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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “asanoruka,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1d5FwHydrophidius CB HesjingAdult (m)4,4859852
rqYydYidiy II IskAdult (f)5,7881,1534
nHn8jNobleshield II AurixAdult (f)5,2311,0333
cuzVy(cuzVy)Adult (m)5,6831,1271
AjUZk(AjUZk)Adult (f)4,8251,0344
15PHZ(15PHZ)Adult (m)4,5299963
tVGr2(tVGr2)Adult (f)5,0571,0863
fnFHf(fnFHf)Adult (f)4,9161,0292
48veM(48veM)Adult (f)4,6749985
6RORJ(6RORJ)Adult (f)5,3721,1215
88apf(88apf)Adult (f)5,3911,1542
8VPRpHighSiyat CB VorelAdult (f)4,2967141
tWPQw(tWPQw)Adult (m)4,3147963
4Lcb0(4Lcb0)Adult (f)3,7897952
hH0WF(hH0WF)Adult (m)5,7659542
n82qu(n82qu)Adult (m)5,7031,0264
DTBgr(DTBgr)Adult (m)6,2161,0542
ATs16(ATs16)Dead Egg1,3753211
efPx5(efPx5)Hatchling (m)4,3038661
eDp6Z(eDp6Z)Hatchling (m)4,2718731
BUM3D(BUM3D)Adult (f)5,8291,1561
aqgwL(aqgwL)Adult (f)5,0291,0332
KfkfkMintGreen II AurixAdult (f)5,9621,1455
myM4HBrightblue II AurixAdult (f)4,9831,0323
clhbDLightDawn II UxAdult (f)7,3851,1904
eC7xp(eC7xp)Adult (f)5,4841,0763
fMcBuKnowhow II AurixAdult (m)4,8189422
0A2ksGuardian CB HesjingAdult (m)5,0331,0282
Zv3URZv3URcode II AurixAdult (f)5,7771,1492
O7XpFRoyalEminence II VorelAdult (m)5,8441,1054
LBWR6LBWR CB IskAdult (f)6,3501,1783
QgHosMaekrix of 8 GenAdult (f)6,4471,0764
l7udjKing of manatreeEgg (F)
x5tCnSource SvernAdult (m)7,1498152
ICKazIce SvernAdult (f)5,7461,1730
6rC7RBeacon of light SvernAdult (m)
IwgPwButterfly SvernAdult (f)4,5339817
amfaUFifa II SvernAdult (f)4,9339555
Q7x0VHowhot II SvernAdult (m)4,4721,0046
2MLO7Love III SvernAdult (m)4,7701,0115
fmquNFM III SvernAdult (m)4,3959531
7JpvSGaGaGa III SvernAdult (m)4,0769564
Eox17A-Toll CB LauthAdult (m)6,4329155
Todc2Tota II LauthAdult (f)4,3909622
Wf6FJKOD CB LauthAdult (f)6,5338492
qrpF0AKD II LauthAdult (f)4,9371,0605
1wMoGIron IV LauthAdult (f)4,7869611
4RnPcBluezyumorphs CB LauthAdult (m)4,4969324
PaU9CBABE of Zyumorphs II LauthAdult (f)5,9708932
rDF6kBluesea III LauthAdult (f)4,4009712
NuMtlAlpine Sakuhimi III LauthAdult (f)6,5989023
8WehMAnkaisa IV LauthAdult (f)5,8949484
97eC7GoldDragon MB LauthAdult (m)5,6231,0511
JOJiIJova IV LauthAdult (f)4,7455935
WxNuAGoldenwax XI LauthAdult (m)3,1147910
weicqwei IX LauthAdult (m)2,8418091
3HFjJGolden Wings X LauthAdult (f)3,1938459
VPUUJUJUI X LauthAdult (m)4,1729003
KVI8uKivi XI LauthAdult (m)4,1568676
jkZWyLALATHEwings XI LauthAdult (f)3,1485942
rUjmiMimi XII LauthAdult (f)4,1318794
qNwFnNew Queen CB LauthAdult (f)2,3116651
VBTZ8ShinePrincess II LauthAdult (f)4,3939452
PbYAmPrince2020 II LauthAdult (m)4,4678767
