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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bloodonmyfangs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0S5LLil' TreeEgg (F)
ReNSZ(ReNSZ)Adult (f)4,3491,1325
lB54C(lB54C)Adult (m)4,0721,1257
H9wZM(H9wZM)Adult (m)4,0441,1146
dyM9q(dyM9q)Adult (m)4,0161,1138
hzp0P(hzp0P)Adult (m)3,8661,0946
jotLp(jotLp)Adult (m)3,8611,1284
t5tAr(t5tAr)Adult (m)6,0631,0476
GBzf0(GBzf0)Adult (m)5,3171,0284
emtYy(emtYy)Adult (m)3,9871,1552
jyyRL(jyyRL)Adult (m)3,9631,1173
j8vys(j8vys)Adult (f)3,9441,1244
0Jf21(0Jf21)Adult (m)4,3691,0994
8ZDdM(8ZDdM)Adult (f)4,2841,0894
miAN2Heart RadiantAdult (m)4,2591,0525
o3Fou(o3Fou)Adult (m)3,8361,1744
azrnn(azrnn)Adult (m)3,7711,1625
jQRYN(jQRYN)Adult (m)3,6681,1574
u520n(u520n)Adult (m)3,7061,1805
7Nwa4(7Nwa4)Adult (f)5,0751,0672
iQslE(iQslE)Adult (m)5,0921,0632
Nwp7q(Nwp7q)Adult (f)4,1451,1303
Nujh1(Nujh1)Adult (f)3,5941,0983
jEICi(jEICi)Adult (f)3,5481,1054
ROlCe(ROlCe)Adult (m)3,5621,0901
owc6g(owc6g)Adult (f)3,6021,1183
NCSCT(NCSCT)Adult (f)3,2261,0365
vbodd(vbodd)Adult (f)3,3271,0574
kuuAv(kuuAv)Adult (m)3,5071,0916
so6Kp(so6Kp)Adult (f)3,7071,1755
pyJOZ(pyJOZ)Adult (f)4,1101,2111
Tjii7(Tjii7)Adult (f)4,6011,1054
RhjEwHeart ShroudAdult (f)4,6271,0912
dt4Dl(dt4Dl)Adult (f)3,5611,1142
tZDDC(tZDDC)Adult (f)3,5971,1204
TMjFq(TMjFq)Adult (m)3,4941,1032
6D2rW(6D2rW)Adult (m)3,9751,0533
FXiOH(FXiOH)Adult (m)2,7771,0072
iRUkP(iRUkP)Adult (m)2,7819712
ByR9u(ByR9u)Adult (f)3,0421,0342
ABCrR(ABCrR)Adult (m)3,1341,0774
kUWvZ(kUWvZ)Adult (m)3,9641,0051
Ht4a9(Ht4a9)Adult (f)3,8751,0382
ClTuH(ClTuH)Adult (f)3,9609904
NCogi(NCogi)Adult (m)3,8901,0242
eLtyk(eLtyk)Adult (f)3,6159851
v9S90(v9S90)Adult (m)3,7681,0063
DjKEu(DjKEu)Adult (f)4,3071,0932
AbxTy(AbxTy)Adult (m)3,2719753
mp2uM(mp2uM)Adult (m)3,3329642
v8tJ6(v8tJ6)Adult (m)3,3939713
JylI6(JylI6)Adult (f)3,1639791
e8Twr(e8Twr)Adult (m)3,1299701
58PYb(58PYb)Adult (f)3,3179764
ax5as(ax5as)Adult (m)3,4649483
G9av5(G9av5)Adult (m)3,5549542
vvsMD(vvsMD)Adult (m)3,5709474
RluRq(RluRq)Adult (m)3,5539792
Q5nsD(Q5nsD)Adult (m)3,4199713
VuH30(VuH30)Adult (m)3,4999683
HQWENHarleqwenAdult (f)3,4581,0822
ymUsEA MuseAdult (f)4,1841,07612
fJHvJ(fJHvJ)Adult (f)3,1759541
1vfoe(1vfoe)Adult (m)3,3469312
m6QIy(m6QIy)Adult (m)3,3999281
KqPqg(KqPqg)Adult (f)3,2959533
sZezk(sZezk)Adult (f)2,8737622
