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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aqub,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
e8HzVWhitty is a Bomb PoggersHatchling2,4725312
JmhAe(JmhAe)Adult (m)4,9838762
WlTv5(WlTv5)Adult (m)4,5769212
gw2Te(gw2Te)Adult (m)4,6519631
lBydX(lBydX)Adult (f)4,6429641
grSau(grSau)Adult (f)5,0619374
JIQnk(JIQnk)Adult (m)6,2301,0093
EiIaJ(EiIaJ)Adult (m)7,9541,2062
eRONi(eRONi)Adult (f)6,9251,2761
RdxeN(RdxeN)Adult (m)8,7511,4553
zzTtQ(zzTtQ)Adult (m)8,1291,3430
kRObw(kRObw)Adult (m)6,8941,24111
Vhowa(Vhowa)Adult (f)9,8751,3245
Lavr8(Lavr8)Adult (f)6,0198607
jbVmk(jbVmk)Adult (m)7,2691,1893
12DmG(12DmG)Adult (m)6,9861,1714
6cJ5H(6cJ5H)Adult (m)8,2321,3533
38tPR(38tPR)Adult (m)8,4751,3843
3Jrfr(3Jrfr)Adult (m)7,3261,1314
LapHp(LapHp)Adult (f)9,2681,4525
gvREA(gvREA)Adult (f)9,1541,4214
KN8cM(KN8cM)Adult (f)9,2311,5161
dnhSu(dnhSu)Adult (m)7,5971,1261
i88Pz(i88Pz)Adult (m)5,8911,1121
65m5P(65m5P)Adult (f)4,9351,0331
U7y7qWithout a Smile LLAdult (m)4,8401,0465
54C7O(54C7O)Adult (f)5,0711,0283
fOdzX(fOdzX)Adult (f)5,7321,2102
6rFpQ(6rFpQ)Adult (m)5,4311,1781
TVDSf(TVDSf)Adult (f)6,2881,1832
wtoMy(wtoMy)Adult (f)7,8951,2993
bZzcQ(bZzcQ)Adult (f)4,9669691
lfAvL(lfAvL)Adult (f)4,7397963
awTN1(awTN1)Adult (f)4,5189502
JRyeC(JRyeC)Adult (m)4,4608912
f0waY(f0waY)Adult (m)5,5911,0552
nBie1(nBie1)Adult (f)5,5421,1580
tqu22(tqu22)Adult (f)5,4931,1681
Hl4UPwhile- Remember you're neverAdult (m)5,5451,1872
E2Xt8(E2Xt8)Adult (f)3,5718151
OaTubLion Turtle Quote LLAdult (f)5,9971,1393
mfvsN(mfvsN)Adult (m)5,7911,1143
oBWkl(oBWkl)Adult (f)9,2931,1735
0m3A5Skid and PumpAdult (m)7,4901,0763
UJr6M(UJr6M)Adult (f)6,8471,1333
Qggui(Qggui)Adult (m)6,5941,1041
KYjmxMusical ScaresAdult (f)6,4741,1022
Y1juPWhen the Impostor is DubiousAdult (m)6,5051,0631
yHcEpSarcosuchAdult (f)6,0351,0562
dYgV8(dYgV8)Adult (m)6,4771,1761
JT3aN(JT3aN)Adult (m)4,7801,0111
xygcw(xygcw)Adult (f)6,5561,1601
vv7QF(vv7QF)Adult (f)4,6831,0280
C8trI(C8trI)Adult (m)4,4091,0341
kcfcB(kcfcB)Adult (m)6,3721,1512
tNz4Rfully dressed without a smileAdult (f)5,1871,2332
cy0uA(cy0uA)Adult (f)6,8811,2744
r30xK(r30xK)Adult (m)8,0981,2282
zXeNn(zXeNn)Adult (f)6,5441,1813
22nKdto purifying lightAdult (f)6,5481,1462
O9ES8from ear to ear and not fromAdult (f)6,0881,1402
GuX0e(GuX0e)Adult (f)6,9631,1682
3JV6n(3JV6n)Adult (m)7,3081,1941
E0ew9(E0ew9)Adult (f)7,3661,1201
