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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Halloween Event
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  • 2013 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “aurora e,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BJsJM(BJsJM)Hatchling (m)3,7537280
W1Hpp(W1Hpp)Hatchling (f)3,9387690
0H7gp(0H7gp)Hatchling (f)3,8447421
1Zzi1(1Zzi1)Hatchling (m)3,9937604
1x1dn(1x1dn)Hatchling (m)3,7767192
iBO1DStephan EAdult (m)2,2679782
OpnZTStephs EAdult (m)4,1017790
KH3aBStephanie EAdult (f)2,0958422
jGKR7West EAdult (m)2,1397662
4S3q7Bloom EAdult (f)2,35165110
7aywQGaravina II EAdult (f)2,1867943
MQG6PMagiq EAdult (m)10,1291,3583
xBlHe(xBlHe)Adult (f)7,5061,4872
TkYD1Tiki III EAdult (f)8,0081,2837
2O2HYNightly WatchAdult (m)7,9191,0683
nznbWThree Times IIAdult (f)8,8791,2705
GDs5jQ-Giddy EAdult (f)4,4286324
zqRl7Zari III EAdult (m)3,6477063
fFQvL(fFQvL)Adult (f)3,7597281
PyXQgPixig EAdult (m)7,9121,1244
QEhoGKeho II EAdult (f)7,2491,0585
zMY3BMya EAdult (f)7,7991,0147
lLbZUEurus II EAdult (f)4,3078103
Jd8W4JaeiusAdult (m)6,1391,2024
VMgdAl EAdult (m)1,5955523
WgqiAlberta EAdult (f)1,1735853
LfbPPAltos EAdult (m)2,6432971
GFDmUDemetri EAdult (m)5,1479072
uvGm2Gama EAdult (f)5,6341,1242
UV1vjEuvidge EAdult (m)3,0866690
kPUTe(kPUTe)Adult (f)5,9761,1805
0VeuG(0VeuG)Adult (f)7,8051,1559
7VrO5Vorus EAdult (m)7,2901,2893
x1dP0Xipo EAdult (f)8,6061,3841
kqMcCMcKacy EAdult (f)6,4788705
FxrBm2nd Green FixAdult (m)7,6381,1442
OZ8up(OZ8up)Adult (f)8,6091,2581
CvVcR(CvVcR)Adult (m)4,0497301
bKeMqElyana EAdult (f)3,7997720
l7evUErsa EAdult (f)5,5481,1916
H9sF0HosfoAdult (m)6,5239875
3peWEEpeweAdult (m)5,7589222
A61qJ(A61qJ)Adult (m)8,8041,2886
LmoxCMox EAdult (f)3,3347301
1gLGOLugo EAdult (m)4,9967600
8gvKyKeivyAdult (m)2,6596421
JEFkcJackie II EAdult (f)8,4651,0232
kz5QmKez III EAdult (m)8,4101,0947
B9gzcBezc II EAdult (f)4,4437443
xlPnlXipni EAdult (m)2,6986001
oYDtuYotu EAdult (f)7,5741,0342
Xw0H8Wos EAdult (m)4,0367694
6gs7Angelina EAdult (f)1,4608203
zK1qaZeeka EAdult (f)10,3571,4084
GE9Z6General 9Adult (m)6,0049294
djPcADipica II EAdult (f)4,6868051
jT1iTJ-TiltAdult (m)5,5919201
jyIEQJyll EAdult (m)8,6371,3533
xoi93(xoi93)Adult (m)4,8429563
7Fkit(7Fkit)Adult (m)4,9889610
DXXHqDix EAdult (m)5,2699932
hWsOd(hWsOd)Adult (m)6,6231,1242
me4tG(me4tG)Adult (f)5,2371,0967
aRebHAreb EAdult (m)7,6551,1428
0xKlnOx EAdult (m)4,8868863
KICLxKic EAdult (f)5,6169285
Ld6B0(Ld6B0)Adult (f)4,1778861
6cl4uClau EAdult (f)8,3911,0813
bS0YArthur EAdult (m)1,1176504
gNl4Molly EAdult (f)1,6796525
QV6HQKaliste III EAdult (f)6,7779565
zPKJVZ'Pikiv EAdult (f)7,9591,2192
o8AflOeaffle EAdult (m)8,0071,2222
cDSbe(cDSbe)Adult (f)6,1361,0668
zj3k1(zj3k1)Adult (m)3,6257381
9LJy7(9LJy7)Adult (f)7,9171,4313
mhTmEnine X EAdult (f)10,2601,9107
hlH74Kove X EAdult (m)2,3399193
2mj2iOrna IV EAdult (f)10,1911,74112
KXdhTTemple EAdult (f)2,8585885
OBPk4Bloom IV EAdult (f)2,1965194
enf0lJaklyn II EAdult (f)1,6656982
CHvSeHolver EAdult (m)1,5296952
7aBkpHowl EAdult (m)6,2551,0213
zJYUmLevina EAdult (f)1,8426742
1cio2Holst EAdult (m)2,6288942
Fz2EoArmando EAdult (m)2,9905673
VS4PLEthina EAdult (f)5,7741,1141
BeiTzBeitz X EAdult (m)8,3517724
ePMBWEpony EAdult (f)9,5171,3153
VUeXXVuex X EAdult (m)4,0188985
XWxobXenob EAdult (m)4,3246981
