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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aqub,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mrUzs(mrUzs)Dead Egg111
GG3JI(GG3JI)Adult (m)5,4279222
Eg4SI(Eg4SI)Adult (m)3,9489013
vdhYN(vdhYN)Adult (m)5,1279120
9yilK(9yilK)Adult (f)4,8039321
CeQkM(CeQkM)Adult (m)6,7891,1831
58oKr(58oKr)Adult (m)5,4241,0661
5vrwD(5vrwD)Adult (f)5,6871,1025
XWJZA(XWJZA)Adult (m)5,1021,1142
hd3Yx(hd3Yx)Adult (m)5,4051,0722
jr33b(jr33b)Adult (f)5,3251,0611
ggqBX(ggqBX)Adult (m)6,9581,1463
ZqUxOhappily watching  her drift awayAdult (m)5,1799892
cHFFq(cHFFq)Adult (f)4,7589794
Lb07D(Lb07D)Adult (m)4,9331,0072
8fdqb(8fdqb)Adult (f)4,9581,0122
YmHLI(YmHLI)Adult (m)5,0729493
zCLKxzClockxAdult (m)6,7611,1171
1GFw52G F 1 MS 1Adult (f)6,6431,1254
vcx8p2G M 7 MS 7 NEAdult (m)4,5628902
WXXZa(WXXZa)Adult (f)6,6981,0677
2ArEv(2ArEv)Adult (f)5,2899613
yLr9FZentienceAdult (m)8,0791,1637
XBrclMeat Cute CharcuterieAdult (f)7,6561,2072
Bze6i(Bze6i)Adult (f)6,7211,2023
HSpTv(HSpTv)Adult (f)6,5488241
IPeQbLooking to the FutureAdult (m)4,9139504
NFrlq(NFrlq)Adult (f)8,1711,2434
lYnlpDon EAdult (m)6,9921,2404
dbTan2g 4 ms 4 neAdult (m)4,6491,0201
55tC62G 8 MS 8Adult (m)5,5039121
uKR9A2G M 6 MS 6Adult (m)5,4039072
nHRFuIm the loser of the game youAdult (m)5,5169510
UkGRVdidnt know you were playingAdult (f)5,0789202
KavwQcb f 12 ms 11Adult (f)5,0699351
XbDWAcb f 16 ms 16Adult (f)5,4099541
zGxC2(zGxC2)Adult (m)5,2779682
rKDXS(rKDXS)Adult (m)5,3429482
RnBcKPrettier PinkAdult (m)5,4169631
AAk09I didn't write thatAdult (f)5,0919214
istMSKeystone-MotelAdult (m)3,9374293
MmsX2Antisocial ButterflyAdult (f)3,9244191
gnabGPinkSpinelAdult (f)6,9769367
XV4rb2G F 7 MS 7 NEAdult (f)3,5907742
IDhfo2G M 4 MS 4Adult (m)3,4848210
sqIfg2G F 6 MS 6Adult (f)3,5208030
8ikPx2G F 5 MS 5Adult (f)3,5808181
YF2Ql2G M 5 MS 5Adult (m)3,5808160
nIUCBGood CallAdult (f)4,6754695
p0muI2G F 4 MS 4Adult (f)3,4766171
0exmD2G M 3 MS 3Adult (m)3,8356061
sqBne2G F 3 MS 3Adult (f)3,6206101
0NNri2G M 2 MS 2Adult (m)3,6236031
zcOEq2G F 2 MS 2Adult (f)3,3906000
ggKp82G M 1 MS 1Adult (m)3,9895830
wSWnB2G F 8 MS 8Adult (f)3,9026051
Znoy3(Znoy3)Adult (m)4,0515592
RUKKP(RUKKP)Adult (f)4,9809043
Tzf0D3g 2 ms  2 neAdult (f)4,2858353
qbWQpWhatever I wantAdult (f)2,9907591
1x9Rkcb f 8 ms 15Adult (f)6,6051,1632
wfgn6cb f  9 ms 13Adult (f)6,5091,1382
uLyKCcb f 10 ms 12Adult (f)6,7791,1821
mAb4M(mAb4M)Adult (f)5,4098572
cRfKMcb m 6 ms 7Adult (m)4,6418421
