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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “aphiske,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZgrJCB Finally A TaskAdult (m)711532128
aKDc8CB That's Not That BadAdult (f)4,4403220
MzLzA(MzLzA)Adult (m)2,6667672
Liyjm(Liyjm)Adult (f)3,2851,3951
kRDvS(kRDvS)Adult (m)5,4431,0991
FKCGt(FKCGt)Adult (f)3,9791,0834
PGMVCB None Too FarAdult (f)380192162
JqPlK2G Beauty Is ThisAdult (f)4,5131,1157
b3Dof3G PB Take Me To VegasAdult (f)2,5747834
2ATDl2G PB Good Man Goes To WarAdult (f)4,3251,0346
tmikF(tmikF)Adult (m)2,0738331
7R8WS(7R8WS)Adult (m)1,5023424
9XQtA5G Frozen In TimeHatchling (F)2,3481703
CzBL2G Finally A PalaceAdult (m)2,6001,60218
MXSX9(MXSX9)Adult (f)2,1167661
7wqhu(7wqhu)Adult (f)2,1258001
geD0x(geD0x)Adult (m)5,3621,1171
VVO0TCB Heaven CallsAdult (f)3,2768685
e7QN3(e7QN3)Adult (f)1,8855842
IPnCN(IPnCN)Adult (f)3,1218304
GhwEP(GhwEP)Adult (m)3,2949531
ZLjGH(ZLjGH)Adult (f)2,0267644
q262t(q262t)Adult (f)1,4495010
6PdOK(6PdOK)Adult (m)1,9737942
f5k8R(f5k8R)Adult (m)2,4716311
Ft1Z0(Ft1Z0)Hatchling (f, F)1,7986824
QtSl1(QtSl1)Adult (m)4,0014480
sB92C(sB92C)Adult (f)2,1499401
cZOfc(cZOfc)Adult (m)5,9366753
Emwnc(Emwnc)Adult (m)1,6893075
mshFD(mshFD)Adult (m)1,7263085
T88q9(T88q9)Adult (f)2,6116242
g3QtCB Force Is Just An OptionAdult (m)2,3461,10414
v5UTYCB A Tea PartyAdult (m)5,5753722
PIbvT2G PB But I'm CloseAdult (m)4,7863200
BXJe0(BXJe0)Adult (f)3,2399930
AQftUCB Burning Like New YearAdult (m)7,89952711
eeJXe2G PB Hope Is HereAdult (m)7,4284966
20NbFCB Like PoetryAdult (f)6,4417304
NUgXnCB Singing PraisesAdult (m)7,0024670
pgLAQCB Calling HomeAdult (m)6,0604040
yekwwCB Removal AutoAdult (f)4,8737661
wlVxZ(wlVxZ)Adult (m)4,3656813
1ciJR(1ciJR)Adult (m)2,1476203
iWidX(iWidX)Adult (f)1,9976071
z7Ykr(z7Ykr)Adult (f)2,2022643
zWCqu(zWCqu)Adult (m)3,4669360
2rKlT(2rKlT)Adult (m)3,5349220
Dshe7(Dshe7)Adult (m)3,6629610
8WXaWCB Freedom Is EarnedAdult (m)4,2704214
yM7W0(yM7W0)Adult (m)2,3265171
WLKtC(WLKtC)Adult (m)1,7893194
ZQpib(ZQpib)Adult (f)2,0823406
6iWyB(6iWyB)Adult (f)3,7055170
CvScF(CvScF)Adult (m)5,1701,0000
u9iSm(u9iSm)Adult (m)3,1395540
icrdj(icrdj)Adult (m)1,7323094
Ofx9a(Ofx9a)Adult (f)2,1223435
Sn1jA(Sn1jA)Adult (f)3,7285140
KupLD(KupLD)Adult (m)3,5305050
DcYec(DcYec)Adult (f)5,2499990
3Ffwd(3Ffwd)Adult (f)5,3499820
TNYgx(TNYgx)Adult (f)2,4655100
qkcI4(qkcI4)Adult (m)4,4524161
6k8v0(6k8v0)Adult (m)4,8164090
XRIsr(XRIsr)Adult (f)4,2884101
