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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “azngirl777,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RTRA(RTRA)Adult (m)68247214
cS0O(cS0O)Adult (m)81849123
qF46(qF46)Adult (m)85254732
hVcm(hVcm)Adult (f)81153131
L8QQ(L8QQ)Adult (m)73351732
YZlA(YZlA)Adult (m)73349525
Gk56(Gk56)Adult (m)96160736
qnTR(qnTR)Adult (f)2,53463531
qPYL(qPYL)Adult (f)87462129
GVMh(GVMh)Adult (f)93856226
P31V(P31V)Adult (m)87258126
p2Qt(p2Qt)Adult (m)79755732
r71P(r71P)Adult (m)1,65771512
KubQ(KubQ)Adult (f)1,3906496
jQ5B(jQ5B)Adult (m)1,3206384
NjBM(NjBM)Adult (f)1,1396247
gAbX(gAbX)Adult (m)1,68483311
gtmQ(gtmQ)Adult (m)1,64572712
aOGC(aOGC)Adult (m)1,67390516
6ES6(6ES6)Adult (m)1,11453412
r0p9(r0p9)Adult (m)1,12955813
dfFr(dfFr)Adult (f)1,37068116
CtSg(CtSg)Adult (m)1,31864620
PJT9(PJT9)Adult (m)1,87775817
BVb8(BVb8)Adult (m)1,9197467
BFen(BFen)Adult (m)1,63774814
P3b5(P3b5)Adult (f)1,53769313
mpZ1(mpZ1)Adult (f)1,21560212
hGKm(hGKm)Adult (m)1,50275021
ipst(ipst)Adult (f)1,41975513
Yepb(Yepb)Adult (m)6,78876526
OfSn(OfSn)Adult (m)1,39272112
TJQm(TJQm)Adult (m)1,58255420
oha5(oha5)Adult (f)7074589
TCtm(TCtm)Adult (f)1,62443013
SSG1(SSG1)Adult (m)1,0226078
8K35(8K35)Adult (m)9704119
G7VO(G7VO)Adult (m)1,21363417
fKCL(fKCL)Adult (f)79237133
3pjU(3pjU)Adult (f)1,4091,07215
aZvc(aZvc)Adult (f)1,12286230
MB2L(MB2L)Adult (m)66651513
75Sm(75Sm)Adult (f)1,3807237
FRJj(FRJj)Adult (m)1,8341,14518
QtQw(QtQw)Adult (m)7056288
XB61(XB61)Adult (f)51444913
Aa2C(Aa2C)Adult (f)1,4017806
tOhz(tOhz)Adult (m)1,2236378
0yB9(0yB9)Adult (m)1,3066716
ONu5(ONu5)Adult (m)1,7171,15718
NrqB(NrqB)Adult (m)1,3341,18720
vXXu(vXXu)Adult (f)1,13897029
FvDH(FvDH)Adult (f)56145314
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