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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “blackdragonqueen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
B4DcqTime Mistress CaqueAdult (f)4,4839791
jZ13GTime Lord ZiegAdult (m)6,8091,1121
Vt1EJTime Mistress VitesAdult (f)6,9171,0765
GqtOWTime Lord TowquAdult (m)7,1181,0823
HljxcTime Mistress HilexAdult (f)6,3817463
m6RLlTime Mistress RulimAdult (f)7,8611,2154
gBFT6Time Mistress BetifAdult (f)3,7344472
3FZEPTime Lord FezepAdult (m)7,3711,2762
hrmYtTime Lord HermtyAdult (m)6,1221,0173
46YUPYup its 46 ChristmasAdult (f)6,0556674
AMAyVTime Lord AmavyAdult (m)3,9157131
BMF8JTime Lord BijafAdult (m)6,6841,2342
1Ez8lTime Mistress IezeiAdult (f)7,1388983
terqZTime Lord TerquzAdult (m)9,1551,0345
PjxqkTime Lord JaxpikAdult (m)5,2831,0061
X443CTime Mistress XaaecAdult (f)7,1711,1774
hDuQBTime Mistress DubohAdult (f)3,4313865
aPw3kTime Lord PawkAdult (m)7,7211,3806
gUw9ETime Mistress GewuAdult (f)6,4549174
JSLwuIts Chocolate TimeAdult (f)7,9951,2976
WOmJ1Sea of TimesAdult (m)6,5811,2432
SXQnb(SXQnb)Adult (f)3,0114841
qe67i(qe67i)Adult (m)3,5145052
O5g3j(O5g3j)Adult (m)4,1526392
XGk0A(XGk0A)Adult (f)5,9099383
Jk4Ux(Jk4Ux)Adult (m)5,8359452
IfG3KMESSY IfgekAdult (f)5,7979838
JHNhT(JHNhT)Adult (f)2,2417562
6jRun(6jRun)Adult (m)2,4247692
He6rA(He6rA)Adult (f)2,4597370
cIpoh(cIpoh)Adult (m)2,4287502
A5gqU(A5gqU)Adult (f)3,0935401
daSyh(daSyh)Adult (m)2,4894930
ii3UJ(ii3UJ)Adult (f)2,4416420
1CODX(1CODX)Adult (m)2,4786792
L8QHW(L8QHW)Adult (m)3,0948230
vq0J9(vq0J9)Adult (m)4,5178982
ImjeF(ImjeF)Adult (f)3,6605411
Oeij5Erebus OejiAdult (m)7,6801,5251
df34mAithiopes DefimAdult (f)7,5261,4611
ieiNnErebus IeninAdult (m)7,5671,5011
iv1qgAithiopes IvigAdult (f)7,5961,4731
ZCjd4Aithiopes Z'CadiAdult (f)3,5088841
ud2vcHearts And FeathersAdult (m)3,4068750
bLEkcAithiopes BleckAdult (f)3,4548693
doL73Aithiopes DolseAdult (f)3,4578640
B9PcPErebus BipAdult (m)3,3928531
SgvggErebus GaviggsAdult (m)3,4538740
J7NdTAithiopes JendAdult (f)3,3538400
W1gjWErebus WigjiwAdult (m)4,0299681
q86cbErebus QucipAdult (m)8,9701,4661
LlykqAithiopes LikyuAdult (f)4,8369792
Q2awfWizard of AetherAdult (f)6,3401,3273
dmVaHJT's SunbugAdult (f)6,5061,2292
VjyEz(VjyEz)Adult (m)6,8411,1793
uBqf4(uBqf4)Adult (m)5,6739933
AjI0Regal SkycreamAdult (f)3,78478474
oe05MRegal WhiteAdult (f)2,8741,0401
AVMMIRegal LightAdult (m)3,5261,0115
fBIlRRegal FilbrAdult (f)3,7131,0462
jNs4RRegal CreamAdult (m)3,7041,2886
dBEuQRegal PoseAdult (f)2,5238911
4kh2fRegal LightsAdult (f)1,3794963
SMCu7Regal PalenessAdult (m)5,7421,2380
VMjsIHeaven's QueenAdult (f)7,3621,1521
7dZmWRegal StanceAdult (m)2,0335881
4uItjRegal ShinesAdult (m)4,0128209
B6RSdRegal BraisdAdult (f)6,1195173
Z2PLQRegal ZlisAdult (f)7,1029350
ivBRgRegal BivrgAdult (m)4,9759991
UDghStately TietzHatchling (F)8251532
YODtStately GriscelliHatchling (F)1,1871462
fdFKoChivor FkofdAdult (f)4,8199581
WzDN3Muzo WenzAdult (m)5,8968680
OXhdsMuzo OhexAdult (m)6,2688710
98xJAChivor NeijaAdult (f)5,9348620
RNmYJChivor RinmyAdult (f)5,4858040
43ODLMuzo FodlAdult (m)5,4908120
982feMuzo NeofeAdult (m)5,3378051
ORuw7Chivor OruwAdult (f)5,1148020
VGHsRChivor VhergsAdult (f)6,6399514
vpLDEGreen Valentine LoveAdult (m)8,1201,2353
IRu9qFoveo IrunAdult (f)5,0019193
omZYcSubo OmzyAdult (m)4,7579532
