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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “blah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ou1TGRoestiAdult (m)2,4217937
61kaHYou've got no ChutzpahAdult (f)4,1931,1142
M9B6DYour Timekeeping is abysmalAdult (f)4,3471,1242
XJIp9Your organizational skillsAdult (m)6,0276885
tUD91are lacklusterAdult (f)4,3036162
bejlX(bejlX)Adult (f)4,26064219
n6OdCInternational Man of MysteryAdult (m)2,7578160
YezOZSorta maybeAdult (f)3,9087881
QxriFPommes DuchesseAdult (f)2,5347081
GbJjlPommes SouffleesAdult (m)2,5547290
lyNkzHoot Owl of DeathAdult (f)2,5317090
QvRPGTortilla EspanolaAdult (m)2,5607110
R2AUsPortiunculaAdult (f)2,7065972
NbbPjCaptain CardboardAdult (m)2,6286810
y9zYZCharles Emerson WinchesterAdult (m)3,3707706
2zGkHello LadiesAdult (f)6,3931,33911
4oM7Roaring at the SkiesAdult (m)3,7427332
E6CL1MajestixAdult (m)3,9761,1223
ouoruAutomatixAdult (f)4,5247890
SPjUGWe wish to praise the InfantAdult (m)4,6919712
j7IFRWe were led by a StarAdult (m)5,9345190
tKAB0If I were the Swooning TypeAdult (f)3,8557581
SELo8If I were the Catching TypeAdult (f)4,2777450
vJcvYNightmare in BeigeAdult (f)4,3559013
1WE3Not Cry-CryHatchling (f, F)4,7075626
2Bpf8(2Bpf8)Adult (f)5,3259455
BRuzI(BRuzI)Adult (m)3,9361,0363
06gctI'll go down firstAdult (f)3,5205892
6ZAToPommes AnnaAdult (m)3,7099613
D0cCdPommes DauphineAdult (m)4,7415360
TWSzaPapas BravasAdult (f)6,0211,0051
GgDFT(GgDFT)Adult (m)3,2408122
m8Frs(m8Frs)Adult (f)3,8851,0451
FUOtg(FUOtg)Adult (f)4,2701,1251
yxRDwWhat a Ravishing FruitAdult (f)5,5656702
fuAJWA Guy Walks Into a BarAdult (m)5,7906591
975FVSnorkelparka Music Practice RoomAdult (m)5,8606670
sRP5P(sRP5P)Adult (m)5,5966551
lD9Dk(lD9Dk)Adult (f)6,1176600
XeO3b(XeO3b)Adult (f)5,5896750
DqQcw(DqQcw)Adult (m)5,9446760
IS7TT(IS7TT)Adult (f)5,4366100
ScRv4(ScRv4)Adult (m)5,0297511
1VzuV(1VzuV)Adult (f)4,9528174
s8zGL(s8zGL)Adult (f)5,7497381
DFLFm(DFLFm)Adult (m)6,1226680
PGPNF(PGPNF)Adult (m)5,5696161
eeEKK(eeEKK)Adult (m)6,0427041
mNfeQ(mNfeQ)Adult (m)3,7935662
IwKUN(IwKUN)Adult (m)4,7054940
bLIM1(bLIM1)Adult (f)6,2605621
HehFmBalaclava Sports HallAdult (f)4,0128812
XBnZp(XBnZp)Adult (m)3,6278440
GbYKwSnorkel Parka Music PracticeroomAdult (f)3,8538523
mJZDF(mJZDF)Adult (m)3,5628331
6FDvl(6FDvl)Adult (f)3,9238801
HPgH0(HPgH0)Adult (f)4,2058891
p9iNG(p9iNG)Adult (f)4,1898710
qW7WG(qW7WG)Adult (m)4,2828991
ctdXr(ctdXr)Adult (f)3,7238413
pg5Wk(pg5Wk)Adult (f)3,8118831
