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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aventur,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5ZXBG(5ZXBG)Dead Hatchling (f)1,9373482
F4gHCA Forest Of GreeneryAdult (m)1,8974191
JyDMXGreenery Of The ForestAdult (f)1,8044250
No5HzGreenest Forest WalkerAdult (f)1,9787034
9tQzLGreenest Forest WatcherAdult (m)1,8575563
p4iYGSaintly SlitherAdult (m)5,4721,3845
pZZStLoyal LiltAdult (f)2,4525447
TWDzyGreen As A ForestAdult (f)1,9145464
l9XRtGreen Of A ForestAdult (m)2,0115601
EPIiRLindwurm EplirAdult (m)3,6096852
7sYAyLindwurm TsyayAdult (f)2,6683961
Nng0oLindwurm NugooAdult (m)5,9509832
88MKVLakeforest GreeneryAdult (m)4,3414753
x6H2ULindwurm IgshuAdult (f)4,8269352
gcgMpII Doublegreen PrizeAdult (m)2,6966661
4a7ZdII Doublegreen QuestAdult (f)2,6517062
IxEZrBaikalan SaintAdult (m)2,6777542
GfYpbForest ReturnerAdult (m)3,6898061
YAZFiIII Doublegreen YazfiAdult (f)3,7778441
HgtyyHistory of ForestsAdult (m)2,7345661
y1lhXBaikalan DeserterAdult (m)2,4545461
hc8l3(hc8l3)Adult (f)3,8654082
P3pUoAeon PepuoAdult (m)3,1306152
leX7TAeon LexetAdult (f)4,6197487
PNiNgAeon PiningAdult (m)3,7218481
pWovSAeon ShiningAdult (f)4,0877641
6dPMgII Aeon ForceAdult (f)3,3187541
VqIAGII Aeon VectorAdult (m)3,4347682
XurIdIII Aeon XuridAdult (f)6,2351,1651
duvUJIII Aeon DuvujAdult (m)3,2756946
Y18qaWise EyesAdult (f)3,5925775
zRoptZ-Code PrecognitiveAdult (f)3,0767012
JwdfMIV Aeon JediAdult (m)3,0677461
cOXCJIV Aeon SwapAdult (f)2,3697184
mVcT1Aeon GlowingAdult (m)2,6915532
Au6cvAeon KnowingAdult (f)2,8386331
JSHUIII Aeon JeshuiAdult (f)3,2444284
KS88rIII Aeon OracleAdult (m)2,6946623
LZNKO(LZNKO)Adult (f)2,6527061
78Z7o(78Z7o)Adult (m)2,7057101
6pPoQ(6pPoQ)Adult (f)2,7725802
Zazl8Z-Code GloriaAdult (f)3,3506852
AwzsaAeria AwzsaAdult (f)3,1026921
MllcFAeria MilofAdult (m)3,1806042
dRmmPAeria Fifty-OneAdult (f)2,9034434
dpyN7Aeria 51Adult (m)3,2896771
kS8fL(kS8fL)Adult (m)2,7066790
YLnH1Aether YluhiAdult (f)2,9627222
is7DmAether IstomAdult (m)2,9777321
ZokGIAether ZokgiAdult (m)3,1597214
vUWZeAether VuwzeAdult (f)3,0546831
qqWvKExtra EtherealAdult (f)2,2114412
BcKEY(BcKEY)Adult (f)1,9955071
cTApZ(cTApZ)Adult (m)3,3403900
UmLGThe Pale MaleAdult (m)3,61524118
kHvsA Paler Shade of MaleAdult (m)4,7853202
W48sA Gyrfalcon For A KingAdult (m)3,6822522
mO5aA Peregrine For A PrinceAdult (m)2,1213763
sdHQA Saker For A KnightAdult (f)2,7964803
RvI7A Merlin For A LadyAdult (f)2,8014073
CWdVA Goshawk For A YeomanAdult (m)2,9693853
pMRXA Sparrowhawk For A PriestAdult (m)1,9863803
hQVRA Kestrel For A KnaveAdult (f)2,7051822
HjPXBirdwatcherAdult (f)2,2743553
AKgvhPure PallorAdult (m)3,5673346
AoCvAPale SkygazerAdult (f)2,9863903
eehnXCool CavedwellerAdult (m)2,6084156
VnpIeNocturnal SkygazerAdult (m)4,0212695
GBB3DThe Pall MallAdult (f)3,8465153
5b1GqThe Pale MailAdult (m)2,9313934
csNR3The Pail MillAdult (m)2,8623102
Zm4ASPapery PaleAdult (m)3,2344352
2bLTqSunscreen SuffererAdult (m)3,6283005
231RBIt's Too Bright Out HereAdult (m)3,59624011
RF1R8Let's Move To ForksAdult (f)3,9572769
ojXpaPallid ParadeAdult (m)3,1372105
HS2UcPallid PromenadeAdult (f)3,5252356
cmajeAll Lowercase Male 1Adult (m)3,6752457
ZecOOZ-Code ZecooAdult (f)4,4223395
jmsjjAll Lowercase Male 2Adult (m)4,22732510
EGoZqGazing At PyroclastsAdult (m)3,6432694
GUtqAStaring SternlyAdult (m)4,3272893
uGL33(uGL33)Adult (f)4,7023159
FWROZFrozen PallorAdult (m)4,1562789
rOLLGOmedetorasuAdult (f)3,3612537
R6gdhPallid As PasteAdult (f)3,94930214
PRGBaPasty Pale ParaderAdult (f)4,0552786
EMfdjI'm Not Flushed For YouAdult (m)3,5442455
PLBXTAll Uppercase Male 1Adult (m)4,60330713
