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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “auster26,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1jaXoKewpie MayoHatchling3,8887434
3CazqHaribo GummyHatchling2,5787113
6Gj8zAlgernon IIIHatchling3,1177222
GAaYl(GAaYl)Hatchling (m)4,6791,0831
Iq0chCharging CableAdult (f)6,0211,0514
T1luNOn Wings of SongAdult (f)6,0371,0894
FqVM2Peer EditAdult (m)6,9031,0027
G0s3CLucky SoAdult (m)3,3976834
YEkxv(YEkxv)Adult (m)5,6769843
AvAHAAve AhaAdult (f)7,0191,0975
YsvSlSurprisingly Curvaceous PirateAdult (f)12,8381,4627
DiPTeAlbino PirateAdult (m)10,1631,4255
ADhckPale ManAdult (m)11,1211,2854
kZYk6The RakeAdult (m)11,4971,4146
KaVvjmentally stabbin uAdult (m)1,5416803
louddSo LouddAdult (f)5,2339051
5t5qc(5t5qc)Adult (m)5,1969114
XJuuc(XJuuc)Adult (f)3,3427500
6nNjg(6nNjg)Adult (m)2,7448143
G2rKi(G2rKi)Adult (f)5,0907800
qeO0wMiaueAdult (m)6,6051,0242
kzO5q(kzO5q)Adult (f)6,9711,0613
NlZDI(NlZDI)Adult (f)7,2391,0623
H1jyN(H1jyN)Adult (m)6,9501,0513
HsoUNLotus EatersAdult (f)7,6471,1112
roj0NNaturdaysAdult (f)7,4651,0784
fq1Lc(fq1Lc)Adult (f)5,8529622
aOjTE(aOjTE)Adult (m)6,4411,0132
tzXs9(tzXs9)Adult (m)6,6161,0143
0NEr2Oneor TwoAdult (m)3,4536903
LaaER(LaaER)Adult (m)4,1779051
LKjav(LKjav)Adult (m)5,4109142
5s4u9Aria VespucciAdult (f)6,6871,0194
TdImFOldheadAdult (m)9,4421,2953
haxGA(haxGA)Adult (f)7,3171,2463
P2qx2Steven QuartzAdult (m)6,2531,1043
tkeTf(tkeTf)Adult (m)5,0451,1622
JOQ09Cerisa BlossomforthAdult (f)5,4241,4392
sZuHiCarmina BlossomforthAdult (f)5,4521,4752
NNhjmSeapony CandyheartAdult (f)2,6191,0083
W9WbXLove ComaAdult (f)2,1716551
KlnWF(KlnWF)Adult (f)5,1741,0362
E0ptl(E0ptl)Adult (m)7,3281,3338
9keNc(9keNc)Adult (m)6,6239672
oCxf4What Do You Consider FunAdult (m)6,7211,0563
oGGXTFun Natural FunAdult (f)7,0559576
3lKJ5To Our Own Fairy TaleAdult (f)2,2256485
mDfBLWe Wrote a PreludeAdult (m)2,9408495
e7xtTAnd Bought a ParachuteAdult (m)4,1068374
vbr9vWhat's With Your VoiceAdult (f)4,0991,2431
GRgpNAnd With a MeanAdult (m)4,8189777
4mIkHI Buoyancy in the WaterAdult (m)4,0829745
hd49eLady HeliumetteAdult (f)4,2099866
Fs8xlAt a Church Rummage SaleAdult (f)4,1719736
1Y6oAHey there LadiesAdult (m)3,1388681
pSEC5Sparkly BalloonAdult (f)3,0508961
g7TrO(g7TrO)Adult (f)4,1258642
pfjzt(pfjzt)Adult (m)2,8818603
6EDHw(6EDHw)Adult (m)3,5277581
XaNDD(XaNDD)Adult (f)8,9071,2174
sWX7YBauta BoxAdult (m)6,5719715