yCsKD(yCsKD)Adult (m)3,7078000
Jvuke(Jvuke)Adult (f)3,3907811
tWDif(tWDif)Adult (m)2,6816731
V6RbE(V6RbE)Adult (f)3,2276191
5Vnde(5Vnde)Adult (f)3,0476221
pAlKE(pAlKE)Adult (m)3,1367882
f4pY7(f4pY7)Adult (f)4,1476194
ipwgq(ipwgq)Hatchling (F)8683362
WHSYE(WHSYE)Hatchling (F)7742771
j3FbA(j3FbA)Hatchling (F)3,1073495
wnigc(wnigc)Adult (f)4,0687171
hfn9h(hfn9h)Adult (m)4,0506820
x0mrg(x0mrg)Adult (f)4,2216802
PfFuM(PfFuM)Adult (m)3,9136791
VozMm(VozMm)Adult (m)3,0936983
58tqM(58tqM)Adult (m)3,1227101
QxQgT(QxQgT)Adult (f)3,3116910
IZYG4(IZYG4)Adult (f)3,4987282
Lyvpm(Lyvpm)Adult (m)3,3498741
h568fPotato CrispAdult (f)3,1088631
qVZn8(qVZn8)Adult (m)2,0222704
mmWc7(mmWc7)Adult (f)2,4322782
ekxpL(ekxpL)Adult (f)2,4622983
SQf16(SQf16)Adult (m)2,3322842
2g8YD(2g8YD)Adult (m)2,3622752
cAX8I(cAX8I)Adult (f)3,4999131
REW16(REW16)Adult (m)2,5427722
aOvcO(aOvcO)Adult (m)2,7434313
9VEJI(9VEJI)Adult (f)2,6976795
CMgWKeep your Fingers crossedAdult (f)8,44692133
MlidN'oublie pas la mort est femininAdult (f)4,6661,0034
S7tPThe OffspringAdult (f)5,4255886
khKCM(khKCM)Adult (m)4,6045071
8Yb8L(8Yb8L)Adult (m)4,9235391
XSlR2(XSlR2)Adult (m)5,3106331
Iq85t(Iq85t)Adult (f)4,4828743
jlnJRReally quite doomed SantaAdult (f)7,8071,2218
vOzAk(vOzAk)Adult (f)3,5657482
EALfk(EALfk)Adult (f)2,9866251
VR2v(VR2v)Hatchling (f, F)1,8485367
DVE3kThe lol GardeniaAdult (f)3,4511,0907
S2DCUSeduce YouAdult (f)3,3811,0373
MbXiImoony dukeAdult (f)5,5609101
FP3eIHis Name is AslanAdult (f)4,2957843
O24dO(O24dO)Adult (f)2,8165542
RhAO2(RhAO2)Adult (f)3,5039993
e435a(e435a)Adult (m)5,2728024
TIK45(TIK45)Adult (f)5,6967912
AlarW(AlarW)Adult (f)4,7669263
wgo40(wgo40)Adult (f)4,8278652
FYSzc(FYSzc)Adult (m)4,4708661
ptXiX(ptXiX)Adult (f)3,0597341
ZWbHF(ZWbHF)Adult (m)3,1217401
GJuyV(GJuyV)Adult (f)3,1507111
w73oR(w73oR)Adult (m)3,1887710
iE68WPetite Rose BerriesAdult (m)6,7111,1129
j1PI1(j1PI1)Adult (m)3,8466461
w4xkB(w4xkB)Adult (f)3,9016400
603Ay(603Ay)Adult (m)4,6755060
LdK5X(LdK5X)Adult (f)5,5496160
YAIoY(YAIoY)Adult (m)4,8009401
YPVrQ(YPVrQ)Adult (f)4,2578671
5eHcz(5eHcz)Adult (f)3,0707101
12NeZ(12NeZ)Adult (m)3,0857332
rJwHq(rJwHq)Adult (f)3,6567651
xYoQ3(xYoQ3)Adult (m)2,5468382
V1G86(V1G86)Adult (f)4,7639512
Fjluy(Fjluy)Adult (f)2,8496712
gcuBzombie bounceAdult (m)1,9025645
SZGHSweetcheeksAdult (f)2,8237546
DiUlWildly Handsome Face PartsAdult (m)2,7648596
tcGJmTelling BoneAdult (f)4,5361,0830
rHwja(rHwja)Adult (m)4,2398430
