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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aqub,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4kQZW(4kQZW)Adult (f)4,7567394
xUEcB(xUEcB)Adult (f)4,7637254
KxYRu(KxYRu)Adult (m)4,4367511
1AjWf(1AjWf)Adult (m)4,7908422
55KLT(55KLT)Adult (f)4,7438171
Ukfvn(Ukfvn)Adult (f)4,7218602
QzWhm(QzWhm)Adult (f)4,8118481
UhdRa(UhdRa)Adult (m)5,7909312
5XfBF(5XfBF)Adult (m)4,7338081
77FkZ(77FkZ)Adult (f)4,5087761
XGbFo(XGbFo)Adult (m)4,5027681
hcmzO(hcmzO)Adult (m)4,6557710
3jz5T(3jz5T)Adult (f)4,6707641
gRPT7(gRPT7)Adult (m)4,9406451
KugYt(KugYt)Adult (m)4,5416561
T1jdC(T1jdC)Adult (f)4,5457141
mWPCh(mWPCh)Adult (m)5,2226591
XxSSK(XxSSK)Adult (m)5,4056791
aTM0n(aTM0n)Adult (f)5,2226381
yYHNm(yYHNm)Adult (m)5,1166611
KaV4C(KaV4C)Adult (m)5,0906192
HM9Hnelectric- Calming if youAdult (m)4,6596232
rbxRvlook at it rightAdult (f)4,5426331
hmKZn(hmKZn)Adult (f)4,6746063
xXKqV(xXKqV)Adult (f)4,6506014
aqfgPbreed again need frostAdult (f)8,7928471
ssX1qbreed again  need frostAdult (f)8,2168422
EnhwS(EnhwS)Adult (m)8,2258300
R6NEs(R6NEs)Adult (m)8,4148482
LJQgs(LJQgs)Adult (m)8,3868461
7TEPw(7TEPw)Adult (m)8,4628574
lOHpz(lOHpz)Adult (m)5,3347141
C5dXf(C5dXf)Adult (f)7,4869661
CHSV5breed again need lotaanAdult (f)5,5897321
yVD4khaving made it through the nightAdult (m)4,8385771
yZPP5particles start to  marvelAdult (f)4,8475851
1ienMunderstand  what's going onAdult (f)5,6079051
fryLBinside a hole you couldn't seeAdult (m)5,5088951
giXi0Inside a- someone help meAdult (m)4,3937871
rMI0nAnd you fall  inside a holeAdult (f)4,3497622
jRGB3(jRGB3)Adult (m)4,6038661
CfBgL(CfBgL)Adult (m)4,7858181
DmCpubreed again need frostbiteAdult (m)4,4468141
GyPHG(GyPHG)Adult (m)4,0567011
uUlFr(uUlFr)Adult (m)5,1027443
5RX4f(5RX4f)Adult (f)4,7177292
wsmiG(wsmiG)Adult (f)4,8117552
1cdU8(1cdU8)Adult (m)4,6357545
zbrkH(zbrkH)Adult (m)4,6027422
MVg3A(MVg3A)Adult (f)3,4748541
yaKPJ(yaKPJ)Adult (f)4,9088140
YRU8l(YRU8l)Adult (f)5,0968271
SFQIm(SFQIm)Adult (m)3,9478411
2dpPxI was just a boy  you seeAdult (m)2,9066161
gPgkmI beg of thee  have mercy on meAdult (f)2,7476273
RDxtz(RDxtz)Adult (f)3,1106722
dKumA(dKumA)Adult (m)3,1606900
vzyXX(vzyXX)Adult (m)3,2277220
ZTscC(ZTscC)Adult (m)3,1886861
MpjKt(MpjKt)Adult (m)3,8257051
O4ZN8sympathy for me See how theAdult (m)3,5927121
CSWtv(CSWtv)Adult (m)3,5756841
