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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • Snow Wars 2
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “bluefinch8,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QDMxf(QDMxf)Adult (f)1,5516284
JPbtFChardonnay and Adderall MAdult (m)1,3695872
2t7wpRich Rich Friend MAdult (m)1,2155332
MOPR4(MOPR4)Adult (f)2,35491827
4QYuV(4QYuV)Adult (f)2,33992227
6kK6oGarden Salad FAdult (f)5,3791,28828
onf1SThe Gates of Babylon MAdult (m)2,23879411
PIVuz(PIVuz)Adult (f)1,5917002
iuwue(iuwue)Adult (m)9344575
VlANzWilbur MAdult (m)1,71861311
in2ST(in2ST)Adult (f)2,9541,21839
Opxg0(Opxg0)Adult (f)2,33486930
WO3bb(WO3bb)Adult (f)2,0288773
5hk68(5hk68)Adult (m)2,0298775
kZypdPlease Don't Bite MAdult (m)2,19784219
31cl1(31cl1)Adult (m)1,2085322
169jzNever Coming Back FAdult (f)1,51065217
cv36r(cv36r)Adult (f)9394594
kqtA5English Breakfast FAdult (f)2,20481633
OfLbWConstant Comment FAdult (f)1,0704653
mRcYo(mRcYo)Adult (f)1,0574935
9GClsDebauchery MAdult (m)2,61093618
dXczb(dXczb)Adult (m)1,6066405
6OlVZ(6OlVZ)Adult (m)2,2548223
3SvqjStuck in the Sound FAdult (f)2,56058810
M9Wm8Wealth and Taste MAdult (m)2,79188922
LFK3N(LFK3N)Adult (m)1,2596367
xBWit(xBWit)Adult (m)1,4536036
GmVof(GmVof)Adult (m)1,4326143
BIf8ISympathetic Devil MAdult (m)2,00990517
s1k1LBoard and Tar FAdult (f)3,26977519
GvD8bI'll Play God MAdult (m)2,60594430
9Kc9mI'll Fake God FAdult (f)1,45057915
wZrC7(wZrC7)Adult (m)1,4386018
pDk6hComa Love FAdult (f)1,0514812
EB9I8One for the Road FAdult (f)2,26981814
zqNTYBetter Than You Know FAdult (f)1,6606829
weqF4(weqF4)Adult (m)2,01676523
Kq77a(Kq77a)Adult (f)8664313
P53JrFrom the Temple MAdult (m)2,59276524
A1GvMTo the Tomb FAdult (f)2,75279817
V95lo(V95lo)Adult (f)3,5145772
yz8XiOleander MAdult (m)1,97974027
wPCk9(wPCk9)Adult (f)1,4336213
nXjh8Orb MAdult (m)1,82575721
C60rP(C60rP)Adult (m)1,16757310
mirPB(mirPB)Adult (m)3,5031,0805
98vBJJaws Theme FAdult (f)2,94398017
QRkexAin't That Holy MAdult (m)1,1856057
GkqfgJudgement Day MAdult (m)2,0298775
8J5QQRest Assured FAdult (f)1,53557034
PsBK7Guess My Name MAdult (m)2,9771,23123
YZ7gJOh Sinnerman MAdult (m)2,46594926
uBEox(uBEox)Adult (f)8824403
VxBftShimmering Redux MAdult (m)2,04777825
cC9sELittle Dark Age MAdult (m)3,1006639
IMphNFlash Existence FAdult (f)2,51294818
3Lu1YCrying Lightning MAdult (m)2,29560416
W3elRViolent Delight MAdult (m)2,43375211
6xmcoViolent Disgust MAdult (m)3,4881,19825
uXq10Broken Crown MAdult (m)1,4436144
FF7IlAwful Edges FAdult (f)2,53994418