aOr7W(aOr7W)Adult (m)5,9709972
zUbIz(zUbIz)Adult (f)4,2319061
7bdKh(7bdKh)Adult (m)4,5279382
Ok0Tv(Ok0Tv)Adult (m)3,8318741
vYeX9Sal-FisherAdult (f)3,6958795
uhQEG(uhQEG)Adult (m)3,5858531
BgZDb(BgZDb)Adult (f)6,8389542
2sCil(2sCil)Adult (f)4,5128692
stZy9(stZy9)Adult (m)4,4138622
DuLMs(DuLMs)Adult (m)7,0701,2662
NyXql(NyXql)Adult (m)6,7821,2053
a5g7P(a5g7P)Adult (f)7,0311,2431
DKrYx(DKrYx)Adult (f)7,2991,2333
n1Lej(n1Lej)Adult (f)6,1671,1272
Z4Bdm(Z4Bdm)Adult (f)7,4051,1332
8Qebi(8Qebi)Adult (f)5,6531,0663
gA0ZJ(gA0ZJ)Adult (m)6,0551,0633
0t2TDHero n Villain Duet LLAdult (f)5,6751,0425
Tplkuor Savile row It's what you wearAdult (m)5,6701,0423
JqzrNbut always yieldsAdult (m)5,4321,0273
8WTPV(8WTPV)Adult (f)5,7131,0221
OUWqf(OUWqf)Adult (f)5,4481,0243
NKAF1Two Birds LLAdult (f)5,2971,1602
1eJbVStronger Than You LLAdult (m)4,9261,0542
LPZuT(LPZuT)Adult (f)5,4491,1282
GH6uT(GH6uT)Adult (f)9,6311,4512
jCe45(jCe45)Adult (m)7,6531,4291
zK0hj(zK0hj)Adult (m)8,2211,4121
ZNOVh(ZNOVh)Adult (m)8,5141,4702
RE1w6(RE1w6)Adult (m)6,1901,2661
AjGYe(AjGYe)Adult (f)5,7581,1782
wyuNG(wyuNG)Adult (f)6,2439962
LaO28(LaO28)Adult (m)9,5331,2701
sD4hz(sD4hz)Adult (m)3,9169461
FSXaf(FSXaf)Adult (f)6,0381,1150
X4eCA(X4eCA)Adult (m)5,8931,1192
JFDsV(JFDsV)Adult (m)4,8221,2172
mbaXk(mbaXk)Adult (f)6,2631,2981
7kQNC(7kQNC)Adult (m)5,3791,2323
t0Z2x(t0Z2x)Adult (f)4,1539705
quo8g(quo8g)Adult (m)5,0388783
x49Uq(x49Uq)Adult (f)7,9331,2112
5GjBR(5GjBR)Adult (f)6,8281,3702
q0P1Jto let go of that wire - He saysAdult (m)6,2401,3243
mpWdcthat he will but hes just a liarAdult (f)6,1581,3022
bM5ch(bM5ch)Adult (f)8,9511,3706
HPyMW(HPyMW)Adult (m)7,2701,2692
5T1Jw(5T1Jw)Adult (m)4,9441,1313
OMsvo(OMsvo)Adult (f)4,8461,0872
t70SR(t70SR)Adult (f)4,8601,1354
d8WsB(d8WsB)Adult (f)5,9651,1623
te8xC(te8xC)Adult (m)5,7501,1217
8xIhb3g f 1Adult (f)5,2301,0604
eedWX3g m 1Adult (m)5,1811,0834
fV5LZ3g m 2Adult (m)5,3811,0793
EUEB5Love- and it's stronger than youAdult (f)6,0991,2124
NqSWuwithout being  harmedAdult (f)6,3771,1694
7As9O(7As9O)Adult (f)4,0739552
YL1L1(YL1L1)Adult (f)3,7619132
0rVErThank You Ltm1Adult4,67890225
FLvMdA completely normal MintAdult (f)5,1349264
K3U4uTwo birds of a feather- Say thatAdult (f)5,1678894
hVvrnI won't let go of your handAdult (m)5,1748703
JDpM1together But one's never goingAdult (f)4,7128373
xpDGTthey're always gonna stayAdult (m)5,4188534
SVdwH(SVdwH)Adult (m)6,0339174
1HPBA(1HPBA)Adult (m)3,4305156
