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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “bean_birb,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QE0ik(QE0ik)Dead Egg1,5054005
hrSlP(hrSlP)Dead Egg1,5013984
MSFF9(MSFF9)Hatchling (f)11,3881,67213
VTx7J(VTx7J)Hatchling (m)11,2661,62017
4zQAjW Aeon female BBAdult (f)8,7171,2975
Onkpm(Onkpm)Adult (m)5,6571,0298
5ulCvW Aeon male BBAdult (m)4,5951,0473
jdKtdA Aeria Gloris female BBAdult (f)4,5357901
DhOZQW Aether male BBAdult (m)8,6711,3471
3351h(3351h)Adult (f)7,0321,1011
7CXKED Albino female BBAdult (f)9,4741,2994
c2VBQ(c2VBQ)Adult (f)5,7911,21919
wE8VkD Almerald female BBAdult (f)7,9701,1391
R50o1(R50o1)Adult (f)4,9751,0714
Z4Eom(Z4Eom)Adult (f)7,2071,32627
mKkys(mKkys)Adult (f)6,3501,25320
yLTtO(yLTtO)Adult (f)6,6241,26415
07iciD Anagallis male BBAdult (m)4,7177813
cer5iD Anagallis male BB2Adult (m)3,2148854
xyEL0D Antarean male BBAdult (m)2,6347691
0pw6K(0pw6K)Adult (f)5,3551,0772
IhdSbD Aqualis male BBAdult (m)7,0671,1592
wS2wID Aranoas female BBAdult (f)6,8021,2222
S2DIcD Aranoa male BBAdult (m)6,1241,2021
OCtt0(OCtt0)Hatchling (f, F)6,1281,0814
koy9LD Arcana female BBAdult (f)4,7971,1162
OwlXjD Arcana male BBAdult (m)4,6441,0167
qwfaqD Aria male BBAdult (m)6,1091,05015
1AUwbD Arsani female BBAdult (f)7,7491,46919
3XN4lD Arsani female BB2Adult (f)6,0421,3373
6L8SgD Arsani female BB3Adult (f)3,9824982
nmSy4D Ash female BBAdult (f)7,8491,1431
b2Kug(b2Kug)Adult (m)2,7294420
vydXiP Avea male BBAdult (m)7,2331,04718
nUmnv(nUmnv)Adult (m)4,96498217
QRUfj(QRUfj)Adult (f)2,7444401
T65Og(T65Og)Adult (f)2,9664551
gaQHeD Azure Glacewing female BBAdult (f)7,7511,5944
fp5Y6D2 Baikala male BBAdult (m)6,1581,15013
NosKT(NosKT)Adult (m)6,8871,17724
VSWlX(VSWlX)Adult (m)7,3001,27421
7bGDtD Balloon male BBAdult (m)4,5491,03825
euh8k(euh8k)Adult (m)7,1601,19411
UAJd3D Bauta female BBAdult (f)5,89887027
4E0FkD Black Capped Teimarr male BBAdult (m)4,29190310
LQt7WD Black Capped Teimarr male BB2Adult (m)3,0736703
L3LtrD Black male BBAdult (m)4,5697821
zeQX6D Black female BBAdult (f)6,5401,1031
nfbqiD Black female BB2Adult (f)9,4901,6521
IrHFoD Black female BB4Adult (f)6,0161,14715
mFQbR(mFQbR)Adult (f)7,3201,1955
ooalND Black Marrow female BBAdult (f)5,8421,2425
i6ztSD Black Marrow female BB2Adult (f)4,6369917
t7TkND Black Tea male BBAdult (m)4,5157821
In85hD Black Tea male BB2Adult (m)5,3778932
zhwjOD Black Truffle female BBAdult (f)8,5771,25117
2uTIE(2uTIE)Adult (m)6,8031,19514
ADcM5D Blacktip male BBAdult (m)3,5888382
DiJ6XD Blacktip female BBAdult (f)8,0911,25720
QZYi4D Blacktip female BB2Adult (f)8,1091,21926
FJIZW(FJIZW)Adult (f)8,1511,24921
4tVsu(4tVsu)Adult (m)10,6211,54427