ITjRFIIta III LauthAdult (f)3,5477744
6YWdJaroma of Hibiscus V LauthAdult (f)3,4819804
j7MclPeach ridge VI LauthAdult (f)3,1185972
7JEEUJee VI LauthAdult (f)3,6955844
spoE5Shop mane VII LauthAdult (f)3,3025282
ddR2nFunfuto VIII LauthAdult (f)3,3787243
0Xc5vOX5 XXIII LauthAdult (f)2,8807971
R0N1APlatinum VII LauthAdult (m)4,76093719
K9JQ0Qoo  IX LauthAdult (m)2,8697590
sQzCsNaate CB LauthAdult (f)2,0186911
9TjapDeercopper II LauthAdult (f)2,6515441
bLB1yCinahw II LauthAdult (f)2,2817460
POD3NPola III LauthAdult (f)2,5165071
1SYcQHWcopper II LauthAdult (m)2,4366354
ZuACQWithgoest III LauthAdult (f)2,6349081
0gaCgForm C II LauthAdult (m)4,9248908
jOiMHCopyramid III LauthAdult (m)4,9411,1055
R2GVVRainbowunicorn II LauthAdult (m)3,9357662
Q9ALrWWkilin II LauthAdult (m)5,5511,1003
EjNRVExquisitetail IV LauthAdult (m)4,6039831
SwtkHSweet II LauthAdult (f)5,1921,0093
vJQ9SLovelyunicorn III LauthAdult (f)3,5767862
EHaUDManalightning CB LauthAdult (f)2,0705614
cnfi9Manablue II LauthAdult (m)2,5974701
ysF8PYasip CB LauthAdult (m)2,7505873
MDJLmMind II LauthAdult (f)2,1487064
YfJLUIvlice CB  LauthAdult (f)2,4566675
lgDTUDTU CB  LauthAdult (m)2,5126001
8JMvSFirejam CB LauthAdult (f)3,6278613
SeH25Sexy25 CB LauthAdult (m)3,5265572
boRmJVolcano II LauthAdult (f)5,2221,2083
DnqTrDnD III LauthAdult (f)3,2445653
fTIN8Pinklake CB LauthAdult (m)3,3925732
QEtrvLuckypink CB LauthAdult (f)4,4788901
IeUb8PinkIce II LauthAdult (m)3,3824780
Se2JsGaga II LauthAdult (f)5,0948553
QGZVEQueengreen CB LauthAdult (f)3,4818332
RjREiGreenwings II LauthAdult (m)3,0385460
0KkILNewblue CB  LauthAdult (f)2,7126789
5fypuAlsoblue II LauthAdult (m)3,5927502
5430j5430 II LauthAdult (m)4,4219112
3ytr0Crystal1st CB LauthAdult (f)4,7396803
AIsOECrystal3rd CB LauthAdult (f)4,3656594
8EzRNBluegem CB LauthAdult (f)4,6531,0100
RzmG7Crystal2nd CB LauthAdult (m)5,1287063
8wmlQCrystalBL CB LauthAdult (m)4,7997452
0jJAkRCrystal1st CB LauthAdult (f)4,3277294
zrSiWRedgem CB LauthAdult (f)4,2508560
uYxDmAoifire CB LauthAdult (m)4,6967521
ccEzxCgreen CB LauthAdult (f)4,2668752
6awdmFiregem CB LauthAdult (m)5,3991,1342
mjYH8Akafire II LauthAdult (m)4,9357071
bJnQDAgate CB  LauthAdult (m)3,0086796
DEaUBDeva CB LauthAdult (m)2,9604851
ygCdoYocool CB LauthAdult (m)3,6125361
wzZ9IGeeemred CB LauthAdult (m)4,0918254
kudv0Littlegreen CB LauthAdult (f)2,6825641
uiLENGemgreen CB LauthAdult (m)3,4557622
xExaCCyanchalcedony II LauthAdult (f)1,8745776
Wv9d6Sapphire II LauthAdult (f)5,3611,2013
y4KrtGreenart II LauthAdult (f)4,3478673
lnJ95Inj95 II LauthAdult (f)6,7531,3027
EwBrfNotGe II LauthAdult (f)2,7324801
vu6L868 II LauthAdult (m)2,1695443
