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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aqub,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NXSXg(NXSXg)Hatchling (m)4,5048772
PcaN6(PcaN6)Hatchling (f)7,3801,0285
3U47F(3U47F)Hatchling (m)6,7601,1064
3s6sJ(3s6sJ)Adult (f)6,5811,0745
4hcZC(4hcZC)Adult (m)6,4901,0763
BB3yk(BB3yk)Adult (f)5,8961,0675
1s5we(1s5we)Adult (m)6,0521,0974
bYpNQ(bYpNQ)Adult (f)6,1549568
0jFkB(0jFkB)Adult (m)5,9029694
6RFH5Aren't you tiredAdult (f)6,0241,1175
HQpxkHere you go again PretendingAdult (m)6,7471,1894
vlYnFlike you love me When justAdult (f)5,5851,1336
6IE6c2g m  12Adult (m)5,5821,0965
d2nFv(d2nFv)Adult (f)5,5601,0642
KfXzY(KfXzY)Adult (m)6,0851,1015
agWOtDon't you ever  tame your demonsAdult (m)6,9911,1714
FoTiQBut always keep them on a leashAdult (f)7,3151,1773
sLWC5(sLWC5)Adult (m)3,3114104
eWAi7(eWAi7)Adult (f)7,3991,1043
huUy0(huUy0)Adult (m)5,5911,1793
HEsBEWhat are you doing here- I don'tAdult (m)3,6668134
JUH2wthink that you were invitedAdult (f)3,8228203
TrSzg(TrSzg)Adult (m)3,5438134
VzmKv(VzmKv)Adult (f)3,5148164
BwEFT(BwEFT)Adult (m)8,8601,2524
1Twh4I've never been one forAdult (f)10,1661,3745
8KYyUWhat are you doing dearAdult (m)9,0991,4293
G4jda(G4jda)Adult (m)9,1221,3812
F0I4DAgna Qel'aAdult (m)8,5321,5112
J8Odabeneath the surface you'reAdult (m)8,2411,4833
RFX9X(RFX9X)Adult (m)9,3911,5374
3slG7(3slG7)Adult (m)9,4341,4641
z4JqC(z4JqC)Adult (f)9,4671,4344
eVPw1Hei-RanAdult (f)6,2411,4152
bPin7Rangi the ProtectorAdult (f)6,0541,4273
Q35bB(Q35bB)Adult (f)7,6511,3774
ZNmFv(ZNmFv)Adult (f)7,7141,3602
qVnUrCaldera CityAdult (m)4,4889827
gEf01Startle You in Your SleepAdult (m)7,1891,2273
wDaM3Hoover Dam SnacksAdult (m)5,3511,2354
kolptThank you for your cooperationAdult (f)7,9431,4493
Zv4AA11 Bringing it DownAdult (f)7,2161,3433
ngPV51 The OrderAdult (m)7,0021,3342
ZXKOh(ZXKOh)Adult (f)7,1211,3592
fzcWl(fzcWl)Adult (f)7,9101,4076
aLNWj(aLNWj)Adult (f)7,5021,4235
SP2OxTao the CandymanAdult (m)5,8201,2725
CudOW(CudOW)Adult (f)6,0871,2744
DyUEf(DyUEf)Adult (f)5,7881,2547
MzHKDTangled in the  Great EscapeAdult (m)5,8881,2264
hLJR714 TelepathicAdult (m)5,8491,2382
XleKN(XleKN)Adult (m)5,2741,1223
opAlR(opAlR)Adult (m)8,0171,3016
SHYUR(SHYUR)Adult (f)9,0941,5641
cnsTdI'm low on gas You need a jacketAdult (f)8,9821,5162
ln1ROStained Glass HeartAdult (m)4,5561,0643
6RsLb(6RsLb)Adult (m)6,6401,3043