dxpRM(dxpRM)Adult (m)3,5555742
SVi47(SVi47)Adult (f)3,7941,1115
M9IUMLike Angels Sing MAdult (m)3,40090310
tJ1Ec(tJ1Ec)Adult (m)1,0205663
AEtAk(AEtAk)Adult (m)3,7641,1065
BBxqr(BBxqr)Adult (f)3,8111,1205
SpUAu(SpUAu)Adult (f)1,0354834
LoZdTPetrichor FAdult (f)1,8666778
81IJ6Hermes' Wing MAdult (m)2,5176566
mZGyhThe Age of Living FAdult (f)1,86865711
T8VNc99 Problems MAdult (m)2,84787723
bcWO9Madonna FAdult (f)2,63859318
M7s9P(M7s9P)Adult (m)2,9831,22231
bZEGT(bZEGT)Adult (m)3,25595117
4UqFt(4UqFt)Adult (m)3,46897223
pTAIaThe Noise of Thunder FAdult (f)2,20281827
eiamQ(eiamQ)Adult (m)1,8108281
LTdlR(LTdlR)Adult (f)2,1156881
GKclCCandy Cane Lane MAdult (m)1,74781712
Kl4Me(Kl4Me)Adult (f)1,8807021
I3QM9Carol of Bells FAdult (f)1,75381410
lAsqUShining Tinsel FAdult (f)1,5927668
1BGXQ(1BGXQ)Adult (m)2,1176481
wdkboBethlehem MAdult (m)1,5667668
eihUQ(eihUQ)Adult (m)1,6766111
T3a1QWhen the Winter's Gone FAdult (f)2,16576812
snvfaFirst Noel FAdult (f)1,6947155
u1O1U(u1O1U)Adult (m)2,1048981
xNJlK(xNJlK)Adult (m)1,6358893
WUh26Angels on High FAdult (f)1,92773211
br7CQChristmas Lights MAdult (m)1,9227428
YdKAuNitroglycerine MAdult (m)1,9337458
iXgfk(iXgfk)Adult (f)1,6429072
8AJu8(8AJu8)Adult (f)1,6069102
G9JPpBrother to Sin MAdult (m)2,6436596
tU2BcPersonal Jesus FAdult (f)2,0799068
6Hm3O(6Hm3O)Adult (f)2,0086333
sRfCh(sRfCh)Adult (f)1,14056511
5rF41You Rascal You FAdult (f)1,1015708
5lb2J(5lb2J)Adult (m)1,1885242
TmqBb(TmqBb)Adult (m)1,4035574
iZuA1Scotch Tape FAdult (f)2,22685922
fpOtD(fpOtD)Adult (f)9754695
wOumEGlue Stick FAdult (f)1,18859814
bsaz8(bsaz8)Adult (f)1,0124774
8I1o7Endless Dream FAdult (f)1,85581123
sR14qDon't Wake Me FAdult (f)1,2756419
NB8zr(NB8zr)Adult (f)5,5226091
KjE1z(KjE1z)Adult (m)2,1889316
pj3fXBe Amazing FAdult (f)1,76553415
UwbxbChristmas Kid FAdult (f)1,71972626
EmgdSZebulon MAdult (m)5,6901,30723
9BVIxFremulon MAdult (m)1,8728261
iIGlC(iIGlC)Adult (m)1,47360612
0248NLow Roar FAdult (f)1,87269411
ezxGl(ezxGl)Adult (f)2,2078212
WZk02The Great Divide MAdult (m)1,89976023
0eW8w(0eW8w)Adult (m)1,4355882
NGQEVCrucified Heart MAdult (m)1,34361926
cPJ45Caught in the Riptide MAdult (m)1,54157230
25ajXComa Pinwheel MAdult (m)1,03339246
UB2BSComatose Heart FAdult (f)1,12449317
9cbHO(9cbHO)Adult (f)1,3635788
ECkDl(ECkDl)Adult (m)1,0554914
IBZmjCome and See FAdult (f)1,82964625
Fe6p1Ana Save Me FAdult (f)3,7591,36237
ekKuDWeeping Anger FAdult (f)2,31278610
iOuGG(iOuGG)Adult (f)1,5927012
4aBrc(4aBrc)Adult (f)3,3215681
cnMkP(cnMkP)Adult (f)3,1111,0396
qeOue(qeOue)Adult (m)1,8706706
