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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “arya10,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6faPbDualitae NogardAdult (f)3,5291,0506
keS3BDos Blar NogardAdult (f)4,2211,2034
RokMWTrytion NogardAdult (m)4,0521,1785
Z2tr5Esmonidyw NogardAdult (m)3,0055975
uGPlrSkyye NogardAdult (m)2,6255982
nSCkfVitalitae NogardAdult (m)2,0946394
XhlnhAzuluza NogardAdult (f)3,1569041
aNNcATyew NogardAdult (f)4,0956683
rHxgmLydia Frost NogardAdult (f)3,8351,2372
xgDYkEclipse NogardAdult (m)3,8681,2752
N5bBdMorado NogardAdult (f)5,5437452
tJJfSDuos Frost NogardAdult (m)3,9681,2534
ltFO8Mirar NogardAdult (m)3,9441,2314
qwypeSekhem NogardAdult (m)4,7021,01112
4t7BcAbiss NogardAdult (m)5,0571,2155
IXkVLRosazul NogardAdult (f)2,4386222
nvNYGFlorazul NogardAdult (f)2,6606352
KRNpWPetazul NogardAdult (f)2,7106191
OQrosCrixie NogardAdult (m)2,6476193
kIEoUSapphazul NogardAdult (f)2,8717646
fk1QUAyleean NogardAdult (m)4,1728181
6WVPsExtraterrestre NogardAdult (f)4,1538190
GL1pnSerpentide NogardAdult (m)5,1311,1953
nDiFtNikallah NogardAdult (m)3,8481,1712
ESdlFRevival NogardAdult (m)3,8891,1611
17PZfAmaranth NogardAdult (f)5,7008982
qoh1sRosada Viva NogardAdult (f)4,5999470
CFsmlSamhain Prime NogardAdult (m)6,0781,0562
HMjvYTarniche NogardAdult (f)2,9296312
aHbJeNythrien Parenti NogardAdult (m)2,72889333
e6iuTUmbros Feather NogardAdult (m)4,6451,2415
zlVZJNoche NogardAdult (f)4,6709005
NsRSVTiresias NogardAdult (m)3,3277087
6PMjPRhome Ropalo NogardAdult (m)5,2448705
wLbdMSan Valentin Haunting NogardAdult (m)3,7551,1586
mM5XkDrearyule NogardAdult (m)5,4721,1492
oVFA0Woodlyn NogardAdult (m)5,5001,2502
JUvUhValenamorato Prime NogardAdult (m)5,6081,2594
jHPLeNyyght Har NogardHatchling (f, F)2,0268335
4uKU3Eavenin NogardAdult (f)5,4561,63136
EKM4APersephone NogardAdult (f)1,7206653
NJHkJGreenae NogardHatchling (m, F)1,5374891
qYV4JEarle Grey NogardAdult (m)4,2891,2756
IWaoeEarl Grai NogardAdult (f)3,9511,3244
RwcfqEarl Gray NogardAdult (f)5,9001,0334
yg6vTNoctinance NogardAdult (f)5,8671,0803
hiE3QTwin Killers NogardAdult (f)4,7261,2053
P179eDouble Date with Destiny NogardAdult (m)4,9181,0675
0RMkbCallysto Nogard TargaryenAdult (f)6,6326382
y7S70Ganymede Nogard TargaryenAdult (m)3,7947028
buhLLArke Nogard TargaryenAdult (f)5,9646674
CtsRKCitsark Nogard TargaryenAdult (f)4,4398275
tOsBOStormae NogardAdult (m)5,1336466
7DCVsCandi NogardAdult (m)9,3791,5407
cLPDLeopardWingAdult (f)2,3004135
IB00UDumsdae NogardAdult (m)3,1618808
nnjR5Sulfyr NogardAdult (f)3,2018893
j1ItMAzmat NogardAdult (m)3,0798634
qPmgXBattram NogardAdult (m)4,6771,2301
kuc2cVira NogardHatchling (f, F)4,5266911
PLHYfUga NogardAdult (f)4,5531,1422
JC3bqMagifult NogardAdult (m)4,6221,2944
U8h1TLadon NogardAdult (m)4,1478130
LYZmqLerna NogardAdult (f)4,2347980
t5O8YMozzarella NogardAdult3,0705644
V9kokDaree NogardHatchling (F)4,7721,18512
QORB2Aygg NogardHatchling (F)7464073