frApG(frApG)Adult (f)8,7281,0243
486Du(486Du)Adult (m)8,8531,0781
xX0H9Hippo under the TreeAdult (f)4,4506045
YOogpFrolic MeadowAdult (f)2,4006273
d0q46Happy Friggin' BirthdayAdult (f)2,2966673
k8v9NKevin TeimarrAdult (m)7,0931,7654
MAWPEMawpeAdult (m)6,7201,5226
qANk8Hide Yo FledglingsAdult (m)5,8181,5002
R2WoKPewdieAdult (f)6,6391,7202
Kz4EvTiptoe Through the  TulipsAdult (m)2,1357963
tt2eVSeahorse LuckAdult (m)2,6176444
5sdA0Kat InksAdult (f)5,7241,4023
ZFTnHBlacksky NebulaAdult (m)14,8291,4406
3JTARAshen WasteAdult (f)11,7461,2687
3a963Ashley CharcoalAdult (f)14,5291,45110
59OClMidnight InksAdult (f)17,3141,5148
raXtGKeera InksAdult (f)11,3041,7898
4u7qfThe Blaire WitchAdult (f)11,5851,7098
qugIbFelix InksAdult (m)11,3651,6254
gUGFuAvery InksAdult (m)11,0841,73310
tofSeToffsy InksAdult (m)13,0681,6989
4tXA2Saskia InksAdult (f)12,2721,7957
BPdX3Sirius InksAdult (m)8,6401,5087
UrtPLObscura InksAdult (f)12,6401,74414
8ZYWXTwilight InksAdult (f)11,1391,61212
UN653Asheri InksAdult (m)6,3081,27810
4EPfUApollo InksAdult (m)10,1471,70412
N5MNJCecelia InksAdult (f)10,7631,71510
6lOYZCecil InksAdult (m)9,8301,61510
eSOa7Chester InksAdult (m)8,6001,53913
duG3QMarcia InksAdult (f)5,7501,2254
WCndFT-BirdAdult (m)5,8181,3035
TEl6SSkully the BlackAdult (f)4,3081,1162
8EOVlAlayna Inks VIIAdult (f)4,5531,1192
sQtKnSoot InksAdult (m)4,3211,3784
tkp7ICandy InksAdult (f)6,0251,3211
62c9iLicorice InksAdult (f)3,9981,1927
Dv3u3Nefario InksAdult (m)5,1501,3611
oCZXHBlackberry Sodapop VAdult (f)5,6981,3782
gFjYXCalamity InksAdult (m)6,8951,6012
euUYjI Ate the MailmanAdult (m)6,5101,6135
tCMx5SankoAdult (m)7,5181,7596
ex1O0And He Was DeliciousAdult (f)6,9461,6683
BDWV0HairbrushAdult (m)6,0571,5025
zcQCw2 Spooky 4 MeAdult (f)4,4081,2165
5rsKCBut I Liked the MailmanAdult (f)6,8711,6502
xDBJOSwifty InksAdult (m)7,7821,7533
mtmUzPardon Me SirAdult (m)5,0701,3003
wl8uaCON LOS  TERRORISTASAdult (m)6,0891,3038
XwWbVCorvy InksAdult (m)5,3571,2852
WDPhsSavannah InksAdult (f)3,4417114
KMxrtBlack Silk Paranoia VIIAdult (f)6,4801,4464
6KAnrCarver InksAdult (m)4,3101,31515
tdq2XBwack Dwagon InksAdult (f)2,0506991
Ko1KnClaudio IVAdult (m)3,3891,0763
zlzVBAvril InksAdult (f)1,6837372
1QBGhLiza InksAdult (f)3,1969953
3igA2Hera the DeceitfulAdult (f)2,6037694
VTVpHMegan InksAdult (f)3,1905023
LeWWcAdella InksAdult (f)6,8719734
P0LeyPolly InksAdult (m)6,0471,3184
18IalCas InksAdult (m)4,8586956