Frm4r(Frm4r)Adult (f)4,3354201
eAuTs(eAuTs)Adult (f)4,6604310
KOZRg(KOZRg)Adult (f)4,1764140
kosO8(kosO8)Adult (m)4,3524060
YYNR1(YYNR1)Adult (m)4,3584041
coQ3t(coQ3t)Adult (m)4,7894400
H1VhH(H1VhH)Adult (m)3,5774241
i2cJE(i2cJE)Adult (f)2,0299140
37Nwm(37Nwm)Adult (f)2,0268720
aoVTbCB Water FaeAdult (m)5,4013612
WT2tm(WT2tm)Adult (f)2,9528901
O4lqRCB Plant RemovalAdult (m)7,6501,2038
VlmJE2G Normal Ole ThingAdult (f)4,7023816
faF2G2G Freedom Is PriceyAdult (f)4,4082940
1g4M0CB Wayward PersonsAdult (m)5,3393570
ZyygT(ZyygT)Adult (m)2,7008820
gDrOO(gDrOO)Adult (m)2,7059120
Lrok1(Lrok1)Adult (m)3,2116042
pWXdz(pWXdz)Adult (f)1,8136612
F6rU6(F6rU6)Adult (f)3,9101,0952
CQid2(CQid2)Adult (f)3,8761,0807
bg8mm(bg8mm)Adult (m)1,7146780
8JIxC(8JIxC)Adult (f)3,5419292
sewFc(sewFc)Adult (m)5,0011,0602
HRQAu2G Alt UniverseAdult (f)4,5514538
10OE22G Frozen In TimeHatchling (F)2,9572121
3STOCB Got My Eye On YouAdult (m)73448139
ZPB22CB Name Your Price BoyAdult (f)4,8741,0723
8uBXb4G Can't Take The Sky From MeAdult (f)4,6053363
Z2hxB(Z2hxB)Adult (f)2,3807780
7aVIs(7aVIs)Adult (f)3,0989762
NInaYCB Underwater WonderAdult (f)4,8028584
sGStRCB City CurrentsAdult (m)5,3913853
XAwqq(XAwqq)Adult (m)2,1827272
OCeMW(OCeMW)Adult (f)6,0141,1000
G86As(G86As)Adult (m)3,0805660
NYwv2G Purple Is So My ColorAdult (f)4,2671,96218
YoYWC3G PB Symbols And ConfusionAdult (m)7,0041,2828
JtiZ0CB A Place For HomeAdult (m)5,0263795
T7gk9CB I'm A BananaAdult (f)5,2727486
ItDafCB I Just Like ItAdult (m)3,4896816
dBVrl(dBVrl)Adult (f)2,4185742
bPlhJ(bPlhJ)Adult (m)3,2909941
nhGOO(nhGOO)Adult (f)3,1531,0041
JFdGj(JFdGj)Adult (f)3,8469230
KOyz1(KOyz1)Adult (f)4,1768950
dZlDF4G Home Is MovingAdult (m)5,1903464
E4vCC2G Back To BasicsAdult (m)5,0693384
jindC(jindC)Adult (f)3,2119631
rXAjh(rXAjh)Adult (f)3,2489442
Sov8g(Sov8g)Adult (f)3,0438853
YHhMJ(YHhMJ)Adult (m)2,7506651
BuVQ1(BuVQ1)Adult (f)2,9869292
TYLFl(TYLFl)Adult (f)5,7131,1460
K5H7gCB Face The MasterAdult (f)6,2321,2428
fqH8kCB Serenity FliesAdult (m)4,9443312
aG97tCB Out Of GasAdult (f)4,7193710
HBHWy(HBHWy)Adult (m)2,4513026
IWQVpCB Laughter Is A RiotAdult (m)3,4072735
daBj8CB Do What You Are ToldAdult (f)5,6381,1036
l1bzc(l1bzc)Adult (m)1,7686980
GjQZD(GjQZD)Adult (m)4,7337720
0UaRl(0UaRl)Adult (m)5,4617590
eCwlJ(eCwlJ)Adult (m)3,8961,0450
I74gw(I74gw)Adult (m)4,5951,0210
OsGi4(OsGi4)Adult (m)2,1366612
iF0Fy(iF0Fy)Adult (f)2,0546200
BihOz(BihOz)Adult (f)2,4915700
MXeX4CB Just To See You AgainAdult (m)3,3524715