AhsPrAshy PallorAdult (f)4,14329513
MVhuGI Don't Read MapsAdult (m)4,33029412
K19GvHowling For SunscreenAdult (m)3,9712897
SkzCSSinging For ShadeAdult (f)4,0422955
7yiUGPale As MilkAdult (f)3,1112642
QFFSLPaler Than PastelAdult (m)3,9102951
kqUp6Papery Pallid PetAdult (f)5,2813531
bVgbGWailing For WaterAdult (m)5,1763461
xnv5jMassively MultibreedAdult (f)3,9262722
XDtcCMelancholic But Not MelanisticAdult (f)2,0476521
2VpOfSuper Werecat Erin-sanAdult (f)1,9155911
Az7vuDebronzed StaircaseAdult (f)1,2524761
eWo0W(eWo0W)Adult (f)1,8984513
IhWBnI'm A GoldfailAdult (f)2,0934712
ur0kU(ur0kU)Adult (m)1,5015022
75LNyPale Yet AngelicAdult (f)1,5184254
HdCgESo Pale I SparkleAdult (m)2,4535416
KTEx2Sorrowful StaircaseAdult (f)2,0055633
XCXAMI Need ShadeAdult (f)3,26940113
MBamrFaded GraveAdult (f)3,7275754
6kiJSAlbana Paleface KismetAdult (m)3,1467461
glZMWCloned IvoryAdult (m)3,2426193
WJDaiRomance Cannot DaiAdult (m)1,9895311
5vTzXSweet Love of DreamsAdult (m)2,2046492
1kBdOPale AikidoAdult (f)3,1395994
1A77gLisino Paleface ShysterAdult (f)3,4465983
OghSgOhso PaleAdult (f)3,6745842
Vk87oVeriest PallorAdult (m)3,7904963
CuONePale CuoneAdult (f)3,5644462
Ix0leVine So FineAdult (f)3,8373634
ZGZZR(ZGZZR)Adult (m)3,5555781
DVXjX(DVXjX)Adult (m)4,0763943
ABrW6Light LookAdult (m)3,1106093
eySp1(eySp1)Adult (f)3,5044722
eZALvAlbana Gala ZealotAdult (f)6,7969572
Hp0bjMagalb Hyphen MoonbeamAdult (m)4,3413862
htkfj(htkfj)Adult (m)4,7874201
OBQhz(OBQhz)Adult (m)4,7664302
Xc4dL(Xc4dL)Adult (f)4,5844033
yXgBp(yXgBp)Adult (f)4,6804111
RZ7BY(RZ7BY)Adult (f)4,1995384
ow0Cv(ow0Cv)Adult (m)2,5193481
UDHo1(UDHo1)Adult (m)3,4717953
MPa60(MPa60)Adult (m)3,8328271
YQOJI(YQOJI)Adult (m)6,8878702
yZXkQAnother AlbinoAdult (m)3,1496193
X83hvTotal OppositesAdult (m)4,1138923
WKBhaBland DecoctionAdult (m)4,2217572
yvxmf(yvxmf)Adult (f)2,8905112
SU8vyAlmerald SuveyAdult (m)3,8808592
IL01eAlmerald IloleAdult (f)3,9288562
ZadXEAlmerald ZadxeAdult (f)5,7719571
HcFrYAlmerald HefryAdult (f)4,0507941
GhSalAlmerald GhesalAdult (m)3,9455761
0h1X3Almerald OhixeAdult (f)4,1915603
7YeyuAlmerald YeyuAdult (m)3,7185652
szl2iAlmard Gemsbok SezliAdult (f)3,1976032
Fn4R3Almerald FenareAdult (f)4,2067962
00rYzAlmerald OryzAdult (f)4,0917952
gxiThAlmerald ThixAdult (m)4,1637431
xKKn3Almerald EkkneAdult (m)4,2527731
ajuht(ajuht)Adult (f)3,2206112
eCQ2fAlmerald CefraAdult (m)6,0098884
p3EACAlmerald PeaceAdult (m)5,9549052
l0qSPAlmerald LospiAdult (m)3,7686041
Lv1bBAlmerald BevilAdult (m)7,0819571
uFzslNeshemotAdult (m)7,1919461
AjhoNSilald Metal AhjonAdult (f)3,9916642
MsF23Alormin SilvercrestAdult (m)3,3104142
H20y1The Watery OneAdult (f)3,1474890
oIvaLAlmerald OivalAdult (m)4,4844593
o4sNsAlmerald OsansAdult (f)4,4127381
LnWQV(LnWQV)Adult (f)3,8563856
52Am1Emerald's MajestyAdult (f)3,2466883
fOBTeII Aldshard FormidableAdult (f)3,7558473
wYt2eWhyte SilverAdult (f)2,8045215
IiNICClinical HeartbreakerAdult (m)3,9026322
9JM1h(9JM1h)Adult (m)3,9336252
uCMtjSilalm Curlicue EastAdult (f)3,7764932
aHnUjAlmerald AhnujAdult (m)3,0235233
6ijJc(6ijJc)Adult (m)3,5137233
RI7BwAdorable GiftwrapAdult (f)4,3376451
ONYGxGlorified GiftwrapAdult (f)4,2535991
8zHm9Wise EasternAdult (m)3,9075631
hazb0Peace BloomingAdult (m)5,4768111
KItLLAncestral BronzeshineAdult (f)5,2997762
TFOtCDespairing EmeraldAdult (m)3,8127033
FqrzBSilverleaf TwiningAdult (f)6,2618372
Ymo2ZYmosz SilversdottirAdult (f)5,1719003
5HrwvAlmine TendrilmaneAdult (f)4,6204505
KlgLSII Almerald KigelsAdult (f)4,2314573
ed1BJEdible GiftwrapAdult (f)3,3356602
3bjclAlmasy LionheartAdult (m)4,6335234
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