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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “blackwlof,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xJ8Cu(xJ8Cu)Hatchling (f)2,8146052
Y3CrY(Y3CrY)Hatchling (m)2,9996392
2ulCq(2ulCq)Hatchling (f)3,0716370
jzMrp(jzMrp)Dead Egg331
4gIfN(4gIfN)Dead Egg220
VMUseWiggle webs  CBAdult (f)5,2376550
ZeFkT(ZeFkT)Adult (m)2,7716552
AaAMpale lights  CBAdult (f)2,2469654
DT97pale ghost of remorceAdult (m)1,5577668
2qMAabaltic artic paleAdult (f)1,5133832
WAtVblinded by her guilt  CBAdult (f)2,8336760
V89Xmemories be forgottenAdult (f)3,8003974
KtJNdawaking to a nameAdult (m)3,8914372
WlV31(WlV31)Adult (f)4,2899070
zQZwN(zQZwN)Adult (m)2,6506472
cuu2IChulu  CBAdult (f)6,1448680
kTrxVKulu  CBAdult (m)5,3617800
owaOxAngelisie  CBAdult (m)5,3917751
z4EqjMore swirls than spotsAdult (f)6,6677450
EalIeWhat are those CBAdult (m)4,4467650
xFDh5EhdehthAdult (m)4,7728051
IPre3Feether  CBAdult (f)4,8717661
s8jFg(s8jFg)Adult (m)3,3267151
L6wjm(L6wjm)Adult (m)3,8667840
bbCiS(bbCiS)Adult (m)3,7171,0361
XQCLa burning loveAdult (f)1,9179437
QkoMyMiricle childAdult (m)3,3728001
z09q8(z09q8)Adult (f)4,7048492
UlkdTValentiss  CBAdult (f)3,2704160
20oBqMabadraglove  CBAdult (f)4,1044200
sRNs7SernesAdult (f)3,8761,0731
01vE3Leadora IIIAdult (f)4,0388921
Q5GUr(Q5GUr)Adult (m)3,8638611
SYACs(SYACs)Adult (m)3,0336892
TduOOmgImFloating  CBAdult (m)1,4697934
YtEBIFLOATZZZZZAdult (f)4,4854363
PdieAFelfifmeme  CBAdult (f)2,4451,1963
q10uwCape nose CBAdult (f)4,2009690
bSIDoCape thorn  CBAdult (m)4,1491,0070
eYJoCiyrissAdult (f)2,1561,10020
RRwRgagercallAdult (m)1,8671,09516
II5sshadowy deapths  IBAdult (m)1,9996704
AGbSMitternachtsstern  CBAdult (f)4,3161,1436
lZfCblack struckenAdult (m)2,94237814
RXvalittle boy of shadows  CBAdult (m)1,9731,2366
Rpkklittle black pawAdult (m)2,0409921
hsfjnorthern darknessAdult (f)2,0929923
F7e8blackened nights  IBAdult (m)9504431
fWcAsuch a bad dayAdult (f)1,6884263
68Ladwindle clawAdult (f)7,1239799
Z7KRunwanted demon IBAdult (m)3,74371517
988EZEragozis IXVIIVIIAdult (f)4,1904630
e8oepelibegiveAdult (m)4,4044480
GgeSsvicky is watching you  IBAdult (f)6,1124880
GntLSDelvahjiaAdult (f)3,5057541
0ytNbTerifore  CBAdult (m)4,8299511
PrO5OProporoAdult (m)6,3256651
dcfvewige Nacht  IBAdult (f)2,2771,19620
WXPeMorgenschrei IBAdult (f)5,4281,1447
iTuHademon's lullabyAdult (m)6,9428232
ALhcYBone barrowAdult (m)1,7054551
FphCoMandibuz roseAdult (f)3,2571,0081
7SO1QNeilphimaAdult (f)2,9198612
QQZbKTeavona  CBAdult (f)3,6399310
yLcCj(yLcCj)Adult (m)4,4498681
cT0sc(cT0sc)Adult (m)2,7686683
qh7AdTwipletoes CBAdult (m)2,4551,2013
