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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “audreyfan101,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8T12pEnigma of the DreamAdult (f)3,08245710
Av0H0Therkezel of the TreesAdult (m)3,98572411
ljPs6Wonderlust of the SeaAdult (m)3,7514314
ha95aIlluminant of the MorningAdult (m)4,8984134
kEtcjShackles of the UnderworldAdult (f)4,2754114
12O37Magma of the CoreAdult (m)9,1951,1237
D8oS9Phantasma of the MoonAdult (f)3,4329456
QKPCSRidley of the DarkAdult (f)2,8866885
B12eQWaif of the LilypadsAdult (f)2,9356514
UQQ0kBluefire of the DesertAdult (m)3,8139838
7N0VUThunderhead of the StormAdult (f)1,9747246
h2CtlBloodlust of the DeadAdult (m)5,6581,1066
hABagSilverwind of the MountainAdult (m)3,07339510
sqYJSMoonbeam of the NightAdult (f)2,8753759
J2eRPSolara of the MorningAdult (f)3,8314068
T0qi7Pearl of the DepthsAdult (f)2,2386765
n0S0SWavelength of the CoastAdult (f)2,2627133
osP9SRipple of the CoveAdult (f)4,0434785
Wqf0XStormcall of the SkiesAdult (m)2,0876903
qp1HcElite of the GuardAdult (m)3,7584464
Q6ip5Peacemaker of the GuardAdult (f)3,6824753
0yCC4Incarnadine of the TropicsAdult (m)6,3281,2915
UZoRsGregor of the WastelandAdult (m)6,5301,3282
gGiEzHellfire of the UnderworldAdult (f)7,0771,3026
yaNNsAzorium of the Night SkyAdult (m)6,2491,29511
tb74nNamesake of the WindAdult (f)6,7081,39611
mR0mfSerendipity of the WingedAdult (f)7,0721,3848
EPkuQFinitor of the MountainsAdult (m)7,1611,2057
OyqTcOrbis of the GalaxyAdult (f)5,7601,2054
jF3ppPandora of the BrineAdult (f)5,7061,2918
igju8Pippin of the MisfitsAdult (m)5,6081,26710
eHgtaZorro of the TropicsAdult (m)4,9191,0832
Nn5Z0N-e-r-v-o-s-aAdult (m)4,9591,1247
Seob7Thunderclap of the SkiesAdult (m)3,9788113
vTE31Jacobin of the IntricateAdult (m)3,9868372
yC8UbImplosion of the GalaxyAdult (m)3,6107933
DQGZG(DQGZG)Adult (m)6,0001,0664
pmnppWisteria of the LavenderAdult (f)5,3241,0551
fAitfNocturne of the EmeraldAdult (m)5,7351,0863
MAaB4Gamine of the LilypadsAdult (m)5,4611,4461
4KpryAmbience of the DawnAdult (f)7,9821,6223
wUxLQZoe of the BelovedAdult (f)8,4591,6523
MW0Kl(MW0Kl)Adult (f)7,0391,4811
ctv2X(ctv2X)Adult (f)6,0681,5082
9weosSoliloquy of the BrineAdult (f)6,6301,5092
j0zQ3Mystique of the LuminaAdult (m)6,1971,4962