DqYRUCB Watch It I BiteAdult (f)3,7724146
DvPsO(DvPsO)Adult (m)4,3911,1081
1uiHz(1uiHz)Adult (m)2,7599152
nShRH(nShRH)Adult (f)1,6366733
yYym9(yYym9)Adult (f)1,7096951
nLX1k(nLX1k)Adult (f)3,4441,0672
lwfIq(lwfIq)Adult (f)1,8135861
DQVgV(DQVgV)Adult (m)6,0001,0920
UwIOn(UwIOn)Adult (f)5,2479892
i8gQEXT I See It NowAdult (m)83967113
SZ6Lz(SZ6Lz)Adult (m)3,4131,0772
rKxA9(rKxA9)Adult (m)4,7861,1951
F1RSP(F1RSP)Adult (m)3,4899281
9F4kV(9F4kV)Adult (f)3,4219400
N6VFG(N6VFG)Adult (f)3,5719322
23Zo7(23Zo7)Adult (m)3,7909491
k0qXx(k0qXx)Adult (m)3,0905140
qkPVm3G Practice Makes ImperfectAdult (f)9,3701,47310
ZX97TCB Flying HigherAdult (f)2,3586371
tQ9OCB This Is NightAdult (m)2,5381,17210
S2s032G PB Second To NoneAdult (m)8,6201,0827
1Zc1M(1Zc1M)Adult (m)2,3937042
1HbgW7G Loss Of AbilityAdult (m)6,7461,18420
5b5an4G I Just Don't Get ItAdult (f)3,60554210
dyV1CB On Cloud Nine ForeverAdult (f)726320195
2k7fNCB Outlet For DangerAdult (f)3,9747557
TgvTsCB Roar Like TomorrowAdult (f)4,7373214
BJ80tCB Free And VirtualAdult (m)5,3691,1363
ueqFqCB Water Is RisingAdult (f)1,9805942
bO2uyCB Prices Are RisingAdult (m)4,5617192
fPXU5CB Gone For Another DayAdult (f)4,3777696
bMRh7CB Pester Me MoreAdult (m)5,1998575
9YHnLCB Frozen In Time1Hatchling (F)3,0832123
nb3JVCB Golden FuryAdult (m)5,3236738
jVNP92G PB Finally HomeboundAdult (f)13,1171,1219
cV5gL(cV5gL)Adult (m)2,8359001
hvfuq(hvfuq)Adult (f)3,4149361
8Xz0y(8Xz0y)Adult (f)5,9351,1581
kd6DM(kd6DM)Adult (f)4,1395123
DEWVG(DEWVG)Adult (f)3,6714982
4Enb4(4Enb4)Adult (m)5,1544794
miUPm(miUPm)Adult (m)3,1804934
vRRNk(vRRNk)Adult (f)4,2223911
rUfbg(rUfbg)Adult (f)4,7173420
86Fji(86Fji)Adult (m)4,6213410
S4fuf(S4fuf)Adult (m)4,6973430
Ti2Gr(Ti2Gr)Adult (f)5,5203680
gRMVa(gRMVa)Hatchling (m, F)5,2653511
7ZSDD(7ZSDD)Hatchling (F)2,1731830
F0O6cCB A State Of ArrestAdult (m)5,1393671
NuqOGCB Reviews And ReleasesAdult (f)9,2771,1636
4aQ4gCB Click To PlayAdult (f)5,3413572
mnaFTCB Autumn Tea PartyAdult (f)5,5093682
djrVP(djrVP)Adult (m)5,2109730
WdQaCB Give Them FireAdult (m)2,4091,10311
Uj9CkCB From The FireAdult (f)4,2654171
LNTG7(LNTG7)Adult (f)2,5683611
rkqf2G Scorpio RacesAdult (f)1,8088104
mVU3Q(mVU3Q)Adult (f)2,9455861
DG21a(DG21a)Adult (m)3,3371,0501
4Clg9(4Clg9)Adult (m)3,9771,1990
EDc6V(EDc6V)Adult (m)3,2111,0493
KaQP3(KaQP3)Adult (m)3,6189174
QLeVj(QLeVj)Adult (m)3,4449380
cMoYE(cMoYE)Adult (f)5,3871,1481
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