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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bethcarielle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
12R2J(12R2J)Hatchling (f)2,8587242
yhzbv(yhzbv)Hatchling (m)2,8067092
qiwV2(qiwV2)Hatchling (m)2,8277241
aqpNs(aqpNs)Hatchling (m)2,8277271
frfdF(frfdF)Hatchling (m)2,8917402
sJcjSraoillean ElleAdult (m)1,623464205
DFXaFeithleog ElleAdult (m)1,562403198
OLgqMiontais ElleAdult (m)1,664464208
eDieNealtach ElleAdult (m)1,551462208
hJKmRosach ElleAdult (f)1,416448253
wMMPSpeirsciathan ElleAdult (m)1,314389162
FvFSGaiscioch ElleAdult (m)1,224300171
98hcSlainte ElleAdult (m)1,199294176
vrU9Teallach ElleAdult (f)1,300390153
9UVKBaisteach ElleAdult (m)1,590556169
5qcNCeomhar ElleAdult (m)1,042275178
9mppOraiste ElleAdult (m)1,072304175
FpdHTalamh ElleAdult (m)1,084294182
qa5UCorcairghorm ElleAdult (f)1,103344180
6PyQDeabhail ElleAdult (m)1,140395177
GDx2Statach ElleAdult (m)1,079369201
yaQMDeighilt ElleAdult (f)734291175
DgKAScoilt ElleAdult (m)894375186
9VB7Grianmhar ElleAdult (m)732338143
GrJUCurata ElleAdult (f)901345162
iOcFEidhnean ElleAdult (f)772259164
ho5cCoroineach ElleAdult (f)858371146
Bk8zPiseanach ElleAdult (f)622271143
qi7wCeobhranach ElleAdult (f)778356174
xaKVLaochas ElleAdult (f)649275170
cwqgCoimirceoir ElleAdult (f)693301179
g916Dubailte ElleAdult (m)712302169
xa3tMilsean ElleAdult (m)616323122
tx6HEalaine ElleAdult (f)543243134
wRFlCneasaigh ElleAdult (f)457199132
6hA8Uasbhealach ElleAdult (m)479218141
j3WOCuplach ElleAdult (f)494246129
hZa1Claiomh ElleAdult (m)488244127
TT1LNagreine ElleAdult (f)426231121
DryDBlathanna ElleAdult (f)419218123
u8GtFeileastram ElleAdult (f)625278112
3cujDeoir ElleAdult (f)1,934579137
W4s4Duthain ElleAdult (m)1,915560137
BCxNSaoirseoireacht ElleAdult (m)466244122
A6x2Crann ElleAdult (m)505300101
SH2hFaichilleach ElleAdult (m)580300115
apupIthir ElleAdult (f)599262116
zBHTMilitheachglas ElleAdult (m)681243119
mCkCAibhleoga ElleAdult (f)94825392
iFvCCatliomog ElleAdult (f)88752530
5Rsv(5Rsv)Adult (m)66529883
Dhqb(Dhqb)Adult (f)1,40434973
HGM5(HGM5)Adult (f)2,22725571
92LFNollaigshona ElleAdult (m)59434861
UbPJGachrelaoch ElleAdult (m)1,25461970
FgLqCosantach ElleAdult (m)1,48689964
Xag8Dulra ElleAdult (f)1,25685948
pnvz(pnvz)Adult (f)1,26887346
QpjbCascabe ElleAdult (m)1,7931,25045
FPUYLeander ElleAdult (m)92262335
9CcADhuirlinge ElleAdult (f)1,28199831
rSndUllord ElleAdult (m)1,26499029
ICEpShikatta ElleAdult (f)1,2941,00830
mfm8Imeall ElleAdult (m)1,5121,1074
rkdQSaifir ElleAdult (m)6474824
u1agCloigin ElleAdult (m)6464814
ZhGYSprionga ElleAdult (f)2,8079204
QEnQ(QEnQ)Adult (m)1,5761,0964
j4bbGrianmala ElleAdult (f)1,5721,1314
B9NyBheitharfoluain ElleAdult (f)1,4991,0777
GBgDTaibhreamh ElleAdult (f)1,5591,0937
3W7tFuipeireaball ElleAdult (f)8357312
F0vMCaorog ElleAdult (m)9367575
1bRtCorcradroim ElleAdult (f)7826273
mBun(mBun)Adult (m)8326583
w9RqNasc ElleAdult (m)1,0217701
67hlSciorta ElleAdult (f)1,41138213
ffseSeoltoireacht ElleAdult (m)1,3069266
bMpTCorcraeite ElleAdult (f)1,1217483
ztlxBanaltracht ElleAdult (f)1,2808184
LoyDAclai ElleAdult (m)1,8308653
Dq7KBodhranacht ElleAdult (f)1,9821,0313
EKOALassisanaghaidh ElleAdult (f)1,8689943
KLDLRuadroim ElleAdult (m)2,5891,4587
HFiAAibreancith ElleAdult (f)1,4168674
8nVQGreine ElleAdult (m)1,3948547
FSG2Umthrathnona ElleAdult (f)1,8876303
13ElMuscailarmaidin ElleAdult (f)1,7956034