wOKAlXiang FaiAdult (m)6,1041,3032
4VaLVValve GameAdult (m)6,3071,3081
JPGUt(JPGUt)Adult (m)6,4141,2973
0CmH5(0CmH5)Adult (m)6,4361,3001
MaozK(MaozK)Adult (m)6,1271,2791
viRFu(viRFu)Adult (f)5,9291,2571
Gxm6C(Gxm6C)Adult (m)6,3271,3042
wKpbk7 Into the UnknownAdult (f)4,5551,2085
Pm5sM15 EverglowAdult (m)8,1091,4603
fGevi8 Gravity of YouAdult (m)8,1981,5274
OXAK8(OXAK8)Adult (m)7,7741,4222
5YiKAThe King For a DayAdult (m)8,6351,4904
QR6zQA Match Into  WaterAdult (m)7,9381,4905
PPn6YVoodollAdult (f)8,0391,4464
yrLO5Props and  MayhemAdult (m)8,4661,5197
x8vFX(x8vFX)Adult (m)7,5821,2396
teovy(teovy)Adult (f)7,3261,0585
DkElaCollide with the  SkyAdult (f)7,1611,1683
fZjdH(fZjdH)Adult (f)7,5421,1225
mjDCP2g f 11Adult (f)7,7931,1106
gICvX2g m 10Adult (m)7,6361,0743
dtStL2g f  9Adult (f)7,4731,0702
anVam2g m 8Adult (m)7,9051,1206
mMdq82g  f 7Adult (f)7,3221,1331
agwEI(agwEI)Adult (m)7,6501,1905
5AsZBSomething in it had a powerAdult (m)6,2481,0924
r3npJCould barely tear my eyes awayAdult (f)8,3401,4152
XUdvsAll you have is  your fireAdult (m)6,4301,2022
tYOT2And the place you need to reachAdult (f)6,2111,1631
UrHtKAqub'sAdult (f)8,4031,2209
kdRvo(kdRvo)Adult (f)6,9991,1374
Uo5TbSretoAdult (m)7,0781,1383
YuNtQ(YuNtQ)Adult (m)10,0281,4192
MAkoU(MAkoU)Adult (m)6,6761,3093
jCexQ2 SatelliteAdult (f)8,7091,4162
rRcZh(rRcZh)Adult (m)9,1321,4522
HcAlPGlass Eyes and Colorful TearsAdult (m)9,2611,4514
ePWrW3 FrequencyAdult (f)6,7231,1356
7FVYWThe  First  PunchAdult (m)6,8961,1696
1rTPK9 Back to the EarthAdult (m)6,8471,1665
hV7hu6 StarlightAdult (f)6,8261,1934
yPetsyPetsAdult (m)7,6211,1916
5ssJT4 Die For YouAdult (f)8,0421,1897
7RmmX5 RicochetAdult (f)6,8601,1593
2leEi(2leEi)Adult (m)5,5441,1037
Rb8syJampa IAdult (f)5,57583410
qJ5znconvinced that you're above meAdult (f)7,1681,2055
5IWvxDig deep into the pastAdult (m)7,1811,2068
Ya82g(Ya82g)Adult (f)7,1311,18511
PQpUvKiyara IAdult (f)7,2321,1907
b7l1l(b7l1l)Adult (m)7,2121,2078
Y1HrV(Y1HrV)Adult (f)4,6741,0693
huu2k(huu2k)Adult (f)6,0521,1672
WIYFfMomo ThuwedAdult (m)7,8481,1405
1GbGuStaring at StarsAdult (f)8,0581,2247
Bh4V6Lady-LianAdult (f)8,8361,2426
rKsELHold On Until MayAdult (m)7,9771,2229
j7mgL10 Last to FallAdult (m)6,2281,0472
PACszMono the Little NightmareAdult (m)6,6041,0394
IQvv2(IQvv2)Adult (m)6,6671,0502
TBvFX(TBvFX)Adult (f)4,7417256
mK3Og(mK3Og)Adult (m)6,0811,0323
Bfawi(Bfawi)Adult (f)5,29294514
