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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bloodonmyfangs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0S5LLil' TreeEgg (F)
fwM2k(fwM2k)Adult (m)3,4568754
Brz72(Brz72)Adult (f)3,2388982
D1ITH(D1ITH)Adult (m)3,5749512
uARw6(uARw6)Adult (m)3,7479332
UXecZ(UXecZ)Adult (m)3,4329833
1gbjK(1gbjK)Adult (f)3,4111,0084
fBZHM(fBZHM)Adult (f)3,4141,0072
DQCm7(DQCm7)Adult (m)3,4459902
3goNb(3goNb)Adult (m)3,5709713
HTzVO(HTzVO)Adult (f)3,6251,0152
DuX95(DuX95)Adult (f)3,7121,0031
4Jmvr(4Jmvr)Adult (m)3,5949963
7xoIJ(7xoIJ)Adult (m)3,4681,0213
ThRXC(ThRXC)Adult (f)3,5671,0221
fRCZS(fRCZS)Adult (m)3,4861,0052
HaZBY(HaZBY)Adult (f)3,5831,0201
TMjsS(TMjsS)Adult (m)3,5491,0291
287mG(287mG)Adult (m)2,7068981
W66cw(W66cw)Adult (f)2,8118642
Ekd9r(Ekd9r)Adult (m)2,7518811
4Vbt0(4Vbt0)Adult (m)2,9179481
Ff4WB(Ff4WB)Adult (f)2,8989371
LL8Lj(LL8Lj)Adult (m)2,8989602
9EZs7(9EZs7)Adult (f)2,8749204
hBCcn(hBCcn)Adult (m)2,7148863
Hn2Xy(Hn2Xy)Adult (f)2,8248611
Fgkgi(Fgkgi)Adult (m)2,8068722
H8psd(H8psd)Adult (f)2,8358764
kWB5f(kWB5f)Adult (m)2,7759415
qCbUk(qCbUk)Adult (f)2,8409522
0HQEE(0HQEE)Adult (m)3,0709473
zYMt6(zYMt6)Adult (f)2,9949231
9vdy6(9vdy6)Adult (m)2,7288603
zJmvA(zJmvA)Adult (f)2,8018792
Acy1c(Acy1c)Adult (m)2,8608611
WHnnM(WHnnM)Adult (f)2,7528891
2iPg4(2iPg4)Adult (m)3,6989556
G7ZHk(G7ZHk)Adult (f)3,7659514
dObrqBeauty OvergrownAdult (m)4,4239412
ZPU5pThe Final LevelAdult (m)3,9991,0112
Eyj1uFractured ViewAdult (f)3,8611,0152
xJFLAAmusingsAdult (m)3,9251,0072
b9RasPhoenix WitchAdult (f)5,2499795
xMMTULegion Of DarknessAdult (m)4,9939383
sTymXFearless AuraAdult (f)3,9519935
5DRcRDeadly NachtAdult (f)3,6859523
7vjFxRadiant BlackheartAdult (f)4,3461,0005
WylWxLord RibbonAdult (m)4,7451,0114
x4zS9Kidding JokeAdult (f)3,8821,0222
yES4qYess PleaseAdult (m)3,6551,0111
YODaSBaby YodasAdult (f)5,3811,1008
fKdOdAuream FlorawyrmAdult (m)3,2949444
jJKeNMythic StateraeAdult (f)4,0701,0126
igBjP(igBjP)Adult (m)3,0229723
xHtgL(xHtgL)Adult (f)3,7231,1144
5OUFl(5OUFl)Adult (m)3,2029183
Albjt(Albjt)Adult (m)3,0169873
BtdLp(BtdLp)Adult (f)3,5651,1144
xF4wN(xF4wN)Adult (m)6,1021,19824
KLZtw(KLZtw)Adult (f)3,1169892
bitF7(bitF7)Adult (m)3,0799902
ZABEe(ZABEe)Adult (f)3,0329785
KciQg(KciQg)Adult (m)3,2871,0083
bD1de(bD1de)Adult (f)3,2079923
