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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “awooo0,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pgl4BYenepAdult (f)2,9118731
18C3lMr Moesby FandomAdult (m)5,0297732
kt7dq(kt7dq)Adult (f)3,3076081
ua7uM(ua7uM)Adult (m)5,0046692
KEiL0(KEiL0)Adult (m)6,0836613
orAHz(orAHz)Adult (f)4,6717001
C7JLX(C7JLX)Adult (m)4,7498312
4ItOOZalez Von EleganceAdult (f)14,7911,3772
K1oX3Lehen SarkanyAdult (f)11,7347853
D9ipvGianAdult (f)10,4011,1793
gAeDtLeft is RightAdult (m)3,7118944
uZ8SYBack is FrontAdult (m)6,2931,0414
AUYgcRodaAdult (m)14,0491,0641
A8JLQJaliqAdult (f)2,1957803
nKsYmWhat Love Sounds LikeAdult (m)7,2101,3282
i1uPCFadilaAdult (f)4,4801,1702
bgTToOliver PerksAdult (m)2,5248112
KaQ0RGl' bgolybAdult (f)4,4217853
sR0lrThomas HiddlestonAdult (m)3,3637562
e3cU1Bard of BabesAdult (m)3,5937672
StmIuBatman FandomAdult (m)4,3817431
iG6c9Czeslaw MeyerHatchling (m, F)5,0749657
MK5VCEioauAdult (f)7,6131,4575
eMi4UKuzufuyuAdult (f)6,9871,0734
IHi2fDeAardeAdult (f)3,0279511
bnUhg(bnUhg)Adult (f)3,4387951
wC4zF(wC4zF)Adult (f)3,6078160
ZqpW7SicarioAdult (m)3,9321,3024
ZVSKQPhilip LaFresqueAdult (f)2,7458433
sUKg6Baron Alexander von BrennenburgAdult (m)2,6353983
gKZcAMosin NagantAdult (m)4,6427462
naSf3Gatherer BruteAdult (f)2,2186201
iZReBVolatile HalcyonAdult (f)6,0041,2504
OhMsuUrisik KeetosAdult (m)4,9611,1292
oghLbValve FandomAdult (m)4,7811,0142
NoBfc(NoBfc)Adult (m)3,1947403
pDClA(pDClA)Adult (f)2,8637303
tJtfF(tJtfF)Adult (m)4,9826890
FrF2Z(FrF2Z)Adult (m)6,6819453
2QSFF(2QSFF)Adult (f)3,4256792
xadVg(xadVg)Adult (f)5,2018436
eT1VpTricksterJakeAdult (m)7,8741,2761
kdD41TricksterJaneAdult (f)6,6671,2233
GI8kTSaint JoyAdult (f)5,8451,0882
M4qK2Pokemon FandomAdult (m)6,0891,1902
C70gRNicelegsdaisypukesAdult (m)2,8579243
3eQX7(3eQX7)Adult (m)3,4587221
6m1ga(6m1ga)Adult (m)2,8977411
7NxOA(7NxOA)Adult (m)3,4906841
nDhMy(nDhMy)Adult (f)3,3217572
EMEmZInapaAdult (f)4,2981,0702
bp3aG1402Adult (m)5,1661,1941
rGEFBDream With The WindAdult (m)3,5491,0371
4hRnQMy Buddy KeithAdult (m)4,4768167
3Dt5dJimmy Gibbs JrAdult (m)4,8518258
DM5JDAlexander J MercerAdult (m)4,6427973
ZX5bAZeus the PrototypeAdult (m)3,7609832
b3SR4Rise of the Guardians FandomAdult (f)5,0698623
eEjHTFandom FandomAdult (f)2,9557911
sbLv9(sbLv9)Adult (m)4,8588155
E2akn(E2akn)Adult (f)5,8536725
ftNVkGatherer GruntAdult (m)5,0598845
9tBaRErisolspriteAdult (m)5,9441,2403
LrOWeThrow Down Some Sick FiresAdult (m)5,0891,1661
Dejb8kick it barackAdult (m)5,8541,2783
ghTn6(ghTn6)Adult (m)7,5931,0103
EHDtG(EHDtG)Adult (f)5,3128211
evQ4u(evQ4u)Adult (m)5,0366922
87a5fBeaute AveuglanteAdult (f)4,7761,43910
UFNTvHrdayaAdult (f)2,5628693
UQBUIDaniel from MayfairAdult (m)4,2451,3964
ZdMhFCinotAdult (m)3,1149995
7EU0DJustine FlorbelleAdult (f)7,6411,5024
9AVjrRose  LalondeAdult (f)5,1561,2507
iYsovMaiteAdult (m)3,7571,2882
8WMnYLizunkeriaAdult (m)3,7371,2252
mHv3X(mHv3X)Adult (f)3,9701,1432
4khqT(4khqT)Adult (f)6,5961,1354
NgCW0The Death of DawnAdult (f)4,8151,3404
tFBhYThe Famous NarratorAdult (m)3,8541,2893
BM6BCThe CaptainAdult (f)3,5241,34618
tWaXLThe HurricaneAdult (m)3,2771,0653
WGV51The PrototypeAdult (f)3,8081,0578
qjGEmLesbian Vampire QueenAdult (f)5,7411,1713
IiSNiJasmine GraceHatchling (f, F)1,5806226
CllMMCiimmAdult (m)3,8059163
shjFHIgiAdult (f)3,1419586
PSTPAPasutaAdult (f)4,9991,2073
8BWQALife SoldierAdult (f)9,3606241
kQVfECastiel of ThursdayAdult (m)3,0298043
kLpvPConnor KenwayAdult (m)4,7588352
n703TSupernatural FandomAdult (m)4,2856875
jTnu4(jTnu4)Adult (f)3,4357231
RqhHm(RqhHm)Adult (m)4,0987121
OIqcC(OIqcC)Adult (f)4,2548495
kYDkj(kYDkj)Adult (f)3,5698120
0v0wp(0v0wp)Adult (f)4,4757585
ixiOS(ixiOS)Adult (m)5,6108404
yHiLN(yHiLN)Adult (m)4,1428321
N7kZm(N7kZm)Adult (f)4,5587602
vJd0h(vJd0h)Adult (f)6,1787423
DoNda(DoNda)Adult (m)4,3138664
qVpDz(qVpDz)Adult (f)5,0336852
XCrM2(XCrM2)Adult (f)3,5578141
4MtyU(4MtyU)Adult (f)3,7887712
mfau7Clean EnergyAdult5,0693383
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