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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “azuresea,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aiWOZMidnight's Glow CBAdult (f)3,1541,1561
lzH5NMidnight's Shade CBAdult (m)4,9469410
h2RTeMidnight's Stillness CBAdult (f)5,0967840
ZU1fUGleam of BlackthornAdult (m)2,3636504
sNwt5Pierce of BlackthornAdult (f)1,9546033
WUPIvPoint of Blackthorn CBAdult (m)4,4598811
aQnx6Sprig of Blackthorn CBAdult (m)3,6161,0561
3TQqmCluster of Blackthorn CBAdult (m)6,3069680
g6nXD(g6nXD)Adult (m)6,9367650
t9TgP(t9TgP)Adult (m)4,8378472
fLniX(fLniX)Adult (m)3,0947311
GHrShTwist of GreenthornAdult (m)5,1261,0611
6ZSsn(6ZSsn)Adult (m)4,0996840
WfKuP(WfKuP)Adult (f)3,7618802
AnPFx(AnPFx)Adult (f)3,5877400
twgCa(twgCa)Adult (f)3,5997351
JmZnn(JmZnn)Adult (m)3,5477514
WXDLQ(WXDLQ)Adult (m)3,7257910
eHrvH(eHrvH)Adult (f)5,0265991
ox6qL(ox6qL)Adult (f)1,9545710
5cRJr(5cRJr)Adult (m)2,2495792
hepGx(hepGx)Adult (m)2,0755662
VX218(VX218)Adult (m)2,2407490
Q4CMi(Q4CMi)Adult (f)2,2817500
diUAn(diUAn)Adult (f)2,3567890
l9iUr(l9iUr)Adult (f)2,3996601
SrGBF(SrGBF)Adult (m)2,3137140
vrRWX(vrRWX)Adult (m)2,1196040
akLU8(akLU8)Adult (m)2,5225086
IaUNY(IaUNY)Adult (m)2,0637632
IrjJo(IrjJo)Hatchling (f, F)1,9297030
YRZNN(YRZNN)Adult (f)1,6948200
o4fuh(o4fuh)Adult (f)1,6488010
YXb9p(YXb9p)Adult (m)1,7398191
Iq4iA(Iq4iA)Adult (m)4,2689080
5Tdx2(5Tdx2)Adult (m)4,7051,0941
XNRNU(XNRNU)Adult (m)3,8818860
5I9dF(5I9dF)Adult (m)3,0417351
UBZKVBleached Bone CBAdult (f)4,7716970
gorVoBleached Earth CBAdult (m)5,3177231
fOhVVBleached Colour CBAdult (m)5,9138620
wiE6eBleached Pallor CBAdult (f)4,2019290
e4oiIBleached Sky CBHatchling (m, F)3,9169641
456Uv(456Uv)Adult (f)4,1856800
6vmcN(6vmcN)Adult (m)3,6488971
TIiNQ(TIiNQ)Adult (f)3,8838551
7IacM(7IacM)Adult (m)3,9657920
jIQZO(jIQZO)Adult (m)4,0327291
6iEsH(6iEsH)Adult (f)3,9138090
W6DV0(W6DV0)Hatchling (m, F)4,5786800
zchOTAzalea of Sunlit Fields CBAdult (m)4,8467991
IjZVbHyacinth of Sunlit Fields CBAdult (f)4,8378061
rxVuyBluebell of Sunlit Fields CBAdult (f)4,8588080
6W54IPeony of Sunlit Fields CBAdult (m)4,7898061
ZuOhUSage of Sunlit Fields CBAdult (f)4,7757992
QbrTxGeranium of Sunlit Fields CBAdult (m)4,5968030
3mFMWColumbine of Sunlit Fields CBAdult (f)4,7678091
bxPp4Deathless ObsessionHatchling (m, F)7,8902,7256
4DwHhDrift of Copper Sand CBAdult (f)4,8687841
tgkWYSwirl of Shifting Sand CBAdult (f)5,6726461
