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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2022 Valentine’s Day
  • 2021 Holiday Event
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “bloodonmyfangs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0S5LLil' TreeEgg (F)
0qrml(0qrml)Adult (f)4,4739583
fHYeXPun's On YouAdult (f)3,6466873
FuBmE(FuBmE)Adult (m)5,1508303
6IGj3I Must Kill Or Be KilledAdult (m)5,8451,0864
PGXP9(PGXP9)Adult (f)3,6589706
M25vj(M25vj)Adult (m)3,6798473
uo6d8(uo6d8)Adult (f)3,3458494
iDrUj(iDrUj)Adult (m)3,3707973
L5ozt(L5ozt)Adult (m)3,8598535
Hg0Qz(Hg0Qz)Adult (m)3,4248813
eCD12(eCD12)Adult (m)3,2517962
qOfg2(qOfg2)Adult (m)3,9658344
ZEQ6k(ZEQ6k)Adult (f)3,8038244
y0agQ(y0agQ)Adult (m)2,3286492
Fu3P5(Fu3P5)Adult (f)2,3196392
3gRil(3gRil)Adult (m)2,2386422
ELU76(ELU76)Adult (f)2,4816462
JThw1(JThw1)Adult (m)2,6417122
Hgxl0(Hgxl0)Adult (f)3,3948662
txZmySkorn LinesAdult (f)5,2631,1464
Qi2IHEither Kill Or Be KilledAdult (m)6,5051,3073
DsRnWFate Is Driving Me InsaneAdult (m)
8jSKCIs Forcing Me To FaceAdult (f)
YtsM9The Judges Are JailedAdult (m)
4Hf3lAnd The Future Is OursAdult (f)
sRWBgFree Your SonsAdult (m)
CIwARUnlock Your DaughtersAdult (f)
Y8Hv2Fate Has Brought Us Here To FaceAdult (m)
lhUUJYour Hopes And Dreams ErasedAdult (f)
4csNKDriven A StakeAdult (m)4,1411,05111
7bpwuRight Through My HeartAdult (f)4,1241,0676
hZyztDesecration BabyAdult (m)5,2721,2664
w2WkGCelebration BabyAdult (f)5,3901,2883
N7lXKExhausted With FearAdult (m)4,8888911
8MCXMLove And Compassion DissolvesAdult (f)4,1579345
vbPY9Growing So ColdAdult (m)5,0771,0701
uhCyQAnd DetachedAdult (f)5,0901,0282
0wWORThe World Rewards UsAdult (m)3,0888763
Q4puZWhen We're BadAdult (f)3,0378621
5j1I8(5j1I8)Adult (m)5,2041,2543
FuqVJ(FuqVJ)Adult (f)4,1579173
4e419(4e419)Adult (m)4,6819311
AHrkp(AHrkp)Adult (f)4,8029421
cuwEc(cuwEc)Adult (m)5,3351,0861
qqixg(qqixg)Adult (f)5,2791,0831
5s0Qs(5s0Qs)Adult (m)3,8181,0441
EQSIO(EQSIO)Adult (f)4,2021,0941
19BGh(19BGh)Adult (m)5,2421,2451
wEcTC(wEcTC)Adult (f)4,3848951
HwSyZ(HwSyZ)Adult (m)4,7441,1001
9DEj2(9DEj2)Adult (f)5,0061,0611
Rg3bX(Rg3bX)Adult (m)3,9651,0991
g63IY(g63IY)Adult (f)4,1301,1002
lFrGp(lFrGp)Adult (m)3,0338301
Zubmw(Zubmw)Adult (f)3,1148711
hAf83(hAf83)Adult (m)5,2421,2632
z6oyq(z6oyq)Adult (f)4,9019251
3nzbh(3nzbh)Adult (m)4,8091,0651
3csX8(3csX8)Adult (f)4,9981,0333
DQC1Y(DQC1Y)Adult (m)3,6491,0181
