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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “aphelionn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4kXl2the smurf kingAdult (m)4,2628235
VPSGsreverse racismAdult (f)2,9988134
fh2LWsmurf aficionadoAdult (f)3,7118105
nHDAla sleepy acheAdult (f)3,1974544
QoZNxi work at ben and jerrysAdult (f)2,9505253
A6aDq(A6aDq)Adult (f)3,3944333
5HKpf(5HKpf)Adult (m)2,7644804
q75yxcorn tailAdult (f)2,6945462
YGGLEeternally screamingAdult (f)4,2635944
7LYZnzephyrs dragonAdult (m)2,4145584
IAynSms green beanAdult (f)3,0915902
2sJRNmr green beanAdult (m)2,6455083
onN2vgreen bean childAdult (f)3,0954992
6YaH1strangler beanAdult (f)2,6825124
gw7Ifbean destroyerAdult (m)3,4944641
pW40pcandy floss kingAdult (m)3,2055033
7Gs3Umelatonin pillsAdult (f)3,3864632
PMFCNmiss sandmanAdult (f)3,1554453
AwiwZ(AwiwZ)Adult (f)3,1084524
7igzoshamu's uncleAdult (m)3,0324812
2M8fr(2M8fr)Adult (m)3,1434591
nzMpxthundering princeAdult (f)3,3324022
UnIpFelectric goliathAdult (m)3,8517282
i2SXQsummer's idling hazeAdult (m)4,9381,06714
QQMfQpan perdidoAdult (f)2,8854683
08JCLbig sriracha sauceAdult (f)3,0624834
JUXKP(JUXKP)Adult (f)3,0465022
srEXi(srEXi)Adult (m)3,1174445
3yGMZice beardAdult (m)3,0425570
ZhAgq(ZhAgq)Adult (m)2,7705392
twIRRshrimp mongerAdult (f)3,1844352
7WyQZ(7WyQZ)Adult (f)3,7004312
oDiIPjingle bells jingle bellsAdult (f)2,7805234
kmlFf(kmlFf)Adult (f)3,6534831
F7q0Ui'm watching narutoAdult (f)2,7944646
Tieglming zhuAdult (m)3,0115650
gfMu8jin zhuAdult (m)3,6094572
cNoP6neverending screamingAdult (m)2,5255472
aD7tabig shiny dogAdult (m)3,7884124
IG1bdbig fire wormAdult (m)3,1124411
aS2bC(aS2bC)Adult (f)2,5315494
ZSaQA(ZSaQA)Adult (m)2,9184694
blAf6a dust bunnyAdult (m)4,6148146
lCXVSthe tangerine kingAdult (m)3,0615144
2frdtthat's not an orangeAdult (f)2,8884811
74exOaaahhh waterAdult (m)2,6795590
Y9Mxn(Y9Mxn)Adult (m)3,0704492
Q5fVJ(Q5fVJ)Adult (f)3,5534602
LVIgS(LVIgS)Adult (m)3,6244113
aSZci(aSZci)Adult (m)2,6115112
ZphLnolive skyAdult (m)3,0105373
8tvxy(8tvxy)Adult (m)3,1424882
3oEnwra atumAdult (m)7,3746666
Kq2pSsmall macaroni princeAdult (f)3,5486293
d4NPzoatmeal godAdult (f)3,2564472
XCDi5(XCDi5)Adult (m)3,3874750
FeOShflying beanAdult (m)3,2014683
E6LlMlook at this tiny thingAdult (f)2,9425772
41ZYna big cucumberAdult (m)3,0167876
qycRPcucumber princessAdult (f)3,0457946
OwJOAjello dinosaurAdult (m)2,8395364
MMrAJethereal punkAdult (f)2,6445443
tTS77mermaid wormAdult (m)2,8485871
8TZbZ(8TZbZ)Adult (m)2,7575333
giE76a cloudy nightAdult (m)4,2869504
s8v1d(s8v1d)Adult (m)2,6695512
1Dwdea good mac and cheeseAdult (f)3,4425383
xhwpH(xhwpH)Adult (m)3,1916863
N6BnWwhat is wrong with this thingAdult (m)2,9035663
psMrNsunset eyesAdult (m)2,9634521
0TADZwho lives in illinoisAdult (f)2,3805522
qOOd8(qOOd8)Adult (m)2,4215031
Uz5oN(Uz5oN)Adult (m)2,7045201
OcOKl(OcOKl)Adult (f)3,2096544
8MZKccaprisun sun tan lotionAdult (m)3,2064358
WIATBadhesive tape on my buttAdult (f)3,1876415
a6mdocomet of the northAdult (f)3,3907285
5OfoU(5OfoU)Adult (m)3,3664162
dnk2Ksunset overdrivingAdult (m)4,7268637
qPGSNchick fil a sauceAdult (m)3,3908837
bdx8P(bdx8P)Adult (m)3,2775310
hkWrbcrouton kingAdult (f)3,5754423
cxOizord rises againAdult (m)4,4978233
6XVgUel chico del marAdult (m)3,4645583
Lgh6hlobster farmerAdult (m)3,3934837
4KbXdcrab farmerAdult (m)2,7854732
MHwaGjellyfish farmerAdult (f)3,0774682
3x8H3gooble the gubbleAdult (f)3,1848006
QNDEcyou let me downAdult (f)4,0206162
aTm10gibble the gubbleAdult (m)2,9494691
GPLmjgilgamesh the gubbleAdult (f)3,1003871
bQgJq(bQgJq)Adult (f)2,5106343
Z0DWWnot a lima beanAdult (f)2,5455353
MNH2jbig blue flying wormAdult (f)2,8436184
daMVla big lima beanAdult (f)2,6455414
3PS3Zalso not a lima beanAdult (m)2,8875693
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