QeS47Flight of Dusty Sand CBAdult (m)4,7597810
nmitbReflection of Gleaming Sand CBAdult (f)5,4256480
mEfcKCloud of Swirling Sand CBAdult (f)5,7496242
qaa2JDune of Windswept Sand CBAdult (f)5,3046360
C5VfhWaves of Golden Sand CBAdult (m)4,9497900
IpjLdDust of Billowing Sand CBAdult (f)4,8837400
wgncVWhirlwind of Spinning Sand CBAdult (m)5,1467100
t19VsGlory of Shining Sand CBAdult (f)4,6657671
WIa3mFlow of Molten Sand CBAdult (f)4,8687070
6YgJ5River of Flowing Sand CBAdult (f)5,1307070
svxqUScorch of Sunlit Sand CBAdult (f)5,3437151
btmN8Heat of Burning Sand CBAdult (m)4,8967010
WOqxqSea of Desert Sand CBAdult (m)5,4046011
rDSQUFury of Stormy Sand CBAdult (f)5,3315770
p6CixShimmer of Scorching Sand CBAdult (f)5,3635671
I1ZkyTrickle of Fine Sand CBAdult (m)5,77277213
HcFPSGlare of Noonday Sand CBAdult (f)6,48179012
muehIIllusion of Shimmering Sand CBAdult (m)6,32678511
1bZHrSparkle of Bronze Sand CBHatchling (f, F)3,8487121
vwFz6Sweep of Bright Sand CBHatchling (f, F)4,1737031
oqRgeStretch of Yellow Sand CBHatchling (F)2,8015170
C7hWgShade of Sable Sand CBHatchling (f, F)3,9296322
hFpF2Bleakness of Barren Sand CBHatchling (F)3,47163211
fcben(fcben)Hatchling (F)3,3466291
TiWQ6(TiWQ6)Adult (m)3,0756661
AQmKw(AQmKw)Adult (f)3,0256790
AfP2S(AfP2S)Adult (m)3,0246522
SyBzu(SyBzu)Adult (f)3,0266903
tDoWV(tDoWV)Adult (f)3,2507343
PFQjN(PFQjN)Adult (m)2,9227350
GW1nF(GW1nF)Adult (f)3,0367750
PRa36(PRa36)Adult (m)3,7008010
KtJwF(KtJwF)Adult (m)2,1386911
XRlgf(XRlgf)Hatchling (f, F)2,1197131
02L4n(02L4n)Adult (f)1,9316451
DI7GX(DI7GX)Adult (f)1,6585942
U3Ejs(U3Ejs)Adult (m)1,8846390
nDaAV(nDaAV)Adult (f)1,9006593
iRfOv(iRfOv)Adult (m)1,5285740
S9mHL(S9mHL)Adult (m)2,7446011
97YLN(97YLN)Adult (f)2,5706260
a00Dk(a00Dk)Hatchling (m, F)1,7515510
mjeFF(mjeFF)Adult (f)3,6598201
fQXii(fQXii)Adult (f)3,5608271
uo1D1(uo1D1)Adult (m)3,6288121
P2qdj(P2qdj)Adult (m)4,2394900
prIHb(prIHb)Adult (f)3,1409062
eqcSi(eqcSi)Adult (f)3,9167206
kT1af(kT1af)Adult (m)3,7927491
DNZ8B(DNZ8B)Adult (m)4,1855941
bMShU(bMShU)Adult (m)4,1637252
Jf8Cd(Jf8Cd)Adult (f)5,1091,3195
ffX7p(ffX7p)Adult (f)4,8417452
t5BZp(t5BZp)Adult (f)5,1409140
1oKLL(1oKLL)Adult (f)3,3756880
4Myog(4Myog)Adult (f)3,3126730
zTDSL(zTDSL)Adult (f)3,4596552
L3RpW(L3RpW)Adult (f)3,3856751
9JwRS(9JwRS)Adult (f)5,3121,2654
FYaZt(FYaZt)Adult (f)3,6476490
EI7dS(EI7dS)Adult (m)3,5036501
XnvNa(XnvNa)Adult (m)3,4976431
KDcbX(KDcbX)Adult (f)2,4545670
SPRym(SPRym)Adult (f)2,5495940