zBnl4(zBnl4)Adult (f)8,8451,45715
HTg1j(HTg1j)Adult (m)6,07098416
mC3PH(mC3PH)Adult (f)5,2771,0896
U9urND Bleeding Moon male BBAdult (m)7,4011,1761
CJX4G(CJX4G)Adult (f)7,1621,13516
Z8jb0D Blue-Banded female BBAdult (f)5,9451,06920
F49BhD Blue-Banded male BBAdult (m)5,8661,0569
NMNme(NMNme)Adult (f)5,5361,04416
YPF1B(YPF1B)Adult (m)10,0521,43821
eHxhK(eHxhK)Adult (m)5,4271,0761
tHale(tHale)Adult (m)5,5021,0932
8odlPD Bolt male BBAdult (m)5,6259152
UbQQ6D Boreal male BBAdult (m)6,5861,1261
6BwL8(6BwL8)Adult (f)3,9308207
slqwBW Bright-Breasted female BBAdult (f)5,4207692
wTJPsD Brimstone female BBAdult (f)7,1211,3612
sEHIu(sEHIu)Adult (m)7,9061,13713
a4sScD Brute female BBAdult (f)7,3521,0641
XT4HR(XT4HR)Adult (f)7,2381,20314
J8e8tD Caligene male BBAdult (m)5,2131,1692
2ftl9D Caligene female BBAdult (f)4,7811,0071
T8pCgD Caligene female BB2Adult (f)4,4459851
p1ovoD Candelabra female BBAdult (f)8,1781,31824
6uOW1(6uOW1)Adult (m)3,8737863
weEOlW Carmine female BBAdult (f)4,9897931
vi1TC(vi1TC)Adult (f)6,4721,10114
iele6D Cavern Lurker male BBAdult (m)6,0761,3672
IViRSD Cavern Lurker male BB2Adult (m)4,9101,0202
53Uu7D Celestial male BBAdult (m)5,1491,0482
KlePA(KlePA)Adult (m)3,7217506
Fed2x(Fed2x)Adult (f)6,2691,22121
D8NKd(D8NKd)Adult (f)5,9191,25619
3Ojv0(3Ojv0)Adult (f)4,0989410
qzOp2(qzOp2)Adult (m)3,6008420
yVitK(yVitK)Adult (f)6,7601,19516
5U3mN(5U3mN)Adult (m)6,5921,21416
5xEIm(5xEIm)Adult (f)6,5001,16818
Pd2c4(Pd2c4)Adult (m)5,5221,07019
iCP2kP Common male BBAdult (m)4,8818153
A6HKgW Copper male BBAdult (m)8,9531,3772
JrnVIW Copper male BB2Adult (m)5,4671,1153
9uS9M(9uS9M)Adult (m)8,9791,38622
gcQzmW Copper female BBAdult (f)10,5811,4092
T9hyJW Copper male BB3Adult (m)4,6541,0844
7L00z(7L00z)Adult (f)7,1261,10720
SMovz(SMovz)Adult (m)6,1371,1491
COAyF(COAyF)Adult (m)3,3444662
QiVck(QiVck)Adult (m)5,9241,08213
L7Qy6(L7Qy6)Adult (f)6,0771,10617
6AtxP(6AtxP)Adult (m)6,6411,19216
Xz5IO(Xz5IO)Adult (f)6,9941,18222
4XxQlD Dark Green female BBAdult (f)10,0171,4961
iOSlJP Dark Myst male BBAdult (m)4,7807702
LFmpRP Dark Myst female BBAdult (f)6,6141,1162
e1IcTD Daydream female BBAdult (f)5,3137572
2jV4oD Deepsea female BBAdult (f)4,8267851
Kd31Y(Kd31Y)Adult (f)7,1501,21417
xKmugD Desipis male BBAdult (m)5,1311,1862
GoUT0D Desipis male BB2Adult (m)5,1801,0411
ZY4aXD Diamondwing female BBAdult (f)7,0981,1501
CBbUC(CBbUC)Adult (m)5,7641,1281
LgZUDD2 Duotone female BBAdult (f)5,8939181
NhAFp(NhAFp)Adult (m)3,8808739
7sg8T(7sg8T)Adult (m)8,9141,4542
tH0ai(tH0ai)Adult (f)6,8771,10919
ZKazx(ZKazx)Adult (m)8,0351,43326
ngNmoD Ember male BBAdult (m)7,2271,1482
Fh2xp(Fh2xp)Adult (f)9,3861,18319
VlWIo(VlWIo)Adult (m)7,0751,17817