VK3GK(VK3GK)Adult (f)5,6588512
9bWh5(9bWh5)Adult (m)5,9049142
fGSA8(fGSA8)Adult (f)5,9258701
ONazG(ONazG)Adult (m)5,5318933
Lin9E(Lin9E)Adult (m)6,5351,0093
zN6sPThe Boy in the lcebergAdult (m)6,2619707
0yAGg(0yAGg)Adult (f)8,5581,4144
G21zl(G21zl)Adult (m)7,0721,2934
OkDxR(OkDxR)Adult (f)8,6961,2124
dxl2oApril Come She Will LyricsAdult (f)7,1641,1274
Hf3K5(Hf3K5)Adult (f)7,1711,1164
aJ4tu(aJ4tu)Adult (f)7,7081,2694
6N3W6(6N3W6)Adult (f)7,7891,2451
MnQgT(MnQgT)Adult (f)7,3831,0984
OWIZf(OWIZf)Adult (m)7,6711,2053
F0Cqt(F0Cqt)Adult (f)1,3364039
keyh4(keyh4)Adult (f)5,2691,0395
KmkYA(KmkYA)Adult (f)5,5101,0355
57rKn(57rKn)Adult (f)5,4801,0749
Waiz2(Waiz2)Adult (m)7,9001,2374
0uy59(0uy59)Adult (m)6,4421,2415
oI7a5(oI7a5)Adult (f)7,4361,3265
CJTIC(CJTIC)Adult (m)6,5881,2265
EjetP(EjetP)Adult (m)5,6409284
242ZaTil the Stars EvaporateAdult (m)4,8599664
AM6SS(AM6SS)Adult (f)5,9461,0034
5tJEr(5tJEr)Adult (f)5,8911,1425
XOkoH(XOkoH)Adult (m)5,6241,1415
YMTW5(YMTW5)Adult (f)7,1401,0036
Jwfc2(Jwfc2)Adult (f)8,3271,2855
TpXkG(TpXkG)Adult (f)8,7881,3234
55x2P(55x2P)Adult (f)8,7061,31111
QZsIU(QZsIU)Adult (f)11,5251,2623
KLEI4(KLEI4)Adult (f)8,2831,2003
910WY(910WY)Adult (f)6,7121,2339
iglTc(iglTc)Adult (m)8,4961,3069
KBKTtPatrck StaticAdult (m)6,5441,2548
mPjqg13 MonsterAdult (m)6,5661,2409
0pYnI(0pYnI)Adult (f)6,4731,2449
75M6mRangi IIAdult (f)6,6421,2568
NsArnand some would screamAdult (m)6,9581,2923
4LiN5(4LiN5)Adult (f)7,0401,3042
N5O6n2g m  6Adult (m)7,4511,3035
Qi4uw2g f 5Adult (f)7,2631,2821
jeTiF(jeTiF)Adult (f)6,6541,1055
ghYgDa child I'd sit for hoursAdult (m)5,5471,0363
3iopM(3iopM)Adult (f)8,6481,2233
TddMX(TddMX)Adult (m)6,9191,1541
PiIei(PiIei)Adult (m)7,6741,3002
2Yp9Hchoices- I learned the voicesAdult (m)8,0711,3034
Cd16IStaring into open flameAdult (f)4,2279290
6bgNqdied with me- When I wasAdult (f)4,1439450
kTEoJ(kTEoJ)Adult (m)4,1779165
oR82X(oR82X)Adult (f)8,1191,2955
H6CGJ3g 14 2Adult (f)9,9281,3782
Bjet9(Bjet9)Adult (m)4,5269874
BoII4Boll In MemoriamAdult (f)5,6069484
N7FAUKirima the GracefulAdult (f)4,0398604
jet4j(jet4j)Adult (m)4,2628792
zUKQJ(zUKQJ)Adult (m)4,2778543
qRe0RBob the Good TitanAdult (m)4,2938643
hIFffTenzin IIAdult (m)4,0538105
ybi9kHello- Zuko HereAdult (m)3,2388242
H6jjjIroh 2 Electric BoogalooAdult (m)4,9621,0522
JSGOUBullet LekAdult (m)4,6931,0373
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