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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “arithmophobic,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
smYoA(smYoA)Adult (m)4,2989892
L6cgO(L6cgO)Adult (m)1,3764133
BLNMn(BLNMn)Adult (f)3,9378721
5jADu(5jADu)Adult (f)5,2921,0620
gAyML(gAyML)Adult (f)3,6818381
EQy0m(EQy0m)Adult (f)3,6618302
wOwOv(wOwOv)Adult (m)3,7018472
m3wYV(m3wYV)Adult (f)4,0058422
kDR4W(kDR4W)Adult (m)3,9278322
0QecJTrails of SilverAdult (f)3,2118332
nRMrz(nRMrz)Adult (m)3,6438582
kEWBU(kEWBU)Adult (f)5,1027972
Lr7RG(Lr7RG)Adult (f)5,4148192
e6JZ6(e6JZ6)Adult (f)3,0425953
siY3u(siY3u)Adult (f)5,8821,0811
2ziO8(2ziO8)Adult (m)3,2206002
dT0ky(dT0ky)Adult (m)3,5238811
rTL6h(rTL6h)Adult (f)3,5308620
AZz16(AZz16)Adult (f)3,7079321
wTgdY(wTgdY)Adult (f)4,5451,0481
1Etzr(1Etzr)Adult (m)5,0221,1032
Cylu1(Cylu1)Adult (f)3,0777551
qbA9Z(qbA9Z)Adult (m)5,5261,1992
BRgAy(BRgAy)Adult (m)4,1189792
bMgnM(bMgnM)Adult (m)4,5379293
XDbI3(XDbI3)Adult (m)3,1906693
12MpBDried WithAdult (f)5,2251,1202
A8o9R(A8o9R)Adult (f)4,3639715
3FReO(3FReO)Adult (f)6,2361,2154
3wuRX(3wuRX)Adult (m)3,1268182
H4lST(H4lST)Adult (m)2,6257031
CRobj(CRobj)Adult (m)4,5167656
HAuJNTobesaurus stenopsAdult2,3666594
MbIH0(MbIH0)Adult (f)3,9528253
vOwOF(vOwOF)Adult (f)2,8746043
vxCHh(vxCHh)Adult (m)3,4566554
d9JFvTigerflintAdult (m)4,5627655
g6vSlX Jingyi XAdult (f)4,2387965
pMDwNX Maestro XAdult (m)5,4449986
coRIm(coRIm)Adult (m)5,92782616
3NOsMX Grey XAdult (f)5,5171,0026
pAqHsX Huxley XAdult (m)5,1618084
UyCBxX Melka XAdult (m)3,8156705
gEoBc(gEoBc)Adult (f)3,5188333
RpkRi(RpkRi)Adult (f)3,4387505
dFPMH(dFPMH)Adult (f)4,2587734
2HH1dX Karrot XAdult (f)4,2877363
7PMIRX Tangerine XAdult (m)5,0438213
YKOAhX Squash XAdult (m)5,0368736
vQwMnX Marmalade XAdult (f)4,9458406
Ij1LfX Autumn Wings XAdult (m)4,9561,0633
HyPHn(HyPHn)Adult (m)4,7471,0102
6l0v0(6l0v0)Adult (m)4,9211,0423
kbr3d(kbr3d)Adult (f)4,3827543
ijuJmX Bird Perch XAdult (f)3,4206743
jjRum(jjRum)Adult (f)4,1317291
m3zcx(m3zcx)Adult (m)5,5539484
GqI6DX Ameren XAdult (f)2,7696552
SYJf9X Throwin' shade XAdult (m)3,2056903
JjC6cX Lapis Lazuli XAdult (m)2,4265623
JCTidENrapture BeauTyAdult (f)2,9706766
1KyKi(1KyKi)Adult (f)3,1067072
Bfm1BX Softbrush XAdult (f)2,4296443
joO1t(joO1t)Adult (f)2,7055465
UyWWBX Purpura Flore XAdult (f)2,2836592
MxWTeX MeWty XAdult (f)3,4988462
hJEV7X I tAstE gUmMY XAdult (f)2,4736054