MYhMsZephora of the JungleAdult (f)2,5585781
VCAONSunburst of the MorningAdult (f)2,5604971
czQ83Timelord of the PureAdult (m)3,3779452
ZoiUOAnguish of the InvisibleAdult (m)3,5939411
GbYSVAudri of the ShallowsAdult (f)3,7089311
AaZ9gBattlecry of the EarthboundAdult (f)5,1188581
7KJ1kToxin of the RadioactiveAdult (m)5,3221,0251
NqcNaMeloncholy of the WindAdult (f)5,2549912
GP0oXSandstorm of the DelicateAdult (m)5,1559851
kLMu6A-n-o-r-e-x-i-aAdult (f)5,8979621
ym2LB(ym2LB)Adult (f)5,6529462
n8hMK(n8hMK)Adult (m)5,5908442
i1QlkJared of the NightAdult (m)4,9007721
amB78Cosmos of the ChaosAdult (m)6,8231,0692
qiFzrBloodstain of the VigilantAdult (f)5,2298452
EOeTs(EOeTs)Adult (m)4,8381,0962
uutCvSapphique of the WiseAdult (m)4,7741,0932
QNg4eFirestorm of the UnderworldAdult (m)2,1556545
jQvzT(jQvzT)Adult (f)2,1646393
uNBai(uNBai)Adult (f)3,0278475
c2W3o(c2W3o)Adult (m)1,8025741
6KWrIMother of the Night SkyAdult (f)1,9615902
fxqho(fxqho)Adult (m)1,5946091
PFC9B(PFC9B)Adult (m)1,5495833
xVl9g(xVl9g)Adult (m)1,4885753
PwkpEPedro of the ShallowsAdult (m)1,6836991
h491r(h491r)Adult (m)2,1768852
FVFyJEnslavement of AnaAdult (f)1,2365462
hA4bL(hA4bL)Adult (f)4,2051,2872
CWOF4(CWOF4)Adult (m)4,1951,2882
73Jnp(73Jnp)Adult (f)4,1991,3082
uiBAO(uiBAO)Adult (f)3,4021,1101
z3uOrSable of the FamineAdult (m)3,5011,1492
m8eeZ(m8eeZ)Adult (f)3,3221,0851
TfgmK(TfgmK)Adult (f)3,4051,1111
kpEsj(kpEsj)Adult (m)3,6551,1903
CW0Lx(CW0Lx)Adult (f)2,9521,0462
ihZWr(ihZWr)Adult (f)2,9711,0011
cFPIo(cFPIo)Adult (f)2,9109941
CvD3d(CvD3d)Adult (m)3,6571,0101
J2Cjf(J2Cjf)Adult (f)3,8608951
u1MQE(u1MQE)Adult (m)3,6011,1581
uQE7K(uQE7K)Adult (m)3,2751,1251
vjkIP(vjkIP)Adult (m)5,2851,5932
qlLKc(qlLKc)Adult (m)5,3241,6102
017J2(017J2)Adult (f)4,4541,0544
uiKYa(uiKYa)Adult (f)3,8711,0121
6ai2P(6ai2P)Adult (m)3,6421,2051
9qWv3(9qWv3)Adult (f)4,7639493
rOqXo(rOqXo)Adult (f)4,6251,2361
br76p(br76p)Adult (m)4,5631,2352
ezcDv(ezcDv)Adult (f)4,7381,2603
Bqjtj(Bqjtj)Adult (m)4,9861,2773
vgqXu(vgqXu)Adult (m)3,7081,0964
9NGuM(9NGuM)Adult (f)3,5441,1162
mmiaT(mmiaT)Adult (m)4,3461,3894
DsVlY(DsVlY)Adult (m)2,9621,0451
MSnt3(MSnt3)Adult (f)4,4491,3104
93SZn(93SZn)Adult (f)4,0871,3232
UMErm(UMErm)Adult (m)4,2641,3644
0olHY(0olHY)Adult (f)4,2161,3341
9xvEY(9xvEY)Adult (m)4,2581,3294
qSmv8(qSmv8)Adult (m)5,2841,5801
