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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “batguy234,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    0IRD(0IRD)Adult (m)2,1235142
    GM0l(GM0l)Adult (m)2,2256261
    nhdr(nhdr)Adult (m)2,6655574
    icpr(icpr)Adult (f)9514265
    Sio2(Sio2)Adult (f)1,1715122
    Qe3W(Qe3W)Adult (f)2,67385710
    ZM4a(ZM4a)Adult (f)1,5653764
    bbOs(bbOs)Adult (m)2,5878508
    nGQY(nGQY)Adult (f)2,2207294
    cK11(cK11)Adult (f)1,2005023
    Pmbb(Pmbb)Adult (m)1,4806760
    7T2a(7T2a)Adult (m)1,0575145
    d89t(d89t)Adult (f)3,1353134
    nHJm(nHJm)Adult (f)1,3166281
    jAKD(jAKD)Adult (m)1,5393475
    LWBM(LWBM)Adult (m)2,3377462
    5bsm(5bsm)Adult (f)1,3316822
    0vqq(0vqq)Adult (f)1,7025749
    f15I(f15I)Adult (f)1,5407101
    HZro(HZro)Adult (f)2,8961,12323
    JtqF(JtqF)Adult (m)8435202
    4K57(4K57)Adult (m)1,0475293
    SvtG(SvtG)Adult (f)7,4376124
    HMJ7(HMJ7)Adult (f)8124842
    nJve(nJve)Adult (f)1,1695006
    E5U6(E5U6)Adult (m)1,4395635
    OIbR(OIbR)Adult (m)1,3135524
    GZrZ(GZrZ)Adult (m)1,2977070
    VXOp(VXOp)Adult (m)1,3425682
    SmZo(SmZo)Adult (f)1,3325601
    Jrmd(Jrmd)Adult (m)1,5494286
    nmPo(nmPo)Adult (m)1,6466702
    vn0V(vn0V)Adult (f)8534972
    r5PD(r5PD)Adult (f)8645053
    Yers(Yers)Adult (f)1,6546167
    g4p4(g4p4)Adult (f)1,3987352
    oG7j(oG7j)Adult (m)1,2445183
    J7IJ(J7IJ)Adult (f)7994972
    Gmm9(Gmm9)Adult (m)1,4527731
    kCKe(kCKe)Adult (f)5,9864446
    lOpa(lOpa)Adult (f)2,97527126
    9sMV(9sMV)Adult (f)1,62074523
    GZHM(GZHM)Adult (m)2,62953320
    BBKq(BBKq)Adult (f)9294507
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