9ppiH(9ppiH)Adult (m)6,4671,30716
Rhn74(Rhn74)Adult (m)11,1821,53218
kd13JW Falconiform female BBAdult (f)4,5838144
i9081(i9081)Adult (f)7,2031,2290
7q9Tz(7q9Tz)Adult (f)4,6901,0892
kHNwZ(kHNwZ)Adult (f)9,4851,53414
bcNrkW Fever male BBAdult (m)5,3997612
3kGLjD Fire Gem female BB3Adult (f)7,0581,2633
5jFVFD Fire Gem female BBAdult (f)8,3671,3392
VwzWg(VwzWg)Adult (m)6,6501,30020
gI5bED Fire Gem female BB2Adult (f)6,9791,2154
D5R9B(D5R9B)Adult (f)8,9151,2407
4uT3oW Flamingo male BBAdult (m)9,8921,5203
z7PRD(z7PRD)Adult (m)8,1921,52315
xcXzNW Floret female BBAdult (f)10,9421,6044
sf34hW Floret female BB2Adult (f)6,0471,1502
cCFiF(cCFiF)Adult (f)7,2371,25920
exOUr(exOUr)Adult (m)1,9895494
QPJxI(QPJxI)Adult (f)3,6158044
E4XxFD Frostbite female BBAdult (f)7,2291,0841
XjLOmW Galvanic male BBAdult (m)9,7581,3982
IVpzK(IVpzK)Adult (f)8,6691,26522
ZkbyY(ZkbyY)Adult (m)7,5821,22517
tQ3NyD2 Geminae female BBAdult (f)4,7538151
43sDQ(43sDQ)Adult (m)7,2441,27020
D7FsmD Gemshard male BBAdult (m)6,4991,2234
X8r6y(X8r6y)Adult (m)7,5241,1853
k1B3u(k1B3u)Adult (f)3,8248203
Vw48b(Vw48b)Adult (f)6,0721,06013
HEw8SD2 Gilded Bloodscale female BBAdult (f)7,4861,1772
GdXiODK Glaucus female BBAdult (f)5,5479453
yA0RT(yA0RT)Hatchling (f, F)6,0621,0925
doVLODK Night Glory female BBAdult (f)4,5638211
6Rd9M(6Rd9M)Adult (m)4,6809499
kn5SnP Glowback male BBAdult (m)6,6341,0951
UcNrm(UcNrm)Adult (f)7,0871,1812
3SMkP(3SMkP)Adult (f)7,9771,21925
ByClm(ByClm)Adult (m)7,0141,10413
dx62eW Golden male BBAdult (m)3,05030516
dMc3yW Golden male BB2Adult (m)2,91427627
qyojkW Golden female BBAdult (f)6,9991,2753
murwP(murwP)Adult (f)5,4821,0532
Y7blK(Y7blK)Adult (f)3,9916782
tCb1w(tCb1w)Adult (m)4,0106532
65otV(65otV)Adult (f)5,29698320
btz3BD Grave female BBAdult (f)5,1991,2322
6jixqD Grave male BBAdult (m)5,5461,2483
y2C8aD Grave female BB2Adult (f)5,5191,2732
TXo9N(TXo9N)Adult (m)6,2521,06317
EqOab(EqOab)Adult (m)3,5588044
nIcs7D Green male BBAdult (m)5,5169541
BvseGD Green male BB2Adult (m)5,4689831
8WjUiD Avatar of Change male BBAdult (m)8,5111,4832
i2UWhD Avatar of Creation female BBAdult (f)8,7981,5681
6GJOhD Avatar of Destruction male BBAdult (m)9,2291,6173
Odpsh(Odpsh)Adult (m)7,4701,1685
q9ulN(q9ulN)Adult (f)5,8696602
56sf0D Harvest male BBAdult (m)5,4868042
vORI8(vORI8)Adult (m)3,1833711
QeYcN(QeYcN)Adult (m)7,2521,21513
2vy6h(2vy6h)Adult (m)7,1921,35216
cxsTE(cxsTE)Adult (m)8,3331,53422
3EvCJ(3EvCJ)Adult (m)6,7071,38815
3aWZv(3aWZv)Adult (m)5,6711,0596
4rJEP(4rJEP)Adult (f)8,3871,51927
qCm3h(qCm3h)Adult (f)5,3831,17910
3It9v(3It9v)Adult (f)5,7981,11411
4LX4wW Hellfire female BBAdult (f)6,4761,0300
M14kY(M14kY)Adult (m)3,2564141
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