gzSSd(gzSSd)Adult (m)3,0047551
WyDO6(WyDO6)Adult (m)2,9296861
xSIgj(xSIgj)Adult (f)2,8966801
MXgHL(MXgHL)Adult (f)3,0008142
B2Vk7(B2Vk7)Adult (f)3,1918262
FkW7L(FkW7L)Adult (m)3,2998241
eUqRs(eUqRs)Adult (f)3,3088223
NrZ7E(NrZ7E)Adult (m)3,4609743
vMEGU(vMEGU)Adult (f)3,5011,0102
OIDTq(OIDTq)Adult (m)3,5439571
6ziV7(6ziV7)Adult (f)3,6269944
1VVb1(1VVb1)Adult (m)3,5271,0056
zH0aW(zH0aW)Adult (f)3,4611,0103
45quB(45quB)Adult (m)3,5671,0102
mVa3C(mVa3C)Adult (f)3,7741,0003
7DHGz(7DHGz)Adult (m)4,4381,1062
4OGnnBerry DramaticAdult (f)6,0881,1885
kxD3P(kxD3P)Adult (m)3,5809823
gqYLs(gqYLs)Adult (m)3,7009993
gNeDT(gNeDT)Adult (f)3,6259975
3NzmS(3NzmS)Adult (m)3,6689973
OKS96(OKS96)Adult (f)3,6961,0154
o1LykAsgardian SunAdult (m)5,6041,0543
Xq7R5Karma ElementAdult (m)3,3089424
WKjgOFiendish SolAdult (m)4,7501,0685
nnNPXLovely TulipAdult (m)4,1431,0393
LWWzASolitary DruidAdult (m)4,3411,0155
BhBgVTragic ComedianAdult (m)5,1361,0584
Uo6Z8Merry Silver BellAdult (f)4,2549693
AFE58Limbo SoulAdult (m)5,3359433
gDsetCanvas BrushAdult (f)5,2749562
qULZy(qULZy)Adult (m)3,2338842
pdlu1(pdlu1)Adult (f)3,1558912
tClGw(tClGw)Adult (f)3,6239352
XQwJt(XQwJt)Adult (m)3,5939173
ThPWy(ThPWy)Adult (m)3,7049623
JOES1(JOES1)Adult (m)3,7209341
itc2f(itc2f)Adult (f)4,7818873
WlIgPRecord EnderAdult (f)5,5359011
TnAwoWhisper In ReverseAdult (f)5,2749122
qmF0rCaballo FuegoAdult (f)5,2881,00626
58MMaAllure AurumAdult (f)6,3431,1347
cwk6o(cwk6o)Adult (f)3,7329633
ZekVzAtlantean JusticeAdult (f)4,7269922
nK44l(nK44l)Adult (m)4,2499722
w58Hm(w58Hm)Adult (f)4,4829703
E14EtRock Isn't DeadAdult (f)4,5201,0073
kk6fESoft EnamelAdult (f)5,8039282
9RtJgMiracle VentureAdult (f)6,4099905
ZOh0kPassing SnowAdult (f)3,5409104
rBcRGKramped HollyAdult (m)3,8871,0562
qFJLMHoliday FilmAdult (m)3,9101,0472
FwOWTSinister SantaAdult (m)4,0941,0922
OG2zVJolly ComfortAdult (m)4,1751,0514
r6PTJSnow ShovelsAdult (m)4,0021,0363
SNTpjExploding BerryAdult (m)3,9461,0603
Ljh6MUnique DesignAdult (m)4,2281,0695
SGNFtStatus BoughAdult (m)3,9251,0843
iywaNHollis GlorisAdult (m)3,9671,0562
9QQcDJoyeux GuiseAdult (m)4,1561,1084
wC2psHolly BasiliskAdult (m)5,4521,0693
6TNtOSanta Is AliveAdult (m)4,5161,0773
NnhAZHolly WarsAdult (m)5,6071,1144
AIUCfHolly MoondustAdult (m)3,8351,1253
995N2Nordic PoleAdult (m)3,3551,1212
TboTXGifting ThuwedAdult (m)3,3491,1131