8wXnV(8wXnV)Adult (m)5,0017191
yvRfX(yvRfX)Adult (m)4,7446861
9vMge(9vMge)Adult (f)4,4186871
sCBos(sCBos)Adult (m)5,1269150
k5OdE(k5OdE)Adult (m)5,4178960
KkqBS(KkqBS)Adult (m)4,8818570
HW0Fj(HW0Fj)Adult (f)5,1819032
jhuMhbreed again need aAdult (f)4,7858992
MskJW(MskJW)Adult (m)4,9289001
tZSlN(tZSlN)Adult (f)4,7969031
n7sQd(n7sQd)Adult (m)4,8358791
IQhwS(IQhwS)Adult (f)4,2628781
4ue1k(4ue1k)Adult (m)4,2779121
wKAUb(wKAUb)Adult (f)
FImtB(FImtB)Adult (m)
4XBfaAdventure Out ThereAdult (m)3,1677000
xvIOr(xvIOr)Adult (f)3,3317501
0oLKo(0oLKo)Adult (m)3,0877261
8ea97(8ea97)Adult (m)3,7888490
6OVzI(6OVzI)Adult (f)3,7898202
EHBvp(EHBvp)Adult (f)4,0268220
HAK04(HAK04)Adult (f)4,0908462
H284H(H284H)Adult (m)4,4617961
I74o0(I74o0)Adult (f)4,4548622
9IQvC(9IQvC)Adult (m)4,6798912
CIJxTRuin SerpentAdult (m)3,0587334
ewhGl(ewhGl)Adult (f)3,7017298
eKuYlWe'll need your testimony on theAdult (m)2,9796944
GCCoy(GCCoy)Adult (f)3,1097161
wlQdP(wlQdP)Adult (f)3,0607071
dEv1f(dEv1f)Adult (f)3,1207072
uIffV(uIffV)Adult (f)3,0566682
2B67T(2B67T)Adult (m)3,0396972
wj7fVSo spiraling down thy majestyAdult (m)3,2648333
psrmfI plead of thee haveAdult (f)3,1448253
XHCnxmine chambers whollyAdult (m)3,3578933
Ti1h9scorching out thine sovereigntyAdult (f)3,2688363
DhV6Tserfs work the groundAdult (f)3,3338493
QXLItNever they ponder whetherAdult (f)3,4738493
TkWdPWhen it grows  bright theAdult (m)3,5928633
3ArtBcould possibly know So it can beAdult (m)3,6058943
e8lHX(e8lHX)Adult (m)3,2328322
P5tfo(P5tfo)Adult (f)3,2458471
6uXpV(6uXpV)Adult (f)3,1668403
1ocLh(1ocLh)Adult (m)3,4518413
GCrOl(GCrOl)Adult (m)3,4388812
hE4w9(hE4w9)Adult (f)3,1558603
hKyTm(hKyTm)Adult (m)3,5288773
CmwrA(CmwrA)Adult (f)4,4848277
RhNGH(RhNGH)Adult (m)4,8328294
xa9vx(xa9vx)Adult (f)4,5338126
mS9vt(mS9vt)Adult (f)9,4511,3654
kZfok(kZfok)Adult (m)9,6861,3824
f2hF7(f2hF7)Adult (f)9,6041,3362
gT7GM(gT7GM)Adult (m)9,7681,3974
r2rrRMaguu KenkiAdult (m)9,5971,3603
c0fKRGolden WolflordAdult (f)8,9731,2905
h9kSgPerpetual Mechanical ArrayAdult (m)8,5151,3320
BGb6VCryo HypostasisAdult (f)8,4891,3532
a3NQLThunder ManifestationAdult (f)10,3661,4084
ZqHUsbrain plays around and you fallAdult (f)9,9841,3972
eZH4Einside my mind DoctorAdult (m)7,8291,1152
TbzyDus It can be us and only usAdult (f)10,2491,3992
2oPcN(2oPcN)Adult (f)10,8291,4063
B2eRw(B2eRw)Adult (f)6,1121,1262
xo0oD(xo0oD)Adult (f)3,6147710