D98JI keep moving aroundHatchling (f, F)3,1708567
RRjTAdamcosHatchling (f, F)2,0967342
c4reQwait for new nameHatchling (F)2,1544831
buuvi(buuvi)Adult (m)4,1908782
4irPj(4irPj)Adult (f)4,7749513
s7RXu(s7RXu)Adult (f)3,8408171
DzsJLHelloooo PollyAdult (m)3,9721,0297
5WbGxthis is an exparrotAdult (m)4,2641,1815
i1ZKothis parrot is no moreAdult (f)3,9581,0572
v3hxVit's stone deadAdult (f)3,9601,0614
42NfNhe's bleedin' demisedAdult (f)5,4559173
UUx8bthis parrot has ceased to beAdult (m)2,8579732
3jSyL(3jSyL)Adult (f)4,1608140
7KmL1(7KmL1)Adult (m)5,1388510
pyuHy(pyuHy)Adult (f)4,8247430
WLFuL(WLFuL)Adult (m)5,9617191
z37JG(z37JG)Adult (m)4,1248381
wQHJN(wQHJN)Adult (m)4,3658260
2Dr2p(2Dr2p)Adult (m)4,4918120
h4F1JajaAdult (m)6,1031,46097
jMKtEvangeline SugarcatAdult (f)4,75640975
uP18SnarfblattAdult (m)2,3787096
ZE3VDingelhopperAdult (f)4,2681,0836
IeN6Reno RainesAdult (m)3,2359747
OLijTeacup HumansAdult (f)5,9351,10211
jdGOGoldbelly Draconna SoulAdult (m)4,4051,27415
G2DaBlessed are the BignosesAdult (f)2,8649188
v8kaBobby SixkillerAdult (m)3,5718345
b1i4Unexpected Gift SoulAdult (f)2,36056428
0icQNaughtius MaximusAdult (f)9,5657556
WBjelSillius SoddusAdult (f)5,1061,1061
OZnW4Reach OutAdult (m)4,6035311
ANvvaDave GahanAdult (f)4,2767122
1hHXQU M Q R AAdult (f)5,5549614
tQFNCOh my Gosh oh my GoshAdult (m)5,8921,0594
JJz3x(JJz3x)Adult (m)4,8778943
3Yfjeand set her on FireAdult (f)4,1409793
zOrDfIs that a trick QuestionAdult (m)3,3711,0503
BphQ1I dress her up as a PenguinAdult (m)2,6698386
a6FWs(a6FWs)Adult (f)2,8759956
wtz7Pthen come down the ChimneyAdult (m)2,5818943
EaVtoHow do I put them onAdult (f)2,6989293
tU3om(tU3om)Adult (f)1,4197171
C5x6QNot very imaginativeAdult (f)3,6369232
LDQ4S(LDQ4S)Adult (m)3,9667265
MSK7C(MSK7C)Adult (f)1,7677371
QCugpI put them in the FireAdult (m)2,7419791
IXrqp(IXrqp)Adult (f)2,8968802
OTgxX(OTgxX)Adult (f)2,8318822
X7gnE(X7gnE)Adult (m)2,6549251
towWm(towWm)Adult (m)2,6059071
MziAD(MziAD)Adult (f)2,6869351
AaexF(AaexF)Adult (f)5,6378932
sHpMe(sHpMe)Adult (f)5,9367962
6cad5(6cad5)Adult (f)4,4371,0541
vdbPb(vdbPb)Adult (f)3,4968281
fbNdD(fbNdD)Adult (f)4,4288290
ghw2i(ghw2i)Adult (f)4,5019330
Evuy4(Evuy4)Adult (m)5,1768782
l0BGS(l0BGS)Adult (f)5,8426982
oAKXh(oAKXh)Adult (f)5,1267300
VO7PG(VO7PG)Adult (f)8,2198020
jUsrtmy Pinata is killing meAdult (m)8,2108080
1U5ER(1U5ER)Adult (f)6,5256340
7lW88(7lW88)Adult (m)5,4228131
7tsuB(7tsuB)Adult (f)7,1556632
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