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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “blackestbird,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FsJd(FsJd)Adult (f)1,03183211
nOcA(nOcA)Adult (m)1,68917268
IKj2Y(IKj2Y)Adult (m)1,10269512
AVQrU(AVQrU)Adult (m)1,15472813
7386(7386)Adult (m)1,95533763
H14L(H14L)Adult (m)2,18319267
ReXo(ReXo)Adult (m)1,8834319
sol7(sol7)Adult (f)2,45242770
VDKW(VDKW)Adult (m)8917034
4YRnB(4YRnB)Adult (m)1,0376684
nQls(nQls)Adult (f)1,91067833
DkVS(DkVS)Adult (f)1,0428291
Na60(Na60)Adult (f)71754412
NKyy(NKyy)Adult (f)5594784
DiBY(DiBY)Adult (f)96666014
0jNU(0jNU)Adult (f)71854611
2aTn(2aTn)Adult (m)1,73218069
lNQ9(lNQ9)Adult (m)1,73429464
HT0t(HT0t)Adult (f)1,0117894
tye7(tye7)Adult (m)3,01399427
Hldu(Hldu)Adult (f)1,0258289
kGQm(kGQm)Adult (m)1,83219671
5Tsc(5Tsc)Adult (m)2,08817771
SMXx(SMXx)Adult (m)1,0127875
wA8e(wA8e)Adult (f)7286083
KrBi(KrBi)Adult (m)2,46167957
iOkTv(iOkTv)Adult (m)1,0836795
m1KnK(m1KnK)Adult (m)1,0586776
LQgO(LQgO)Adult (m)4,2171,06829
U990(U990)Adult (m)1,70228467
hJeaJ(hJeaJ)Adult (m)1,1217008
s1WT(s1WT)Adult (f)1,77018087
6qfg(6qfg)Adult (m)1,14884210
dKiXs(dKiXs)Adult (m)1,0716703
BAL3H(BAL3H)Adult (f)1,0476737
miAHf(miAHf)Adult (m)1,0406737
qUVn(qUVn)Adult (m)1,85820869
vQ1W(vQ1W)Adult (m)2,06416766
Gzwp(Gzwp)Adult (f)4,2261,07126
pxFQ0(pxFQ0)Adult (m)1,0276464
cVAo(cVAo)Adult (f)4,3901,07231
paxpY(paxpY)Adult (m)1,09268610
uoEj(uoEj)Adult (f)2,9141,21215
c9sw(c9sw)Adult (m)2,0908587
MOoB(MOoB)Adult (f)5594796
NDYI(NDYI)Adult (m)5604806
r8YY(r8YY)Adult (f)1,91647166
x9d4(x9d4)Adult (m)2,18944242
9pKd(9pKd)Adult (m)1,0338318
1mk8(1mk8)Adult (m)4,0501,29749
73tm(73tm)Adult (f)1,03683615
NlAC(NlAC)Adult (m)1,20942143
yILl(yILl)Adult (m)1,6224259
2W7K4(2W7K4)Adult (f)1,1317055
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