yf3hY(yf3hY)Adult (f)3,6537950
zzsk1(zzsk1)Adult (f)3,5087740
K605i(K605i)Adult (m)4,1817712
aXeci(aXeci)Adult (f)3,7728430
4gK2Hme and nothing else That's allAdult (m)4,7569642
VVbU4really see me If you like me forAdult (f)4,6909561
lmrXR(lmrXR)Adult (f)4,1289051
48u6u(48u6u)Adult (f)3,5558031
pshvv(pshvv)Adult (m)4,2717761
7gj6P(7gj6P)Adult (f)5,5468782
vpvOQNoe  ArchivisteAdult (m)3,9257682
ddEtD(ddEtD)Adult (m)5,2821,0114
61Hwf(61Hwf)Adult (m)4,9818342
7C7rb(7C7rb)Adult (m)3,5758531
Sthmy(Sthmy)Adult (f)4,0738364
MUX4b(MUX4b)Adult (f)3,8008651
EooeY(EooeY)Adult (m)3,7588721
841H6(841H6)Adult (f)3,7078321
DgjQu(DgjQu)Adult (m)3,5148200
9DlqE(9DlqE)Adult (f)5,1698250
Op8Lc(Op8Lc)Adult (f)5,2588501
CkxIA(CkxIA)Adult (m)4,9248493
Tqe4u(Tqe4u)Adult (f)4,4348601
oWoLHRises the Moon LLAdult (f)3,8688211
Eozx2I've wanted for longer than youAdult (f)3,7628342
RbXhVreasons to not let me go If youAdult (m)3,6697951
zgjrl(zgjrl)Adult (f)3,9158142
wWgH6(wWgH6)Adult (f)3,8818282
hw8YM(hw8YM)Adult (f)3,8768102
uP3om(uP3om)Adult (f)3,9837972
y1L78(y1L78)Adult (f)3,4398401
Oz1t7(Oz1t7)Adult (f)3,0177820
OuvCh(OuvCh)Adult (m)3,2598070
sDIRJ(sDIRJ)Adult (m)3,2048311
QeIWy(QeIWy)Adult (m)4,4507661
KHeLq(KHeLq)Adult (f)4,4767742
vDqEy(vDqEy)Adult (m)6,7671,2762
T2Y9i(T2Y9i)Adult (m)1,2374371
2HtzgI can't tell if I'm not meAdult (f)5,6261,0868
erPoW(erPoW)Adult (f)4,0829654
1lqQC(1lqQC)Adult (f)4,6119084
7nAJe(7nAJe)Adult (f)4,5249024
4DGBTHydro HypostasisAdult (f)5,5148602
5vvTkElectro HypostasisAdult (m)5,8588914
PVbg6(PVbg6)Adult (f)5,2968702
SkE9g(SkE9g)Adult (m)4,2128691
zNKITit to be and the rest of theAdult (f)4,3219393
pnfpnaway each dream you keepAdult (m)4,4169422
x0VUwBreathe- Breathe-  BreatheAdult (f)4,3049571
QoCth(QoCth)Adult (m)4,2829564
Q1KWN(Q1KWN)Adult (m)3,6097851
fdLES(fdLES)Adult (f)4,0348472
rah11(rah11)Adult (f)4,1028553
M0TGW(M0TGW)Adult (m)3,9968321
Atrrh(Atrrh)Adult (m)4,1968362
MvRfC(MvRfC)Adult (m)3,7718022
MUxsX(MUxsX)Adult (m)3,7008131
TWMOqC6 SucroseAdult (f)3,8258341
3YhzE(3YhzE)Adult (f)4,1158363
5ssL1(5ssL1)Adult (m)3,2337721
e7Cl1(e7Cl1)Adult (f)3,8277921
voLDB(voLDB)Adult (f)3,5747691
0k5eN(0k5eN)Adult (m)3,4537241
KGH4X(KGH4X)Adult (f)4,1318463
7rdMU(7rdMU)Adult (m)3,6738183
7l6ew(7l6ew)Adult (f)3,6188152
nqFbG(nqFbG)Adult (m)2,0765541
PbZBwTartagIiaAdult (m)3,0693741
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