeAdult (f)4,6585834
OlA9aSwTai-001-MaAdult (m)5,3023601
k6bLnGHTan-001-FeAdult (f)5,1013882
ler5k(ler5k)Adult (f)3,9013682
iLKX3Tsu-001-FeAdult (f)7,2281,2655
KRZdeTsu-002-Fe-StairstepAdult (f)5,0363361
Td6RVTur-001-MaAdult (m)4,3466963
VDutbVmp-001-FeAdult (f)5,6511,0957
i6eB0Vmp-002-FeAdult (f)5,0814553
9QnVG(9QnVG)Adult (m)2,3686583
X7gM0Whi-001-FeAdult (f)2,8454979
G4HtKWhi-002-MaAdult (m)3,3225386
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