Ao4DBcb m 7 ms 4Adult (m)4,2868491
U9nu9All-Nightmare-LongAdult (m)3,4217932
2o8bsRising Tides - Crashing SkiesAdult (m)3,5178142
d6qEpCheeky ChrisAdult (f)4,2207843
SNGVESAlt AltAdult (f)3,8297703
q8KIt(q8KIt)Adult (m)6,8009144
C7YG0Blaine  DeBeersAdult (m)5,46189614
K99Qlcb f 11 ms 14Adult (f)4,1018920
HXA2Vcb f 13 ms 1Adult (f)3,9849000
i42lRcb m 10 ms 14Adult (m)4,0559320
eNnzC(eNnzC)Adult (m)4,1259151
qRho7Contemplate the Silent FreewayAdult (f)6,8871,0275
Vvlo1Whiter Shade of  PaleAdult (f)6,9531,0505
EwCR73g 1 ms 1 neAdult (f)4,5681,0104
I7QX5cb m 8 ms 1Adult (m)4,7699630
BZxt8(BZxt8)Adult (m)4,7699991
Ot3xlcb m 12 ms 10Adult (m)4,8019660
vfknMcb m 13 ms 9Adult (m)4,4959830
B3zEXcb f 14 ms 10Adult (f)4,7999791
fuZB9cb f 15 ms 9Adult (f)4,4569661
sjxx2cb m 9 ms 15Adult (m)4,1949492
vH7otcb m 14 ms 11Adult (m)5,6671,1831
IxrXlMr-CellophaneAdult (m)6,3221,0423
e5LXLcb m 15 ms 8Adult (m)7,8091,1421
SBiVr(SBiVr)Adult (f)7,2341,0780
jXRDu(jXRDu)Adult (f)7,2241,0260
U5wtwcb m 16 ms 16Adult (m)7,8961,1330
xHsVk(xHsVk)Adult (m)7,9331,1271
NDsul(NDsul)Adult (m)4,9241,0111
6DaxTcb  f 7 ms 6Adult (f)5,5089972
QNWTGUnorthodogsAdult (f)5,5689204
AMQQRMan of M'darnAdult (f)5,4699342
x47fLThird Vlog About Sour Patch KidsAdult (f)5,1598881
0AaeUGingerbread House BuildingAdult (f)5,5398931
xyWcaTactical ShovelAdult (f)5,3358893
ZHvSVcb f  1 ms 8Adult (f)6,2919011
DCa4H2g ms 4Adult (f)5,2188423
PSmW4cb f  2 ms 2Adult (f)5,4379633
1mkD0cb f  3 ms 3Adult (f)5,5289912
VnoEOcb f 4 ms 7Adult (f)5,6681,0181
MFnJ1cb m 3 ms 3Adult (m)6,1991,1672
GIOTHcb m 2 ms 2Adult (m)6,6561,2163
NHOipcb f  5 ms 5Adult (f)7,9731,1341
YFoqjcb m  4 ms 6Adult (m)7,6261,1253
Ge8jacb m 1 ms 13Adult (m)6,6621,1973
JOcNwCaught Her EyesAdult (f)6,3981,0813
h6pcM(h6pcM)Adult (m)2,6184706
sel7A(sel7A)Adult (f)2,6244626
9jBl3cb  f 6 ms 4Adult (f)6,4441,0884
y8gZD(y8gZD)Adult (m)6,9431,1515
ZVo0RMajor-LilywhiteAdult (m)9,7381,2419
6dOJyFillmore GravesAdult (m)10,0071,2467
zTmfcMax-RagerAdult (f)8,9291,2476
jhGRb(jhGRb)Adult (m)3,4708582
1Ee6u2g 3 ms  3Adult (f)4,7639313
1xpkGcb  m 5 ms 5Adult (m)5,6028671
I6UmvFrom the HallowAdult (f)3,9258371
8Zmq2(8Zmq2)Adult (f)5,4261,1524
6HTob(6HTob)Adult (m)7,2201,2937
P8vi1Dinosaur SimulatorAdult (f)4,8139284
iw4tjMy Party HatAdult (m)4,6969035
TSaJ7cb m 11 ms 12Adult (m)6,0271,1795
PPsBGShady PlotsAdult (f)6,2541,0186
GgubrSummary ResponseAdult (f)5,4401,0176
33PE0Chase GravesAdult (m)5,1279635
uZ3LB(uZ3LB)Adult (f)8,7601,3976
