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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “arisu-spam,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XEH37Siamese detectivesAdult (f)5,0429426
YXZqEGlinting red eyesAdult (m)3,3298971
9a1ZoHelp I can't seem to flip backAdult (f)5,0578653
sf6v5Flying off soonAdult (f)3,6579822
OWmkhDarkest darkest darkestAdult (m)4,5208572
QOheRKeep it away from meAdult (f)3,2337511
9YCerHerp derp what's with my limbsAdult (m)3,0059374
SZnf5I am a meanieAdult (m)3,0569465
fZMsfBloody ox hornsAdult (f)2,8506291
piR60Buy me some presentsAdult (f)2,9569232
12ojw(12ojw)Adult (m)2,9407661
an60yHuge blue finsAdult (f)4,9726773
vbY8xYellow gargoyleAdult (f)3,5879933
AFPvxAll my rare dragons are maleAdult (m)2,7609142
zZoEgTakin' a breatherAdult (m)4,5797132
UivY2Takin' another breatherAdult (m)4,2918173
rOYQbYET ANOTHER MALE VINEAdult (m)2,8597701
2zkSWAt least a femaleAdult (f)3,5395620
Inb9Z(Inb9Z)Adult (m)2,7517201
tcB5hThinking of spiralsAdult (f)4,1058152
b4tafThis gendering male streakAdult (m)3,3521,0322
mxl5nTwisted backwards glareAdult (m)5,4368754
XtX0IBrimstone wellAdult (f)5,5037282
N88L4Walking cat videosAdult (m)3,7281,0581
w5dnLI didn't have to breed thisAdult (m)2,7605210
yz2I2Mechanical fairy beeAdult (m)5,7179192
PUlrqBrown appendagesAdult (f)5,5609344
9Sz3ZDo I need to influence every oneAdult (m)3,3651,0222
4ozylSquiggly mohawkAdult (m)4,7996891
fbPzQWhat is wrong with thisAdult (m)3,6996162
riqMRFascinating crouchAdult (f)5,1617434
zJt5XDoesn't seem to endAdult (m)3,4291,0351
qtbdwBurning withAdult (m)5,3196711
ww0hSHot icy flamesAdult (f)3,0434991
ffZEVReally angry horseAdult (f)3,3299543
K4ecwNot as cool devil horseAdult (m)2,9537312
LeZzzThe devil's steedAdult (f)7,2697204
oyN6HImitation tyresAdult (f)5,6036962
rL2QbLook towards the skyAdult (m)4,9747733
K8Cs7Flavoured ice popAdult (m)5,0937214
mJojQMolten saltAdult (m)2,5048472
Mm9C2Guardian of the globeAdult (m)6,0769772
xCflEFly away nowwAdult (m)4,6588284
ITbb5I'll back off so you can liveAdult (f)4,4158873
g4mNJShoop shoopAdult (m)3,2699412
68mt9Elbowed awayAdult (f)4,5546872
Wvr9OI just leaped from a buildingAdult (m)3,2516970
0VVp9Sick and crawlingAdult (f)3,3437781
aGlIrFuzzy insectAdult (m)4,8327313
LYaQHHip bumpAdult (f)4,3798162
4tdp9I bite my thumb at youAdult (m)3,4369613
XHhRKI am sick ofAdult (m)2,9866212
Uc7CQHeart-stoppinglyAdult (f)2,8488273
K1f0rThe great divideAdult (m)2,1155592
RmJNLTwisted twisted neckAdult (m)3,3288141
K2jo9(K2jo9)Adult (m)3,5608302
2TDfe(2TDfe)Adult (m)5,0969373
d8WrXLiquorice chomperAdult (m)4,7181,0995
Rpe4cImperial consortAdult (m)5,5161,1422
oUPyoBeautiful blond ladyAdult (f)5,6269575
85hfVGoblin with no goldAdult (f)3,1086941
DYMsFA suitable mate forAdult (m)2,9577111
yMH1YFlipped lizardAdult (m)6,2247143
HZ1vxPouncing teddyAdult (m)4,8187033
sr6iRDevilish meditationAdult (f)3,8399211
L4DqHI spotted somethingAdult (m)4,8957071
7TdrnY U NOT FEMALEAdult (m)4,0948464
ZJ4LjAwkward dancingAdult (m)2,9957241
IxhWhCan't stop dancingAdult (m)2,5366381
0Dt1qMY FOURTH MALE SEASONAdult (m)3,5295610
b7gD0Leave it all behindAdult (m)4,7427161
QGAB2Don't test me beepAdult (f)3,7609793
2SO1LChinese water dragonAdult (f)5,6176792
tIlooBlue-fringed dwarfAdult (m)4,5288643
orstJProud aristocratAdult (f)4,3418194
ZVw5sLady of clarityAdult (f)4,0548931
7lBfZLimitation imitationAdult (f)3,5509791
w9IZdRed solesAdult (f)4,6576923
p5EziGreen cave alienAdult (m)3,1939262
cSj14Tribal ritualAdult (f)2,5488051
6VZA7Maleficent rebornAdult (f)5,0346881
xXmt8Ascension of MaleficentAdult (m)4,4557482
1cHDhYellow-purple gradient mapAdult (m)4,9297283
yu0I9Spread your wings and flyyyAdult (m)4,1748123
g4D70Watch me swingAdult (m)4,8797153
owEAOPegasus rebornAdult (m)4,9627032
yTaz4Frigid swallowAdult (m)2,9559546
VSgX6Shout to the sunAdult (f)3,0668381
WUZfpRevenge batAdult (f)3,2669102
V8wuXI have really big wingsAdult (m)2,9879213
mzgW7Spotted pestAdult (m)4,3498602
JXyxMCurled wrapperAdult (m)4,0589193
WQc7DA more likely pokemonAdult (f)3,2567853
E69yDUnfamiliar odoursAdult (f)3,3516623
qtzxGUnfamiliar soundsAdult (m)3,4646833
mkauRGuardian of the stickAdult (m)5,2116621
MzDbuMade of plasterAdult (f)2,6676872
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