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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “beyondthelimit-boy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dy1eP(dy1eP)Dead Egg221
baxHNBayhnAdult (m)7,1808853
Ojty4(Ojty4)Adult (m)6,8358512
BOikL(BOikL)Adult (m)6,7148952
re29K(re29K)Adult (f)7,0039824
T02c0(T02c0)Adult (f)6,9858973
wDyBIBeyhrAdult (f)4,8086683
DQG1x(DQG1x)Adult (f)4,5866242
EycQz(EycQz)Adult (m)5,9338315
cTcr8(cTcr8)Adult (f)3,6409244
t08ct(t08ct)Adult (m)3,7006623
1hX7y(1hX7y)Adult (m)3,7578771
pPI8P(pPI8P)Adult (f)2,6377230
vdDXE(vdDXE)Adult (f)3,1347631
RMtN5(RMtN5)Adult (f)4,6157712
YrbYo(YrbYo)Adult (f)3,3787892
KfPBg(KfPBg)Adult (f)3,4326352
JR8Fm(JR8Fm)Adult (m)3,4076561
GBMnW(GBMnW)Adult (f)3,5999972
kia42Mihael Mello KheelAdult (f)8,5701,4609
jOiHdLight Raito YagamiAdult (m)5,2849183
QGYasL Ryuuzaki LawlietAdult (f)5,6579864
BfR6fNate Near RiverAdult (m)3,8751,0304
j6dk0Misa-Misa AmaneAdult (f)2,4434783
GQ4oI(GQ4oI)Adult (m)3,2957680
CUUKH(CUUKH)Adult (f)2,7977281
253qmDorayls AglarondAdult (m)4,2251,1083
hjC2x(hjC2x)Adult (f)4,8206991
Wiq5rNyosfiruAdult (f)4,9887000
3wR4OOne In The MeadowAdult (m)2,6797201
RCD62Sun-KenAdult (m)2,8946885
AsLv0AsyvalAdult (f)3,3966543
6fiRb(6fiRb)Adult (m)2,3926793
PeyqN(PeyqN)Adult (m)2,4106571
7NH2f(7NH2f)Adult (m)2,4766782
66YPISeyixAdult (f)2,4356662
6ZZ1f(6ZZ1f)Adult (m)2,4417193
cODYg(cODYg)Adult (m)2,7837003
d5ZPSWater You Staring AtAdult (f)5,3618415
DJSHp(DJSHp)Adult (m)2,7564662
EmkjM(EmkjM)Adult (f)5,4928660
PG2ts(PG2ts)Adult (m)5,0608592
BAjwP(BAjwP)Adult (m)3,7939773
YY21Z(YY21Z)Adult (f)3,9559770
Ry0rX(Ry0rX)Adult (m)3,8469741
ucq4L(ucq4L)Adult (f)3,5139440
H3jLA(H3jLA)Adult (f)3,4109091
713YL(713YL)Adult (f)3,0397861
6G4b7(6G4b7)Adult (m)3,6448680
Sr0fe(Sr0fe)Adult (f)4,5656891
7f462(7f462)Adult (f)3,7468071
6L1p6(6L1p6)Adult (m)4,6029573
HPYxL(HPYxL)Adult (m)4,6071,0011
hXYOC(hXYOC)Adult (m)2,7369020
46zZs(46zZs)Adult (f)2,6468600
zsvBD(zsvBD)Adult (f)2,5058410
rczdc(rczdc)Adult (f)2,6818950
VjJw4(VjJw4)Adult (m)2,6227541
4rW1Y(4rW1Y)Adult (m)2,6017673
XakJ3(XakJ3)Adult (m)4,2928572
1usCpBeyond the Opal LimitAdult (f)4,5949263
seCXL(seCXL)Adult (m)5,1828833
a9aRc(a9aRc)Adult (f)6,9289943
jzwbrMoltus MorellAdult (f)2,9208853
MEBrU(MEBrU)Adult (m)4,6407551
quk3h(quk3h)Adult (f)3,6186895
sk5mq(sk5mq)Adult (m)3,4937013
E3TLXTriylla MorellAdult (f)3,8246452
0vW1wAtilla MorellAdult (f)3,4295922
9Us9T(9Us9T)Adult (f)3,9836511
Y0cjS(Y0cjS)Adult (f)3,5717963
q8Z96(q8Z96)Adult (m)2,5336531
e66uX(e66uX)Adult (f)2,5106392
tKTpJ(tKTpJ)Adult (m)2,3726170
zdUzb(zdUzb)Adult (m)2,4146031
AqEtD(AqEtD)Adult (f)3,7827940
Uxovq(Uxovq)Adult (m)3,8398321