PHiaq(PHiaq)Adult (m)4,8106530
evp1T(evp1T)Adult (m)4,7416432
1HRla(1HRla)Adult (m)4,7926470
sMtEk(sMtEk)Adult (f)5,3106481
yuy9w(yuy9w)Adult (m)6,3155221
qTi9Z(qTi9Z)Adult (m)5,0216510
IqXEd(IqXEd)Adult (f)5,3835331
eaW3E(eaW3E)Adult (f)2,0307631
bRjLo(bRjLo)Adult (f)2,0086661
q6UmB(q6UmB)Adult (m)4,7826412
skEWQ(skEWQ)Adult (f)5,3516111
n572O(n572O)Adult (m)5,6695951
ABCtv(ABCtv)Adult (f)5,7915610
d5AK9(d5AK9)Adult (m)6,8674691
gA0Ge(gA0Ge)Adult (m)4,6227000
emoV7(emoV7)Adult (f)4,6227021
ouTe1(ouTe1)Adult (f)4,6097010
v5Q10(v5Q10)Adult (m)4,4827071
rkfuF(rkfuF)Adult (f)4,5347020
FTbpl(FTbpl)Adult (f)4,5307051
jxdVN(jxdVN)Adult (f)4,6137030
ctaXH(ctaXH)Adult (f)4,6197070
jznOV(jznOV)Adult (m)6,4576561
KR7Tz(KR7Tz)Adult (f)5,4346780
1j4WH(1j4WH)Adult (m)5,1559111
NlKIu(NlKIu)Adult (m)3,2457031
kHOQ7Raven's Wing CBAdult (m)4,8931,2865
g1PKXBlackbird's Wing CBAdult (f)3,0327312
v5HqcStarling's Wing CBAdult (m)2,0236642
D84fxNight's Wing CBAdult (f)7,0029351
78KWbOwl's WingAdult (f)5,5758254
OjXEQHawk's WingAdult (m)4,7001,0581
V4enoEagle's WingAdult (m)5,2968913
rZvLRSwift's WingAdult (f)3,8868452
Ccx5ZHarrier's WingAdult (m)4,1571,1101
dwnHGRook's WingAdult (m)4,1138283
0NRq4Goshawk's WingAdult (m)2,9399692
B6jCQPigeon's Wing CBAdult (m)4,8288560
QVJB1Huron's WingAdult (f)3,8961,0573
VgPfKBasilisk's Wing CBAdult (m)6,0338263
qoebADove's Wing CBAdult (m)4,9799131
DfJ4lGrackle's Wing CBAdult (f)5,1709260
0B3OmKingbird's Wing CBAdult (m)5,3596240
tIHJ6Myna's Wing CBAdult (m)5,3656280
vMNpESwan's Wing CBAdult (f)8,4671,4522
MhSosKite's Wing CBAdult (m)6,2171,1364
K3VCS(K3VCS)Adult (m)5,6575952
7nehs(7nehs)Adult (f)7,4827241
UuV6u(UuV6u)Adult (m)5,9795192
e9nc4(e9nc4)Adult (m)3,7346301
PrZRk(PrZRk)Adult (m)3,8587980
pgS1w(pgS1w)Adult (f)3,6198641
MaO7g(MaO7g)Adult (m)2,1277460
JTiEP(JTiEP)Adult (m)2,1487190
fIJ1P(fIJ1P)Adult (m)2,1136241
q8GYr(q8GYr)Adult (f)6,1996563
emuGK(emuGK)Adult (f)2,8966644
xIgt2Ebony PlumageAdult (f)5,2496264
cMWG3Silk PlumageAdult (m)5,1081,0795
RhwZDSatin PlumageAdult (f)4,9345921
inCRSWhite Frost on Pine CBAdult (m)1,6478152
1iQyXWhite Frost on Rose CBAdult (f)5,3768830
m9s4TDeathless WillHatchling (m, F)7,1912,6274
eoDgjMilky Chrystals CBAdult (f)4,8501,0272
Zp3HxMilky Quartz CBAdult (f)5,0451,4093
w3a9CMilky Gravel CBAdult (f)3,3521,0040
ucH6PMilky Sand CBAdult (m)3,3699950
lgiwrMilky Emery CBAdult (m)4,8581,3891
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