cxEtiblack tiptoe joe  CBAdult (m)2,4874100
CJbfwTiptoe Ben  CBAdult (m)4,6807901
YTTzHYatta ta ta taaAdult (f)6,7816581
J9mxIbloodied cave wallsAdult (f)3,0551,0044
04mtiVestilevileAdult (m)4,7933372
js1ghMoonlit veriby  CBAdult (f)4,2939630
8Ri7gStubby Stripes CBAdult (m)2,3399911
2el1yBlue Bars  CBAdult (f)2,3579990
TGl9n(TGl9n)Adult (m)3,0246262
71OM4(71OM4)Adult (f)4,3979131
7GWIP(7GWIP)Adult (m)3,8878601
zybC7(zybC7)Adult (f)3,0916951
eMfWR(eMfWR)Adult (m)4,0218671
morrW(morrW)Adult (f)2,8156622
7fnamasked morjora  CBAdult (f)2,3784863
2PEnNLitiofAdult (m)3,5154802
uRegiSulfur's ScalesAdult (f)3,3728523
KC224Felli bigchin  CBAdult (f)3,5004650
KUpu6Bink of acid  CBAdult (m)4,0588421
7kKi1Gorgeous brimstone  CBAdult (f)4,7468972
WmA9LBrilgalith  CBAdult (f)4,8118480
X25GUSir angry socks  CBAdult (m)4,7887181
dcUt5LuveiraAdult (f)4,1417990
j53EcRingy ring tail CBAdult (m)6,1107430
CnMtBZalinoirAdult (f)4,9189332
qfKXxDances in the dark  CBAdult (m)4,7678770
5REY1(5REY1)Adult (m)4,5178700
6fwQA(6fwQA)Adult (f)2,5938204
DER6oOrbies  CBAdult (m)5,2186530
FDDeQ(FDDeQ)Adult (m)3,6752460
fF4Ewings of the forest air  CBAdult (m)9585412
oZK2opened lights of lush greenAdult (m)1,7724194
luhEcovering over conifurs  CBAdult (f)3,8686978
7Fm2green glory CBAdult (m)3,2018146
WLk49Green forest kiss CBAdult (f)5,7294702
KELOdKaritonsil  CBAdult (f)3,2574600
QYbJbLeafLeap CBAdult (m)5,1419915
KxQBg(KxQBg)Adult (f)4,0769053
yNKC0Spilled the pink  CBAdult (f)2,2819971
Bbi6BPinkuloui  CBAdult (f)4,7699681
09hqcLouipink  CBAdult (m)4,9929631
vJ6oEJoevey  CBAdult (f)3,7071,0641
Jib6q(Jib6q)Adult (f)2,6566721
48v43Poke Tail  CBAdult (f)2,3639951
EagoDEdgio  CBAdult (f)4,0389071
XK6YWKalghuli  CBAdult (m)6,1047430
e41IHNot so dottie   CBAdult (m)5,8246990
bI2YELurking in the blackAdult (f)2,4124531
sj82GLudezireAdult (m)2,3914612
VKBocDepths of darkest cavesAdult (f)3,2581,0061
ke6KD(ke6KD)Adult (f)3,0657320
2T5TGOrian's Chin CBAdult (m)3,9257830
uzjI2Sir Shiny Chin  CBAdult (m)3,9047901
afUF8(afUF8)Adult (m)3,0992301
gB7vL(gB7vL)Adult (f)3,3647142
7dqmJ(7dqmJ)Adult (f)2,9156771
EhPfNamazzi  CBAdult (f)4,8894431
H0Mupteristisda  CBAdult (f)2,8897152
svJnpblue eagle of spades  CBAdult (m)4,2513461
Veyncoin colector  CBAdult (f)2,6442513
evVpi be little  CBAdult (f)2,0668865
W7j3gold parrot  CBAdult (m)1,2506285
YHLVlittle ammy  CBAdult (f)1,0395285
EkZ2tiny thing of tinynessAdult (f)7214251
BVXCdie winzigenAdult (m)3,3116362
EttqgalgoreAdult (m)5,5397013
iAgtkAgtik  CBAdult (m)3,9873800
katqL(katqL)Adult (m)4,2939230
ymCGZ(ymCGZ)Adult (f)4,0469040
XXEXKblazing heart of a heroine  CBAdult (f)4,0104011