9oNzG(9oNzG)Adult (f)4,1131,0681
2sueu(2sueu)Adult (m)3,0868581
yHbl0(yHbl0)Adult (f)3,1138562
1koUU(1koUU)Adult (m)5,3411,2643
XPDWv(XPDWv)Adult (f)4,0479051
3T0H8(3T0H8)Adult (m)4,5939631
6TwFx(6TwFx)Adult (f)4,8169491
zCX0T(zCX0T)Adult (m)5,1031,0711
4eOp3(4eOp3)Adult (f)4,9091,0431
BrBjn(BrBjn)Adult (m)3,0508781
8RLHq(8RLHq)Adult (f)3,2809021
GARqP(GARqP)Adult (m)5,8241,2712
7wx9W(7wx9W)Adult (f)5,5601,2541
5gRXB(5gRXB)Adult (m)4,4549384
htCUh(htCUh)Adult (f)4,0668911
5DhYT(5DhYT)Adult (m)5,1821,0502
zYmcC(zYmcC)Adult (f)5,2451,0702
zvoEe(zvoEe)Adult (m)3,6611,0171
yViY7(yViY7)Adult (f)3,7181,0301
koWDM(koWDM)Adult (f)3,2568292
H2G5C(H2G5C)Adult (f)3,3418302
il7KY(il7KY)Adult (m)4,5641,0731
pFsUe(pFsUe)Adult (m)4,5881,0472
3E16lRanting WonderAdult (m)6,0019124
yqqfaIsladine's MoonstoneAdult (m)7,4479206
VSHic(VSHic)Adult (m)4,9531,1573
maiVw(maiVw)Adult (f)5,1461,1453
vADfQ(vADfQ)Adult (m)5,5771,1642
Z6H4W(Z6H4W)Adult (f)5,3371,1423
rPi3h(rPi3h)Adult (m)5,1531,1546
62xz1(62xz1)Adult (f)4,9271,0582
CAAXf(CAAXf)Adult (m)4,8871,0391
6Sprp(6Sprp)Adult (f)4,9941,0143
JQgip(JQgip)Adult (m)5,0951,1644
W3Gtz(W3Gtz)Adult (f)5,1781,1245
mJ91j(mJ91j)Adult (m)5,1701,1385
Cbv55(Cbv55)Adult (f)4,9311,1413
UhxP1(UhxP1)Adult (m)5,1801,0113
ItpBH(ItpBH)Adult (f)4,9251,0091
6hdvi(6hdvi)Adult (m)4,9881,0162
WmDaY(WmDaY)Adult (f)4,4961,0221
AFU2U(AFU2U)Adult (f)4,2801,0363
22xsb(22xsb)Adult (f)6,8241,1745
H3XIJ(H3XIJ)Adult (f)3,7049313
HGuMt(HGuMt)Adult (m)6,9521,12210
Ay4w0(Ay4w0)Adult (f)4,6191,1582
k7rYs(k7rYs)Adult (f)4,6981,1571
MPiW2(MPiW2)Adult (f)5,1867255
HsRL1(HsRL1)Adult (m)4,4291,1896
oqdmh(oqdmh)Adult (f)4,3611,1863
JvPkB(JvPkB)Adult (m)4,4831,2004
nqQC6(nqQC6)Adult (f)4,3881,1864
uZWP2(uZWP2)Adult (m)4,3251,2181
okhP1(okhP1)Adult (f)4,3021,2072
etuH5(etuH5)Adult (m)4,4241,2235
0jP9I(0jP9I)Adult (f)4,4811,2232
WGFhK(WGFhK)Adult (m)4,3011,2124
P6cIA(P6cIA)Adult (f)4,4351,2183
92Q2s(92Q2s)Adult (m)4,1621,1742
20ZGf(20ZGf)Adult (f)4,2731,1914
blmafJokes N' RosesAdult (m)6,5711,0266
Bghor(Bghor)Adult (m)4,1358261
1Qn25(1Qn25)Adult (m)6,9321,1982
AEokg(AEokg)Adult (f)6,8381,1464
xyoL3(xyoL3)Adult (f)7,1241,1742
7no9D(7no9D)Adult (m)6,3421,1152
SFtiTYou Make Me  FeelAdult (m)7,3991,1331
sqZrRLike It's  HalloweenAdult (f)7,5031,1502
IZ4I8(IZ4I8)Adult (m)3,8141,1281
Ej9hKGhosts How Can I Move OnAdult (f)3,7501,1313
IEC5s(IEC5s)Adult (f)3,8731,1284