yODUkHow Bad Me Be MAdult (m)5,2581,32536
TLKwf(TLKwf)Adult (f)2,0536303
dTaSQHeart Holds the Key FAdult (f)2,01059715
VtQCL(VtQCL)Adult (m)4,3506954
D0vBzTurn the Lights On FAdult (f)2,28181630
kDvcdVolatile Times MAdult (m)1,98689112
ShLFo(ShLFo)Adult (m)1,7658272
dHg1bCan't Save Me FAdult (f)2,57885620
bf26lNo Lullaby FAdult (f)1,95975819
P7P6F(P7P6F)Adult (m)1,7106454
gTsdQ(gTsdQ)Adult (m)1,4175614
wFZeY(wFZeY)Adult (m)1,5426184
hiR8WConstitution Save MAdult (m)2,29084129
d4jZf(d4jZf)Adult (f)1,0314814
nPD06Barracuda FAdult (f)2,29288015
xu20CLove is Real MAdult (m)9674355
21ZwRLove is Gone FAdult (f)1,62470121
9bB4mHangover Heartache FAdult (f)2,5681,10531
513bHAlways Here With Me FAdult (f)2,26085229
B6Q3jAphelion MAdult (m)2,50197032
3bewoRoyal Blood MAdult (m)2,5466756
E08yW(E08yW)Adult (m)1,8248301
Z2inkFlowing Bismuth FAdult (f)1,66760628
aKnFJ(aKnFJ)Adult (f)1,0814962
C07ZDNicodemus MAdult (m)2,14283524
5ySWv(5ySWv)Adult (f)1,52762612
zA2f1(zA2f1)Adult (m)1,3835672
Fi8Fn(Fi8Fn)Adult (m)1,3925544
0EWKq(0EWKq)Adult (m)1,2245353
67LPf(67LPf)Adult (f)1,8838281
2ErTTHigh and Hazy Sky FAdult (f)1,75357215
ES4FvExpensive Tastes FAdult (f)2,18388412
8u66P(8u66P)Adult (f)2,0298773
yuivM(yuivM)Adult (f)1,9806203
5dXoUCoral Backstroke FAdult (f)2,2707868
5IJ1AStrike a Pose FAdult (f)2,2637838
ZnTHnAquamarine Dew FAdult (f)2,27387316
D3zUrAquamarine Danger FAdult (f)2,70389325
7vTIF(7vTIF)Adult (m)1,6047052
TBUEEChoranaptyxis MAdult (m)1,88976240
klOqz(klOqz)Adult (f)9334245
11IXc(11IXc)Adult (m)2,2418294
C9XxM(C9XxM)Adult (f)1,09754410
OFOfcKiss My Eyes FAdult (f)3,3881,18034
fQXKCOne-Time Gentleman MAdult (m)2,8731,21929
9V87M(9V87M)Adult (f)1,6156436
hSoHO(hSoHO)Adult (m)2,2258292
ANeJ8Popular Culture FAdult (f)2,40077813
7mbC9(7mbC9)Adult (f)1,0574603
1EkrjPound of Flesh MAdult (m)1,16743939
7YjY3Mr Tinkertrain MAdult (m)1,97878225
3LO7G(3LO7G)Adult (f)1,0395732
z5extEmpty Crown FAdult (f)2,42056910
BJ8EqMy Sweet Lavinia FAdult (f)3,6491,22921
FX2Nn(FX2Nn)Adult (m)1,0165632
X2bnT(X2bnT)Adult (f)1,97673424
8ZBtS(8ZBtS)Adult (m)3,6021,1275
eaHuYKick in the Head MAdult (m)2,87180629
JwJJRBeautiful Anger MAdult (m)2,2408569
942zvAmber Tears FAdult (f)3,26079819
TB1RNHoney Drop FAdult (f)5,0591,31333
vNUm8Radiant Tears FAdult (f)6,2081,40218
8Q8gNDream Breaker FAdult (f)2,4886638
x3fWL(x3fWL)Adult (m)1,2396299
2nPX9(2nPX9)Adult (m)1,12756310
nvhM8Sugar Sweet MAdult (m)2,9601,21530
D0ICHStrawberry Cream MAdult (m)2,30884625
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