IqNHnHollydae NogardAdult (f)4,78379267
AjQIbRynsyll Thuwed NogardAdult (m)4,3731,1485
X4F2wCitroa NogardAdult (m)3,7881,1044
4oUmHKlaus NogardAdult (m)4,93382711
4f5j4Caene NogardAdult (m)3,4701,1473
2cDXYShemir NogardAdult (f)4,98681212
mhVMKMaura NogardAdult (f)3,4431,1313
eC4GYReban NogardAdult (f)3,29788013
58AGvCythra Gadywn NogardAdult (f)3,3931,1235
oMUskSnow Flury NogardAdult (m)2,3111,0233
fbt8pShard Fang NogardAdult (m)2,3081,0321
6bZ3LKrampus Burtonesque NogardAdult (m)4,6371,1626
4s3xuMoon Magi NogardAdult (m)4,6151,1692
JOsK6Skulblaka Agaeti NogardAdult (m)2,1949332
nZeNlN'Zeni NogardAdult (m)5,8571,0505
75NeXGolden Wrapping Paper NogardAdult (m)4,5841,1763
M6OvQPresent Stealing NogardAdult (m)4,7701,0852
3RvNHOrum AgaetiHatchling (m, F)1,9408622
fnh52Snow Mana NogardAdult (f)5,4901,0841
4nlNBCold Moon NogardAdult (f)4,5901,1695
Zua6RShortest Day NogardAdult (f)3,8541,1163
zyL8QTime-Honored Traditions NogardAdult (f)6,0731,0353
yEzU1Christmas Kisses NogardAdult (f)4,2581,1763
ptNcRMistletoe Love NogardAdult (f)4,2791,1094
Ra2StAsgore Dreemurr Undertale NogardAdult (m)3,3129585
vihaUVihau NogardAdult (m)3,1379592
7TJFMRough-Houser NogardAdult (f)4,5001,36216
mnJpXSaturn's Titan NogardAdult (m)4,5401,35111
Jzm7UFool of April NogardAdult (f)2,8981,05413
fmrwADavid's Goliath NogardAdult (f)5,0928802
OZT9LSticks and Stones NogardAdult (f)5,2077995
tGD4jBearded Lady NogardAdult (f)5,4567710
5UZn5Pocket PenniesAdult (f)4,2401,2425
7HHJyPenny PouncerAdult (m)5,1761,1355
I66bmPryce MorchaintAdult (f)5,2611,07310
BeKW5Rose ThornHeartAdult (f)6,9627782
FUZAUThorn RoseheartAdult (f)2,4836636
4aBsBTrap of Venus NogardAdult (m)2,5096221
8EWdMWall of Roses NogardAdult (m)6,1521,0372
3NO2FMendel's TallestAdult (f)5,0551,1303
0i7fgTangled Vines NogardAdult (f)4,9401,2001
TMSwDValentine's Bouquet NogardAdult (m)5,2478372
ql8EMDreamCloudAdult (m)5,4337704
CM7hjMisdeveloped Thought NogardAdult (m)5,7591,0973
VB1cyFinally Femme NogardAdult (f)3,9901,3156
Yt2G2Visions of Sugarplums NogardAdult (f)5,4897524
VxClgCloud's Silver Lining NogardAdult (f)5,4207444
E5s5fReliant Red SailsAdult (m)4,4291,2942
Lxu2CNight Flower's LeafAdult (m)5,5771,2081
nIrYsColors of RegalityAdult (f)5,5101,2093
mBuRlLord LavaAdult (m)5,6961,61013
T9apFEmbros FireWingAdult (m)1,9935213
DHg7CPeril The Queen's ChampionAdult (f)2,3216538
74H55Flaming CortexAdult (f)3,0689473
judhEGolden Coal NogardAdult (m)4,8847642
XhmSfFalcon's Flame NogardAdult (f)4,3131,3176
ASNlXBlack IcefireAdult (m)6,4669631
phr9rOsiris AusareAdult (m)5,4398891
Sc6IOFlamenco WingHatchling (m, F)9,4961,4558
dBZtQFrilly NogardAdult (m)3,8161,1603
EJI3iFrilliky NogardAdult (f)5,6738891
CON7GFrill-Eared NogardAdult (m)4,8679990
DlyF3Miminae NogardAdult (f)4,3041,1266
57rk6Cake Queen NogardAdult (f)3,2214033
elb5gChristmas Wrapping Paper NogardAdult (f)5,6158482
FcdS3Nemoe NogardAdult (f)5,5201,2382
il1N4M and M Cookie NogardAdult (m)4,4481,31315