CdK9Bailiuchan ElleAdult (f)1,8476163
kE3sMiochaine ElleAdult (m)1,7297783
TbwSAimsirshamhraidh ElleAdult (m)2,0601,2795
XvrmPeiteal ElleAdult (f)2,1801,3234
sOYc(sOYc)Adult (f)1,8281,1605
0XesStoirmeach ElleAdult (f)2,7141,2464
Z4ZbFantaisiocht ElleAdult (f)2,6241,2246
3xFsHerlan ElleAdult (m)2,3871,1504
8uH2Tharcinn ElleAdult (m)2,8121,2775
7WInSlodan ElleAdult (f)4,1341,7143
3fiESoineanta ElleAdult (m)3,6601,5363
986gBandeargaon ElleAdult (m)3,8161,5853
CYoSLiathchorcracailin ElleAdult (f)1,9548235
DY9MXan ElleAdult (f)2,2509443
sT8CDraoidin ElleAdult (f)2,0421,0557
yL8MPeinteail ElleAdult (f)1,3747126
KewDTosaigh ElleAdult (m)1,2746923
jhUSBuiduch ElleAdult (f)1,1926334
NgXTSamhlaiochta ElleAdult (f)1,2636113
ZbLH(ZbLH)Adult (m)1,2596062
XMRt(XMRt)Adult (m)1,3986633
kP67Dathnioslu ElleAdult (m)1,6476841
Bv0hTredhearcach ElleAdult (f)1,1055472
UUqSGormriabh ElleAdult (f)1,1745777
JYpN(JYpN)Adult (f)1,2275874
mFJMUneky ElleAdult (f)1,2506004
IrRVDeargriabh ElleAdult (m)1,2816114
rd3eSuiche ElleAdult (m)1,2816114
KuY1Winric ElleAdult (m)1,9398294
E9aOAu ElleAdult (m)2,1188825
i5IkCluiche ElleAdult (m)1,9508217
SmZfTainseirin ElleAdult (m)1,6347188
I0KTTorthuil ElleAdult (m)1,1795992
Lurg(Lurg)Adult (f)1,4477683
auMfCapall ElleAdult (m)1,5118178
306hTeochreasach ElleAdult (f)1,3937599
KvEGDomhainmuir ElleAdult (m)1,1036383
lmusUiscesiuloir ElleAdult (m)7694843
48biUaineriabh ElleAdult (f)9425805
gLY0(gLY0)Adult (f)1,1967034
5PRD(5PRD)Adult (f)9755901
nh9B(nh9B)Adult (m)9385991
Jtcm(Jtcm)Adult (f)6734452
k0o2(k0o2)Adult (f)7814932
ZGBA(ZGBA)Adult (m)8635273
QFNB(QFNB)Adult (f)8485222
h9J9(h9J9)Adult (m)7294653
uekEPetunia ElleAdult (f)9426045
mdjg(mdjg)Adult (m)8535302
95KcTiago ElleAdult (m)8554634
QaVL(QaVL)Adult (m)9875182
ZmE2(ZmE2)Adult (f)9054823
5bqv(5bqv)Adult (m)9795273
HYih(HYih)Adult (f)9495104
pnjN(pnjN)Adult (f)9294882
9aEf(9aEf)Adult (f)9505002
mllv(mllv)Adult (f)1,0315281
VokI(VokI)Adult (m)9024484
MsfG(MsfG)Adult (m)2,0864572
quNV(quNV)Adult (f)1,1205603
SNstTwitog ElleAdult (f)2,49249410
pLaY(pLaY)Adult (m)1,1945454
L8ZQ(L8ZQ)Adult (f)1,0875093
m4EI(m4EI)Adult (f)1,4325073
hfEORenlii ElleAdult (f)2,4856016
dZkUGaeltacht ElleAdult (m)3,0757064
MvFW(MvFW)Adult (m)2,6167771
4nAs(4nAs)Adult (f)3,1446434
kAnI(kAnI)Adult (f)3,2406855
VOgjLag ElleAdult (m)2,7335477
vZOd(vZOd)Adult (f)2,6986597
2hWK(2hWK)Adult (f)2,5964719
7scK(7scK)Adult (m)1,2176014
vdkB(vdkB)Adult (m)1,2636132
4lZb(4lZb)Adult (f)1,1265652
ePPc(ePPc)Adult (f)2,5986872
5ncR(5ncR)Adult (f)2,3856113
JLUCDy'jasker ElleAdult (m)4,5775509
lqIh(lqIh)Adult (m)1,3495622
n0W4(n0W4)Adult (f)1,2525301
Eu9c(Eu9c)Adult (m)97355617
WTM9(WTM9)Adult (f)1,09962313
0Q6N(0Q6N)Adult (m)1,05960513
jHK0(jHK0)Adult (m)1,02858413
j7se(j7se)Adult (m)1,16966413
R5tt(R5tt)Adult (m)9055544
HW3B(HW3B)Adult (f)8525294
GHrP(GHrP)Adult (f)8885522
71nIWenuri ElleAdult (f)1,0025531
8M83Ashurst ElleAdult (f)3,59288510
p3MaJaerka ElleAdult (f)3,2968056
O9ra(O9ra)Adult (f)1,0726884
nrEp(nrEp)Adult (f)9226004
LRiP(LRiP)Adult (f)1,4645487
u3hu(u3hu)Adult (f)1,0706262
jdpD(jdpD)Adult (f)1,0706652
DSJ1(DSJ1)Adult (f)1,0356374
c4PF(c4PF)Adult (f)1,0676601
cvEH(cvEH)Adult (m)1,0416302
ijPaGloine ElleAdult (m)1,0136552
risG(risG)Adult (m)8926051
qOlhFireball ElleAdult (m)9546552
vVU7(vVU7)Adult (f)8075772
skdY(skdY)Adult (f)8936025
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