CDFkCblazing soul of a hero  CBAdult (m)2,5886347
bCStHtiny fire in your night  CBAdult (m)4,5873671
8KX3Kforty-eight K  CBAdult (f)4,1585170
OQkSRFirefuriea  CBAdult (f)3,7748682
KjYxvineliess IBAdult (f)2,1461,2824
UUl7rote Rebe  IBAdult (m)5,4591,2229
MEoegrass'per  IBAdult (m)6,2031,51915
0iWvpoisioning the rose IBAdult (m)2,2589403
BMvibiteing the rose IBAdult (m)1,4385964
0mcbbush of poision iveAdult (f)1,0315257
e1Kbchristmas cactus rose IBAdult (f)5,1566112
mdePtRoses are death irisis are lifeAdult (f)4,6856091
cWDmtVinle vines CBAdult (m)5,8857180
8H9ZGVinileie Rose  CBAdult (f)4,1381,0431
f22ZWVinny  CBAdult (m)4,2009791
w6leBTsunaimiuAdult (f)6,2506591
4NdLJVinyl Vines  CBAdult (m)5,8607101
pJXqflower of misfurten and hate  IBAdult (m)8824526
bGuaaCourtingDarknessAdult (m)4,2564052
OKRXnpurple dark moon  CBAdult (f)3,9364341
A2d1sAliadis  CBAdult (m)3,6344921
WMxkBWickix  CBAdult (f)3,3501,0310
LZeecloud'tail  CBAdult (f)2,1001,2859
m8cPsoft dreaming IBAdult (m)1,1946098
YAQNdeep sea lanturn  CBAdult (f)1,0055584
DjHnocean depth are calling  IBAdult (f)5,6996253
UtAkRDeepSeadiseus  IBAdult (f)3,8574661
saZgGBig Jaw Jack  CBAdult (m)2,4459732
hV6JFSinister's Sister  CBAdult (f)2,4739611
Mhgg2Mehgluroth  CBAdult (f)2,4719831
s4Y3DMemories of lies  CBAdult (m)2,4579781
dPh6m(dPh6m)Adult (m)5,2736620
i649z(i649z)Adult (m)5,3397181
kltq5(kltq5)Adult (f)2,7866221
z9E8venom spillAdult (f)2,4136917
n5qidarkest master mind  CBAdult (m)7685221
7W0Mpass thi wine of poison flowerAdult (f)5,6776322
kj1ddarcia's purgeAdult (f)6,1065491
XbT7OPolishedPoisionsAdult (m)4,1684721
m01lnight fin  CBAdult (f)1,7636014
cDkSPVectrivile  CBAdult (m)3,2321,0431
E3amHEmmammE CBAdult (f)4,3511,0390
nNafMDivine and ZealAdult (f)4,9911,0133
fP06C(fP06C)Adult (f)2,7486221
nQqithunder of 1000 storms  CBAdult (m)9545382
Ro45thunder and lighting clash  CBAdult (m)1,1065243
r9B0thunder prince of transvillaAdult (m)8534214
AWEhthunder louder then roarsAdult (f)5,6876185
ngbtrAridonia's Thunder  CBAdult (f)4,8224471
lSMBwboltztle  CBAdult (f)2,2641,1050
TGOQkThundervus  CBAdult (m)2,0955250
sTEH3(sTEH3)Adult (f)4,1249021
9ZRPcynders of burning ash  CBAdult (f)3,5587741
k3VlbresingerAdult (m)4,9564432
yhGxGAmbienat  CBAdult (f)5,1913662
cYyqRAshes to ashes  CBAdult (f)2,2794084
bwgvGNakitia CBAdult (f)2,8541,0510
tZyY6Bright BrentAdult (m)3,7558360
QKbI5Twisted Fire Starter SheldonAdult (m)4,8157451
28fUFEmboi  CBAdult (m)5,4577382
1K7d3CariloreiAdult (m)6,7457252
XHh6bCinder gut  CBAdult (f)3,7089180
ijfFPCinder wing  CBAdult (m)3,6979061
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