SCGD2(SCGD2)Adult (f)3,7127931
OaJsN(OaJsN)Adult (f)3,1276391
g5Qbp(g5Qbp)Adult (m)3,0646521
dGT5MA Heart Can Only Beat So LongAdult (f)4,0514095
sKIKZBefore It Can't Take It AnymoreAdult (f)4,3914302
7xyHcCordial GleamAdult (f)5,3111,1517
A4cvmWinters of ArsaniAdult (f)5,9481,2112
9pszJWaterlogged HearthunterAdult (f)4,6019099
S6yIfSerpentis AdorisAdult (f)3,0027755
ngHnx(ngHnx)Adult (f)5,4951,2151
z7OzQ(z7OzQ)Adult (f)4,0507486
D2h7G(D2h7G)Adult (f)5,5011,0773
dgPA0(dgPA0)Adult (f)3,6837331
Bew5X(Bew5X)Adult (f)4,3576871
iAnWq(iAnWq)Adult (f)4,5846860
eC9d8(eC9d8)Adult (f)4,6947264
InSOD(InSOD)Adult (m)3,2177601
hzCuF(hzCuF)Adult (f)3,2537180
pXjI0(pXjI0)Adult (m)2,8937451
qYD1C(qYD1C)Adult (f)4,2207791
3WRjw(3WRjw)Adult (m)4,0345250
di0nY(di0nY)Adult (m)4,0037872
wvaUv(wvaUv)Adult (m)6,8399413
Hxjny(Hxjny)Adult (f)6,2689392
DzCGl(DzCGl)Adult (f)6,3829192
EdJRX(EdJRX)Adult (m)6,0689382
cUTROHolidasie UrjecikoAdult (m)4,5229533
cGdvcLooketmaitummiAdult (f)2,7505276
XxkUjBouncing Baby BratAdult (m)2,9325303
1JDJi(1JDJi)Adult (m)2,0726620
6RwSn(6RwSn)Adult (f)2,3416284
CcdDlZombehfiemeAdult (m)2,9036401
kuXDUMust Make ZombieAdult (f)3,1196454
8L7Lb(8L7Lb)Adult (m)5,3738321
5Mfsd(5Mfsd)Adult (m)5,6458881
sPv90(sPv90)Adult (f)5,6748770
xFT5v(xFT5v)Adult (m)3,8496331
IgfRsThe Times I've CriedAdult (f)4,8697163
6ctrFIt's Like The Way We FightAdult (m)4,7847213
Pi4ZqWe Come To BlowsAdult (f)2,5797382
e0abt(e0abt)Adult (f)2,0456510
zaa1F(zaa1F)Adult (m)2,1986240
DriGx(DriGx)Adult (m)2,4206191
NkyCH(NkyCH)Adult (f)2,7376653
ROizJ(ROizJ)Adult (f)2,8096383
uKe9c(uKe9c)Adult (f)3,5398591
ZEIts(ZEIts)Adult (m)3,9686300
c2nNi(c2nNi)Adult (f)2,8797971
IW6Lo(IW6Lo)Adult (m)4,1427394
1pNiw(1pNiw)Adult (f)3,8807744
LfXufD'you Breathe The NameAdult (m)7,2931,50416
41NWoOf Your SaviorAdult (m)7,6021,4094
kHWBsIn Your Hour of NeedAdult (f)6,2891,13110
RRY2AAnd Taste The BlameAdult (m)8,2281,24212
MBo2qIf The Flavor ShouldAdult (m)3,9881,03515
kHuR7Remind You of GreedAdult (f)2,9249105
LkjtpOf Implication InsinuationAdult (f)6,0631,3227
2SGLLAnd Ill Will 'Til You CannotAdult (m)7,1921,44810
cmTX3Lie Still In All This TurmoilAdult (m)8,4221,6594
UBEBbBefore Red Cape and FoilAdult (m)7,2531,03920
OFaDsCome Closing in for a KillAdult (m)7,2961,06314
s3ugECome Feed the RainAdult (f)4,7347778
etf8VCause I'm Thirsty for Your LoveAdult (f)5,1998774
DNMG5Dancin' Underneath These SkiesAdult (m)7,8169435
4EvEXOf Lust Yeah Feed The RainAdult (m)4,1756558
fpOLjCause Without Your Love My LifeAdult (f)8,1681,37810
LtiacAin't Nothing But ThisAdult (m)6,4638825
UC7qlCarnival of Rust OhAdult (m)7,1331,11013
dr5YYIt's All A Game Avoiding FailureAdult (f)4,5616908