a6Iub(a6Iub)Adult (m)3,7991,1454
YMuj6Must Love ChickensAdult (f)3,6321,1202
E9JXH(E9JXH)Adult (m)3,8091,1393
bgg1L(bgg1L)Adult (m)3,7971,1765
0dB4G(0dB4G)Adult (f)4,5881,2704
jOZ0p(jOZ0p)Adult (f)6,0901,1906
7Vjza(7Vjza)Adult (f)5,4331,0294
iKoPF(iKoPF)Adult (m)3,2831,1084
P5Iej(P5Iej)Adult (f)3,2941,1122
alq7F(alq7F)Adult (f)5,4251,1192
xGYLGPunk CupidAdult (f)5,3031,1534
XqA9K(XqA9K)Adult (m)5,3651,1713
tkTYn(tkTYn)Adult (m)5,9151,3253
QVv2V(QVv2V)Adult (f)4,1261,2841
s2xzJ(s2xzJ)Adult (f)7,6681,3134
QiJWJ(QiJWJ)Adult (f)3,7551,1121
z1sok(z1sok)Adult (f)3,5401,1121
zn9xf(zn9xf)Adult (f)3,5791,1322
9RbaQ(9RbaQ)Adult (f)3,6681,1311
zEym0(zEym0)Adult (m)3,6931,1591
dt3zW(dt3zW)Adult (m)3,8501,1323
2AMFU(2AMFU)Adult (f)3,6211,1111
mzQx9(mzQx9)Adult (f)3,6221,1211
kUkzD(kUkzD)Adult (f)3,5851,0762
SUiun(SUiun)Adult (m)2,9029882
6cd0e(6cd0e)Adult (m)3,4908553
aNrnN(aNrnN)Adult (f)3,8699802
bLprH(bLprH)Adult (f)3,9799323
r8kT3(r8kT3)Adult (f)4,0229143
CcW4U(CcW4U)Adult (m)4,2609242
tLVgZ(tLVgZ)Adult (f)4,7191,0383
uwjvs(uwjvs)Adult (f)4,3241,0323
FlzKu(FlzKu)Adult (f)4,4981,0254
3OZco(3OZco)Adult (m)5,4681,1182
lCHoB(lCHoB)Adult (m)5,5091,1243
fs6M8(fs6M8)Adult (f)5,5031,1332
7gaOXDark OutcastAdult (m)7,6439575
JAmFC(JAmFC)Adult (m)4,8371,1843
HArK9(HArK9)Adult (m)4,8781,1954
7e5lO(7e5lO)Adult (f)4,2831,0432
83S64(83S64)Adult (f)4,2711,0433
eD6GU(eD6GU)Adult (m)4,4791,0325
KNj5Q(KNj5Q)Adult (f)3,5078462
d28nt(d28nt)Adult (m)3,8659302
kdqUI(kdqUI)Adult (f)3,8659123
myGSo(myGSo)Adult (m)3,9249855
aenbKWicked JokeAdult (f)3,8671,0405
0YvJe(0YvJe)Adult (m)5,0001,1155
GaoPXSilent LightshowAdult (f)3,2989642
7axJgGem MarinaAdult (f)2,6944205
F2HUfFuture DiseaseAdult (m)7,9891,1412
eMpmeTemporary HealingAdult (f)8,1751,1361
ki89j(ki89j)Adult (m)5,12499011
JJkNp(JJkNp)Adult (f)6,0421,2473
pZbGYFestive ConiferAdult (f)6,4649101
2PJJOMy Heart Is DeadAdult (m)4,0709132
XA5NCGentle NipAdult (m)3,9929052
JudDEDesirous JudeAdult (m)4,7229922
fNEkeWill  Of The PeopleAdult (m)4,7841,0491
3JXNCKill Or Be  KilledAdult (f)4,7231,1063
S8ZDrMagi BoronthAdult (f)5,9071,1375
FOQLULovely RidgesAdult (m)7,3321,1102
sk5p1Slippery MaatAdult (f)7,0891,0182
WNGqHSoulful WhispyrAdult (m)4,2739903
S6fnyLanguid StreamAdult (f)3,7259593
TCxYbOccult LibraryAdult (m)6,8328096
jOUl8Wont Stand DownAdult (m)6,4261,0084
OyFtjI'm Growing StrongerAdult (f)6,2559252
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