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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “barbylacy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AMdQAYingYang BlueAdult (f)3,3144383
IDfMkSir Waffle MakerAdult (m)2,6985893
mFE3xTwo head wonderAdult (f)4,8591,2880
ZZ2wOHead and HeaderAdult (m)4,5666847
hWkdIPepperspepperspepperspeppersAdult (m)4,4677233
JRnRhPepperspepperspeppersAdult (m)3,6336941
1au0oNotaspeppersAdult (f)3,2656722
VHOuxSir Queen of EnglandAdult (m)2,8278171
fl27UTomatoes are a fruitAdult (f)3,7317240
8IEZYUncooked meat is bad for youAdult (f)3,9717172
7VtA6(7VtA6)Adult (m)3,4587361
w6hOK(w6hOK)Adult (m)3,3046871
ZVzr2Yes I'm only a BillAdult (m)5,2079122
mr6rzIt does not matterAdult (m)2,8715321
Od0Y8We updated our privacy policyAdult (m)3,7798251
eETfUI didn't voteAdult (f)3,2546202
kvkWVGenus and Species name in LatinAdult (m)3,8627231
mj9G2Mushrooms are evilAdult (f)1,5094521
kDsGjStay out of itAdult (m)5,4139321
mC2jaSchoolie McSchoolFaceAdult (f)2,4676143
apVAuAaaand heres your new carAdult (m)4,2498061
ebGV3humahumanukanukaapuaAdult (f)4,0587781
j1rjh(j1rjh)Adult (m)2,7207003
56an9(56an9)Adult (m)3,4707812
pjmmbGo to Dig's DudsAdult (f)2,9988083
RPbbrMove your jaw up and down to eatAdult (f)2,9567971
wY2xNI don't like the BeatlesAdult (m)3,2627001
jhGWCCave-Account-Dragons-Help-ForumAdult (f)2,7615872
EFFpQLelelelelaAdult (f)3,9021,0101
VOZkSMore foam more foam more foamAdult (f)2,8815871
YSUPVCogs are invading ToontownAdult (f)3,7307272
jtiorI have a pet tree branchAdult (m)3,8496941
raRg4Kowalski AnalyzeAdult (m)4,9748222
fNiZSThathatmakesyoulooklikeagirlAdult (m)5,4296960
w5drhNow that we're menAdult (m)4,6047560
MoTTUThe moon is made of moonAdult (f)5,1797650
FIlplBalloon of PinkAdult (f)3,7284545
SbAdGLook I'ma balloonAdult (f)6,5641,1496
R0NmOThe dragon or the eggAdult (m)5,2436990
yi5kfHead and Header part 2Adult (m)5,1926870
EvfFvYou know what's funnier than 24Adult (m)5,2147150
4bEvuGreen Mystery  EyeAdult (m)2,9363822
9zXlYAttacker of BugsAdult (f)4,4094055
GBlFEPolititians are boringAdult (f)3,5186884
psPVj(psPVj)Adult (f)3,6677571
sfdzM(sfdzM)Adult (m)4,9267534
sACUCLights from the NightAdult (m)3,9887511
afmJT(afmJT)Adult (m)3,1576383
OqjSP(OqjSP)Adult (f)3,3544683
IAtLa(IAtLa)Adult (m)3,0556381
TKKvZ(TKKvZ)Adult (f)2,9256111
j3yQM(j3yQM)Adult (m)9,7871,3726
Tul62Butterfly Wing DragonAdult (f)4,6609951
v6Qok(v6Qok)Adult (m)4,5607984