DbuL3(DbuL3)Adult (m)3,6591,0464
lGnYk(lGnYk)Adult (m)2,9999683
5Vn4JThe Lady LokiAdult (f)3,5441,0502
3ZvVE(3ZvVE)Adult (m)3,1709351
5OJE0(5OJE0)Adult (f)3,1409154
Bwg0L(Bwg0L)Adult (m)3,2539644
Aq22z(Aq22z)Adult (f)2,2103234
hPVTu(hPVTu)Adult (m)3,1879773
MTRGdJoker DragonAdult (m)3,1171,0062
0uomw(0uomw)Adult (f)3,4951,1392
DwDnq(DwDnq)Adult (m)3,5661,0915
EcChb(EcChb)Adult (f)3,6891,0474
p8w04(p8w04)Adult (m)2,9989883
WR46u(WR46u)Adult (f)2,9819714
3kfwk(3kfwk)Adult (m)3,7511,1243
3HY3V(3HY3V)Adult (f)3,4731,0442
9O2Jc(9O2Jc)Adult (m)2,9589791
4ZJOZ(4ZJOZ)Adult (f)3,6959982
6psh4Fluffy StuffsAdult (m)2,9279622
nUQ89Poofy CloudsAdult (f)2,8458951
IauFICotton PadAdult (m)2,8788972
fVJplSpun WoolAdult (f)2,4658882
rlrP6Too SoftAdult (m)2,5138701
3ztydSoft InsideAdult (f)3,4409343
bJp4IDelicate PlumeAdult (m)3,7971,0231
nQ8SsSheep FeatherAdult (f)3,6201,0111
kEop6XenomorphianAdult (m)3,3339571
pnupzXenomorphedAdult (f)3,0299613
UNdelAlien ExperimentAdult (m)2,4418452
Sp6QrAlien VirusAdult (f)2,9409713
oyHzVSpace ContagionAdult (m)2,3488551
tF24bDark SingularityAdult (f)3,1259192
wShhjVoid ScreamerAdult (m)3,6679871
5iZyZHorror MonsterAdult (f)3,8059722
uhsAWBubble JesterAdult (m)2,8559643
cwEIHWater ClownAdult (f)3,1349681
Lgnc0Washed Out ColorAdult (m)2,6678511
L3utyPretty BathbombAdult (f)2,5018441
XH94mBetta DragonAdult (m)3,9851,0191
MobBGProper FishAdult (f)3,7501,0242
1m9AjTie DyerAdult (m)3,6779831
OunCySash RibbonAdult (f)3,8899591
SKfVmBlues MacawAdult (m)2,9109624
dRSP1Parrot SpeciesAdult (f)2,7749001
Gi4JZBig TalkerAdult (m)2,6949002
GuEYBBright MimicAdult (f)2,4088612
cextxBird CagesAdult (m)6,8101,0372
ZGgeINestlingsAdult (f)2,4588642
CeYCTFlight PatternsAdult (m)2,9798921
Lkah3Scale FeatherAdult (f)2,9039101
rgs5rCooked SalmonAdult (m)2,5428722
qHAfPRare MeatAdult (f)2,4038482
fr9A9Pepto BismuthAdult (m)2,9849112
4MsutFeeling GuttedAdult (f)3,2279192
sxGmhFeathery BoaAdult (m)3,0109632
yA0zPHarpy BlushAdult (f)3,3799123
ppLfrFlushed FleshAdult (m)7,2041,1016
krFsWTender CutAdult (f)3,8141,0184
RX1KR(RX1KR)Adult (m)3,0049352
3Vl7x(3Vl7x)Adult (f)2,9359523
3MKqA(3MKqA)Adult (m)3,4299533
FVp5r(FVp5r)Adult (f)3,2379733
w71sO(w71sO)Adult (m)3,4031,0033
7PqBH(7PqBH)Adult (f)4,6099359
ozVwH(ozVwH)Adult (m)3,5389951
JXL1q(JXL1q)Adult (f)3,2788592
cgcHp(cgcHp)Adult (m)3,0389422