Cwm5wX Amgery XAdult (m)3,5877541
eEXc3X Vinea Mea XAdult (f)2,3835524
sPQenX A Poet XAdult (f)4,1757404
zPaZXX Alcedinidae Aqua XAdult (f)2,2686313
2fTwYX Nickelodeon XAdult (f)3,8518495
MCXt9(MCXt9)Adult (m)3,4157016
Poqr5(Poqr5)Adult (f)4,2017706
PFuxr(PFuxr)Adult (f)4,1547755
BEILhX Wilford Warfstache XAdult (m)3,8919225
2GrhTAnother mustache manAdult (m)3,8169101
2p0KRa n d  Anoth e rAdult (m)3,8618042
hQCQ9hair below the noseAdult (m)4,0058033
t8Y7nhair above the lipAdult (m)2,6286322
W6IF0et superius labrum raditAdult (m)2,3875152
DvBqRMusty StacheAdult (m)2,9256312
wbuIcX Candy Man XAdult (m)4,1349914
Fe2JO(Fe2JO)Adult (m)3,9927634
1n7LG(1n7LG)Adult (m)3,2115284
IreUaX Disney XD XAdult (f)3,1035675
oIYfaX NBC XAdult (f)4,2451,1042
7QXi0X Custos Spiritus XAdult (f)3,2957684
NnYvxX Toxico XAdult (f)3,7961,0431
8cUn5X Biohazard XAdult (m)3,5219993
bGDoXGoogle DocumentsAdult (m)3,7991,0642
CM2HuMicrosoft Word ProcessorAdult (m)2,5537683
1rCQsX Investigation Discovery XAdult (m)4,4601,1492
29Kuk(29Kuk)Adult (f)4,4491,1432
Xld7l365-00-00-00Adult (m)3,2148762
5CZVgE X O T I C    B U T T E R SAdult (f)4,0021,1113
8ZW9DX Down To The Wire XAdult (f)3,8278993
XAAr3X Death is Coming XAdult (f)4,0471,1063
Cxh6oX The Clock is Always Ticking XAdult (f)4,1171,1353
BxNjhX Memento Mori XAdult (m)3,4739982
w9gkzX Unus XAdult (m)2,2627152
aOBmfX Annus XAdult (m)3,1036682
FlINvThe Dance of ItalyAdult (m)2,2976082
BkyBY00-00-00-00Adult (f)3,9598824
ifYwkX The Disclaimer Song XAdult (f)2,6545073
yFrsr(yFrsr)Adult (f)3,3146907
do5cJX KrAken XAdult (f)2,5195365
78Fx1X buys gf XAdult (m)2,6017621
H4uOMX Thick-It XAdult (f)4,2048882
bZ7UoOh MunicipalityAdult (f)3,5618295
ivnD3I should have checked with youAdult (m)2,8247142
QPtp1I dug a grave in my backyardAdult (m)3,7428374
Sl2Dt(Sl2Dt)Adult (m)3,5839201
Yxj5iX  Wolflight  XAdult (f)2,8146951
W6TYo(W6TYo)Adult (m)2,8596900
XFATl(XFATl)Adult (m)2,7956943
75c8f(75c8f)Adult (m)2,8066871
iYMgd(iYMgd)Adult (f)3,5758424
puPJHMarkiplier's RageAdult (m)3,1247132
bF41zX HeeHoo XAdult (m)3,1257202
HMOvvLihnsey LihnseyreAdult (f)2,2225751
okO0sX Alcedinidae Pastel XAdult (f)2,1285664
xuP8ZWitebaceAdult (f)3,6554537
ASZAA(ASZAA)Adult (m)2,0415551
9kIjD(9kIjD)Adult (m)1,9245052
60HJgM a KaAdult (f)3,1927332
ctLP0R Oo n  yAdult (f)3,4597162
T1Jsaa     N  dAdult (m)3,2395046
UyigWc H   e E  s EAdult (f)3,6276282
Z2zfrFedEx freightAdult (f)4,4177093