WpsCK(WpsCK)Adult (m)5,5011,0682
JM51q(JM51q)Adult (f)5,4461,0812
gVEv5(gVEv5)Adult (m)5,4591,0752
UaYEC(UaYEC)Adult (f)7,0091,2694
aRFAm(aRFAm)Adult (f)6,2701,2623
jpb1z(jpb1z)Adult (m)6,5251,2193
vzGe4(vzGe4)Adult (f)8,3671,3791
H0pvy(H0pvy)Adult (m)8,5581,3744
9872LRescue ExercisesAdult (m)5,6191,1152
27BAZ(27BAZ)Adult (m)5,6431,1322
51HQn(51HQn)Adult (m)5,8871,1431
E3TiC(E3TiC)Adult (m)5,4701,0902
Gk3FE(Gk3FE)Adult (m)7,5031,2231
DFPzaWatches him cIose from that wireAdult (m)5,1891,0432
55FCG(55FCG)Adult (m)5,2141,0612
qmvS3(qmvS3)Adult (m)6,6801,1335
6YN88(6YN88)Adult (f)4,5709203
WfG5q(WfG5q)Adult (f)8,3011,1962
DnpVj(DnpVj)Adult (f)7,8831,1982
aIHfU(aIHfU)Adult (m)4,2817463
oVcI6Two birds on a wire - One triesAdult (m)8,8501,1544
BzefWto fly away and the otherAdult (f)8,2821,1241
A16csunderstand - I'll believe it allAdult (f)8,5061,1533
Glunm(Glunm)Adult (m)8,7151,1506
1RjeP(1RjeP)Adult (f)10,9961,3504
JKm4Y(JKm4Y)Adult (m)5,8881,0001
b9Nn1(b9Nn1)Adult (m)5,9851,0370
KlPXkI'll believe it allAdult (f)5,8181,0311
H1M1z(H1M1z)Adult (m)5,8739851
n0vMJAnd it's stronger  than youAdult (m)5,4009261
pg1JE(pg1JE)Adult (f)5,5919771
Ip7oTThe Parabola ParableAdult (f)5,8491,0072
xt225(xt225)Adult (f)8,3541,1453
e8qn6(e8qn6)Adult (m)8,5551,1434
7i6CDYou are not the villainAdult (m)5,4449325
PWrcYSokka driving a forkliftAdult (m)8,5491,1863
7iwA4(7iwA4)Adult (m)8,7761,2182
r6B40(r6B40)Adult (f)4,6919651
oyljH3g f 2Adult (f)4,6931,0031
8HkCaSince  beginning-less  timeAdult (m)4,5768942
Vny0NYou are not my heroAdult (m)11,2061,3163
A2aNTThere's nothing I won'tAdult (m)6,6191,1252
EPnXRMono the LonelyAdult (m)9,4101,13611
QTFKuFideli TyAdult (m)6,6621,1715
23Nfh(23Nfh)Adult (m)4,4779051
jiutHIm a conversationAdult (m)4,3909391
G2iPiGeodAdult (f)4,2979193
xG9FxThings don't go as plannedAdult (f)4,5368402
NVwD7Stand up- Get out- SometimesAdult (m)4,6608721
6D0ZXYou once held my handAdult (f)4,3338371
DJcWrBut he is a IiarAdult (m)4,2538341
TGwMVdarkness thrives  in the voidAdult (f)10,6831,2512
0i05JThin ManAdult (m)11,9371,29110
I1Jn2the poison of  hatredAdult (m)11,1491,2563
W8QF4the cards that I've been deltAdult (f)4,0518681
wADyxWhat else could you do withAdult (m)4,1238791
GlNnbYou don't know how it feltAdult (f)4,0308582
3uCf7The true mind can weatherAdult (m)4,9319432
35hzjA Moment FracturedAdult (f)7,4781,01410
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