hJyTtArchangel the FallenAdult (m)4,7096894
950UADean's ImpalaAdult (m)4,8296942
BjkfxSWIGGITY SWAGON I'M A DRAGONAdult (f)2,2325087
OXA3FI SWEAR I'M NICEAdult (f)5,5228722
YubLUQueen of Twerk VIAdult (f)4,0851,05410
1lzxzGranddaughter of CrowleyAdult (f)4,7568761
GT5zxHomewrecker VIIIAdult (m)3,4791,0775
UDQ08I DESERVE FRIENDSAdult (m)4,6617842
NqwbKHey CorvyAdult (m)4,4821,1162
0m6SYTHINK OF THE LETTERSAdult (f)3,4321,0683
o8U7rMAN UP JOHNNYBOYAdult (f)3,7571,1054
n3JDBAw C'monAdult (m)3,6069421
capyylol hey deep seasAdult (m)3,3687852
cudIG(cudIG)Adult (f)3,8579560
UXICL(UXICL)Adult (f)2,8208731
fCX3zLicorice CandycaneAdult (m)2,4849284
hrzeN(hrzeN)Adult (m)3,5151,1531
BzkwNLeft Butt CheekAdult (f)3,2201,3301
Sxk2AIsabelle la NegraAdult (f)3,1551,2711
BCwWj(BCwWj)Adult (f)1,5396432
pIaUAPudding and PieAdult (f)1,5836101
57Qw7Right Butt CheekAdult (m)1,4355973
iwX11Sweetlip SwooseAdult (m)5,2831,0711
wwDnyIntense Hatred of Human ContactAdult (f)6,6471,0794
ShMCWOnly A Minor AnnoyanceAdult (m)7,1641,3191
Zwj3bClementine the OpossumAdult (f)6,6461,3053
GsQAO(GsQAO)Adult (f)5,7559374
APYDk(APYDk)Adult (m)4,7641,2162
DcRlz(DcRlz)Adult (f)5,7461,1021
X3xs1(X3xs1)Adult (m)6,1041,1073
hlzYM(hlzYM)Adult (m)4,6947422
9yISf(9yISf)Adult (m)6,6459593
xD2bl(xD2bl)Adult (f)6,4901,0962
rVC62Pure Bread IVAdult (f)9,7421,2933
vmPUDPudding and Pie IVAdult (m)3,0468553
muYRULind IIIAdult (f)6,4919981
MAVI1(MAVI1)Adult (m)6,6931,0322
aAhQXBlack Bones IVAdult (m)4,6529921
2CVcc(2CVcc)Adult (m)8,6271,2268
3A8FIFae IVAdult (f)4,9121,0323
fS1yl(fS1yl)Adult (m)7,1211,1623
DHYeC(DHYeC)Adult (m)6,9391,0602
DwzOL(DwzOL)Adult (m)3,4388393
pZZxV(pZZxV)Adult (m)6,8121,0383
DKXqM(DKXqM)Adult (m)7,1041,0784
NGeIO(NGeIO)Adult (m)5,2899102
vt8LU(vt8LU)Adult (f)3,5578353
9O9GbVoltaire the DarkAdult (m)5,2091,3973
0NcQmBatman ThuwedAdult (m)6,0891,4714
3kCYcAzazel the DarkAdult (m)4,55473511
O4Z1SCariettaAdult (f)3,8996129
G8cPBCrowley the DarkAdult (m)4,3075409
qPqg0Bloody GutsAdult (f)7,7401,6512
7cRV4Decaying CarcassAdult (m)8,5782,0568
2Q5quCadaver DecayAdult (f)6,5441,84910
BZIGCRibcage DecayAdult (m)7,3841,93610
sY2geCorpsey DecayAdult (f)7,5821,9559
6RcFhThriller DecayAdult (m)5,8581,7858
u1Eg5Rotten GutsAdult (m)5,7831,7764
nTQiF(nTQiF)Adult (f)4,0591,0823
718nD(718nD)Adult (f)4,1801,1571
bQ1Yw(bQ1Yw)Adult (m)2,2046802
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