jtBAcSiebren de KuiperAdult (m)4,9011,1673
Utb05Subnautica Sea Emperor QuoteAdult (m)4,2749731
GBHfONo punchlineAdult (f)4,5321,0022
3d6BTConsidering the CircumstancesAdult (f)5,4681,0473
Riv7DTHERE'S SOMETHING IN MY EYEAdult (m)4,7748993
fCY50LordMinion777Adult (m)4,4309493
6dtexIt's big brain timeAdult (m)4,4219492
Xj0WkI'm just your problem LLAdult (m)4,3099333
GDP31A Tale of Two StansAdult (f)8,0351,1105
003mD(003mD)Adult (f)7,8121,1433
vH2TRThis Miserable PlanetAdult (m)7,6741,1084
NP4CVThe Return - JailbreakAdult (m)6,6698253
xxkboStressed Out LLAdult (f)5,1719852
rsCoz(rsCoz)Adult (f)5,0899762
fi1f3Hello World LLAdult (m)4,7729573
Z7Ti9You will hear the UndertaleAdult (f)5,3141,0083
i4DlNWhat is a wave without the oceanAdult (m)4,7959443
kM1m5Day  BreakerAdult (f)5,3919624
K84UcPower Shines Within YouAdult (f)8,1471,0122
8IVbDPlant Life LLAdult (f)5,3441,0303
U6oxdFusion  CuisineAdult (m)7,1561,1252
wP5teWhy  do I want toAdult (f)5,5331,0592
5Z3aZsans-UndertaleAdult (m)6,3861,0046
5bOPe(5bOPe)Adult (m)7,5111,3244
0egX1U  R  NAdult (m)5,7139923
x4gRBMarble-MadnessAdult (m)9,4871,2395
FLyGU(FLyGU)Adult (f)6,5665664
CsUmk(CsUmk)Adult (m)6,6145274
ZSqZo(ZSqZo)Adult (f)6,3555293
THOBKHoarse GleeAdult (m)8,0741,2524
ZAvRqI lost on JeoparodyAdult (f)8,1141,2443
q9J2hWe Know Who Our Friends AreAdult (m)8,3771,2585
kFEl0HenchmaniacAdult (m)8,8331,2548
7Lj2lGoodbye Blue Sky LyricAdult (f)7,3751,1472
qbVnbto be the one that makes up withAdult (f)6,4909012
7mJlx3g 2 ms 2 neAdult (m)6,2448561
oQLaB(oQLaB)Adult (f)6,1178532
Tb2TpYour Mind Goes NumbAdult (m)5,5919473
lcDX9TungleweedAdult (f)4,4068551
u9zVzI didn't win the lotteryAdult (m)4,4188313
OVVw7Rifting ApartAdult (m)4,54689011
78p5vMichael-AftonAdult (m)4,43691817
mbX8gOtherworldly Voices LingerAdult (f)5,8621,1388
HQzmcSoon You'll be Beautiful Like MeAdult (f)4,38792411
uMLDCA Chill Goes Down Your SpineAdult (f)8,8889705
mjVwxThe Lunatic-CultistAdult (m)6,8707705
V0tYzRequested Game is FullAdult (m)6,1681,1783
eCU0q(eCU0q)Adult (f)5,9401,1121
Q81uxBreak Away from the PackAdult (f)5,5621,1231
qUrd1Demon DazeAdult (f)4,9761,0093
uCzFkHave a Good DrownAdult (f)5,4821,0571
bcavoOverwhelmed with PainAdult (f)5,2021,0452
dJtxVRetinazerAdult (m)5,1411,0272
VPOgA2g  1 ms 1Adult (m)4,6618872
3oZuH3g 1 ms  1 neAdult (m)4,7839531
nX0xH2g 2  ms 2Adult (f)4,5908972
mPslf(mPslf)Adult (m)4,0508183
3ONlxWish You  Were HereAdult (f)5,5691,0404
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