gGwVw(gGwVw)Adult (f)4,3131,0172
DCic7(DCic7)Adult (m)5,4389243
zeOgZ(zeOgZ)Adult (f)3,2639411
A72xH(A72xH)Adult (m)3,3239851
vBcHy(vBcHy)Adult (f)3,9281,1015
iEM30(iEM30)Adult (m)6,1511,0822
PzQg2(PzQg2)Adult (f)6,3011,1972
0Vex1(0Vex1)Adult (m)3,0969592
fup0d(fup0d)Adult (f)3,0419412
hJf5A(hJf5A)Adult (m)3,2649631
ohRn4(ohRn4)Adult (f)3,4521,0021
jLY89(jLY89)Adult (m)3,6819921
k1tTQ(k1tTQ)Adult (f)3,4199103
1BRXa(1BRXa)Adult (m)3,2348992
0FMEb(0FMEb)Adult (f)3,1578572
A1A9x(A1A9x)Adult (m)3,4929883
CL3Ll(CL3Ll)Adult (f)3,4789372
4kWoM(4kWoM)Adult (m)3,6219641
LVl3K(LVl3K)Adult (f)3,6389721
H55Nr(H55Nr)Adult (m)3,5919781
xRUx1(xRUx1)Adult (f)3,2318931
ZSZD4(ZSZD4)Adult (m)3,4878731
bmKAz(bmKAz)Adult (f)3,4328841
OpaJE(OpaJE)Adult (m)3,4911,0121
ZQFcq(ZQFcq)Adult (f)3,5431,0093
K8yVx(K8yVx)Adult (m)3,4979882
5gUnM(5gUnM)Adult (f)3,9011,0391
2bAgd(2bAgd)Adult (m)3,2999601
3eGED(3eGED)Adult (f)3,3149723
yN8Oc(yN8Oc)Adult (m)3,3159421
Vj59A(Vj59A)Adult (f)3,2849364
oa4yu(oa4yu)Adult (m)3,4239511
yOU0G(yOU0G)Adult (f)3,3879436
IYubf(IYubf)Adult (m)3,3099564
CfOZi(CfOZi)Adult (f)3,4409773
Bt5Rf(Bt5Rf)Adult (m)3,4168923
mxsNq(mxsNq)Adult (f)3,6799026
y2nG8(y2nG8)Adult (m)3,1819043
w7RGC(w7RGC)Adult (f)3,2269081
3UJL5Stratos ZeppelinAdult (m)3,4159371
xvW3QMana ZeppelinAdult (f)3,6669342
nVpB8Cloud ZeppelinAdult (m)3,5049413
mC16nSky ZeppelinAdult (f)3,5169214
v4mrxZenith ZeppelinAdult (m)2,9078254
MafUsSummit ZeppelinAdult (f)2,8588024
gTB8PSunrise ZeppelinAdult (m)3,0007734
Wp0l0Sunset ZeppelinAdult (f)3,6218675
KLZPkIce CrystallineAdult (m)3,6499603
t0hBGFrost CrystallineAdult (f)3,5069182
qHU2kCold CrystallineAdult (m)3,5029062
pi2uAFroze CrystallineAdult (f)3,6449123
31bm8Chill CrystallineAdult (m)3,0078053
DOo5XZero CrystallineAdult (f)2,6038094
bMFKWGlacier CrystallineAdult (m)3,3627743
54rQtSnow CrystallineAdult (f)3,8568872
TezYWLightning LaylaAdult (f)5,7591,0844
BZjTvJolly NuzzyAdult (m)5,5751,0454
y8sTaInfernal HellionAdult (m)3,4141,0494
mcEwNWailing WorldAdult (m)3,7829533
c8298(c8298)Adult (f)4,8859302
SdI61(SdI61)Adult (m)3,8561,0421
T7mjy(T7mjy)Adult (f)4,4157261
2GI9YGrilled VegetablesAdult (f)3,9511,0052
Oic5ISoft FrillsAdult (m)4,1639552
KE4BEFrill Of The NightAdult (m)4,2799671
nyy3gAmazon FaithAdult (f)4,4199411
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