R0WJjKomatsutaya LauthAdult3,7219023
SUjpQKami LauthHatchling (F)3,7117664
EAqoAZonnnn Isk LauthHatchling (f, F)2,2876432
ZnFIbZnfIb Hesjing LauthAdult (m)2,80172326
Pc8LjSacrifice LauthAdult (m)3,1827130
6imSqKaoli LauthAdult4,73677415
OsFaSOusfa LauthAdult4,9625565
BFN6RCheeeese LauthHatchling (F)3,1489397
XDUrBsweet cheeee CB LauthHatchling (F)1,4345102
X40lrLove Potions CB LauthAdult (f)3,1878660
TFPZUHello Love II LauthAdult (f)2,0358442
Gb9TiLittle Love LauthHatchling (f, F)2,8747982
zEPEMPink2014 CB LauthAdult (m)2,1388150
f3C5EPhoenix2014 CB LauthAdult (m)2,1328071
BxVLa2013WinterAdult (f)2,2257470
wr21q2013W CB LauthAdult (f)2,1937470
fWKCG2012Xmas CB LauthAdult (m)3,4738580
Nu0HZXmas2012 CB LauthAdult (m)3,5098671
bRjplDino green LauthAdult7,4921,0635
RWfHa200 LauthAdult4,2158419
Xb0BDBD Dino LauthAdult2,2226185
jnSKmDino PP LauthAdult3,7738237
0Wjk3Maekrix LED AurixAdult (f)3,24268119
t4iciSharp wings AurixAdult (f)2,6087381
awfuGAwafu II AurixAdult (f)2,2646211
gnqVBJAGD Green AurixAdult (f)3,6649073
OErahJAGD Orange AurixAdult (f)7,0449267
6eNU0Bang-Doll III AurixAdult (f)3,1488334
lJH3OGDpyramid II AurixAdult (f)3,3458703
ZU1ZXAmaterasu AurixAdult (m)3,75669721
Pt0epSopp AurixAdult (m)2,3656820
e0McOKOD o'Lothlorien PII AurixAdult (m)3,1508089
Fg3HLBlackGD CB AurixAdult (m)2,7778570
A1DBhLadios Sopp II AurixAdult (m)3,8229005
CcplNGolden orange II AurixAdult (m)3,5628333
9QfkXGolden Arrow III AurixAdult (m)3,6257554
UFcI0Golden Tower III AurixAdult (m)3,5758622
9xb6OWhattttt VI AurixAdult (m)2,4876492
OglKkLittle Gold AurixHatchling (m, F)4,1017594
6DEwzPumpkin CB AurixAdult (m)3,7601,0142
CRZbuPumpkin2020 CB AurixAdult (m)3,7541,0161
SDELHPumpk2020 CB AurixAdult (m)3,8331,0510
mLHdjHalloween3rd AurixAdult (m)3,1799493
S8UDuUruloki Halloween II AurixAdult (m)2,6449243
b1DHdPumpkin III AurixAdult (f)3,5731,0749
pfCLnPF III AurixAdult (m)3,8841,0643
5N4WVFoagg IV AurixAdult (m)2,7698420
1IOHhOHphoenideer CB AurixAdult (f)4,1736791
4IxkIPhoenideer CB AurixAdult (m)4,1371,0123
g8HyoHAHAHA CB AurixAdult (f)4,1257608
QfjxAYes I am CB AurixAdult (f)4,2797531
HtSvMEbullitionstone CB AurixAdult (f)3,62494012
2FdptFire green CB AurixAdult (m)4,0807421
DcYQhDonald IV AurixAdult (f)6,9951,0783
lPHmUPH7 AurixAdult (f)4,5088959
8GKcBElement Atropos AurixAdult (m)8,0751,06112
HCI4UAtropos II AurixAdult (m)7,1011,1427
jDEKYAtropos Field AurixAdult (m)2,4717737
043jkJK Pink V AurixAdult (m)3,0405852
7DbhEBurn Claw AurixAdult (m)4,1747498
OWruXOWX CB AurixAdult (f)4,8491,0340
m21AmFiremoon CB AurixAdult (m)4,5426607
G9IsHGafy II AurixAdult (m)3,4275302
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