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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “apocalypse_r,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fvMr(fvMr)Adult (m)4,1562,8053
Oqo6(Oqo6)Adult (f)3,4982,4867
GtI7(GtI7)Adult (f)2,4861,7265
jWZb(jWZb)Adult (f)6795814
09ge(09ge)Adult (f)4,2272,86311
SRor(SRor)Adult (f)3,8092,70521
mios(mios)Adult (m)4,3742,7787
W5L8(W5L8)Adult (m)1,8171,4613
P3mU(P3mU)Adult (f)3,8762,6443
jS0j(jS0j)Adult (f)4,8683,0516
sEOL(sEOL)Adult (f)4,2902,7996
PsHg(PsHg)Adult (m)7,8835,3928
IhNe(IhNe)Adult (f)4,0063,0373
vF15(vF15)Adult (m)3,7702,5192
UdL3(UdL3)Egg (F)
g5pZ(g5pZ)Adult (f)3,8702,57711
Xl5d(Xl5d)Adult (f)1,8191,4604
VpA3(VpA3)Adult (m)4,2642,4978
Ypkc(Ypkc)Adult (f)4,5212,9544
oU9E(oU9E)Adult (f)4,5562,9863
N12u(N12u)Adult (f)4,5552,9853
0MrF(0MrF)Adult (m)6124562
TOQk(TOQk)Adult (m)4,0772,92517
IAqE(IAqE)Adult (m)3,5062,4998
TtTD(TtTD)Adult (f)4,0163,0411
pT2b(pT2b)Adult (m)4,0712,7776
9Fsa(9Fsa)Adult (m)3,7672,6318
AU3K(AU3K)Adult (m)3,8622,5919
E1mk(E1mk)Adult (f)2,4881,7263
E0Wi(E0Wi)Adult (f)3,8752,6452
UnbD(UnbD)Adult (f)4,3482,8254
gt31(gt31)Adult (f)1,8131,4583
eV6B(eV6B)Adult (f)3,7282,69616
Oku6(Oku6)Adult (f)2,4961,7255
jOUP(jOUP)Adult (f)4,1532,8104
ef10(ef10)Adult (m)6,3324,5149
dSvS(dSvS)Adult (m)4,0802,7745
HYH7(HYH7)Adult (f)4,3692,8325
79Qf(79Qf)Adult (f)2,8982,0525
KHLp(KHLp)Adult (f)4,3722,8377
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