boXpwBlack headed soulAdult (f)5,8801,4412
a2LHB(a2LHB)Adult (m)3,9685841
iUyJyDeath blue ray eyeAdult (f)4,6221,0511
QZuab(QZuab)Adult (m)4,5468074
XJJXe(XJJXe)Adult (f)4,5987971
4Jwu1(4Jwu1)Adult (f)5,2347551
60uiS(60uiS)Adult (m)2,0684263
ndaPe(ndaPe)Adult (m)3,6586440
sVzrPDa puddle SpashernaterAdult (m)7,8431,6279
A1V55(A1V55)Adult (m)4,1747402
NmYEh(NmYEh)Adult (m)6,3511,0471
kxAJR(kxAJR)Adult (f)6,4051,0620
O9kL1(O9kL1)Adult (f)4,9898660
YJScHIce DeathAdult (f)3,7084382
81fElWater of wavesAdult (m)1,5825143
cCL9GThe Fly of WaterAdult (f)3,5568911
ovogK(ovogK)Adult (m)3,6266653
0UJTg(0UJTg)Adult (m)6,4931,0760
OCSDL(OCSDL)Adult (m)3,5456321
cZrpJ(cZrpJ)Adult (f)3,3356281
tGipb(tGipb)Adult (m)4,5877191
u2Kyb(u2Kyb)Adult (m)2,7796470
E9hveGrass of RainbowsAdult (m)2,3424051
eo18i(eo18i)Hatchling (f, F)2,7715414
MB9oCTrashingAdult (f)3,9571,1021
NPJSR(NPJSR)Adult (m)3,3745661
jXth8(jXth8)Adult (m)3,2955861
OlWUF(OlWUF)Adult (f)3,2056111
f0P7a(f0P7a)Adult (m)3,2015951
EGJJR(EGJJR)Adult (f)3,3265742
Pn6a1(Pn6a1)Adult (f)3,1035781
zWUbX(zWUbX)Adult (f)3,4957811
af0nG(af0nG)Adult (f)3,4985602
k9sZ5(k9sZ5)Adult (m)2,9535562
NjZ4o(NjZ4o)Adult (m)3,9246601
ntyVw(ntyVw)Adult (f)3,5706561
YTsh0(YTsh0)Adult (m)5,3547211
e6fCuRainbow of WonderAdult (m)2,1144491
5rtmCWHY IS MEH HEAD PINKAdult (m)7,0411,3716
biEV1(biEV1)Adult (f)5,8929866
rxItg(rxItg)Adult (f)5,1928962
bM3IC(bM3IC)Adult (m)5,5337442
FCETy(FCETy)Adult (m)3,2697481
vGEPK(vGEPK)Adult (m)3,4326051
Dc29H(Dc29H)Adult (f)3,1476012
RgXCU(RgXCU)Adult (m)3,4195841
YVqK8(YVqK8)Adult (m)5,5271,1347
COPVk(COPVk)Adult (f)3,0625872
YnmZh(YnmZh)Adult (f)4,0446193
KJ8T8(KJ8T8)Adult (f)3,1876092
kwodN(kwodN)Adult (m)4,5667811
BgYTM(BgYTM)Adult (m)3,3105961
TA29f(TA29f)Adult (f)2,7595722
LN9MyMr Krabs is a robotAdult (m)2,9435770
S92us(S92us)Adult (m)3,8256711
SnmML(SnmML)Adult (f)3,0125942
Bfx6t(Bfx6t)Adult (f)3,1026281
H0e0P(H0e0P)Adult (m)2,8996072
5hoJI(5hoJI)Hatchling (F)1,3821211
CiKfcChetter CheeseAdult2,6276632
Olcw5(Olcw5)Adult (f)3,2297971
Kcfan(Kcfan)Adult (f)4,4681,1212
U8AcZ(U8AcZ)Adult (m)4,0918111
wirnn(wirnn)Adult (m)3,3218231
8jlGF(8jlGF)Adult (m)3,3388172
h0gEv(h0gEv)Adult (m)3,0996961
Ei82d(Ei82d)Adult (m)3,1847642
yufvW(yufvW)Adult (m)3,3857381
oGlyW(oGlyW)Adult (m)3,2977381
JcInq(JcInq)Adult (m)4,5558691
rSC0r(rSC0r)Adult (f)4,0688542
xY1b4(xY1b4)Adult (f)2,3777051
EEsaN(EEsaN)Adult (f)2,3477091
MSiBi(MSiBi)Adult (f)4,3361,0601