YADoYSubo DayoAdult (m)5,2249434
Zx5MjFoveo ZemjiAdult (f)4,9049492
PSONIFoveo PSONIAdult (f)4,6879763
LwL0fSubo LowflaAdult (m)4,2358600
qArGtSubo AquarAdult (m)4,4698652
NKjJCFoveo KinjeAdult (f)4,2428521
vqhwqFoveo HwevAdult (f)4,3058452
5tWKhSubo KhwaAdult (m)4,8199920
Us5vjFoveo UsjeAdult (f)4,8489851
bRlgGFoveo RigbeAdult (f)4,7809770
b7fyoSubo FyobAdult (m)4,8051,0091
BenwDSubo BenAdult (m)4,8391,0060
CVeiFFoveo FeivAdult (f)4,7391,0202
cjyhYSubo CjyuAdult (m)4,2898990
eMnL0Foveo MenloAdult (f)5,9719633
kqQxVSubo VoxAdult (m)6,1099444
rIt7rFoveo RitsrAdult (f)4,2287892
1yVH1Subo VhyoneAdult (m)7,7028554
K4BJ1Foveo KabjiAdult (f)8,3381,1155
8kmX3Subo BkmexAdult (m)8,6431,2736
uDv7mMatching MasksAdult (f)7,5321,2491
EG4raHolly Day AxecAdult (f)6,3391,0081
T7vp3(T7vp3)Adult (f)4,1571,0941
ZkyYVOrionid ZkyvyAdult (m)3,9813633
MoZeSOrionid MozesAdult (m)5,4073893
rclxuLyrids RluxAdult (f)4,6323706
CdcgOLyrids CidgoAdult (f)4,5083342
4r7MNLyrids ArminAdult (f)4,4283332
YhPZvOrionid PyhvzAdult (m)4,9173403
9shIPLyrids 9 ShipAdult (f)5,3383611
HvdaoOrionid HvadoAdult (m)6,3174864
p9948Lyrids P9948Adult (f)6,7064923
iub2nOrionid IubinAdult (m)6,5724812
gc8naOrionid GcanaAdult (m)5,0744052
ZbU07Orionid ZubozAdult (m)6,6604443
N0h64Lyrids NohsiurAdult (f)6,7504505
LRGuULyrids LruguAdult (f)5,8953931
MSm8vJudging your TanAdult (f)7,5791,1412
4lugQ(4lugQ)Adult (f)4,1334845
OUkVw(OUkVw)Adult (f)4,1764746
FWDyV(FWDyV)Adult (m)4,0644514
cZOlE(cZOlE)Adult (m)3,5444071
NWrQF(NWrQF)Adult (f)3,8349483
iUX7l(iUX7l)Adult (m)5,6669673
Pbbcv(Pbbcv)Adult (m)2,3296491
uT25E(uT25E)Adult (m)2,7825873
zBnlG(zBnlG)Adult (m)4,1814400
oMdWm(oMdWm)Adult (f)3,8664012
M3T4l(M3T4l)Adult (f)4,1435430
qWHm1(qWHm1)Adult (m)4,4715590
HErB2HErB2Adult (m)5,7711,1531
wSvFo(wSvFo)Adult (m)5,6151,1261
apyMF(apyMF)Adult (f)6,0941,2041
dgaqH(dgaqH)Adult (f)5,7751,1671
qucHT(qucHT)Adult (f)5,9541,1771
kNL4C(kNL4C)Adult (m)6,1681,2503
BLosG(BLosG)Adult (f)5,8721,1171
cqNBu(cqNBu)Adult (m)5,9491,1691
rKp6H(rKp6H)Adult (m)2,7588781
gtpFU(gtpFU)Adult (m)2,5527531
DcyIv(DcyIv)Adult (m)2,6457501
hSb3k(hSb3k)Adult (f)2,8997672
x92hR(x92hR)Adult (f)3,4938243
LIesULIesUAdult (f)3,4118311
eNtaH(eNtaH)Adult (f)2,3986152
juFIw(juFIw)Adult (m)2,0245812
5PnMG(5PnMG)Adult (f)2,0955871
Lt41Q(Lt41Q)Adult (f)2,0916801
PbTgS(PbTgS)Adult (m)1,9936662
FJIFB(FJIFB)Adult (m)2,0575872
FcPYi(FcPYi)Adult (f)5,0537753
JabNB(JabNB)Adult (f)4,6036542
4rX7I(4rX7I)Adult (f)3,8126312
QvqCK(QvqCK)Adult (f)3,9276331
h90aJ(h90aJ)Adult (f)3,7986132
5BPud(5BPud)Adult (f)3,9226422
sBDdd(sBDdd)Adult (m)3,9066561
s2g7j(s2g7j)Adult (m)3,5607331
Yi2x3(Yi2x3)Adult (m)4,7067461
FVYmY(FVYmY)Adult (m)4,9767911
ZgXRE(ZgXRE)Adult (f)3,4183994
EG8au(EG8au)Adult (f)3,1584532
gmnwI(gmnwI)Adult (m)3,2354841
NiQak(NiQak)Adult (f)2,9625792
U3LcN(U3LcN)Adult (f)2,4154911
8zwWb(8zwWb)Adult (f)2,7175511
8Zpqo(8Zpqo)Adult (m)2,9225942
8VHjW(8VHjW)Adult (m)2,8625953
dIX5B(dIX5B)Adult (f)2,6804311
MZtnV(MZtnV)Adult (f)3,4174902
IV6Fa(IV6Fa)Adult (f)3,6477403
N0QHJ(N0QHJ)Adult (f)3,3578291
gwj1s(gwj1s)Adult (m)2,4406811
C5qsF(C5qsF)Adult (f)2,5176951
Nbey8(Nbey8)Adult (m)2,5727071
B8G41(B8G41)Adult (f)2,3795934
UqFfY(UqFfY)Adult (m)2,8295851
uvc07(uvc07)Adult (m)2,5568502
1wIvB(1wIvB)Adult (f)2,9815631
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