Lo7XM(Lo7XM)Adult (m)3,78858416
5QixM(5QixM)Adult (m)3,1716962
vhbdmX Golden Sauce XAdult (f)2,7657136
FC8g5Qavrusdanth The Jealous OneAdult (m)2,8397242
iQpNC(iQpNC)Adult (m)3,0487503
PDQbY(PDQbY)Adult (m)2,8165272
SvpRh(SvpRh)Adult (f)3,5935893
9zuhEBramble JambleAdult (m)4,3247753
kvR7OReptar's gettin noggyAdult (f)6,7189645
DFEj4Tinned SunlightAdult (m)4,6548314
WIZYETinned SunsetAdult (f)3,9556673
SzOU9(SzOU9)Adult (f)3,8336583
Xkd4h(Xkd4h)Adult (m)8,9861,1954
zsjuq(zsjuq)Adult (f)3,8407061
PLj1QUmBratzAdult (f)3,6456813
W3tIyZeelis The MagelightAdult (m)4,8226531
ZG5qPX Raw Sauce XAdult (m)4,8276916
y7ANcSevancyAdult (m)4,8407191
dOhap(dOhap)Adult (m)4,8796882
mUtQ8(mUtQ8)Adult (m)3,6487532
W1IHm(W1IHm)Adult (m)4,3396902
FSo3bX White Rhino XAdult (f)4,4096934
8QJyz(8QJyz)Adult (m)4,7327251
WAUlSWaulisAdult (m)3,4987402
ciSjaI sleep on Waulis's baccAdult (m)3,6917103
25k9j(25k9j)Adult (m)3,7247043
pljEtTha' LassoAdult (f)3,8737042
4e7q1(4e7q1)Adult (m)3,3647082
bmaWP(bmaWP)Adult (m)3,3857292
BIl2H(BIl2H)Adult (f)4,5238601
etZsR(etZsR)Adult (f)4,6128872
GrSt11MyMiAdult (m)3,6847132
9hVlV(9hVlV)Adult (m)3,7147352
130xz(130xz)Adult (f)3,7777322
OAvsT(OAvsT)Adult (m)3,5727273
NhqtM(NhqtM)Adult (f)3,2266752
07rhKCoralwing SeadragonAdult (m)3,2116752
9oDwx(9oDwx)Adult (m)4,1247442
YZm9LMidnight PlatinumAdult (f)4,4338743
W8PbMX EEF XAdult (m)3,2287311
6eHYm(6eHYm)Adult (f)3,3967141
M95HO(M95HO)Adult (m)3,7997500
2A8MFCaedrinioss The BarbarianAdult (m)3,7817361
IodaJ(IodaJ)Adult (f)5,2519593
UzJpg(UzJpg)Adult (m)3,8667581
L2P4o(L2P4o)Adult (f)3,7126431
gYWQ0(gYWQ0)Adult (f)3,9837595
ChcHeCh-cHEeAdult (f)3,6757371
wiC40(wiC40)Adult (f)3,4166801
gJGuCdragon's desc is literally meAdult (m)4,1567051
JdVLy(JdVLy)Adult (m)4,1677481
lpNxB(lpNxB)Adult (f)2,9156493
2Bjrj(2Bjrj)Adult (m)2,7546251
5Axz6but it is meAdult (m)3,8338152
6DRJkThey MeanAdult (m)3,2197083
pHI5E(pHI5E)Adult (f)3,2307693
RQHGj(RQHGj)Adult (f)2,5626611
lEW5t(lEW5t)Adult (m)2,7265902
W7Q1lI Flora IAdult (f)3,6707955
n4ngKX Stella XAdult (f)4,6847801
To7ikX Bloom XAdult (m)2,1885553
C3v5jl Aisha lAdult (f)3,2498042
Cd14uX Musa XAdult (f)3,0307312
guQ7v(guQ7v)Adult (f)3,4679412
B1hmT(B1hmT)Adult (m)3,3768803
k6Lqa(k6Lqa)Adult (f)3,9869425
EBcf4(EBcf4)Adult (m)2,7917621
8mzkh(8mzkh)Adult (m)2,7567392
8QmwB(8QmwB)Adult (f)3,0027714
QwGn8(QwGn8)Adult (m)2,5656020
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