PuXSh(PuXSh)Adult (f)5,2316131
xRqsv(xRqsv)Adult (f)1,8307501
EIsOI(EIsOI)Adult (f)1,5016393
yLSRL(yLSRL)Adult (f)1,8776042
JEIe7(JEIe7)Adult (m)68544611
wStD2(wStD2)Adult (m)2,7754741
6tiYu(6tiYu)Adult (m)2,6536062
n3vRS(n3vRS)Adult (m)2,6675931
mQ7pa(mQ7pa)Adult (f)2,5988401
ADsC0(ADsC0)Adult (m)2,5838161
XObdc(XObdc)Adult (f)3,8334161
MPv6o(MPv6o)Adult (f)3,2188494
5o7WZ(5o7WZ)Adult (m)2,8575631
y8wX9(y8wX9)Adult (m)6,9841,3032
jKZRV(jKZRV)Adult (m)3,6171,0691
EH1Mw(EH1Mw)Adult (f)3,1759321
C7vML(C7vML)Adult (f)3,2259403
UYc1b(UYc1b)Adult (f)3,2239571
wUgiS(wUgiS)Adult (f)3,1334762
QeEqY(QeEqY)Adult (f)2,7056041
ovZnY(ovZnY)Adult (f)2,8536671
HAmq6(HAmq6)Adult (m)4,4909298
9eVCO(9eVCO)Adult (f)4,4799259
Rs3NY(Rs3NY)Adult (f)4,5869246
fGYkU(fGYkU)Adult (f)4,4309386
76YJn(76YJn)Adult (f)4,3729167
xe32b(xe32b)Adult (f)3,9289097
J75ep(J75ep)Adult (m)6,0291,0865
EQzcX(EQzcX)Adult (m)3,3588432
IERDb(IERDb)Adult (m)3,6141,0101
XdOzH(XdOzH)Adult (f)7,2011,5305
2vXku(2vXku)Adult (f)3,6601,1253
DHbyL(DHbyL)Adult (f)3,7941,1182
0OdJP(0OdJP)Adult (f)4,4391,3492
sLmqE(sLmqE)Adult (f)4,4461,4122
mxkh3(mxkh3)Adult (f)2,6645696
Qmkqp(Qmkqp)Adult (f)3,2206141
FMOq7(FMOq7)Adult (f)3,3246254
flP5h(flP5h)Adult (f)3,1816532
wdv4i(wdv4i)Adult (f)3,8667897
qAyVN(qAyVN)Adult (m)2,8637253
5Eu25(5Eu25)Adult (f)4,1228667
UEiJZ(UEiJZ)Adult (f)4,0058709
FAVgM(FAVgM)Adult (m)3,9698946
NwWjV(NwWjV)Adult (m)3,7691,0081
AjBmd(AjBmd)Adult (f)3,5909911
tnsUZ(tnsUZ)Adult (m)4,5531,1512
HJYBl(HJYBl)Adult (f)4,7231,2161
j7l68(j7l68)Adult (f)4,6371,2292
ZDc3G(ZDc3G)Adult (m)4,2681,2372
qZWtW(qZWtW)Adult (f)4,4528786
2oFXC(2oFXC)Adult (f)4,6919127
0sXz2(0sXz2)Adult (m)4,5209066
2jmO5(2jmO5)Adult (f)9,0161,75521
ozUmd(ozUmd)Adult (f)2,24473110
yCFD8(yCFD8)Adult (m)1,6166731
EU73Z(EU73Z)Adult (f)1,6926904
3voxP(3voxP)Adult (f)2,4136535
1J1hw(1J1hw)Adult (f)2,8521,0381
Fx6w2(Fx6w2)Adult (m)3,3441,0306
Onj40(Onj40)Adult (m)2,8171,0283
OslP3(OslP3)Adult (m)3,1881,0103
L81bc(L81bc)Adult (f)2,5758761
Kje1q(Kje1q)Adult (f)6,2211,1961
3TnIP(3TnIP)Adult (m)5,0701,1065
aroVk(aroVk)Adult (m)6,1211,3958
Ov8WH(Ov8WH)Adult (m)5,3651,0933
iIaj2(iIaj2)Adult (m)5,5561,1233
1Br8d(1Br8d)Adult (f)2,29156015
rwy8Z(rwy8Z)Adult (f)4,4694323
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