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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “asuo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TLfz(TLfz)Adult (m)6,0012,35425
o89P(o89P)Adult (f)5,3691,83928
bVVz(bVVz)Adult (m)5,9661,4407
qeJ5(qeJ5)Adult (m)4,6881,00511
YdMP(YdMP)Adult (m)2,0736426
J0uW(J0uW)Adult (m)2,1724217
ngfM(ngfM)Adult (f)2,0294162
jfLv(jfLv)Adult (f)2,9851,22818
mxnR(mxnR)Adult (f)3,8257106
FWoW(FWoW)Adult (m)2,9594161
I8fV(I8fV)Adult (f)1,90164548
MOAG(MOAG)Adult (f)1,4894182
5IMq(5IMq)Adult (f)1,5073957
bILv(bILv)Adult (m)2,49483243
DCEX(DCEX)Adult (m)3,4674953
WJzx(WJzx)Adult (m)2,7616132
pgs6(pgs6)Adult (m)3,1014883
OoRl(OoRl)Adult (f)4,1406624
RY6H(RY6H)Adult (f)2,6194304
Em0B(Em0B)Adult (m)1,4324102
au49(au49)Adult (f)4,7071,63513
ob1A(ob1A)Adult (m)5,9781,4494
lULq(lULq)Adult (f)4,4667836
YYEj(YYEj)Adult (f)2,3124064
CWAG(CWAG)Adult (m)3,67286726
iHht(iHht)Adult (f)2,0444282
Y4ah(Y4ah)Adult (f)3,06964511
AJik(AJik)Adult (f)3,41973310
RytG(RytG)Adult (f)2,58566431
pGvd(pGvd)Adult (f)3,7186271
VJ0n(VJ0n)Adult (m)1,6044304
noe2(noe2)Adult (f)2,57266320
aXjE(aXjE)Adult (m)2,34469528
bTWk(bTWk)Adult (m)1,4113512
kTZ7(kTZ7)Adult (m)1,5113856
Gl9X(Gl9X)Adult (f)2,8641,21621
OzQE(OzQE)Adult (f)4,0961,41313
9uRF(9uRF)Adult (f)3,8745083
RHRl(RHRl)Adult (f)1,4824132
Krll(Krll)Adult (f)4,3595107
qe00(qe00)Adult (f)1,5903888
vA6y(vA6y)Adult (f)3,6377103
GQnB(GQnB)Adult (f)2,86064810
sk6W(sk6W)Adult (f)2,7916466
L87M(L87M)Adult (f)2,22662311
e0MP(e0MP)Adult (m)1,4874063
OrUp(OrUp)Adult (f)3,74888728
vD42(vD42)Adult (m)2,1594092
ey9u(ey9u)Adult (f)4,78888934
SGWd(SGWd)Adult (m)5,02388111
B6Gs(B6Gs)Adult (m)4,3167914
RGKL(RGKL)Adult (f)2,9804538
0A3d(0A3d)Adult (m)1,8144082
L6pi(L6pi)Adult (f)2,0624372
SKDE(SKDE)Adult (f)3,76689032
m1Ka(m1Ka)Adult (f)3,9801,41715
2PVY(2PVY)Adult (m)4,6498598
mF2F(mF2F)Adult (m)5,1238899
LgtG(LgtG)Adult (m)1,8014444
Eyts(Eyts)Adult (f)1,84068141
FC9C(FC9C)Adult (m)4,0647386
QKJf(QKJf)Adult (m)2,34965523
AuXm(AuXm)Adult (f)3,2517784
UJp6(UJp6)Adult (m)3,4508435
1N6F(1N6F)Adult (f)2,6273435
mG5s(mG5s)Adult (m)1,7724377
S6gq(S6gq)Adult (f)3,1104782
B0rK(B0rK)Adult (f)3,4556718
qLNV(qLNV)Adult (m)2,1563891
VIwN(VIwN)Adult (m)3,2197877
PGPD(PGPD)Adult (f)1,02846413
HuPS(HuPS)Adult (m)2,0964073
yuFT(yuFT)Adult (m)1,4713661
fNYS(fNYS)Adult (f)4,5615421
uYiM(uYiM)Adult (f)4,9875633
7UrS(7UrS)Adult (m)2,5826399
ZCA3(ZCA3)Adult (m)1,3985237
ddzT(ddzT)Adult (m)3,38278736
eJgz(eJgz)Adult (m)3,9771,41113
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