pPL9CApple EAdult (m)8,8521,1124
XR8tGExert EAdult (f)8,5121,2202
KgY1Bernardine X EAdult (f)8655458
1R8urCathos EAdult (m)3,3291,2002
UvPbECatherina EAdult (f)2,8651,2464
3klTxCathie II EAdult (f)2,3106043
octAfCarvena EAdult (f)2,2718671
6l4pJGlap II EAdult (m)5,0241,0112
W5Neo(W5Neo)Adult (f)8,0751,3953
6sb8BFredera EAdult (f)4,4931,4931
LlUb0Igoro EAdult (m)2,8641,2353
b2a9wSpooky SpookAdult (f)5,9567891
4qZ3hFrederik EAdult (m)5,5467820
MV3ZDGorovich II EAdult (f)1,9445501
LtPcJLepic EAdult (f)2,5732981
qqrvUQuerve X EAdult (m)5,0558953
lx8GNLoxie II EAdult (f)7,9231,0294
CmAwv(CmAwv)Adult (f)6,7341,1452
IgjwsIgi EAdult (f)3,0656541
OAmEWOame EAdult (m)9,9841,3562
Dl4Q3Leetle SpookAdult (f)3,4329212
RaYiHOarvisto EAdult (m)2,7379391
8Frlg(8Frlg)Adult (m)5,5851,0031
hB5uBGregory EAdult (m)3,3209291
tlRMHEvernetta EAdult (f)2,9951,2332
XhWXtNovargus EAdult (m)1,6985892
19DGC(19DGC)Adult (f)6,8029688
qaB32Qab EAdult (m)10,4751,2544
hLX2oSaurus EAdult (m)2,6937762
6Qv78Ernesto EAdult (m)2,5585672
h2kaKStego EAdult (m)3,3816992
bkp1GKipig EAdult (f)3,7657633
IGkrgKron EAdult (m)2,6852961
x3tJ0Xet JoAdult (m)7,9501,0702
eKY9a(eKY9a)Adult (f)6,3331,0891
NVqCUSheila II EAdult (f)2,4766071
XtM0fJulienne II EAdult (f)3,1668236
TqMmbKar II EAdult (m)1,7727273
FR3gSInneborne III EAdult (f)5,6686322
9AUQ6Catherine II EAdult (f)1,7516343
l6iaRJohanna III EAdult (f)1,7706311
UrlbYHerald IV EAdult (m)1,9586715
Wqr2OTwist III EAdult (m)1,6406401
A0NhqAkyna IV EAdult (f)2,3128454
3PzVgCeledona EAdult (f)3,9311,4753
a8y6BArdenne EAdult (m)3,8851,5591
EE8YpSilvinova III EAdult (f)3,5241,2037
XWpNYPawny EAdult (f)6,8858835
58GQVGovnor EAdult (m)6,8401,1334
KiPS9Kipsy II EAdult (f)6,7391,0394
Pvmtq(Pvmtq)Adult (f)2,9607104
kEXBLizzie EAdult (f)1,6366871
IgAuBLozon EAdult (m)2,4539203
XqaUdJessica VII EAdult (f)2,2909090
Z2uZEIzzy EAdult (f)1,8707451
X0nSFLisa EAdult (f)5,6931,1344
PliAkConnor EAdult (m)1,6426921
3Td7vKane EAdult (m)5,6411,1152
DgN9PTemplar EAdult (m)5,7741,1172
k1rHZPolk EAdult (f)5,7021,3893
r5ltPEmilia EAdult (f)5,0031,2842
heePvMollie EAdult (f)1,7446521
Dc8RqHaas EAdult (f)2,4178441
el0eLLazarus II EAdult (f)2,7556472
SpRGYSpencer II EAdult (m)1,9156950
OaLNhMontague II EAdult (m)1,7846470
XaLRJJacobson II EAdult (m)1,8426821
pKESOIngersoll II EAdult (f)2,5159231
BwofpBowf EAdult (f)5,2579321
u1otfOolong'TeaAdult (m)6,0369403
0oQC7O'QocAdult (f)4,9089811
K1YinCanon EAdult (m)2,4139050
5LV1HBoisa EAdult (f)3,3128774
ilYSEMberna EAdult (f)4,5119223
zpVVUCharles EAdult (m)2,4381,1870
Ke8p5Kesper III EAdult (m)7,8867854
BE4UX(BE4UX)Adult (m)5,6391,06916
zRAOvFowler EAdult (m)2,7578001
15i6UDu EAdult (m)3,1048454
R80ZuRozu II EAdult (f)6,5529736
VCsckVesck II EAdult (f)7,1519732
Dh0GAgon II EAdult (m)1,4445423
5qDmODeemo EAdult (m)2,9131,1182
O3a3VOlver EAdult (m)2,6009251
7OTHM(7OTHM)Adult (f)7,6741,0993
KAPcN(KAPcN)Adult (m)6,3139695
1FsYuFisu EAdult (m)2,6868301
S1hFfShif EAdult (m)2,7035641
qbQ7rQarsus EAdult (m)2,7365780
cIAKGCia EAdult (f)2,5645774
elfmo(elfmo)Adult (f)5,3351,1065
y9Jk3Jike EAdult (f)7,3341,0340
UtqHTLight LastingAdult (m)5,3888714
ztatWZ'TatAdult (m)5,6391,0833
FOESK(FOESK)Adult (f)4,7508514
4vN8f(4vN8f)Adult (f)4,7691,0934
8fUuElphie EAdult2,3767908
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