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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ayanesenpai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
skJMBYoshi Yellow asAdult6,4431,6315
U9ulmRed Yoshi asAdult7,9611,7568
ztA4LZ'Purple Yoshi asAdult8,7631,7443
5zptuYoshi asAdult6,0771,6013
tSj1sYoshi Blue asAdult6,0161,6346
l7yHg(l7yHg)Adult (f)4,0157042
Byw4wOff White asAdult (f)2,4645531
chHrIWhite asAdult (m)4,1117272
g0E2lFleeting Belief asAdult (f)5,7351,53710
xLO0CFreedom AsAdult (f)2,5985916
07451Flash AsAdult (m)4,42970315
kO6fTSwap Thing asAdult (m)5,3868443
k3E7LElemental Water asAdult (m)6,7561,5821
WWBiQVan Hellsing AsAdult (m)5,4411,3411
p2dXhDeath ASAdult (f)5,3287888
3XGxETiny asHatchling (m, F)4,7251,1792
gABBNGabby asAdult (m)6,1291,5312
mWJrhLittle one asHatchling (f, F)1,6967871
I3xg5Bang Bang asAdult (f)7,6972,1233
458DTSoothing Heat asAdult (m)5,1351,5492
nJLpkSpeck asHatchling (f, F)5,0811,1642
xkrmCAlice asAdult (f)7,8712,0005
482HsLittle Love asHatchling (m, F)3,1061,1282
d9VsRLots O' Love asAdult (m)7,4052,0769
Xy58KBefore The Looking Glass asHatchling (f, F)2,9771,1161
ySA1fThe Looking Glass asAdult (f)5,8691,5175
DgCUI(DgCUI)Adult (m)3,0347750
kP3zyElectric Blue asAdult (m)7,9551,6759
qREdAUltra Violet asAdult (f)5,2961,4472
nWn8JBoeing Model 100Adult (m)5,5761,5902
Wo35XBoeing XF5BAdult (f)4,5331,0213
bEjtcSting ASAdult (m)2,04055910
KqMFgBaby Sea asHatchling (m, F)3,9711,0123
Tb7yy(Tb7yy)Adult (f)2,1356211
2Eu7d(2Eu7d)Adult (f)1,8536622
zxqIcTsunami Wave asAdult (m)5,6458095
khCZjReignofWARAdult (f)3,50966323
Fq935Misty asAdult (f)3,6016112
VszYE(VszYE)Adult (m)1,8106171
RNrTJShocker asAdult (f)1,6285991
YiyAbLegendary Zzap A Dos asAdult (f)1,9706363
8yElRA Dose asAdult (m)7,0881,4513
O396EZzZaAaP asAdult (m)5,6721,6626
6KDNINature AsAdult (f)2,7287317
pSnhPSun's Dream asAdult (f)4,9621,0987
c33wpIs A asAdult (m)7,1961,5593
K6QsICrazy Thing asAdult (m)7,0721,6042
hDSWHHigh asAdult (m)3,2469223
5l1WmSky AsAdult (f)2,04360117
ESJJHGem Sun asAdult (m)7,9701,4602
WWcscOmega asAdult (m)3,9109782
oyFq4SunSong AsAdult (f)5,52182120
pjsQhReturn of Spyro Thuwed  asAdult (m)7,8431,6453
cEuNOSunset AsAdult (m)3,58770711
tz25hHot Pink asAdult (f)6,9031,5773
7jZvbHeat's Shimmer asAdult (f)6,3791,4254
x2v5C(x2v5C)Adult (m)4,7788621
bfPILMidnights Thunder  asAdult (f)4,6977327
zUbzSGreen Lighting asAdult (m)6,8201,5563
MIoYLRed Lighting asAdult (f)5,8141,6414
0vDEdBlue Thunder asAdult (f)6,7321,5923
ZEQwYMorning Lighting asAdult (f)3,6879404