tND4eWhere True Colors Will BleedAdult (m)4,3623846
GdgvaAll in the Name of MisbehaviorAdult (m)8,0431,4647
d4j65And the Things We Don't NeedAdult (m)5,9301,6318
aiOSuI Lust After No DisasterAdult (f)3,8568294
ArAFnCan Touch Can Touch UsAdult (f)4,6541,0897
kSQNqAnymore And More Than EverAdult (f)5,2971,0217
1QAfbI Hope to Never Fall WhereAdult (m)5,47678911
tbebsEnough Is Not the Same it WasAdult (f)3,8679552
UAfVaBefore Come Feed the RainAdult (f)3,4846101
KCTSeCause I'm Thirsty ForAdult (f)4,9901,0535
nfKbgYour Love Dancin' UnderneathAdult (f)7,0221,0406
sEmZOThese Skies of Lust YeahAdult (f)6,2621,1188
rbdhAFeed the Rain Cause WithoutAdult (f)8,1161,43511
v4RMRYour Love My Life Ain't NothinAdult (m)4,5765105
TcNRRBut This Carnival of RustAdult (f)3,5145167
OkaP2This Carnival of RustAdult (f)4,4066317
briWWDon't Walk Away Don'tAdult (m)3,1867103
Sk7KsWalk Away Oooh When TheAdult (f)3,9951,0505
AT7fIWorld Is Burning Don'tAdult (m)3,8979987
3lZHZWalk Away Don't Walk AwayAdult (m)4,2553443
EK1jIOoh When The Heart is YearningAdult (m)4,0854153
FeuTADon't Walk Away  Don't Walk AwayAdult (f)3,5354274
I2skbOh When The World Is BurningAdult (f)4,57848211
ZT3VcDon't Walk  Away Don't Walk AwayAdult (m)5,1516607
I1dB2Oh When the Heart is YearningAdult (m)4,5593984
LYPeqDon't Walk Away Don't Walk AwayAdult (m)5,0773703
RoLOnDon't  Walk  AwayAdult (f)5,7359452
Q8fVdSong - Carnival of RustAdult (m)3,7815544
Mf1FXArtist -  Poets of the FallAdult (f)5,6878587
F93KKAlbum - Twilight TheatreAdult (f)4,5927943
kG3FZStatus - CompleteAdult (f)4,6268092
YYjhsOkay What Is It TonightAdult (f)4,98891210
t1tnEPlease Just Tell Me What theAdult (f)5,4598398
imU4NHell Is WrongAdult (m)5,6911,2118
eXInGDo You Wanna EatAdult (m)3,6638894
5MIVjDo You Wanna SleepAdult (m)5,3273602
lHuJ5Do You Wanna DrownAdult (f)3,8209687
aDOhnJust Settle DownAdult (m)3,8369077
2GUL8Settle Down Settle DownAdult (m)4,4331,1084
cU3vHI'll Give You CandyAdult (m)4,6441,1673
aehVsGive You DiamondsAdult (f)4,7491,1924
Ht6YIGive You PillsAdult (m)4,7751,1842
V6vncI'll Give You Anything You WantAdult (f)3,8818074
1DOLcHundred Dollar BillsAdult (m)4,5567596
Tm11EI'll Even Let You See The ShowsAdult (f)4,4501,0016
xc7HTYou Wanna See Just Marry MeAdult (m)4,6975926
R2mZHMarry Me Marry MeAdult (m)2,8696097
P1n4bI'm So Sick Of You TonightAdult (m)2,1188965
j13xeYou Never Stay Awake When IAdult (m)3,9459665
u5ZozGet Home Is Something WrongAdult (f)3,8999542
kmDXOWith Me Is Something WrongAdult (m)2,4199269
LZbR0With You I Really Wish I KnewAdult (m)3,6319382
yhcv0Wish I Knew Wish I KnewAdult (f)13,9829434
Yv62QI'll Give You Candy  Give YouAdult (m)3,5318547
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