aVew9(aVew9)Adult (f)4,3761,0802
dTLmm(dTLmm)Adult (f)4,3821,0352
5vzIT(5vzIT)Adult (f)4,6868931
F5tAE(F5tAE)Adult (f)4,1808921
r2HYR(r2HYR)Adult (f)2,4307321
rBewi(rBewi)Adult (f)2,3106871
mi2Sa(mi2Sa)Adult (f)4,4701,0952
FNCub(FNCub)Adult (f)4,5171,0671
44xck(44xck)Adult (m)4,0558412
26Ja6(26Ja6)Adult (m)2,3877311
nwRlq(nwRlq)Adult (m)4,7329221
DyaLI(DyaLI)Adult (m)4,6978831
k7cqh(k7cqh)Adult (m)4,0238602
A4mzW(A4mzW)Adult (m)2,4326792
rJ5je(rJ5je)Adult (m)4,2818371
dnHvz(dnHvz)Adult (f)2,9827702
BaVJH(BaVJH)Adult (f)2,3857221
QEa45(QEa45)Adult (m)3,8998532
TGmEz(TGmEz)Adult (m)2,3627341
fzXTD(fzXTD)Adult (m)3,0627792
TntZH(TntZH)Adult (m)3,2157701
mSkCi(mSkCi)Adult (f)4,9291,1030
wZsiB(wZsiB)Adult (f)6,2201,0970
87IbgWater SlashAdult (f)1,8065008
I8Qxx(I8Qxx)Adult (m)2,7156350
hHIhU(hHIhU)Adult (m)4,1601,3155
2rmXf(2rmXf)Adult (m)4,2821,3122
GCr1A(GCr1A)Adult (m)5,2276364
5Wp0LGreen VineAdult (f)2,5954452
DZpIz(DZpIz)Adult (m)3,3635051
Y7ZT9(Y7ZT9)Adult (f)4,6567621
RbHjX(RbHjX)Adult (m)3,9546522
uCZIb(uCZIb)Adult (m)5,2977461
Si1ov(Si1ov)Adult (m)4,3787392
a3IEJ(a3IEJ)Adult (f)3,2487131
sY2SAVine kidHatchling (m, F)2,9141,0462
tVrtD(tVrtD)Hatchling (f, F)3,8335202
bJIcPCloud of the DayDreamsAdult (m)4,6566794
I1goKSky Dream BlueAdult (f)2,4633252
isvHV(isvHV)Adult (f)4,0989155
tnpiq(tnpiq)Adult (m)2,3136031
wuxEW(wuxEW)Adult (m)3,0555852
ShIWTDeep Sea BlueAdult (m)2,6904652
qPuzS(qPuzS)Adult (f)3,2667091
ZNeoE(ZNeoE)Adult (f)3,4837401
hkvrk(hkvrk)Adult (f)3,3807551
hAjjn(hAjjn)Adult (f)5,6067951
f2oUY(f2oUY)Adult (f)7,4429662
WFOFK(WFOFK)Adult (m)6,1468824
3bte6Death EyeAdult (f)2,7074292
w7zlyPurple Eye Red SkinAdult (m)3,9399420
qJqzE(qJqzE)Adult (m)3,1556691
dEmKN(dEmKN)Adult (f)3,2567172
VBfa8(VBfa8)Adult (m)3,6557272
SVydh(SVydh)Adult (f)4,4317500
oFZmO(oFZmO)Adult (m)5,0407360
6eybp(6eybp)Adult (m)5,2276961
KYfPz(KYfPz)Hatchling (f, F)3,4595402
6kanN(6kanN)Adult (m)4,1148142
RAB5f(RAB5f)Adult (m)4,0487243
s7F7K2 Headed Gray Eye NightmareAdult (f)4,8171,0692
kcR4RYingYang headedAdult (m)11,4971,8945
Yv4uOWings of StormsAdult (f)3,6791,2702
LBRO1Firey Melted RockAdult (f)3,1024061
O5Oow(O5Oow)Adult (m)3,3246821
Ii5ic(Ii5ic)Adult (m)3,9345451
saolsI liek to make you sickAdult (f)10,8271,9309
Pjj1Vpinky paleAdult (m)2,8324391
FgxBS(FgxBS)Adult (f)4,5378111
6jk2K(6jk2K)Adult (m)3,5836102
BZWf6(BZWf6)Adult (m)3,6336561
bSzRo(bSzRo)Adult (m)3,4605983
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