1hIKyStone Wall asAdult (m)6,4301,4642
M4YhgViolent Blue asAdult (f)5,0131,4962
jRJHxSTD Uh-Oh asAdult (f)6,8291,3827
6e9c2Burn asHatchling (F)2,2465583
FZqnrFreezer asHatchling (f, F)4,6029125
9quglBaby Blue asAdult (f)1,7855942
hmFLGMy Soul's Demise asAdult (m)7,7001,6775
XoJuVThe Soul's Redemption asAdult (f)5,2571,5431
cfLTBGlacier BurgAdult (f)5,43664914
cKl02Baby Pink asHatchling (f, F)1,7525871
825a9(825a9)Adult (m)1,9396382
sPblgSilver Sun asAdult (m)1,9796552
GcewsSilver Surfer 001 asAdult (m)1,8747162
QrI0qQ look asAdult (f)1,8437051
zpSZBZ'Bomb asAdult (m)5,5421,4999
sUxSjAriana asAdult (f)6,4161,4258
nUdVsCinnamon Toast asAdult (m)6,5571,7043
Cv2VfFreezer Burn asAdult (f)7,2551,5435
BZwKUFrozen Heart asAdult (m)3,9221,41010
SzZZB(SzZZB)Adult (m)4,5498840
GPlYWFalling star asAdult (f)4,6141,1601
EKMe5(EKMe5)Adult (m)2,0996141
DPNr0(DPNr0)Adult (f)1,7235591
w903q(w903q)Adult (f)2,1046262
PlhQf(PlhQf)Adult (f)1,8476371
iYO2d(iYO2d)Adult (m)1,4366091
9ivgW(9ivgW)Adult (m)1,5616221
CexFP(CexFP)Adult (f)1,5175841
XOQJq(XOQJq)Adult (m)2,5155691
ckwZDDeep Crimson asAdult (m)3,5586152
iI05jReflection AsAdult (f)2,8546357
uvwsW(uvwsW)Adult (f)1,6586191
hq5GW(hq5GW)Adult (m)1,7806572
E1ALuViolet's Love asAdult (m)5,3711,4952
Gkhtu(Gkhtu)Hatchling (m, F)4,5331,0012
xd4q5(xd4q5)Adult (f)1,6716520
vqD6N(vqD6N)Adult (m)7,2201,5472
4yqCPLavish Violet asAdult (f)6,3111,53211
VOX5a(VOX5a)Adult (f)1,9535901
b5Oc9(b5Oc9)Adult (m)1,9266171
Zhomo(Zhomo)Adult (m)1,6025784
zx52K(zx52K)Adult (m)1,7976131
fqOc1(fqOc1)Adult (m)5,0091,6091
EH6UJRed Leo asAdult (m)7,9681,6892
XhnTPBaby Heater asAdult (m)6,9481,5018
iScpKAidan Thuwed asAdult (f)7,1931,5584
EtY66Hot Love asAdult (f)6,0621,5642
nHo3AFire's Heat asAdult (m)6,1101,5812
sdvdkWater Sprite ASAdult (m)4,25379512
elmMzLittleBlueCritterAdult (f)4,35963322
34TDIBarely seen asAdult (f)2,8716982
0xW7g(0xW7g)Adult (f)4,2737372
dRwtJNight Owl asAdult (m)4,2241,1711
LXMKgCrimsonShadowsAdult (m)5,4156278
NwXjDTiny one asAdult (f)6,0891,5553
PB8J0Spyro asAdult (m)5,7081,5893
EB7tCFusia asAdult (f)3,5148211
6wY3Q(6wY3Q)Hatchling (f, F)4,7879876
EAdrP(EAdrP)Adult (m)4,1329463
wLDAzZodiac asAdult (f)5,9891,5147
ZkdnKChinese New Year asAdult (m)5,7721,5171
nSe48(nSe48)Hatchling (F)1,5315477
34K25(34K25)Hatchling (f, F)5,4681,2421
sfQ6DFifty Shades of Grey asAdult (m)7,7661,5718
8la75Shades of Gray asAdult (f)6,2421,74412
gIo6V(gIo6V)Hatchling (f, F)3,7588474
BR56d(BR56d)Adult (f)4,9001,1572
gBJzqGold Reflections asAdult (f)7,9431,6755
7xvAmAranka asAdult (f)6,1261,5879