wQWN0Saintly ReignAdult (m)3,3971,1192
VqZM6Deadly EggnogAdult (m)5,4981,0642
tgewOSaint CodexAdult (m)2,8201,0103
cyoLxIce ClauseAdult (m)2,9761,0224
fdPyUJolly FloretAdult (m)5,4731,1297
NdOqbWitty RecoilAdult (m)3,6269336
LcfppWealthy RecluseAdult (m)3,6118933
MhlhNHolly MarrowAdult (m)3,1378563
frIdTCozy SpiritAdult (m)3,2769042
8rbqxCold BrewingAdult (m)3,1928892
Vj8cjRoyal TraditionAdult (m)3,2508833
cqC5NPressed LeafAdult (m)3,3758842
yvZqLHey JadedAdult (m)3,1348902
jgGfiCaramel HollyAdult (m)3,2268833
oe4b3Snakelike CharmAdult (m)3,3879333
EW5JXNomadic LifeAdult (m)3,3809182
ayJVbBerry TalesAdult (m)3,3558951
BauceSold DreamsAdult (m)3,3828943
71HKJChronic GifterAdult (m)3,3198813
JiSMDIdeal HolidayAdult (m)3,3739092
4T7IRStretch MarkAdult (m)3,3349053
ahCHnTransmit WonderAdult (m)3,2969003
52X4jAstral CheerAdult (m)3,2398726
JKRNMFestive TreatsAdult (m)3,8341,0403
aVEBAPeppermint NickelAdult (m)3,8601,0913
JZzfjStriped GrandeurAdult (m)5,1181,0623
fyF5hTimely YuletideAdult (m)5,3521,0564
0nAQmPhotogenic MemoryAdult (m)3,3711,1251
LaLhbLoudly CarolingAdult (m)3,3961,1341
0eJDDYulebuck FurAdult (m)3,6379272
x8kPJBlitz EquinoxAdult (m)3,7139183
l9LB6Current FashionAdult (m)3,1808417
JY9ewCrystal ExtractAdult (f)5,0011,0913
HDn7BScenic WinterAdult (f)4,4321,1637
A9NwmConfused AngelAdult (f)4,2621,1683
yl0pSBlank AngelAdult (f)3,3731,0892
h9NEAMango RibbonAdult (f)3,2591,0542
U3NKHWishing RibbonAdult (f)3,9981,0523
PS7Y1Warming PyreAdult (m)5,3001,0735
mcRF9Magic OrnamentAdult (m)5,0071,0322
uirvIMoonmagiAdult (m)3,2898733
lx8PdWrapped SandwichAdult (m)3,6191,0382
zQ8xrTough As ScalesAdult (m)3,4021,1541
I7vatChaotic WealthAdult (m)3,3129734
c3H3yLurking GuideAdult (f)2,5779752
HwWqvAurora AranoaAdult (f)3,3298823
CJG7kSerene ViewAdult (f)3,3108993
cj7D1Distinct InstinctAdult (f)3,2728932
1TvQLRosy BittersweetAdult (f)2,9688502
RsxJiClassical RockAdult (f)3,3711,1261
CekEDNoel ShimmerAdult (f)3,2251,1283
jwZN9Passive IvoryAdult (m)3,3831,0623
895OUCalm ShiverAdult (m)3,18494412
6oxOuPlush GrooveAdult (m)2,8111,0192
LDFXgEnd LesslyAdult (m)3,3578954
c8PhkSecret PageantAdult (m)3,6131,0642
mxhX8Monarchy Of SnowAdult (m)3,1219836
13XbUWinter WriterAdult (m)2,8791,0101
PnWYDGlorious FlakeAdult (m)3,5069184
lJfpeMoon GarlandAdult (f)4,9849862
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