rv1DmRuby March NogardAdult (m)4,0761,3847
QH7LoFoolish April Eggchild NogardAdult (m)2,7471,02914
hRetwWHY ARE YOU ANOTHER MALE RUBYAdult (m)4,2471,2683
VMoXvI'm So Done rnAdult (m)3,5687483
rAfE1Ruby Chihuahua NogardHatchling (F)1,4251191
XOh9sSmol NogardHatchling (F)3,9375133
KYOCzSinging Sapphire NogardAdult (f)4,5671,30111
2GotuTo-Go Meal NogardAdult (m)3,1371,0594
W4o3ODiamond Horn NogardAdult (f)4,0288942
RE68LSerket Thuwed NogardAdult (f)3,8436471
cAKlRDaxriphey NogardAdult (f)6,1271,0222
pqLJ2Haajajado NogardAdult (m)6,1371,0333
zckFgZaqibabta NogardAdult (f)6,0851,0221
zVogDSekinamoi NogardAdult (f)5,9521,0304
lJsGvD'Lacey's Icefire NogardAdult (f)4,0661,2634
cADDoMidday LightFang NogardAdult (f)3,2289154
v29PAMidnight DarkFang NogardAdult (m)6,5071,75121
b4h7lMadame MidasAdult (f)12,2651,07927
ccW1MOne KaratHatchling (f, F)2,9547377
TH34LSplashingFinsAdult (m)8,0031,99825
AFSPhMid-Morning Earl Grey TeaAdult (f)3,3536674
vSCXUAfternoon Earl Grey TeaAdult (m)3,0838921
9YgZeStormFlierHatchling (m, F)5,2877355
3hy2SMint Chip NogardAdult (f)3,7819232
adymqMinty Chocolate NogardAdult (f)3,6309282
ksbgoReggae SingerAdult (m)3,8631,1473
YGFl4Little GreenSpotsHatchling (f, F)2,8527111
qE2CJSilvermoon's Moonlight WishAdult (m)2,9507986
iOpK1Glistening Onyx NogardAdult (m)1,9189075
smM6aThe Gold MineAdult (f)1,9795723
mBCNRPenderysAdult (m)4,4551,2761
qdcARSquad Car NogardAdult (m)2,0286465
Z0agcPumpkin PieHeartAdult (f)1,9647312
f0TNmPumpkin Pie a' LamodeAdult (f)1,42271014
oq96nPatches of PumpkinsAdult (m)3,4611,2168
whmZCThe Pumpkin Song ThuwedAdult (m)3,0281,08511
WatrrThe Gravedigger's HandbookAdult (m)2,5411,0073
CdXDCBonesnoutAdult (f)2,5231,0511
NhKuOSoul of a Dying Star NogardAdult (f)2,5801,0755
dUrtCMarkus ZusakAdult (m)2,5381,0731
WUv6pSylvyrrAdult (f)3,3491,2099
EXfopSoul Searcher LidornaeAdult (f)2,7239984
TRKtwGrimm Grinning GhostAdult (m)2,6291,0085
EM9oBRyxthysAdult (m)2,7059453
ONT91Gamzee Makara the Bard of RageAdult (m)1,5236698
ArjuXSundavAdult (m)1,8166892
E0CKhSundavblakaAdult (f)1,5545763
3A81tFearheartAdult (m)1,7015954
m4PQUZar'rocblakaAdult (f)1,8346022
re2vZHallowed GazeAdult (m)3,0941,1048
3n29GGrim FateAdult (f)7,8471,91540
N2ECQHallow's Eve KristallAdult (m)2,6561,0382
GDqzOSpooky StockingsHatchling (m, F)2,7837519
6SGy0Cursed CompassHatchling (f, F)1,9237952
Gc3u2Scary ThoughtHatchling (f, F)1,9718482
EugxNArchdemon's HeartAdult (f)3,1941,3306
nZ61LUndeniable DesolationAdult (m)2,4349754
RsQSkThought TwisterAdult (m)3,9201,4287
iG2ZjDraconian DesolationAdult (f)3,1351,2884
BdfdlDerailed Train of ThoughtAdult (f)3,0941,2603
wa3eTDeathly DestructionAdult (m)3,0901,2884
HnESsAzure Inferno NogardAdult (f)2,7199079
qP404StablefireAdult (m)5,3941,1553
cQAM8Taloned NogardAdult (f)4,6096652
t0gD3Two Face NogardAdult (f)2,6846182
XewwuBloodfang NogardHatchling (m, F)3,0977603
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