Di7pN(Di7pN)Adult (m)3,5401,0837
oewI5Bronze Booties asAdult (m)5,7321,5774
R4TUD(R4TUD)Adult (m)4,3991,0983
4LDgq(4LDgq)Adult (m)4,9051,0466
HTSsVSilver Surfer asAdult (m)5,4861,6152
Tn9lf(Tn9lf)Adult (f)6,1151,0076
EUNgJIcarus asAdult (f)6,7731,5492
zANMx(zANMx)Adult (m)2,3035572
8wuhm(8wuhm)Adult (f)2,3975571
9MFD7(9MFD7)Adult (m)2,4015652
QWKgh(QWKgh)Adult (f)1,3565522
oWvTOAmazing Thuwed-Dorkface asAdult (m)7,4281,7664
P2HzlPoison Pink asAdult (m)7,0931,5742
7APahUlitmate Thuwed-Dorkface asAdult (f)8,9441,9897
2wogs2Wogs asAdult (f)6,1931,5793
d2bWtPinkie Pie asAdult (f)5,4141,1918
di4s8Fleeting Love asAdult (m)5,8111,5041
mamrl(mamrl)Adult (m)4,3638415
qa5ExWolf Dragon ASAdult (f)3,64680314
OXx13Paper Cut asAdult6,7221,80012
rAeMSOlive Platter asAdult (f)7,8831,6924
GfGI3Omen-asAdult (m)8,2771,7967
2IrFGNocturne ASAdult (f)5,9317703
Rj0G7Yellow Stripes asAdult (m)6,9621,6076
qwjzk(qwjzk)Hatchling (m, F)4,0599302
ku7dx(ku7dx)Adult (m)1,6495921
yrmF7(yrmF7)Adult (f)2,1155812
Y7ud3(Y7ud3)Adult (f)2,0606112
0llBV(0llBV)Adult (m)2,5635552
HazVIOblivion ASAdult (m)6,9617334
ShXT9Shnikeys asHatchling (f, F)4,3801,1081
v67Wc(v67Wc)Adult (m)1,8716293
bJAyS(bJAyS)Adult (f)2,3975421
LHOqi(LHOqi)Adult (m)1,3886231
8KFSuDe Ombidia asAdult (f)5,3161,1374
cbmbZI am Blue OhmiAdult (f)5,3331,36919
8AN7dCelestial Being asAdult (f)5,4741,5523
J6zccClairvoyant Mind asAdult (m)2,7679812
cpiknSkidder asAdult (f)7,8761,3281
MxZysHeat Stroke asAdult (f)1,6136112
nS8zp(nS8zp)Adult (f)1,9166282
aWJOJ(aWJOJ)Adult (f)1,6596412
jJeth(jJeth)Adult (m)1,4726191
gcruZHeart Burn asAdult (m)7,1641,6437
oJjTXBurns Right Through Your Soul asAdult (f)6,3311,6909
Zhm6S(Zhm6S)Adult (m)1,4585641
eDUO0Morning Sun's Dew DropAdult (f)7,3911,6362
wwW0BMorning Sun asAdult (f)4,2171,3325
ven6WMorning Glory asAdult (m)3,55949222
nkhLq(nkhLq)Adult (f)3,8827372
T8yUwSun Light asAdult (m)6,9821,3648
XVDGwMorning Dew asAdult (f)5,9801,5133
agmUr(agmUr)Adult (f)4,3149227
pR1ZoPadro asAdult (m)4,8389879
a06ze(a06ze)Adult (m)4,5641,0316
Tea4QTea4QAdult (f)4,1011,12410
uAdze(uAdze)Adult (m)4,6771,0061
uKO8z(uKO8z)Adult (m)4,0519293
wSxiMLocks Love asAdult (m)2,6954661
qHqxh(qHqxh)Hatchling (m, F)1,8456161
kyysc(kyysc)Adult (m)1,6526501
pp8lSSummon asAdult (f)2,0386642
BKDFr(BKDFr)Adult (f)1,8106582
CU4Nx(CU4Nx)Adult (m)2,2366111
bmkmT(bmkmT)Adult (m)1,9886081
d9al2(d9al2)Adult (f)1,4895602
qHHp7(qHHp7)Adult (m)1,8676524
WilEU(WilEU)Adult (f)6,1721,5594
OXpXvOh My Ice asAdult (f)5,9501,5403
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